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MPWATMBC Chapter 16

Successfully transferred


    Auston’s voice echoed in his ears like magic. Ryan entered the elevator with good expectations and pressed the number 20. The top floor of the ship was where the mecha warriors were trained and next to the training ground was the Mecha warriors’ and mecha engineers’ offices, lounges, etc. Ryan’s destination was there.

    His job transfer procedure went through very quickly and he did not encounter any difficulties during the period. He was transferred out of the mechanical engineering department yesterday and was transferred into the mecha engineering department this morning.

    Before going, Ryan had done his homework and learned that the number of people in mecha engineering department was not large. A total of 320 people, out of which 260 were regular members, responsible for the major restoration of nearly 500 mechas on the ship and one of these 260 people was very special. He was an exclusive engineer of the code name zero. He had a qualification certificate of level 4 or above and was a master. He was only 76 years old this year and was one of the youngest master level engineers in the entire empire.

    The remaining 60 people were auxiliary members, all of which were first- and second-level minor engineers. Just like the word “auxiliary” in the position, their job was to assist and they did all the chores.

    While the elevator was going up, a person entered on the seventh and twelfth floors, a man and a woman. A man with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing glasses, who had a gentle smile and the eyes behind the lenses were somewhat illusory, a man with restrained emotions. The woman had neat, short burgundy hair and her expression was a little cold. When she came in, she saw the two men in the elevator and simply nodded, without any introduction.

    Both of them, like Ryan, both passed the first level of the qualification exam and were officially integrated into the mecha engineering department. The other three who passed the exam did not participate in the first-level qualification certificate exam. As auxiliary members of the mecha engineering department, they must pass the exam before they can be promoted.     

     Unfortunately, even if they were in the mecha engineering team and were in contact with related professions all day, it was difficult to pass the qualification certificate examination and to work their way up to become a third-level and above and to become a full-time employee.    

     Just look at the pass rate of the exam this time.     

     Since the arrival of Ryan and the other two people, the auxiliary department had three more people and the number of sixty would become a thing of the past and sixty-three will be the future.

    The 20th floor arrived. After the elevator opened, there was a clean and tidy corridor. The door directly opposite of the elevator led to the training ground. The two next to it were the meeting place for the mecha warriors and the meeting place of the mecha engineers. Ryan’s goal was the latter. First, he had to report to the leader, William Helms.

    Ryan also knew a little about this leader. He was a colonel who had been with Auston for the longest time. Auston had been promoted all the way, but the other side was almost always there. He was a powerful engineer who was more than 100 years old. Although he was not at the master level (because he had no energy to cope with the exam, the qualification certificate always stayed at the third level, never upgrading), he certainly had the strength of the master level.

    It is said that he is a very strict tutor and a distinguished professor of Mecha engineering at the Imperial Military University.

    Ryan ignored a man and a woman who fell behind, walked straight ahead, went to the door and pushed open the not-so-heavy door. It turned out there were many rooms inside and the door hanging with the captain’s nameplate was wide open. A man with a burgundy beard was holding a pipe, gritting his teeth and typing into the optical brain1T/N: refers to the super advanced computer, I guess?. It’s a real headache to do reporting documents.

    On their side, when the entire department was brought by him, there was no one who specialised in writing documents. Every time they asked for documents, he, the leader, personally took care of it and he was about to die of annoyance.

    Just when he saw a young man with a familiar face walking in, Colonel William beckoned, “Just in time, write this document for me. All the data summaries are in the optical brain and the requirements are there. You’d better give it to me this time tomorrow. Otherwise…”

    William, who looked rough and fierce, swept his stern eyes over Ryan, “You are Ryan Smith?”

    Ryan stood at attention with his heels together and raised his hands in salute, “Newly promoted first level mecha engineer, Ryan Smith reporting in.”

    “Oh,oh, I said you look familiar. I saw your photos and information yesterday.” With his sleeves rolled up to his wrists, revealing thick, hairy arms, William stroked his messy, stubborn burgundy hair, “Not bad, young man. I also received a document here. Congratulations on becoming a lieutenant from sergeant and earning Third-class merit for discovering something valuable during U167 ground exploration. The new rank and Third-class Merit Medal, you can go to the logistics office to collect it later.”

    “Yes.” Ryan was delighted inwardly. His rank was raised and he was finally no ordinary soldier.

    “Good, since you agreed, let’s start writing the summary report materials, young man, this kind of thing is easy to do.” Colonel William didn’t give Ryan any chance to shrink at all. Pretending to be very busy, taking his military uniform and leaving in a hurry, he met two other people who came to report outside, shouting loudly, “You are also new here, come, follow me. I’ll bring you to your team so that you can be assigned to work.”

    Ryan: “…” He also wanted to go, he wanted to get into work as soon as possible, so that he could see Auston in his daily work in the future, even if he just watched from a distance, that’s also good ah.

     William, who walked out in a hurry, was afraid that Ryan would regret it, so he walked into the doorway again. It was really the doorway and he just stepped on the edge of the door, “Young man, Work hard. I see, you are doing this material. I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll close the door.”

     After speaking, he pulled the door closed.

     It left Ryan in a mess in the office, “…Aren’t you afraid that I will look through the information here?” Whether he would find out whatever secrets there were.

     Of course, Ryan would never do that.

     He resigned himself to sit behind the desk, tapped his fingers on the optical brain and exited the current document. After looking at the requirements, data, etc., he found that he was writing a work summary for the first half of the year. There were work contents, outstanding matters in the work, ways to improve the overall ability of the team members and so on. It was not difficult for Ryan to write a summary.

     He threw himself into work quickly, hoping to finish writing it as soon as possible so that he could return to the work that was supposed to be his.

     Ryan will regret it in the future, regretting why he was the first to push open the door of the meeting place, because Colonel William had countless writing jobs waiting for him.

     The Colonel had finally found someone to take over. Don’t get too excited.

     Ryan had become the invisible secretary of the mecha engineering department, the kind without an exclusive position.

    After being locked in the office for a week, coming in to work and was only allowed to leave after work, the refreshing and gentle Ryan became a frizzy lion. When he saw Colonel William, who came chewing on his pipe, he lost the respect he had at the beginning.

   Ryan with a dark face stood up and said, ” Colonel, I have completed the task you gave me, I can leave now, right?”

  The Colonel was a little guilty and didn’t dare to show a happy smile, “Oh,Oh, Well done. Ryan’s work efficiency is really good. You have been here for about a week now.”

    “Yeah, I have been here for a week, but haven’t seen a mecha.”

    “Haha, the young man is just excited, isn’t it just to be able to get in touch with the mecha at close range? When the official work starts, there will be plenty of opportunities.” Colonel William smiled, rubbing his rough beard, he said: “Go ahead, I have already told your Lieutenant Colonel Charles. You can report to him directly. Well, the report is a week late, it should have no effect on the work.”

    “Yes.” Ryan stood up and said with an expressionless face, “Then I’ll go.”

    “Go, Go.” Colonel William He waved his hands with satisfaction, “If I have paperwork to do in the future, I will find you. Don’t be in a hurry to refuse. You have already demonstrated your ability in this regard.”

    Ryan stumbled, almost unable to hold his expression, he stood firm and continued to walk out, determined not to look back at Colonel William. After a week of contact, he already knew that Colonel William was an informal person. If he got acquainted with him, the job would be very easy to do and being polite would only make the other party annoyed.

     “Haha, this kid is to my liking.” William withdrew his gaze, sat down in front of the optical brain and pointed at the optical brain leaving a trail of afterimages, “Good, Good, the work ability is even better. Why was he in the logistics before? What a mess, too subservient. There must be an inside story. If such a talented person had been in my hands earlier, he would definitely be an official mecha engineer by now. What a pity, too bad.”

    Ryan didn’t know that he had written a few documents to get such a high evaluation. He arrived at the door of the office of the captain of the auxiliary member team, knocked on the door and met Lieutenant Colonel Charles. Lieutenant Colonel looked just like the what Colonel William rumoured, a stern smile, A dignified and rigid man, with short hair, concave eyes, aquiline nose, bronze complexion, as if he had been exposed to the sun all the year round and his cheeks were flushed with sunburn.

    He brought Ryan, who was late in reporting, directly into the training ground, where all the mecha engineers were, both regular and auxiliary. The huge mechas were moved out from their cabins and the regular members were doing daily maintenance on them and the assistants were laying hands and a group of nine people cleaned up all the mechas.

    Clean up, Oh, Close contact with the mecha.

    There were machines on the surface of the mecha to do the plot, but the joints, gaps and other machines could not be taken into account and must rely on manpower and manpower is of course from the auxiliary members. Is it possible to expect the regular members to do it? Impossible, every regular member was precious.

    Ryan was thrown a cleaning suit and under the leadership of the new team leader, he stayed at a distance of 30 metres away from the code name Zero. “This mecha is called Falcon, piloted by XXX. The meteorite belt was smashed and there are many small stones left at the joints. Your task today is to remove these stones. Be sure to clean it up and if it is not cleaned up, it will affect the next use of the falcon.”

    “Yes.” What else can Ryan say? Of course, it is to obey orders.

    After changing into a capable training uniform, he looked at Code Zero not far away and he could be considered to have seen Auston.


    The author has something to say: 

    Ryan: I still have a long way to go to become the successful man behind the general.


   Translator’s Notes:

   Ryan refused to play in the little theatre as he is busy writing reports, while missing his cute wife.



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