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MPWATMBC Chapter 17

The moment of falling

   It had been more than three weeks and almost a month since Ryan transferred to the new department. Time flies really fast. In the process of scrubbing and washing, constantly going by, he was barely used to the life of the new department. He had touched many mechas, getting in close contact with them and delving into deep slits to find all kinds of swag hidden in them.

    There were tiny meteorites, broken iron pieces, tenacious thorns and corpse fragments left by the Zerg… proving that the people who cleaned up before did not do 100% clean.

    What seems insignificant may become the key to success or failure on the battlefield.

    Ryan was meticulous in his work. Even if he was fixed in the cleaning team and became a cleaner in the mouths of others, he never complained or gave up on himself since then.

    He had never been so close to the mecha before and all his manufacturing and repairing were basically learned and practised through the holographic network, or he would buy second-hand, third-hand or even more used parts and assemble them himself. There was a scrap mecha in his house that was older than him by 50 years and it was the best he could find on the market by relying on his personal ability.

    The exposure to the brand-new and latest version of the mecha made Ryan excited and during the cleaning process, he studied the surface structure of the mecha carefully. Without being able to go deep into the interior, he benefited a lot from studying the surface alone and a lot of knowledge that was previously not understood or indigestible became coherent.

    The mecha cleaning was not an overnight thing. They had only ten people in the cleaning team. A person was responsible for each mecha and they would clean up ten a day. With the scale of the Xingtian Ship, it would take more than 50 days to clean up more than 500 mechas in one cycle, which would take more than a month.

    What’s more, sometimes one couldn’t even finish cleaning one in a day.

    Ryan’s efficiency was much lower than his peers. Some members of the team had already ridiculed him, saying that he came from logistics and was not good. So what if he passed the exam? He was born in the wild1T/N: they are saying Ryan was self studying and did not understand anything ,not through systematic study, so there must be a difference and it would not manifest itself.

    The leader of their group, Davis Weasley, frowned dissatisfiedly when he heard such remarks from one of the team members.

    There were three or four team members who thought they had finished the work at hand and gathered together to chat and kill time. The guy who said so about Ryan at the beginning, said sarcastically: “How long has he been at the wasp’s waist? More than half an hour, I think and he hasn’t come down yet. It’s such a waste of time to clean up, I really don’t know what to say.

    “He is probably not skilled.”

    “It’s been more than three weeks since he came here, so what’s wrong with that?”

    “Then who knows him?”

    “Have you heard? He used to work in the kitchen, hanging around the stove all day. God, he wouldn’t treat the mecha as a stove to study over there.”

    “Being incompetent yourself, you imagine others to be just like you.” The neat short-haired figure landed on the ground and it was Lilith who came in the same batch as Ryan. She took the initiative to transfer from the auxiliary mobile team that could repair mechas to the cleaning team and became a “cleaner”. This behaviour was laughed at by many people who didn’t know the truth.

    A few big men who made irresponsible remarks were immediately dissatisfied. They were telling the truth. What good was there to clean the mecha? Although the machine couldn’t be cleaned so comprehensively, it had been cleaned roughly. They only need to check it once.

     Lilith glanced at them indifferently, then turned around and continued to clean up. She had already cleaned up the mecha from yesterday and now she will start the second one today. As a mecha engineer, the most important thing to do is to be familiar with the structure of a mecha, up and down, inside and out, where each component should be, what should be the match, etc. They couldn’t understand it, no matter how many theoretical books they had read. They must touch many mechas and sum up their own treasure trove of knowledge from practice.     

    With this treasure trove of knowledge, when designing their own mecha, they would be able to understand it by heart and be confident.

     Having such a good resource but not taking advantage of it, Lilith doesn’t talk to fools. She looked at Ryan, who was still fumbling around the waist of the Wasp, with admiration in her eyes. Dad said that this man was excellent. If he gave him a year or two of hard work, he would definitely become the brightest star on the field.

     Hmph, Lilith didn’t believe it, it should be her.

     Without even knowing it, Ryan had someone who regarded him as an opponent.

    Team leader Davis reprimanded, “Not yet returned to your work! Is it enough to finish today’s workload?”

    The guys who were disciplined looked dissatisfied as they returned to the mecha and fumbled around them, obviously not respecting their work or knowing how to make good use of their resources. Davis shook his head. The members of the cleaning team who were assigned to become “cleaners” could easily lose confidence in the repetitive work day after day. It only took a month to go from resentful to later indifferent.

    Davis often mentioned the importance of cleanup for mechas and for self-improvement in his regular daily meetings. Unfortunately, not many people listened to it. As far as their group was concerned, Davis could say that there were no more than four people who really wanted to work. Ryan and Lilith were the best among them. Even he himself, didn’t he also not discouraged in the sudden realisation of the importance of work, only then put his mind at ease?

     Davis looked at Ryan and found that he had finally stopped lying on the Wasp’s waist to study and had opened his personal terminal, pulling up a document to record something.

     Such a thoughtful “cleaner”. Davis, who had served in the Xingtian Ship for 15 years and had been with the “cleaner” for ten years, hadn’t seen it before and this was the first time he had seen such enthusiasm.

     Ryan, he really thought that the job of being a “cleaner” was good, rather than finding value in resigning himself to his fate.

     Davis took a few vertical leaps, jumped off the arm of the mecha and headed for the Wasp. Each mech had its own AI and the engineer could communicate with the AI ​​to let the AI ​​control the mecha to pose for repair and cleaning. Now, the huge steel monster Wasp was lying on the ground obediently, revealing its slender waist to Ryan.

     Ryan sat cross-legged on the waist of the Wasp, holding a stylus in his hand, writing and drawing on the electronic document that was pulled out, which was soon covered with words and pictures, looking very messy and only he could understand it. Among them, there were a lot of good ideas that came to him and he would have to sort them out after returning.


     Ryan looked down and it was the team leader Davis, “Team leader, what can I do for you?”

    “To talk to you, Are you coming down or…” Davis pointed to himself, “Shall I come up?”

    “Wait a minute, I’ll come down.” Ryan inserted the stylus into the chest pocket of his work jacket. The training suit he was wearing was specially designed for engineers, light and compact, with plenty of pockets for a lot of dexterous tools. They also come with a cleaning bag with a small vacuum dog to aid in cleaning.

    Ryan turned off the personal terminal, stood up and moved his arms and legs and jumped straight down. The height of seven or eight metres was easy for a well-trained soldier. Mecha warriors usually do not come so directly, but use a few jumps because there is a buffer. In an emergency, diving down can pose a threat to the enemy and jumping directly will only be considered in a safe environment and it is a good show-off skill for mech warriors.

    Ordinary mecha engineers do not have such good physical fitness.

    Davis looked at Ryan, who landed smoothly and thought so.

    “Ryan, you have studied the Wasp’s waist for so long, what did you see?” Davis asked humbly for advice.

    Ryan didn’t hide his secrets and said with a smile: “The connection and parallel modification of the U-shaped line tubes. I think the Wasp is very distinctive, so I looked at it for a while longer. There are Zerg tentacles in the U-shaped line of the Wasp. When I took it out, I found that there was still an egg under the tentacle. It was not a fertilised egg, so it didn’t hatch.”

    This further proved the stability of the wasp U-shaped line tube. Surprisingly, an egg had not been broken so far and the inside of the structure was tight beyond imagination.

    “Can I adjust my posture now?” A thick electronic voice, a mischievous tone, were the words of Wasp.

    Ryan said, “Sorry, you can adjust your posture.” 

    The voice fell and the Wasp stood up and stretched a lot, “It’s so comfortable to clean up.”

    At the foot of the Wasp, Davis looked at the things Ryan took out  and was speechless for half a second, really not knowing what to say. “Ryan is really meticulous, come, follow me to code zero.”


    “Code Zero has not yet started in this cycle of cleanup. I used to come here in person, this time I’ll leave it to you.”

    Hearing this, Ryan felt short of breath and asked stupidly, “Really ?”

    “Haha, the latest technology adopted by the General’s code Zero – bio mecha technology, is the best of all mechas. It is our honour to have access to it.” This technology was not yet widespread, because the manufacturing was quite troublesome and laborious, with a lot of consumables and each one costing tens of billions of star coins. The core technology was in the hands of Master Gauss McAryan and the codename zero was designed and produced by the master and its precision was difficult for ordinary mecha masters to understand.

    Davis continued: “I’m afraid that I have any oversight in the cleanup process. This time, I’ll leave it to you. You do it well for me.”

    “Yes!” Ryan’s excitement had turned into eagerness to try and he was about to have intimate contact with Dalton’s code name zero, awesome!

    It was a coincidence that today was not a training day, but Auston brought people to the training ground. Wearing a neat combat uniform on his body, he looked so unrestrained and capable, valiant in his own style of a general.

    Code Zero was moved out of the cabin and there were six other mechas that came out at the same time. They were organised into a team to scout a meteorite belt on the route in front of the Xingtian Ship. The scouting robots found traces of suspected Zerg activity on it.

    Seven mechas were ready to go and their pilots were about to board the cockpit. As a support staff, they could only stand and watch from a distance, with envy in the eyes of others and his miss and love for Auston in Ryan’s eyes.

    Auston said loudly, “Board.”

    Code Zero had adjusted his posture, bent his knees and stretched out an arm. Auston jumped three metres on the spot and jumped onto Code Zero’s knee. The moment he landed, he took advantage of his strength and landed on the arm. Then, he ran forward for a few metres and should have walked to the shoulder and jumped directly to the cockpit, but the moment he stood on the shoulder, his foot was unstable and he fell straight down.

    It’s not that there was anything wrong with his technique, but the heavy blow brought by the injury of the waist.

    From afar, Ryan’s muscles tightened instantly.


    The author has something to say: Cleaners can also shine!


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