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MPWATMBC Chapter 09


    The whole Code Zero in black was hidden in the tall trees, overlooking the crowd of people outside the forest.

    Blair took a tube of mango-flavored nutrient and ate it slowly. The nutrient tasted similar to overcooked rice porridge. In order to increase the taste, the granules that were not completely broken would be added and it tasted like mushy paste with water.

    “Shit, what kind of guy with an underdeveloped brain came up with this taste. The meat is made into the taste of mango, obviously his sense of taste must have been disabled.” Blair spit out the straw in disgust and lowered his head to look at the food box. None of it tasted normal. So disappointing.

    “God, what kind of brains are those foodies, why are they scrambling to make fruit-flavoured meat.” Blair sadly found that the mango-flavoured nutritional supplement turned out to be the most acceptable flavour for him. As for the brick-like compressed biscuits, he had no desire to eat.

    Lying weakly in his seat, Blair said feebly, “I’m going to starve to death on the nutritional supplements. Auston, you should talk to the logistics staff and get some normal tasting nutritional supplements.”

    “This batch is directly distributed from the top.”

    Blair snorted twice, “It must be someone who is related to them found the way. The military’s supply procurement is a bargaining chip in their basket.”

    “Blair, you said you wanted to conduct a field trip to U167.” Auston said, ignoring Blair’s complaints.

    Blair held up the e-book to cover his face, “I haven’t found anything worth going down to check.”

    Auston smiled helplessly and continued to look in the direction, where Ryan and the others were. All unexplored planets in the area where they are stationed belong to the property of the Golden Crusade. By exploring these unknown planets, discovering useful things, evaluating the value of the planets, he could consider whether to list the planets for sale.

    This was the result of the game between the army and the Imperial House of Representatives.

    The military expenditure given by the House of Representatives is far less than the actual military expenditure. After many communications, threats, inducements, and protests, the current result had been achieved.

    After the newly discovered planet was listed for sale, the army would hand over 20% of the income to the country and the rest would be owned by the army, which could be said to be a huge profit. Therefore, the legions, including the Golden Crusade, while patrolling the border, mostly like to explore unknown planets and find things of value.

    “What is your little guy doing?” Blair, who had eaten a few mouthfuls of mango-flavoured meat puree nutritional supplements, was suspicious of his life when he found that Ryan on the ground made an unusual move. The man brought a portable stove and was cooking Noodles? !

    “Auston, let’s go down, I’ve found something to study.” Blair pushed up his glasses and raised the corners of his mouth to reveal an interesting smile.

    Auston looked at him and didn’t object, “Okay.”

    It was lunch at noon. Soldiers were not made of iron and steel, who only needed batteries to live. They need to rest and also need to eat. On the open flat ground five hundred metres away from the forest, Derrick signalled for everyone to rest. Everyone worked together to clean up a camp, sat down and prepared to drink some water and nutritional supplements. There was forty minutes of rest time.

    Harriet took a tube of peach-flavored nutritional supplements. The ingredients package clearly stated that there were fish, chicken and various vegetables, calories … fat … carbohydrate …protein…nutritious and full of calories. One tube can make one full and it is a must-have choice for travelling away from home.

    Glancing at it with disgust and then looking at it again, Harriet reluctantly put it into her mouth.

    “Every time I go on a mission, I miss the restaurant on the ship. The flavored dried shark made by old Bob is also delicious compared to the nutritional supplements.”

    “Forget it, I’d rather eat compressed dry food than the stinky dried shark.” The bearded Eugene tore open a package of compressed dry food with his teeth, revealing the brown dry food that was oily, but hard as a stone inside and if he bit directly with his teeth, he suspected that his teeth would fall out. “I think old Bob is a good cook if he doesn’t make dried sharks and he makes a damn good roast lamb.”

    “It’s delicious and the ingredients are particularly fragrant. I like the crispy shell of the roast lamb the most. It’s crunchy and oily and the layer of sesame seeds sprinkled will make a sound when you bite it.” Harriet swallowed a mouthful of saliva and the tip of her nose seemed to smell of roasted lamb, “After eating, licking my fingers, it’s very fragrant. By the way, the lamb’s trotters are also delicious and the piece of meat in the foot ring is my favourite.”

    “Gudong.”1T/N: sound of swallowing

    Everyone couldn’t help but swallow their saliva.

    It made the nutrients and compressed dry food in the hand even more unpalatable.

    Ryan in the corner didn’t hear what they were saying. He was thinking about what to eat for lunch, whether it was noodles or rice, or wontons would be good too.

    Ryan unloaded his backpack, took out a folding stove and opened it up to be a pot for marching. The pot was made of solid fuel found on a certain planet. A large piece of fuel can last for three days and the way to use it was also very simple and safe. It can burn when exposed to oxygen, and it is extinguished when isolated from oxygen and its properties are stable.

    Ryan poured a bottle of water into the pot, opened the valve at the bottom of the stove, air entered, and a small piece of black fuel suddenly appeared in a fire with amazing heat.

    The fire tongue licked the bottom of the pot and small bubbles began to appear in the water. The bubbles began to grow and gradually the pot of pure water began to boil. Ryan put the noodles in, along with dehydrated vegetables. After it came out of the pot, as long as it was mixed with the meat sauce he made in advance, it would be a very delicious mixed noodle.

    Ryan suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the silence around him. He looked around quickly and saw a group of people looking at him eagerly and their drool was about to fall. As a half-fighter, Ryan knew to be alert and did a good job. His intuition was always accurate and there was no danger nearby, so he didn’t draw his weapon.

    Harriet had the best relationship with Ryan at the moment, so she rubbed up against him and asked, “What are you doing?”

    “Mixing noodles.” Ryan gestured for everyone to watch.

    Dehydrated vegetables couldn’t compare to fresh ones, but they didn’t have to worry too much about that little bit of nutrient loss during the mission. When exposed to water, the dehydrated vegetables began to fill with water and stretch out. There were zucchini slices, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and diced carrots. This kind of dehydrated vegetables was sold separately in the kitchen and the variety was very complete. Ryan bought the one he liked.

    Seeing that the noodles were almost done, everyone didn’t say anything further except to ask a question. Under everyone’s gaze, Ryan fished the cooked noodles into the bowl, leaving no vegetable in the soup. Putting down the bowl, Ryan took out a packet of meat sauce from the bag under watchful eyes of all and threw it directly into the bowl. Under the effect of heat, the outer layer similar to the plastic packaging melted naturally and the aroma of the meat sauce was emitted without reservation and entered everyone’s nasal cavity.

    “It smells so good,” Harriet murmured.

    Eugene: “It’s definitely delicious.”

    Captain Derrick, “It’s better than compressed dry food and better than nutritional supplements.”

    Suddenly, Derrick shouted, “Sergeant Smith.”

    Ryan put down the bowl, stood up and waited for the order, “Yes.”

    “Sergeant, we are on a mission, not a picnic. Who allowed you to come with stoves and food?”

    “Report to the Colonel, Military Code Ground Operations Chapter 5 Chapter 36 Article 12 stipulates that the food that soldiers carry during their exploration of unknown planets on the ground includes but is not limited to nutritional supplements and compressed dry food. The appendix clarifies that one stove and several foods can be carried in a uniform standard to facilitate the improvement of rations during ground operations to ensure the physical and mental health of the soldiers.”

    Derrick paused for a moment and quickly opened the personal terminal to open the military code stored in it and found that there were indeed such regulations and the appendix at the end of the article clearly stipulated that the type of portable stove system, the kind of food should be and should not be carried such as no odour, no bone spurs, no hindrance to others, etc.

    Others were also checking it out and Jeremy Ray exclaimed in amazement. The little soldier who was only in the second level was so stunned and startled, “He actually memorised the military code, God.”

    The old soldiers looked at each other in dismay. The military code had more than 5,000 pages, 13 categories and tens of thousands of regulations, covering all aspects of the soldiers’ combat life. When enlisting in the army, they will be required to read and recite and 30 or 40 years ago, there was even an examination, but now it’s becoming more and more relaxed and gradually they just need to know a general idea.

    “Brilliant.” Eugene looked at the display on his personal terminal, then looked at Ryan and sighed in admiration.

    Captain Derrick coughed lightly and glanced at Ryan’s backpack inadvertently, “Sergeant, what other food did you bring?”

    “There are also rice, wontons, ham, etc., which are my personal dry food for the five-day ground operation.”

    In this operation, each team has four days of exploration time. Just in case, Ryan had prepared an extra day of dry food.

    “Sergeant, All done?”

     It wasn’t what Derrick said, or what other people in the team said, although this was their heartfelt voice. Unfamiliar voice, everyone looked over to the place where the voice came from and saw the black mecha moving from far to near. After landing, the cockpit opened. General Dalton came out first, after several beautiful and wonderful vertical jumps and reached the ground. Then the talent who just spoke looked a little embarrassed and landed with the help of the code-named Zero AI.

    It was a young man in a white coat, looking very ascetic.

    “General.” Everyone, standing at attention and saluted: “Colonel.”

    Auston returned the salute, “Hello, everyone.”

    Blair was not so particular about it. As a Colonel, he was not in the same system as ordinary warriors. After simply returning the salute, he turned his attention to the noodles that Ryan had not had time to eat and there were already some lumps of noodles, “What’s that?”

    Ryan replied, “Colonel, that’s bolognese noodles.”

    “Let me see.” His pale palms stretched out, as it seemed to have the ultimate taste.

    Ryan didn’t go to see Auston on purpose and brought the noodles to Blair’s hands. Blair smelled the noodles, smiled at Auston inexplicably and said, “It’s very fragrant, Sergeant. Now I’ll give you an opportunity to help your comrades, make all the food in your backpack for everyone to taste.”

    Others in the team exchanged eye contact and felt that it was not very good to eat the rations carefully prepared by Ryan, but thought that there was no need to take nutritional supplements, they were very happy, really tangled and happy, so distressed.

    Ryan didn’t hesitate, “Yes, Colonel.”

    One person’s dry food for five days would definitely not meet the needs of the thirteen people present and Ryan tried his best to make sure that everyone had a share. No need to worry about not having so many utensils, teammates had water bottles with them and they could be used as bowls after modification. No chopsticks, knife and fork? Also, No worries, they will get along for the sake of food.

    Auston sat on the stone, flipping through his personal terminal. As the leader of the soldiers, they would only fear him, awe him and stay far away from him. In contrast, Blair had already blended into the team and tasted all kinds of food. Auston has gotten used to it and he could integrate with them, only when fighting and training with the mecha players.

    A bowl was brought in front of him.

    Auston looked up, followed the hand holding the bowl and saw Ryan’s gentle face.

    Ryan winked at Auston, “General, please have a meal.”

    Auston couldn’t help but feel soft in his heart, “Thank you, Sergeant Ryan.”

    Ryan lowered his voice and said, “I made beef stewed rice with sliced ​​beef, quick-soaked vermicelli, shiitake mushrooms, dried tofu, dehydrated vegetables and an egg.” 

    The rice was cooked in advance by Ryan, packed in a package and air-dried. It can be put into the water when cooking. The rice was soft and the grains were distinct and the soup was fully absorbed. Ryan also carefully brought the vacuum-packed thick soup cubes, the only one piece that made it into steamed rice and the vacuum-packed egg after being fried was also the only one.

    Ryan gave Auston all the good stuff.

    “what did you eat?”

    Ryan said, “I’ve already eaten that bowl of noodles just now and I’m very full.” Ryan won’t waste that bowl of lump noodles and solve it by himself.

    “You too,” said Auston embarrassedly. The first time he had ever done so, showing intimacy where there were other people.

    Ryan was inspired and his heart was filled with joy, which was better than eating a big meal. However, the relationship between the two of them was still a secret. Before Auston is not ready to announce it, he will pay attention to his manners.

    Blair, who was running around, suddenly appeared, “Oh, the treatment of general is just so different.”


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