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MPWATMBC Chapter 14

I'm Married

      Ryan passed the exam and obtained the qualification certificate of a first-class mecha engineer. Of more than forty people who took the exam on the Xingtian ship, only six passed. The pass rate was not high, but it could be said that it was normal, because the pass rate for the entire Imperial Mecha engineer Qualification Exam was only 5%.

    Year after year, there were protests against the difficulty of the exam. Hundreds of thousands of high-rise buildings1T/N: I guess, it refers to comments under a post had been built on the government website for this purpose and the signatures of the joint protest had been floating red for more than a decade. However, the country just won’t change and even if some members of the parliament put forward their opinions, they were all ignored.

    In the words of the imperial mecha master, top designer and master of the core technology of bio-mecha, Gauss McAryan: Mecha is the most cutting-edge technology of an empire and the core driving force of military and civil affairs. There could not be muddled and indiscriminate people at the root of the empire. I would rather have a few practitioners in this industry. I only hope that all of them are elites.

    Now, Ryan is already an elite who has been stamped by the master.

    However, elites are also graded and the chain of contempt2T/N: Similar in the sense of food chain, in which a larger group of beings is fed by a smaller one, chain of contempt, whereas, implies a hierarchy and sometimes, a stereotype is more serious than other industries. Ryan is now the small chicken on the chain of contempt. He is working hard on the road to the phoenix, hoping to fly out of the chicken coop one day and become a proud golden phoenix.

    Little rookie Ryan walked into the training room, where 555 people from Team 1 of the Logistics Mechanical engineering department gathered in a group and were ready to begin their daily training. Ryan seemed to have a mute note on his head and everyone who saw him was tongue-tied, stopped talking and no longer said anything.

    Ryan: “…”

    Little Hyaline3T/N: something (such as the clear atmosphere) that is transparent. Refers to Ryan saved the world, became a big hero, and received everyone’s attention.

    Somewhat good then.

    The crowd was like Moses dividing the sea and finally in front of Ryan, a path appeared. Ryan was silent for a while, stepped forward and walked to the front under everyone’s attention. There, Lieutenant Colonel Mabel, the captain of the entire logistics mechanical engineering team looked at him, while waiting for Ryan’s arrival.

    In the crowd, Ryan saw the leader of his group, Amy, who had red eyes but tried to smile at him and those who had provoked him and mocked him as a little cook. Ryan always had just the right smile on his face, looking very gentle and sunny. He never smiled humbly and flatteringly before and now not even being arrogant because of his success.

    He had always been who he was and that never changed.

    The road was long and when it finally came to an end, Ryan stood beside Lieutenant Colonel Mabel.

    “Good, Good, as expected of the young man who boarded our Xingtian Ship, he’s outstanding.” Lieutenant Colonel Mabel pressed Ryan on the shoulder. Lieutenant Colonel, who had never seen Ryan before and didn’t even know which mountain’s onion4T/N: I guess it means who he was and where did he from he was, was talking to Ryan as if he had been friends for years.

    Signing up for the exam, obtaining exam qualifications, etc., was easier said than done. There were so many mechanical engineers present who were not qualified and those who can board the Xingtian Ship must be at least level three. But who had the perseverance and effort to take the exam? Many people were content with the status quo and were no longer willing to go further for something unseen and untouchable.

    Lieutenant Colonel Mabel also learned that the young man in front of him was working in the kitchen before coming to Xing Tian Ship and his qualifications were still working at home.

    Rare, Rare ah.

    Why didn’t he discover such a rare warrior in advance? Now it’s too late to say more. It’s true that he should make a good deal and leave a good impression.

    Don’t look at Ryan’s low rank now. He is still young, and as long as he works hard, his future is limitless.

    Ryan smiled. He had been excellent since he was a child and he was always praised by the parents of other classmates and the leaders of the school. When answering the conversation, if it seems that he was not humble enough and showed little expression, then he was showing weakness. At this time, it was good to show a decent smile that suits the wishes of the elders.

    Sure enough, looking at Lieutenant Colonel Mabel’s expression, he became more and more satisfied with Ryan and even wanted to ask Ryan whether he was married, whether the gene sequence was X or Y, how many people were in the family and what did Mom and Dad do… Potential stocks must be discovered from the micro-time and when the submerged dragon ascends to the sky, it will be too late to set up a friendship.

    Mabel smiled more and more kindly and the calculations in the depths of his eyes kept flickering.

    “I have transferred your personal information to the mecha engineering department. You can report there later. When you go there, don’t forget about us.” 

     The two departments were just a word difference, but they were thousands of miles apart. Mechanical engineering belongs to the logistics and mecha engineering belongs to the combat department. If you enter the latter, you can confidently and loudly say that you are a warrior!

    Ryan was going to mention it to the leader after the morning meeting and training today. In the past, he had seen a lot of personnel matters, stuck and procrastinating and it took a long time to do it. But he didn’t think things to be easier than he expected. He changed departments so quickly and so quickly he arrived at the mecha engineering department that he dreamed of and he was closer to Auston.

    After a few more words with Lieutenant Colonel Mabel, Ryan said that he would not bother and retreated into the crowd. Mabel nodded vaguely, admiring this young man who knew how to advance and retreat and the thought of asking about the marriage deepened.

    Mabel suddenly remembered that the marriage status on Ryan’s file was classified, Interesting!

    Mabel withdrew his gaze and started today’s routine morning meeting. He briefly explained a few words and asked everyone to learn from Ryan. After finishing speaking, he arranged today’s training program and then dismissed them by teams.

    There were countless gazes in the crowd. Ryan accepted it calmly and walked to the middle of the team. He smiled and said, “I’ll invite everyone to dinner tonight.”

    It’s fate to meet. Although it didn’t take long, they let their newcomers to Xingtian Ship integrate into the atmosphere of Xingtian Ship as soon as possible.

    The team leader looked at Ryan, but his eyes were not focused on him, as if he was looking for something through Ryan, “You have obtained the qualification of a mecha engineer, but it is only a small step. There is still a long way to go and it will be even more difficult. If you don’t walk well, you will be shattered, so be careful.”

    Ryan put away his smile and said with a straight face, “Thank you for your teaching.”

    “Not much of a teaching. That…” the team leader sighed silently, “The competition there is more cruel. You can only believe in yourself and don’t give too much sincerity.”

    Ryan frowned. He did not agree with this, but it did not prevent himself from remembering that it was always good to be more cautious.

    “Especially…” The team leader said three words but stopped and became dazed and stopped talking again.

    Everyone got used to it and started talking. Someone hit Ryan, saying that he was a real man and without showing his appearance, he passed the exam in one go.

    Others were looking forward to the evening party. “My hometown makes the best wine. I brought two bottles to the ship and we all will drink it together in the evening.”

    “Alcohol is not allowed on the ship.” Amy muttered.

    The man said: “It’s high-alcohol wine that is not allowed, but low-alcohol fruit wine is fine. The wine I brought is made of fruit. You must have never seen this kind of fruit. Only we grow there and it grows in water. The fruit is the size of a peanut, the juice is sour and not lost and it could be eaten raw. It is very good for making wine. It is mellow, has a sweet taste and the alcohol content is not high. You will know it when you drink in the evening.”

    In the end, the man added, “I wouldn’t be able to bring it on board, if it weren’t for the low alcohol content.” It’s hard to get drunk even when you want to.

    Amy pouted. She kept her head down, but didn’t look at Ryan, “I still want to drink.”


    “Ah!” Amy responded very loudly. Her voice was empty, with a guilty conscience.

    “Amy.” Ryan called out again.

    Amy raised her head. Her line of sight fell behind, but she didn’t look at him, “I’m listening, what do you want to say?”

    “Amy, I’m sorry.”

    Amy pursed her lips. Her red eyes barely holding back her tears, “It’s also my fault. I haven’t had the courage to ask. No, no, I didn’t ask clearly in the first place.”

    Ryan apologised, “I didn’t say it either, my marriage…”

    “What, Ryan is married?!” One of the team members shouted in disbelief.

    Ryan nodded shyly, “Well, before boarding the ship.”

    “Wow, what a happy free love, I’m still waiting for the result of the adaptation, but where is it so easy, hehe, the work efficiency of the imperial government.”

    On the one hand, they worked hard to publicise, so that everyone could have more children and plant more trees and fool around with less air guns5T/N: I don’t understand about this air gun QAQ. On the other hand, the adaptation efficiency was not always high. Some people had waited for several years, more than a decade, but had not waited for the other half that suits them, for example, General Auston, everyone said so.

    If a suitable partner did not appear, blame the government.

    People didn’t have children, blame the government.

    Children’s poor academic performance, blame the government.

    The imperial government was being talked about a lot, the thick-skinned could still reply to citizens on the official website.

    Ryan explained, “No, no, I’ve been serving on a construction ship before and there is no way to love freely. It’s age suitable for marriage.”

    “Hey, Ryan just turned 30.”


    “Wow, then Ryan is so lucky to find his other half so quickly.” The companion teased, “What does your other half do, hehe, is it a man or a woman, is he/she good-looking?”

    “He is also a soldier, a very handsome man.” Ryan couldn’t help smiling when he thought of Auston. They had a wonderful night together last night and it was a good night without the purpose of childbirth. He felt that he was closer to Auston’s heart.

    “Isn’t it very rare to meet each other?” The team members thought of this and felt a little sad for Ryan. It was not a good thing to be separated right after their marriage.

    Ryan smiled and didn’t answer.

    Amy was stunned. She was the youngest in the team and was not yet of the suitable age for marriage adaptation and was looking for a lover freely. Seeing Ryan’s happy look at the mention of his new wife, with stars of love in his eyes, she knew that she had no drama from the beginning.

    Feeling sour in her heart, Amy thought that she should go back to sleep and mourn for a love affair that ended completely before it began, “Bless you both.” She let it go completely.

    After letting go of her feelings, Amy found that Ryan was just like that, with a medium height, a medium build and a medium appearance, that is, a little handsome, a little sunny, a little gentle, a little hardworking, a little more capable… T^T.

    Ryan was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Thank you.”

    In a trance and silence, the team leader who had always been acting as a scenery board suddenly spoke up and he didn’t come over from ten minutes ago, “Especially your own drawings, design concepts, ideas and inspiration. Don’t talk to others easily.” 

    The team leader was very solemn and he said it looking into Ryan’s eyes and there was deep pain in the deeply sunken eyes.

    Ryan nodded vigorously, “Got it, I’ll keep it in mind.”

    Later, the leader of Ryan’s team didn’t come. At the party, the team member who brought the wine followed the team leader the longest, talked about some of the past events of the team leader, “The team leader’s lover designed mechas, but he did not serve in the army. His research was in the direction of medical treatment with a focus on miniature mechas that were very spiritual. Later, for some reason, he committed suicide, while his friend won an award for a mecha and reached the pinnacle of his life.

    Alas, we most likely suspect that his friend plagiarised his ideas. Since then, the team leader has fallen into a trance and the person has become confused and does not seek to make progress.” 

   The atmosphere was somewhat heavy and for a while, the only sound in the room was the soft beeping of the planting cabin.

    The party came happily, but returned with a little disappointment. The team members who brought up this matter were a little annoyed, but the words said were like spilled water that could not be recovered.

    After everyone said goodbye, Ryan went back to pack things and when he turned to the planting cabin, he was delighted to find that the fruit of the wild strawberry planted before was ripe and red and ready to eat.

    Picked right away, washed and put in a bowl, this strawberry had a shorter shelf life and must be eaten as soon as possible. He immediately sent a message to Auston, “Are you free? The strawberries are ripe, let’s eat together. O(∩_∩)O~~”

    Auston was looking through the documents sent from the imperial capital, eliminating those gorgeous and useless rhetoric and there was not much substance left.

    After receiving Ryan’s message, he put down the file, typed and sent it, “Okay.”

    Throwing down those documents, Auston got up and prepared to leave, but suddenly found that he didn’t put his work first. It is important to know that several documents have to be written and submitted as reports and some reports require tedious data. The most important thing he should do now is to arrange the work and let the people below summarise the report. Then, he will hand it over to the secretary to organise and write and he will review and revise the final draft…


     Regardless, for the first time in more than 40 years, Auston wanted to be self-willed. Don’t want to work. Don’t want to work. Don’t want to work. Just do whatever I like to do.

    Ryan was waiting for Auston in the dormitory. Now that he has passed the exam, the next exam will be a year later. Instead of reading every day, it should be accumulated daily. Reading theoretical books is most useful in the three months before the exam. It seems that all of a sudden, there is nothing to do… Strange, he could find something. Ryan moved out a bunch of parts that he had collected, a total of five storage boxes.

    After opening them one by one, he cleaned and maintained the old parts inside. Although they were not as good as brand new ones, they were all free ah.

    With so many new parts, Ryan couldn’t handle it even if he was a rich second generation.

    There was a knock on the door behind him. Ryan, who was immersed in the drawings and thinking about what else could be modified, raised his eyebrows at who came so late.

    He stood up and opened the door, it was Amy at the door.

    “Amy, is there something wrong?”

    Amy mustered up the courage to come, “I want to come in and talk.”

    “It’s so late, it’s inconvenient.” His wife was coming.

    “I’ll just say a few words and I’ll leave when I’m done. I won’t take up your time.” Knowing that her love was lost, but some words she still wanted to say. She felt uncomfortable holding back, so she could mourn his love by saying it.

    Ryan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You can also say that at the door.”

    “No, the atmosphere is not good.”

    Ryan looked at the time and it was still early. Auston would not come so early because of his work. He could ask Amy to speak as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible. Arguing at the door was even more time-consuming.

    “Alright, you come in.”

    Amy came in, but she didn’t know how to speak and stood in the middle of the room hesitantly. Seeing that she was nervous, Ryan went to pour water, told her to slow down and when she was done, she could leave.

    Ryan went to pour the water. Amy breathed a sigh of relief, clutched her pounding chest to cheer herself up: say it, just say it, or it’s not just a sentence, I like you and you can get out after you say it.

    Behind her, the door slid open. Amy looked over subconsciously and saw someone unbelievable. Her hands and feet faster than her head, she stood at attention and saluted, “General!”

    Only then did she react with hindsight.

    Holy sh*t! What’s the general doing here in Ryan’s place? It seems he opened the door by himself and came in? Didn’t the iris key of the dormitory have to be recorded before it would work?


   The author has something to say: 

    Amy : What did I see! I can’t believe my eyes…

    Ryan: Let’s eat strawberries together (#^.^#)

    Auston: After eating so much, I feel like I taste like strawberries.

    Ryan: Let me taste it.

    Auston: o(*////▽////*)q


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