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MPWATMBC Chapter 10

The Little Guy

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    Everyone’s eyes looked over and their throats rolled along. If it wasn’t for Auston’s identity, they would certainly rush over to grab a bite, so that those who saw it, would also had a share.

        That bowl of Paofan was very tempting just because of its appearance. The omelette lying on it was still soft. As long as the chopsticks were gently poked, the golden egg liquid would slowly flow out. Paofan looked like a fried egg, with a few slices of dehydrated beef. There was no oil on the surface and it looked rather bland, but the fragrance wafting out was like chicken soup, which always made people feel that there was still a full big meaty chicken drumsticks buried under the rice.

    Derrick glared at his teammates and asked them to look away, not to embarrass themselves in front of the general, as if the ship’s restaurant mistreated their three meals a day.

    “Ryan made it. His cooking seems to be more delicious.” Harriet swallowed and looked at Ryan more eagerly, “Eugene, if Ryan hadn’t married, I would have, I would definitely have pursued him.”

    “I can learn how to cook.”

    Harriet looked at Jeremy Ray, the second level soldier. Jeremy Ray, who only dared to talk, blushed gradually under Harriet’s teasing gaze and said in a rough voice, “I’m much better than Ryan. I’m a lot taller and stronger than him and much more manly than he looks.”

    “More manly?” Harriet looked provocatively at Jeremy Ray.

    Jeremy Ray lifted his chin, pointed to the cyan beard stubble on it and said, “Man, this is what a man looks like. Ryan doesn’t have a single beard on his chin, what is it? A man should grow a beard, just like Big brother Eugene.”

    Eugene touched his chin and was very satisfied with his beard. He spent a lot of time maintaining his beard, which was even more troublesome than women’s long hair.

    Harriet snorted and rubbed her chin, looking at Ryan who was not far away, “A warm man is what a woman needs.”

    “Harriet.” Eugene shouted breathlessly.

    Harriet responded, “Huh?”

    “I remember you said that your gene sequence is Y. You are also a pure man like us.”

    “So, let’s have a wild, conquering love.” Harriet smiled meaningfully, “I will conquer him.”

    “…” Jeremy Ray moved to the side, his instincts telling him that Harriet was in danger at the moment.


    Blair looked at Auston, or rather the soup in Auston’s hand, with a look of pitiful anticipation in his eyes.

    “Just one bite, just one bite, and let me taste it.” Blair stretched out his finger and poked Auston’s arm, “Just a taste, he often cooks it for you anyway, so I’ll eat it once in a while.”

    “Don’t you have it in your hands?” Auston looked at Blair helplessly. There was really nothing he could do to deal with this friend.

    “It’s not the same, what you have in your hand looks more delicious.”

    Ryan watched the interaction between the two of them. He thought Auston would share the rice, but heard Auston say: “No, Blair, no, It’s mine.”

    Blair twitched the corners of his mouth, “It’s completely different from what I thought. In the past, whatever I asked for, you would always give.”

    “This one is different.”

    Blair smiled, unfolding his white coat and sat down next to  Auston, “That’s how it should be and you should never let anyone get their hands on what you own.” Blair leaned into Auston’s ear and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “Little guy is very popular, ah”.

     Ryan didn’t hear it, but he was rejoicing by Auston’s reaction and his heart was beaming.

    After the short break, the team continued to move forward. The Code Zero did not follow along. As the commander-in-chief, Auston had already given them an extra grace by following them for all morning.

    The next itinerary was riskless, as Ryan relied on his keen sense of food and planting to discover many edible things.

    There were many ugly knots on the tall trees. By prying open the bark outside these knots, he could pick the chestnut-like fruit. After opening it with a laser, the pulp inside was like flour. Ryan pinched a little bit and concluded that it could be made into various flour products.

    There were stick-shaped rhizomes with arm lengths under the palm-high grass and when broken, they haD a sugarcane-like texture and a sweet taste.

    When the huge leaf floating in the water was lifted, the bottom of the leaf was full of fruit pods the size of fists. After opening, it had small pulp like pomegranate grains inside. After being squeezed, everyone smelled the the slightly sour smell, which was like eating ten appetizing small pickled cucumbers and they needed a large bowl of white rice to relieve the hunger in their belly.



    With all these, along the way, Ryan discovered many plants and animals that can be eaten and used. When it comes to animals, the worm pupae hanging on the branches, which are ugly, with a layer of mold-like green hair and a disgusting sour odor have to be mentioned.

    After Harriet put on the mask, she took a pair of tweezers and placed it in the sampling bag.

    However, Ryan found something special. After opening it deliberately, it revealed the tender white worm meat inside, which was very rich in protein at first glance.

    If they were put into the sampling bag as a specimen, they would definitely miss the points.

    Ryan was the mobile scanner that would find the food and there’s almost nothing that could escape his eyes.

    It took a day longer than expected for Derrick’s team to return to the assembly site. They were the last team to return and had already made everyone wait for twelve hours.

    Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy frowned tightly, “Major Derrick Hall, what did you encounter that took so much time, several hours later than the normal gathering time.”

    Derrick Hall saluted and replied, “Reporting to Lieutenant Colonel, we have gained too much along the way and delayed the time. It’s our fault for not following the discipline. But we found a lot of valuable animals and plants, one of which was hidden in the underground. It took us three hours to unearth this item at a depth of ten meters.” The implication was that, if they hadn’t discovered this item at the end, they would have been able to return to the gathering place at the end of the day and would not have violated the rules.

    Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy’s eyes swept around the faces of everyone in Derrick’s team. Suddenly, he found that the dispensable logistics soldier was standing prominently in the middle of the team and the other team members did not express dissatisfaction.

    “What is it?”

    “General!” Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy responded first, standing at attention and saluting.

    Everyone: “General!” 

    The Code Zero landed. After a few vertical leaps, Auston fell from the mecha to the ground and slowly approached Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy. With an amiable smile, he looked at the tall thing behind the team and said, “You have brought so many things and gained a lot, Very good.”

    Derrick and others were excited. As the captain, Derrick said: “This is what we should do. This time Sergeant Ryan Smith helped a lot during the exploration process and the last thing was discovered by Sergeant.”

    Derrick was really a good person and he didn’t take credit for it.

    Ryan came out, “It’s all thanks to everyone. I can’t find so much by myself.”

    “Well done, everyone.” Auston encouraged them and raised the corner of his mouth at Ryan, a smile that only he could see from that angle.

    Ryan clenched his fists happily and said loudly: “General, U167 contains enormous energy. I suggest not to sell it on the market, but to develop it independently by the legion.” This was not a special case, but there were many precedents. The entire Eastern Region of the Empire , where the Golden Crusaders patrol, there were no less than ten planets independently developed by the Legion and without exception, they were not places where a large number of minerals or a large number of precious flora and fauna were stored.

    Ryan’s words attracted the attention of those who were uninformed. If it wasn’t for discipline, they would have been whispering long ago.

    Auston raised his eyebrows slightly. After he asked, he did not get a positive answer and no one took the initiative to lift the canvas covering the pile of things. “It’s time for all the exploration ground operations teams to gather on the ship. Bring the stuff on board and hand it over to Dr. Blair.”

    “Yes.” Ryan, Derrick and others saluted.

    In an hour, when everyone got on the ship, someone curiously asked Ryan what they had brought and why this could improve the U167’s grade. Ryan smiled and didn’t say anything. He looked very gentle, but not a fool. He would not say anything about the financial affairs of the Legion without the approval of the leader.

    After boarding the ship, Ryan and Derrick used the handling robots to carry the discovered objects to Dr. Blair. Auston and Blair had been waiting in the laboratory for a few minutes.

    “Major, Sergeant, don’t be so nervous, just relax.” Blair, wearing a white coat, stood in front of the huge preserving cabin. There were many internal organs floating inside and they were moving like jellyfish in a container.

    Derrick and Ryan, who had experienced wars and fought bloody battles with Zerg, can easily recognize that those internal organs were from the Zerg…

    There were many preserved cabins around, including the whole male Zerg, human heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney and also half a man and the reason behind the half was that it was cut vertically from the middle and only half of it had been preserved.

    Ryan knew that man, the leader of the pirates who used to be rampant for a while and brought disaster to the frontier. He died after a confrontation with a certain fleet under the Golden Crusade. Now only Ryan knows, half of the corpse is left…

    In such an environment, being able to calm down was really a manifestation of strong psychological quality.

    Derrick quickly reported about the discovery process and the role of the plants that were excavated. After reporting, he looked at the ground and waited for the officer to release him.

    “Since it was Ryan who discovered it, let Ryan stay, Lieutenant Colonel Derrick, you can leave.” Blair, with his hands in his pockets, glanced at Auston teasingly and said the above.

    Derrick felt amnesty, stood at attention with his heels close together, saluted and stepped back, giving Ryan a self-blessing look: I’m sorry, brother. Buddy can’t bear it anymore and retreat first.

    When the hatch of the laboratory was closed, Blair immediately showed his prototype, revealing his “tail” and tore off the white cloth on the table, “Come on, Auston’s little guy, make us something to eat.”

    Ryan almost choked on his own saliva. How nice it sounds as Auston’s man. Why should he have to add little!!


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