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MPWATMBC Chapter 11

Meritorious Service

      Only a few people had come to the laboratory on the Xingtian ship. It’s not that it was forbidding others to enter, but there were various terrifying legends circulating on the ship. The legends were based on the fact that, at the end of each battle, the tattered bodies of the enemy were collected and sent to the laboratory. Dr. Blair was the chief medical officer on the ship, who often treated the soldiers in the infirmary and his mask-covered face couldn’t make out his expression, but the love for human tissue in his eyes was frightening.

    In the preserving cabin around the laboratory, the organs of the Zerg that had been separated from the body still had a certain activity, moving slowly in the thick liquid and some compound eyes even drag a tail-like blood vessel close to the inner wall of the preserving cabin, as if the best way to see what’s going on outside.

    Ryan withdrew his gaze and focused on the movements of his hands, split the big fish head in half, washed them, put them in a large round plate, covered them with seasonings such as chopped peppers and put them in the steamer. Dr. Blair’s laboratory was very complete with all kinds of kitchen utensils, but observing this doctor, he was not like someone who can cook, these kitchen utensils were more likely used to…

    Ryan stopped his scattered thoughts in time, closed the steamer and went back to cook three or four more dishes. After finishing the work at hand, while waiting for the steamed, roasted or stewed dishes to be cooked, Ryan looked at Auston and looked at Blair in passing. They were looking at the things brought from U167, something which would completely change the value of this planet.

    “This is a fungus, non-toxic and edible. It is rich in a large amount of mineral elements, amino acids, and multivitamins… God, what kind of magic mushroom is this? It is the most nutrient-rich and comprehensive among edible plants I know. It is simply a concentrated nutritional supplement and…” Blair put the cut mushroom cross-section close to the tip of his nose and sniffed it with enjoyment, “The taste has a woody fragrance, maybe it will change after cooking. “

    Auston stood on one side and his slender fingers took an unnamed fungus, a black, irregular sphere with a white snow pattern on the cross-section after being cut.

    “Merely being rich in nutrients is not enough to improve the evaluation level of U167.” What he said was very considerable and he did not give unusual attention to these fungi, just because they were discovered by Ryan.

    Ryan was about to explain, when the machine beeped with Di Di Di Di sound and a note with lines of various colours was slowly spat out. Blair took it over and opened his eyes wide in astonishment, “No, Auston, I think more emphasis should be placed on the development of U167.”

    “Why?” Auston walked over to Blair’s side and looked at the test note together.

    Blair excitedly took the data strip and showed it to Auston, “There is actually φ3 in it.” 

     In the interstellar era, humans were exposed to cosmic radiation, which was often accompanied by a state of genetic instability and the direct consequence was a reduction in fertility. Even for the most genetically compatible couples, having a child is a combination of hard work and luck bestowed by God.

    The genetic instability caused by radiation was medically called φ3 element deficiency. The disease rate for the entire empire was over 30% and the disease rate for soldiers who float in space all year round was even more than 50%. It is a disease that plagues the entire empire and affects the future of mankind.

    “The content of every 500 grams is 0.6 micrograms.” Those undulating lines can only be understood by professionals and Auston read the final summary.

    “Don’t underestimate this 0.6 microgram. The standard content of φ3 element in a normal person is between 0.255 microgram and 0.3 microgram. This little fungus has more content than humans.”

    Auston immediately understood the value, “The Star of Hope!”

    “Yes, the Star of Hope. The Western Legion found a kind of octopus in the ocean of this planet. Each ton can extract 1 microgram of φ3 element, so it was named the Star of Hope by the empire.” Blair turned the little fungus ball in his hand, “This fungus ball discovered in U167 is much more powerful than those hard-to-catch octopuses.” 

    On the Star of Hope, only the wild deep-sea giant octopus had the φ3 element and the artificially grown octopus lose this feature and could only be made into a paste to make those strange-flavoured nutrients.

    “Ryan, tell us how you discovered the fungus ball.” As the legion’s commander, Auston had already begun planning the development of U167. He looked at Ryan standing at the table, a man with black hair and brown eyes, seemingly a little gentle and shy, who was still wearing the military uniform for ground operations. His sharp and simple style made him look a little more capable and valiant, but his eyes were as gentle as ever.

    Under the gaze of Auston, Ryan recounted the whole process of discovering the fungus ball. On the way back, they passed through a dry river with cracked lines running crisscrossed in the river. The widest crack was three fingers wide and the underfoot was the most easily overlooked place. Ryan was careful and observant. Some shellfish hidden in the silt were found 30 centimetres away from the ground.

    Throwing an exploration robot the size of a pearl into the crack, the small robot kept going deeper into the ground. The crack was surprisingly more than ten metres deep and the existence of the fungus ball was discovered.

    Of course, the small testers they carried with them could not test the existence of φ3 elements, but could only test that the fungus balls were rich in a large amount of trace elements.

    “There is a wild edible fungus called black truffle on the Earth’s home planet. The fungus balls found on U167 are very similar to black truffles. Black truffles are very popular in high-end restaurants in the empire, but because of the changes in the geological conditions of the home planet, the annual production of black truffles is only 1,000 kilograms, which can be consumed by a high-end restaurant on the Central Planet in one year, but unfortunately they simply can’t get so much.”

    Ryan’s family runs a farm, so they know the market of various plants very well. His father, like thousands of farmers, tried to buy the mycelium of black truffles from the mother star for artificial cultivation and without exception, he also failed.

    Now, it had been recognized in the industry that black truffles could not be bred and propagated artificially. Therefore, black truffles were called black gold, although they were more expensive than gold.

    Ryan did not expect that the fungus discovered in U167 would contain φ3 elements. This discovery was far beyond his imagination. Just black truffles would make U167 extremely valuable and with the addition of the φ3 element, its value would be even more immeasurable.

    Ryan was very happy that his discovery could help the entire legion and Auston.

    “Black truffles, interesting.” Blair had absolutely no research on food, but he had seen chopped black truffles and top-quality foie gras together.

    “Sergeant Ryan.”

    Ryan stood upright subconsciously.

    “Your discovery is very important. After this discovery has been confirmed and verified, you will receive great military merit. Congratulations in advance, Lieutenant Ryan.”

    Ryan’s eyes lit up, not just for his promotion in military rank, but also because of the affirmation he received from Auston, the latter in particular excites him.

    There was laughter from the side and Blair was overjoyed, “You two don’t get along like this all the time, right? You two are a couple, Have some fun!”

    Ryan and Auston looked at each other and the two of them were teased gradually, and became uncomfortable. It was not the embarrassment of being teased, but… A slight blush appeared on Auston’s face.


    The discovery of the φ3 element in the spheroid was a major event. In order to make sure that the discovery was not accidental, Auston immediately sent an action team to excavate the spheroid on U167. This is a special operation to determine the growth characteristics and distribution, growth quantity, etc.,of the fungus. The fungus balls in different areas were excavated to analyse this and it was confirmed that the discovery of the φ3 element was not accidental.

    Auston was busy. Ryan couldn’t talk to him alone and could only go back to the dormitory with some regrets. He saw Derrick Hall at the door of the dormitory, who had changed into a clean training suit. He was less tired and dusty than when he was in action and the whole person seemed to be in good spirits.

    Ryan realised with hindsight that he had been tossing around in U167 for nearly five days and had long since been dusty. He had been in front of Auston in this look for so long!

    “Ryan.” Derrick found Ryan and took the initiative to greet him.

    “Captain.” Ryan quickly put away his thoughts and asked Derrick what he came to do with him.

    Derrick was a straightforward guy, pointing to the door of the dormitory and said, “Won’t you invite me in for a seat?”

    “I was negligent.” Iris opened the door and Ryan turned sideways and said, “Please come in.”

    Seeing the situation in the dormitory, Derrick raised his eyebrows. Except for the three planting cabins that took up a lot of space, this dormitory was too simple.

    After Ryan invited Derrick to sit down, he first went to the bathroom to wash his face and hands to clean up a little. Then he went to the kitchen to open the refrigerator and took out the strawberries he picked a few days ago, cut a few and put them in the soda water. A simple and beautiful strawberry soda had been made successfully, which was good for entertaining guests.

    After taking the soda, Derrick had to admit that Ryan was a man of great taste in life. It would be nice to stuff a bottle of iced drink, if he had to entertain his comrades and so he wouldn’t have bothered to prepare any soda, “Ryan, any interest in entering the Combat Department?”

    Derrick came straight to the point and explained his intentions. He was here to poach people. Ryan is too competent to stay in the logistics. He is an excellent fighter and should be in a place where he can exert his abilities, instead of being buried in the back office dealing with chores all day long. He had asked around when he came and Ryan had actually stayed in the kitchen for ten years before he came to Xingtian Ship. Ten years in the kitchen hadn’t diminished Ryan’s spirit at all, which showed how much effort he had to spend in private to train and improve himself.

    “Staying in the Combat department, you can use the abilities of a soldier and can tap more of your own potential.” Derrick lobbied, “As a warrior, you should go deep into the battlefield and shed blood and flesh in order to protect the family and the country.”

    Ryan listened to him finish his words and then expressed his opinion, “Sorry, I have no plan to enter the Combat department.”

    “Why?” Wasn’t he exercising his body and working hard to improve his individual soldier ability, to enter the battlefield?

    Ryan said: “My goal now is to become a mecha engineer.”

    “Is it possible to become an engineer of code name zero?”

    Ryan was restrained, which was what he thought in his heart and was actually broken by Derrick. With pursed lips, Ryan didn’t speak, but not speaking would mean acquiescence.

    Derrick slapped his forehead, “The combat department can also fight alongside the general.”

    “Sorry, I have made up my mind.”

    “I won’t give up.” Derrick didn’t say that it was too difficult to become an exclusive engineer, so it might as well be easier to switch jobs. “I wish you success too.”

    “Thank you.”

    Before leaving, Derrick said, “Ryan, with your ability, you shouldn’t be assigned to the kitchen.”

   Ryan smiled lightly, “Inadvertently offended a classmate.” Because he was too good in school, he was used by others to become a member of the kitchen, when he joined the army after graduation. His family had no power or influence, just a small planting star. They couldn’t change places for themselves and couldn’t protest, so they could only bear it.

    Derrick understood instantly and held Ryan’s shoulder comfortingly, “Xingtian Ship is fair enough under the leadership of the general. But there will inevitably be disputes between people. If you encounter trouble, come to me. Although I am a military rank, it’s not big, the position is not high, but there are some connections, I can definitely help.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Brothers don’t have to be so polite.” After a few days of getting along, Derrick and Ryan had become brothers, “Okay, no need to send me. That’s it.”

    Derrick went out and returned to the floor where his military branch was located. On the way to the elevator, he met General Auston.

    “General!” Derrick stood aside and saluted and when the general passed by, he muttered to himself, “What is the general doing at the back office? This direction is only for Ryan’s dormitory. Is it possible that he was looking for Ryan? What am I thinking? How is it possible? Ryan and the general have met twice, so it would not be because of that bowl of noodles?”


    Translator’s little theatre: 

    In their dormitory, while cooking

     Cute General(teasingly) : “Sergeant Ryan”

     Baby Ryan (subconsciously saluting) : “Yes, General.”

     Cute General : “………”

     Baby Ryan: Facepalming.jpg (-‸ლ)


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