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MPWATMBC Chapter 13

Make a decision

        Things should be done in a neat and tidy manner and emotional matters should not be dragged out. Ryan had always regarded Amy as a brother1T/N: I think it’s more like referring to a comrade before and never thought of anything else and never thought that Amy’s feelings towards him would be different. Now that, he found out that Amy had other ideas about him, of course, he should stop it in time. The longer it delayed on, the more complicated it would be.

    Ryan accompanied his mother to watch TV. In many TV dramas, how did the misunderstanding between the male and female characters came about? Isn’t it because they were not straightforward and gave each other room to imagine?

    “Amy, I’m sorry.” Ryan took off his hat and raised it, a gesture of apology and rejection. He turned around and walked into the elevator, without turning back, until the elevator door closed behind him and the elevator went up.

    “What brings you here?”

    Auston: “Can’t I?”

    That didn’t sound like his style, but a questioning.

    Auston changed his words in annoyance, “You have to take an important exam today. I thought about it and I still want to come to you before I get busy… um…”

    The kiss was more intense than ever before and when they parted, Auston leaned against the wall of the elevator, gasping for breath, his face flushed a lot.

    Ryan bullied his way up and gave Auston two more pecks on his lips. Auston’s face flushed and turned even redder. “Wait for my good news. I will work hard and stand closest to you.”  (OMG!! I feel like I overturned a honey pot!!! Why are they so sweet!!)

    After that, Ryan let go of Auston, turned around resolutely with a high fighting spirit. His shoulders were pulled and Auston knew that the relationship was the result of both parties’ efforts. If one party was passionate and the other cold, then his parents would not have loved each other all their life and his father would not be bored because he missed his mother.

    “Don’t move.”

    Ryan stopped moving.

    Auston hugged Ryan behind his back and awkwardly put his head on Ryan’s shoulder, “I will wait for your good news.”

    Ryan was greatly encouraged, as if he had been injected by chicken blood2T/N: Injecting chicken blood refers to greatly motivated/ highly enthusiastic and could not wait to rush to the exam room immediately to kill all four directions. He grabbed Auston’s hand that was wrapping around his waist, “In the evening…”

    Auston hurriedly said, “I’ll wait for you in the room, if I finish first.”

    “Good.” Ryan didn’t know how to say sweet words and after holding it for a while, he said, “I’ll make you something delicious.”

    What a failure! I should have sent a message to ask Cousin Connor, how on earth did he manage to liven up the atmosphere with his witty remarks?

    Is there any cram school? He will sign up now! 3T/N: Ryan’s inner thoughts

    Auston chuckled, “Okay.” 

    The elevator door opened and Ryan walked out briskly, forcing himself not to turn his head to look at the elevator. After walking a few more steps, he saw the examination room and his flying heart was settled at once and he took a deep breath. He was going to take the exam. For today’s exam, he has worked hard for more than ten years from laying the foundation to working for hours without slackking off.

    In seven years, he went from a junior mechanical engineer to a fourth-level engineer. There are five levels in total and a fourth-level mechanical engineer can be called a master. Being in the kitchen, he was completely self-studying, while looking for opportunities for internships and the effort he had put in could be imagined. And only master-level mechanical engineers can take the primary exam for mecha engineers, not mechanics who have been practicing for more than seven years.

    Ryan was a temporary mechanical engineer on his own farm, so he had a qualification certificate.

    Ryan, who was in the centre to participate in the exam, swept a glance at it. There were about forty people, half male and half male. In the interstellar era, there was no gender-specific job and men and women could do it, as long as they wanted to. In the face of the upcoming exam, all of them were on the alert, some of them were leaning against the wall with their eyes closed, some were racing against time to continue flipping through the book, some were nervous and eating constantly and some were listening to songs with their headphones plugged in with full confidence.

    “Ding ding ding…” 

    An urgent voice sounded, which was a reminder to everyone present that the exam time was only five minutes away.

    Ryan went to his seat, checked the information on the personal terminal with the holographic access on the seat, put on the holographic helmet and five minutes passed by.

    “Dong, dong, dong!” 

   A deafening voice sounded. With the sound of the time up, the world in front of Ryan’s eyes was distorted and changed and he came to the holographic world on the star network in a blink of an eye.

    Star network was a huge space on the Internet. Looking at the map, there were 18 continents in Nine adminstrative divisions4 The word 九州 translates to Kyushu, which is an island in Japan. But I think it’s not suitable here. I’m more inclined to Nine administrative divisions by splitting the words 九 and 州 . Residents of different planets will be marked on the corresponding road for the first time when they visit the Star network. On the Star network, anyone could instantly travel through time and space to different areas of the Continent. The holographic cabin provided on the Xingtian ship was the most highly equipped. Ryan also had one at home. He only had the simplest holographic glasses in his dormitory. Before the test, he had positioned himself in the exam center.

    If you are careless and do not do this in advance, you will have to miss the exam when you come across the continent to the exam center.

    This was the first thing marked in red on the how-to-guides on the Internet.

    This was the experience gained from the blood and tears of the predecessors.

    The imaginary building ahead on the network seemed real. The very large hemisphere was buckled to the ground, with smooth lines, and the surface was full of honeycomb-like holes. Ryan looked around blankly and some people were already covering their eyes in discomfort and most severe cases would be vomitting and dizziness.

    It is said that the mastermind behind the design of the starnet was a crazy fan of dense shapes and this hobby was brought into full play in the exam center.

    Everyone’s footsteps were in a hurry, not only because the exam was approaching, but also because no one wanted to face the goosebump-inducing building.

    Forget the horror.

    Ryan thought that he must leave a message on this post suggested by the Network! ! !

    The moment he stepped into the exam center, the exam center was assigned. After entering, a light screen appeared in front of him. Ryan checked the information and called for confirmation.

    After confirming, a white square table and chair appeared in front of him, with a pen and paper on the table. Ryan pulled the chair and sat down, picked up the pen, and the exam papers automatically appeared on the table. There were a thick stack of A3-sized papers. Ryan, who had done his homework in advance, knew that there were 42 papers in total, with more than 2,000 questions. The correct rate must be more than 90% to be able to enter the practical test in the afternoon.

    Mecha engineering is not a sloppy thing, it is the key to the victory or defeat in the battlefied and the mecha was not only used in the military, but also involved in all walks of life, and was often the core part, so much more caution is needed.

    Obtaining the mecha engineer qualification certificate was equivalent to obtaining the qualification of a mecha designer and the latter cannot obtain the former.

    Ryan calmed down and started working on the questions.

    After finishing one page, the correct rate would be displayed immediately, which was extremely psychologically oppressive. If the psychological quality was not good, once a mistake occurs, the subsequent error rate would be even higher.

    Ryan concentrated on the exam and after swiping through the questions, he had a correct rate of 98% and above and he did it very smoothly all the way. After all the questions were done, it was only a quarter of an hour before the end of the exam and he had a good grasp of the time. The first few mock exams had not been practised in vain.

    “The overall correct rate is 98.5%, congratulations to candidate 1000******80802 for qualifying for the afternoon practical exam.” The sweet electronic sound sounded. Ryan nodded with satisfaction, said quit and was ejected himself from the exam center. When he arrived at the square, he faced the dense pattern once again.

    Popping up his personal terminal, Ryan withdrew from the star network, waiting for an hour and a half before taking the afternoon exam. During noon, eat, rest, and recharge.

    The people around him withdrew from the star network one after another. Some were happy, some were sad, some closed their eyes just like Ryan, and some had already shaken their heads regretfully and stood up and exited the exam room. Maybe they will work hard for the next exam. Maybe give up, no one can say.

    When the exam is over, those who did not finish would be forcibly withdrawn. At this time, the exam room on Xingtian Ship was lively, but the loser did not make a loud noise to affect other people’s exams in the afternoon, just sighing and leaving.

    This is in the army, everyone does not know each other but comrades-in-arms. There is discipline, organisation and comradeship, all with scruples. On other planets, in other exam rooms, there were some people who had a hard time on their own and didn’t let others feel better. Those who were mentally broken and frenzy in the exam room would make enough trouble before the police arrived.

    Not to mention the farce, after eating and resting for a while, it was time for the afternoon exam. While entering the exam center as like in the morning, what appeared in the exam center was not a table or chair, but various parts floating in the air. Candidates must make a mechanical part based on the randomly selected parts.

    All the parts provided must be, must be used up. If there is one more, this test will be invalid and the following ones will not be required to participate.

    Through observation, Ryan fiddled with a few components and determined that the neuron he had drawn was the southern part of the mecha’s neck. After determining the direction of production, he called for various tools to start the production. Time waits for no one. The more you think about it, the less time left to make it.

    The exam time for Practical 1 was half an hour. After half an hour, Ryan had a basketball-sized mecha part in front of him, an irregular sphere that looked plain and simple. When the second test comes out, this thing will be waiting by the side.

    The second test was repairing some parts of the mecha remnants. Ryan drew the left forelimb of the mecha. The entire fracture seemed to be corroded by the Zerg digestive juice. The wounds were uneven and the entire arm was damaged by one-third, which was equivalent to making a new one with parts. This was an exam question with high difficulty and Ryan started to work without any pause.

    The second exam was longer, an hour and a half.

    The practical test in the afternoon lasted for three and a half hours. After this one was over, it was the third one.

    In the third exam, the damaged mecha completely appeared in front of them and the damage was even more thorough. Not only did there are corrosion injuries from the digestive juice, but there were also fire, bullet scars, mechanical trauma, etc., in six places.

    The biggest one was the damage to the neurons. That’s great. Ryan’s frown loosened when he saw the severely damaged mecha. His judgment on the first question was correct. Putting this key part on it, equals to passing two-thirds of the third exam.

    The remaining injuries were just a bit more, not difficult.

    Ryan: “I am favored by the invigilation system of the examination center. The difficulty of the questions drawn are all too difficult.” 

    Could it be that he complained about the aesthetics when he entered the center?

    It’s no use thinking too much. Ryan’s fastidious work was real.

    The third exam, no matter how skilled Ryan was, didn’t have enough time and was basically stuck on the end time to complete. In the last 20 minutes of the afternoon session, they would draw designs, not complicated designs, just drawing the appearance and write down their own ideas.

    Ryan sometimes wonders if there are designers collecting ideas and inspiration, otherwise it would be meaningless for practical operation of this topic. All the strategies and the top training institutions had said: For this question, just draw and then just write a few sentences. Do not be foolish to pour out all your work. The blueprint is the mecha engineer’s biggest core secret.

   Ryan took ten minutes to complete, clicked submit, and the score followed — 96.6.

    Absolutely high score. Of the exam results announced over the years, the highest score of the practical operation was 96.9 points. Ryan’s score was only a few tenths away and he can almost make history. And the reason for the deduction was thoughtfully given – imagine that it was taken.

    Ryan cocked the corners of his mouth. It seemed that there was a real person marking the papers. If he really came up with his own ideas, how could he make mechas for Auston?


    “Congratulations to candidate 1000******80802 for successfully passing the mecha engineer qualification certificate exam and obtaining the Level 1 engineer qualification certificate. Would you like to sign up for next year’s Level 2 engineer qualification exam?”

    Ryan: “Yes.”

    System: “Enrolled.”

    Level 2 can take the exam the next year, Level 3 is two years later, Level 4 is three years later, Level 4 and Level 55T/N: given as 4 in the raws. I guess it’s 5 are Master Level and Level 6 is the highest level engineer, is a national treasure-like existence. Ryan is looking forward to this, but he is not too demanding.

    As soon as the results come out, they would be aggregated into personal information and the military database would be modified accordingly. In the future, Ryan would be a mecha engineer and could adjust his position, change departments, and develop on a broader stage.

    He, one step closer to Auston.

    After quitting the Star Network, the remaining eleven people in the examination room had not yet finished the examination and some people would persist until the last moment and be forcibly logged out. Ryan didn’t bother anyone, dropped off his things and left quietly. He walked faster and faster all the way and in the end he almost ran back to the dormitory, opened the door, it was very quiet inside. Ryan laughed and shook his head, “He’s so busy.”


    Ryan’s eyes lit up. He rushed over to hug the man coming out of the kitchen, “Auston, I passed!”

    Auston softened, allowed him to hold him and said with a smile, “Congratulations.”

    The author has something to say: 

    …In the monitoring room, the two soldiers of the Information Ministry in charge of monitoring looked at each other.

    A: “Well, who is in the elevator?”

    B: “We must have seen it wrong, it’s an illusion. That’s our commander, the god of war in our minds and General Dalton, who was actually pressed against the wall to kiss !”

    A: “Who is that man?!”

    B: “I don’t know, I’m going to kill him.”

    A: “Count me in and kill him together.” 

    A and B: “The general seems to be willing…hugged, ah, kissed, ah ah ah…”

    The only two people on the ship who knew the secret received a small warning from the superior and reluctantly deleted the picture. It is best to format their own memory.


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