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MPWATMBC Chapter 08


         After passing through the atmosphere and entering U167, the spacecraft, after a few minutes of buffering and falling, quickly accelerated into the airspace of the Z region.

    ” Everyone, collectively do the final inspection and don’t panic no matter what happens after you get down to the ground. You all are experienced soldiers. You must understand what you can do and what you can’t do. I don’t want to repeat myself.” Jimmy glanced at Ryan and the others, then turned around and continued: “We need to collect samples of animals and plants and we cannot destroy the original ecological environment on the planet provided that we ensure our own safety. Do you understand?”

    “Understood! ‘

    All answered in unison.

    The spacecraft landed on an open grassland. The hatch opened and everyone came out in a line in front of the spacecraft, fully loaded and ready to go.

    The mecha team that set off earlier had done a preliminary scan and inspection of U167 and launched several locators to float in the air, one for every kilometre, weaving a large net on the planet’s surface. There is oxygen on the planet for people to breathe. The oxygen content is extremely high, no toxins and there is no need to wear a space suit. And no radiation, substances harmful to the human body, etc. have been found for the time being, so the protective cover need not be worn for the moment.

    Captain Jimmy had already made a division on the spaceship in advance. Everyone was divided into five groups and set off. Ryan and Amy said each other a word of caution and then followed the team to act. They went all the way south and the final destination was a lake. After arriving at the lake, they would then turn around and return to the starting point from another road to assemble.

    The captain of the team numbered 5 is called Derrick Hall, with red hair and blue eyes. He was a major and his status was under Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy: “Take care of the black-haired short guy. I don’t want him missing any parts when we go back and I don’t want him to panic and cause us unnecessary trouble.” 

   The others burst into laughter.

    The blond, blue-eyed, undulating beauty wrapped in a combat uniform smiled and said, “Derrick, leave the little brother to me and I’ll make sure nothing goes wrong when we get back.”

    “Harriet, Please don’t squeeze him dry. If the little baby is lonely, come and find your brother.”

    “Bah!” The hot-bodied Harriet directly gave the butt of a gun to the ranting team member, “Young man, your baby1T/N: I believe everyone knows what they are talking about (O\\\O) isn’t as long as your aunt’s2T/N: Harriet addressing herself in an arrogant way fingers, So save your breath.”

    “Have you seen it, Harry? “The bearded man chewing on the stalk of grass asked, “Stripped naked?” 

    Harriet shook her long hair, “I’ve been with you rough guys for a long time. What kind of bird have I never seen before? This sister will know the size through the pants. Do I still need you to be stripped naked? Eugene, putting the grass stem in your mouth before it’s tested, if you want to die, say it earlier, I will give you a bullet.”

    At first, the young man with a dirty mouth made a face of embarrassment, then numbly shrunk to the back. The second level soldiers were no match for the old fried dough sticks who had been in the army for a long time. Don’t think it’s easy to bully by looking at a woman. Her talk would be even more rambunctious than men.

    As for the bearded Eugene, he froze instantly. The environment here was too good, exactly like the mother planet Earth and he made a taboo when he first arrived.

    The cheerful and straightforward Derrick was not as direct and harmless as he seemed, “Eugene, Remember it, Remember to write a review when you go back.” 

     “Get down to business. Keep your mouth shut and let’s go.” Derrick waved one arm and the smile on his face was instantly put away, like a steel knife that was unsheathed and rushed out, followed by the team members.

    And Ryan, who was at the focus from the beginning, pulled up his camouflage mask, covering his face below the eyes and his warm eyes were covered with vigour. If someone familiar with him appeared now, he would definitely not recognize this man with a restrained blade as Ryan Smith.

    Nodding towards Harriet, Ryan moved at a speed no lower than that of a regular soldier.

    Harriet raised her eyebrows, her red lips hooked up a low smile. The captain really missed the point.

    Planet U167 had not produced intelligent creatures and everything remained in a state of obscurity with endless grasslands, calm and deep lakes, dense and towering forests, boundless deserts, silver-covered ice fields, wet and watery swamps and boundless vast sea…and a variety of animals and dangers lurking in the boundless landscape.

    This place was too much like the home planet Earth and while walking on it, Ryan felt in a trance that he was walking in the forest of the home planet.

    After passing through a thousand metres of grassland, they entered the forest. The low shrubs were struggling to grow in the sunlight given by the tall trees and the light was projected through the dense branches and leaves into thousands of light spots that fell on the ground. On the ground, layers of fallen leaves piled up and the microstrips were undulating when stepped on and the humus was very thick. There were traces of long-shaped creatures wandered on the ground and Derrick gestured with his finger, “It is preliminarily determined to be a python. The head and tail are estimated to be ten meters long and twenty centimeters thick. Snakes are hidden masters lurking in the forest. Everyone, pay attention.”

      All of them gestured to show that they understood. In this environment, there is no need for too many words to regulate the so-called atmosphere.

    They didn’t come here to march, but to collect what they found along the way, including flora, fauna, minerals, fungi and more.

    With live ammunition and well-equipped teams, they were not afraid of the overlord Zerg running rampant in the universe, let alone the primitive creatures of a primitive planet. But there was nothing wrong with sailing the boat carefully and being more careful.

    “Eugene, Jeremy collect humus, Harriet, you bring that little chicken to collect moss on the tree, Julian, Joris…” Derrick assigned the tasks one by one and even Ryan, a non-staff personnel also had their own work, collecting the moss on the trees that can be easily reached and if there were small creatures on the moss, such as things similar to snails, they would also be brought back.

    “The way you cover your face is very different from before.” Harriet, who was always vigilant, watched Ryan take a piece of moss with tweezers and put it in the sampling bag. Judging from his appearance, his black hair was soft and smooth and the slightly astringent brown eyes were gentle. He would be a gentleman and a considerate husband. “How old are you? Are you married?”

    The bearded Eugene glanced at Ryan, “He’s not for you.”     

    Harriet rolled her eyes, “How will you know if you don’t try?”

    Ryan was embarrassed and for the first time, tried by the sexy beauty so bluntly, he stammered: “I-I’m married.”

    “Haha, Harry, you have no chance.”

    Harriet shrugged her shoulders, not disappointed, “It’s rare to meet a man like you these days. Shy, gentle and sharp underneath the gentleness, as mysterious as your black hair. Not considering developing a sweet love on the ship?”

    After speaking, Harriet bullied her way forward. Her full and plump breasts almost touching Ryan.

    Ryan took two steps back staggeringly. He suddenly raised the snatch and made two squeaks. The eyes of the others changed suddenly and looked at Ryan coldly.

    Ryan looked back and calmly retracted the weapon.

    “God, when did it approach, we…” the second level soldier Jeremy suddenly became silent and stopped talking rashly. Saying it out, it’s a bit embarrassing for the regular army.

    Half a metre away from Captain Derrick, a creature with a green body that looked like a mantis twitched and fell to the ground and died completely within a second or two. The creature’s pair of forelimbs as sharp as knives can cut off a person’s head with just a slight wave. No one knows where it came from before being killed, except Ryan.

    Derrick looked at Ryan deeply, “Thank you.”

    Ryan nodded and continued the movements in his hands. Three pieces of moss taken from different tree trunks and heights were written with notes and sent to the collection box. He was not complacent and smug, because he killed a creature that was not found by regular soldiers, nor was he indignant and complaining, while underestimated or ridiculed by others. He was always neither humble nor arrogant, just doing what he should do.

    That calm back revealed the confidence of the strong.

    The rest of the team put aside their contempt and began to look at this non-staff mechanical engineer who came from the logistics, realising that this guy would not be a burden but a help.

    “In that hand just now, he should be stronger than Jeremy Ray.” Eugene, the captain’s deputy, said in a low voice.

    Derrick collected the mantis-like creatures and he said, “No.”

    “No way, weaker than the second level rookie?”

    Derrick stood up and said, “He’s no worse than you and me.”

    “This… …”

    Derrick had the pleasure of meeting his opponent, “He will be a good fighter, it would be a pity to stay in the logistics.”


    The team continued to move forward, collecting samples from different locations in the forest one after another. At noon, they passed through the forest. During this period, they encountered a gurgling stream, and saw a few small animals drinking at the water’s edge. There was a half-human tall animal with butterfly wings and a fluffy body like a black ball, which was completely distinct from its bright blue wings.

    There were also storey-high, long horned herbivores with small birds resting on their backs.

    There were beautifully colored mushrooms growing in damp places and the mushrooms have small white spots on the surface, which were definitely inedible.

    They carried detectors with them that could determine whether the things they had touched were poisonous. In a preliminary judgement, no one dared to put unfamiliar food from a strange planet into their mouths without thorough laboratory testing.

    After walking out of the forest, the sun shone down unreservedly but it was not hot. It was spring in the Z area of ​​U167, the season of recovery of all things and it was more convenient to witness the diversity of life.

    With a chef’s intuition, Ryan found some single-sided mushrooms in the grass and turned over the soil to find some plant roots. When digging, some team members accidentally damaged a root nodule, revealing a snow white dense flesh with a fresh fragrance.

    There was also a tree with not so good appearance. Ryan and Harriet were responsible for collecting its branches and leaves, digging up a little rhizome and digging up a seedling if they saw one. However, Ryan keenly felt that there was something wrong with the protrusions on the dry trunk. A knife cut open the surface, revealing the white and tender pulp, which immediately attracted ants lingering at the root of the tree. This was a fruit with a lot of sugar and tested as non-toxic.

    The taste was quite enticing, with a sweet peach scent.

    If it weren’t for the soldiers who had to abide by the military regulations, Ryan, whose saliva was stimulated by the taste, would definitely put the pulp into his mouth and it would be delicious.

    Ryan felt that he should be an interstellar explorer and discover all kinds of things that could be eaten and used.

    “Haha, we really found a treasure.” Harriet laughed heartily and quickly collected fruits and ants whose abdomens became large and crystal clear after sucking the juice, “In the past, We all collected whatever we saw and there were not many useful things that can be redeemed for many points at all.”

    Points were a popular reward in the military. After accumulating a certain amount, they could be exchanged for physical objects or even star coins. During the planetary exploration missions, the more valuable things you find—medical, military, edible, etc.—the more points you can earn.

    Derrick also laughed, letting go of his prejudice, looking at Ryan who was more and more pleasing to the eye.

    “It’s still my vision, as I chose Ryan to come and partner with us.”

    Harriet broke the stage, “At the beginning, you said he was a chicken.”

    “Haha.” Derrick was not annoyed, but said, “It’s not that I didn’t see it clearly at first, but didn’t my eyes clear after that? If Ryan was a chicken, then we would all be cooing in the chicken coop.”

    Derrick put away his smile and looked straight at Ryan, “Welcome Sergeant Ryan Smith to join our team. I’m sorry for what I said at the beginning, please forgive me.”

    Under the leadership of the captain, the others also put down their things and solemnly apologised to Ryan.     

      Ryan looked at the crowd and said, “I accept the apology. Am I not already a member of the team? Nice to meet you all.”

    “Yes, you’ve been our brother for a long time.”

    Ryan had always done a good job in proving himself with strength.

    Not only the ground action team, but also the mecha combat team were responsible for this mission to explore the planet. There was one mecha player in each area. The Z area was a bit special. There were two here and one of them was the code zero in black, that is, General Dalton, the supreme commander of the Xingtian Ship.

    Leading the way, Auston was always on the frontline with the soldiers.

    Unbeknownst to Squad 5, Code Zero had followed them all the way.

    In the cockpit of Code Zero, behind Auston, Blair, who was wearing a white coat and reading a book with his legs crossed, whistled, “It’s amazing, he won the trust of the team members in less than half a day. Your young man is very charming. “

    Auston looked at Ryan, who was surrounded by the crowd in the distance and said with a chuckle, “Like I said, he’s very good.”


     Translator’s little theatre:

     Baby Ryan: *Showing his strength* ∕∕∕ ∕ ∕∕˛₍˴◅ˋ)੭✧∕∕∕ ∕∕

     Cute General : Good, very Good (✪‿✪)


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