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MPWATMBC Chapter 15

Strawberry Cake

     “Hello.” When Auston saw someone in the dormitory, he didn’t retreat, but walked in naturally and greeted the people inside with a smile.

    Amy felt that she couldn’t breathe. She gasped for a while, so that she could control herself from screaming and stammered, “Hel.. hello.”

    Ryan, who came out of the kitchen with warm water, shrugged helplessly, when he saw Auston coming. “Amy, don’t stand, sit down.” The truth is, they still met.

    There were only two chairs in the dormitory and the rest were small stools. Amy moved mechanically, almost walking with the same hand and foot to the chair and sat down and then she saw General Auston take off his coat and hung it on the hanger, side by side with Ryan’s military uniform. Afterwards, the general sat on the bed so naturally, looking at herself with a friendly smile.

    This series of actions broke her guess that “the general is just here to see his subordinates”. How can a leader sit on someone’s bed as soon as he comes? Think about it, it’s impossible!

    Ryan also sat down, with his chair placed closer to General Auston. Since Amy had bumped into him, there was no need to hide, so he introduced generously, “Auston, this is a member of the same team I was in, when I was on the mechanical engineering team, Amy Potter. Amy, you should be familiar with the other half of my life, Auston Dalton.”

    It was the first time Ryan had introduced his wife to outsiders. He did not choose the commonly used names such as wife, lover, partner, etc., but the other half of his life, the person he identified, would not be changed halfway and was also telling Amy that some things should not be thought about.

    Amy felt that she understood every word Ryan said, but she didn’t quite understand when put together.

    General Auston turned out to be Ryan’s other half?

    She knew that Ryan’s genetic sequence was Y, so General Auston was X?

    My God, the General’s gene sequence turned out to be X!

    Amy felt that her head was about to explode. The information she received was so complex that her head was overheating and in danger of exploding. She looked at Ryan with a fierce face. Ryan Smith was able to be with her idol! ! She was going crazy with jealousy!!!

    Auston was not good at dealing with this kind of scene, always smiling at Ryan and his friend, the blond girl1T/N: the word here refers to young lad(boy). But the Character name i.e. Amy or the behaviour seems to be a girl. So I decided to go with “girl”. If wrong, pls mention in the comments. I’ll change it. who sent Ryan to the elevator entrance on the day of the exam. She had soft blonde hair and eyes like emeralds. Her facial features were not top-notch and there were also some small freckles on both sides of the nose, which made her look a little playful and cute.

    She seemed to be confessing her love for Ryan that day…

    Auston was stupefied to find that he had actually gone to analyse a person’s appearance, not for the sake of fighting, but simply because the person tried to confess to Ryan, but she failed to confess after being rejected by Ryan.

    And Ryan, after speaking, looked at Auston somewhat nervously, for fear that his rash and nonconsensual introduction would offend Auston.

    Once he cares, anything concerning him has become cautious.

    A small belly rumbling sounded and Ryan, who was sitting close, heard it, and asked in a low voice, “Not eating on time again?”

    Auston, who was caught, said in a slightly embarrassed manner: “There are too many things to do, so busy that I forgot.”

    “Your health is important, no matter how busy you are, you can’t forget to eat.” Ryan frowned, complaining but couldn’t help but feel distressed, “I made strawberry cream cake.”

    After being with Ryan, Auston’s eyes brightened with more and more emotions and it was obvious that the strawberry cake made him happy.

    “And strawberry soda water.” Ryan had dug another little secret of Auston. Compared with bland plain water, he prefers to drink flavoured, sweet and sparkling water.

    Auston arched his eyes and his expression showed anticipation.

    “You can’t eat it for the time being.”

    Auston almost asked Ryan why!

    Ryan took Auston’s hand and squeezed it affectionately, “The cake and soda are too cold to eat right away from the refrigerator. I’ll make you a bowl of noodles…”

    After that, Ryan let go of his hand and was about to get up and go to the kitchen.

    Auston hurriedly reached out and tugged Ryan’s sleeve, with an unconscious coquettish expression in his tone, “Eat something simple.” 

    The two people’s relationship had become more and more harmonious and natural inadvertently.

    “Alright.” Ryan looked at him helplessly, “It just so happens that I bought rice cereal, I’ll cook a bowl, eat it before eating the cake.”

    “Okay.” Auston nodded with a smile.

    Ryan turned around and saw Amy with a shocked face. He forgot that someone was still there and looked at Amy apologetically, “Sit down for a while, I’ll be done in a moment. By the way, what are you going to say?”

    Amy froze and she gulped the water in the glass, “Oh, oh, go ahead.” She didn’t even know what she had said, hehe.

    Ryan entered the kitchen and came out quickly, holding a strawberry cake in one hand and a bottle of homemade soda in the other. Placing them on the table, he turned and walked to the kitchen again.

    The cream cake was decorated with bright strawberries. The strawberries were big and beautiful and looked very sweet. Because it was for decoration, the turquoise strawberry stems were not removed, which appeared fresh and appetising. The cake was not coated and the rough sponge cake embryo can be seen in three layers, with fluffy cream between each layer of the cake embryo. The cream was dotted with diced strawberries, following the finished strawberries that adorned the top. 

      Next to the strawberry cake, there was also strawberry soda. The strawberries cut into large pieces were immersed in the soda water with a very light strawberry red and there were tiny bubbles on the wall of the cup. 

     These, all of them, were all specially prepared by Ryan for Auston.

     At the dinner party, Ryan didn’t take it out.

     Amy came back alone to find Ryan and Ryan took a glass of warm water to serve. 

    The bewildered Amy didn’t know whether to say Ryan favoured one over the other or should say he did it beautifully. After all, he should treat his wife so sweetly and differently. For friends, a good meal is the best celebration; As for strawberry cake, it should be given to those who appreciate it.

    General Dalton actually likes to eat strawberries, no wonder Ryan wanted to put three planting cabins in the dormitory, even if it took most of the space.

    Amy’s heart was sour2T/N: means jealous. It would be great if there was such a good person who treated her with such sincerity.

    It will happen, right?

    Amy stood up blankly and apprehensively and stammered, “Ryan, General, I’ll go first.” As for the “I like you” that she wanted to say before, she was not qualified to say it. The self-confidence that she had finally built up was completely shattered after seeing General Auston and she couldn’t say it anymore.

    Ryan, who was in the kitchen, heard the sound and came out quickly. He spoke to Auston, sent Amy to the door and said with a smile, “Thank you for being able to come to the party. In the future, although we will no longer work in the same department, we are still friends. If you need help with anything, you must come to me.”     

   “Okay, okay.” Amy stood at the door and pinched her fingers tangled, “I really didn’t expect…” General Auston, a figure like god of war, turned out to be Ryan’s wife. Even more did not expect that the general turned out to be the gene sequence X.

     The world was so amazing that Amy even thought that she was dreaming. It must be the fault of the low alcohol wine that made her drunk.

      “I didn’t expect it either.” Ryan’s smile was gentle. His tenderness at this moment was all for Auston and his shy smile was also mixed with pride. After laughing for a while, Ryan said sternly: “Amy, this is a secret, make sure not to speak it out.”     

      Amy made a zipping motion over her mouth, “Sure, I will keep it a secret.”     

      “Thank you.”    

     “You are welcome.” Amy was so shocked that she didn’t even want to mourn for her lost love, “I’m leaving, goodbye.”     


    Amy saw General Auston who appeared behind Ryan nodding towards her. Amy gasped for breath and almost screamed. General Auston nodded to her, ahhh, her idol, her dream lover actually set his eyes on her, what else does she want? Ryan, go aside. She was jealous, so jealous that Ryan could be with General Auston. She wanted to beat someone, What to do?

    Amy bowed her head shyly and whispered, “Goodbye, General.”

    After speaking, she turned and ran away and after a long time, there came an uncontrollable excited scream.

    Ryan hadn’t closed the door yet. He smiled and looked at Auston, who said, “Your friend is very funny.”

    “When I first came to Xingtian Ship, she helped me a lot.” Let him integrate into the team as soon as possible.

    Auston turned around and said, “She likes you.”

    Ryan said in a sour taste: “She likes you more.”

    “Can I have the strawberry cake?”

    Ryan shook his head firmly, “No, eat a bowl of rice cereal first. I’m going to make it right away.”


    The kitchen was not big and the two big men staying inside seemed cramped, but full of warmth and they could run into each other wherever they couldn’t turn away. From time to time, they looked at each other without saying a word, but it was worth more than a thousand words.

    The rice paste gradually thickened in the pot, became crystal clear and there was a strong aroma of rice coming from the pot. If it wasn’t for Ryan familiar with the person in the kitchen, he wouldn’t be able to make such a good rice cereal.

    Two bowls of rice cereal, two people sitting at the table, there was cake and soda next to the rice cereal. Auston looked at the cake from time to time when he ate the rice cereal. The delicious rice cereal was not as attractive as the cake. Auston himself didn’t realise what he was doing and this series of actions, Ryan saw all of them.

    Auston’s upbringing did not allow him to act like a fool. No matter how urgent he wanted to eat a cake, he would not blow the rice cereal cold quickly and pour it into his mouth. After eating slowly, he put the bowl aside, waiting for Ryan to cut the cake with a smile. Ryan didn’t deliberately slow down the speed. After eating, he began to cut the cake. He cut a piece and placed it on a plate and sent it to Auston. He said, “I will be transferred to the mecha engineering department from tomorrow.”

    Auston looked at Ryan and waited for the follow-up.

    Ryan asked, “So, will I be able to see you more often?”


    The author has something to say:

     Amy: *Crazy with jealousy* As the chief (self-appointed) of General Dalton’s support club, I strongly protest against Ryan and General Dalton being together. Ryan, move, I got this!


Hello, Readers. Thanks for your patience. I got confused about Amy’s gender while translating this chapter. And I’m not sure still now. If you have any suggestions, comment below. Consider supporting me by buying me a Ko-fi. One additional chapter for every five Ko-fi’s. See you again on coming Saturday!!! Love you all!!!



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