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MPWATMBC Chapter 07

Exploring the unknown planet


     Auston’s dining etiquette was the best Ryan had ever seen and he really quite likes to eat the belly of the blue ribbon swordfish. The small long strip of jelly-like fat would have subtle changes after frying and the texture would become crispy and just a little salt seasoning could stimulate its own deliciousness.

    Ryan took a bite and pushed them all in front of Auston and let him eat it.

    “Let’s eat together.”

    Ryan said with a smile, “You eat, I like to watch you eat.” Ryan felt that at this moment he must be just like his father, a gentle husband who can watch his wife eat and try his best to give her whatever she likes to eat. He would be happy to see him eating happily.

    Auston was a little bewildered, this feeling was too unfamiliar to him.

    Having finished eating, Auston had no reason to linger any longer and had to return to his post. Standing at the door, Auston pointed outside and said, “I’m leaving.”

    Ryan pursed his lips, knowing that Auston’s responsibilities were heavy, he couldn’t keep him and being able to spend a whole night together warmly was already very beautiful.

    “I, I will send you off.” Ryan looked at Auston eagerly, as if he had returned to the high school days, the desire and expectation of the ignorant youth.

    Auston said with difficulty: “We…”

    “Oh, oh, I know, I know.” Ryan immediately came to his senses and said reasonably, “It’s okay, I’ll just watch you leave.”

    Auston smiled softly, “Hmm.”

    Turning around to leave, Ryan called out, “Wait.”

    Auston: “Huh?”

    Ryan quickly stepped forward and kissed Auston’s lips, “Goodbye kiss.”

    Auston was stunned. Once upon a time, their family also had such a kiss, but it was no more, after his mother went.

    Ryan: “When you need me, come back.” He would always be there, giving more than just physical closeness, something else he was also very good at.

    “Okay.” Auston hesitated for two or three seconds, took a step towards Ryan, leaned over and placed a light kiss on Ryan’s cheek, “Goodbye.”

    Ryan touched the place where he was kissed and smiled foolishly, not knowing when Auston had left.

    “Very good progress.” Ryan clenched his fists, “Keep working hard.”

    Efforts were not just for love, but also for work. The group training in the afternoon was an important part of the work. As the logistics mechanical engineering department, they need to repair a lot of things ranging from a small machine in the kitchen to the entire Xingtian Ship and they are there wherever they are needed.

    Ryan’s team was responsible for repairing some of the weapons on the ship, which was a thankless job, because it was difficult for these damaged weapons to be equipped for soldiers. After repairs, they were just stacked in the warehouse, waiting for the XingTian ship to return to the ground and unload it to the ground military base.

    As for the whereabouts of these things when they arrive at the military base, it’s not what Ryan and the others need to know. In any case, it would not do things that endanger national interests.

    In the corner of the huge warehouse, Ryan and several other team members were repairing the weapons together. He held a disc-like thing in his hand. The card slot could be filled with ammunition and when thrown, it could fire 300 bullets per second.

    “The card slot is broken here and an ejection device needs to be replaced.” Ryan muttered to himself.

    “It’s so boring. We may not be able to fix this pile of things even when the Xingtian ship returns.” Amy lay down bored, staring at the metal top surface blankly, the white light of the ceiling lamp made people drowsy, “This kind of thankless work is left to us. Those soldiers are too rude, don’t they know how to take good care of their weapons, why are they broken so much?!”

    “The weapons piled up here are all ordinary goods, distributed uniformly by the empire and are not sold for much money.” said one of the team members.

    “Yeah, I heard that the annual military expenditure fund distributed is only a little and 100 million star coins will be sent to our Golden Crusade, which is not enough to maintain the Athena ship for a whole year, let alone the Xingtian ship. In order to raise enough military spending every year, Commanders have to rack their brains.”

    Ryan stopped, he knew about this. Not only their Golden Crusade, but several other generals were facing the same difficulties and they were heartbroken in order to raise military funds. There are voices in the country to abolish the number of troops and cut military expenditures and the other two countries are also arguing. Now the conservative wing of the empire occupy the peak, advocating austerity policies and their attitude towards the imperial soldiers is not friendly.

    “Who is protecting the family and defending the country?”

    “Who is fighting a bloody battle?”

    “I really think peace is born!”

    “Under the lights of thousands of families in the empire, it is not a large number of soldiers who are still marching forward carrying their weight.”

    Everyone complained but the team leader, as strong as a bear, did not stop it. There were a lot of private complaints and everyone was dissatisfied with the harsh treatment of their generals by the empire.

    A few months ago, General Dalton met the Zerg army while patrolling the border and launched a desperate fight. The general took the lead, went deep into the hinterland of the Zerg and strangled countless Zerg, which prevented the invasion of the Zerg at the national border and did not threaten the depths of the motherland.

    However, after several lives and deaths, the generals had not received the rewards they deserved. According to their seniority and military achievements in defeating the Zerg, General Dalton should be promoted from general to the youngest great general of the empire.

    Everytime this happened, Ryan felt very powerless, the gap between him and Auston was like the abyssal of ​​the galaxy, too large.

    “Can I take these scattered dibs with me?” Ryan took a few parts and asked the team leader who had been burying his head in silence.

    The team leader’s brown eyes looked at what Ryan was holding, “You want to own yourself a small mecha?”

    “Um.” Ryan said, “Make an arm high one, I think some parts in the warehouse can be used, Can it be taken away?”

    “You can.” The team leader raised his head and his line of sight couldn’t get past the piles of mechanical junk. There were a lot of things that can be used here, but not many people were willing to take the components from here to use, because it was already broken junk and some of them were worthless, even if they were barely repaired.

    It’s good to be able to take it. Ryan asked, “Do I need to pay star coins?”

    “No need, just fill out a form when you go out.”

    “I see, thank you, team leader.”

    As a mecha enthusiast, a person who is about to take the test and is likely to pass the test to become a prospective mecha engineer, his understanding of the mecha should be all-round and it is not difficult to make a simplified version yourself, as long as there are enough components.

    “Didi Di-“

    Everyone’s personal terminal rang and everyone called up the information to check, which was a unified message from the headquarters.

    “There are still 30,000 light-years to reach the U167 planet and we can finally move down to the ground.” Amy cheered, “I wonder what’s on this planet, if it’s just water like the one before, then there’s nothing to do. I need land, green plants and sunlight.”

    “You are a plant!”

    Amy said listlessly: “Pretty much.”

    There were still many planets in the vast territory of the empire that humans had not yet explored. The main task of the legion stationed at the border was, not only to defend the country, but also to explore unknown planets and discover available resources.

    “30,000 light-years… According to the current speed of the Xingtian Ship, it will arrive tomorrow morning.”

    “Anyways, No need to be in a hurry. It’s not like there’s any rush to get there.” Amy nudged Ryan with her elbow, “What are you doing with so many parts?”

    See, that’s the difference between a team leader and a team member.

    The team leader knew at a glance what Ryan was going to do, while Amy just saw a bunch of messy parts.

    “Make a small mecha.”

    Amy flipped through the parts curiously, “Toys for children, do you have children in your house?”

    Ryan pursed his lips and smiled, there would be some in the near future, “Make it first.”

    “Ryan is such a good dad. Thinking of making toys for the little ones before he even gets married. Amazing.”

      Ryan’s marital status was kept secret and few people on the ship knew about it.

      After filling out the form, Ryan brought these things back first. The miniature mecha was not much easier to make than the original size. What he wanted to make was not a toy, but a real mech that can be manipulated, had self-defence functions, and could also fight, which would also help him a lot in his exams.

    The parts he has now are only a small part. To complete the small mech, Ryan also need to rummage through the “garbage heap” several times.

    Time passed by in a hurry. When the lights on the ship were on, Ryan had put on his battle suit and came to the square to assemble. On the huge screen in front of him, the appearance of U167 had been projected, which was an azure planet similar to the mother planet, with a lot of green coverage.

    As soon as the screen turned around, more than a dozen mechas appeared, led by General Dalton’s code name Zero. The mecha was dozens of metres high, with strong steel muscles, carrying firearms, appearing tall and mighty and its black coating made it as unfathomable as the deep and mysterious universe itself.

    There is an AI in the mecha and he had already controlled the mecha to kneel on one knee. Auston, who was wearing combat uniforms, jumped into the cockpit in a few long leaps. There were other people who acted at the same time as him. When the group of people entered the mecha, the hatch of the Xingtian ship opened and under the leadership of Code Zero, they passed through, targeting U167 not far away.

    The picture on the screen changed again and it became the external environment of the Xingtian Ship. Sixty frigates surrounded the Xingtian Ship. Although the entire fleet was silent, there was a silent threat to deter all directions.

    Ryan’s heart was pounding as he watched and he wanted to fight side by side with Auston.

    The screen freezes and the deputy captain on the high platform begins to state the mission.

    Ryan, who had calmed down his excitement, listened carefully. Their logistics mechanical engineering department moved with the ground operations team. Ryan’s group was operating with the 88th operation team and responsible for the Z area of ​​the U167 planet (59°26′ to 99 north latitude). °03′, longitude 135°25′ to 179°30′).

    After getting on the small spaceship, Ryan met the action team that was about to act together. The men were over 1.8 metres tall and the women were over 1.75 metres tall. They were all fighters with long legs and extremely tall, with a total of 50 people.

    “My name is Jimmy and I’m the captain of this team. I’ll be in command when we get to the ground.” A scar on his face ran through his left eye and a man with a grim smile walked out. He had already divided his team into groups and also the members of the Mechanical team.

    The soldiers of the action team are divided into groups of ten and each group is equipped with a mechanical engineer.

    “We will keep you safe, don’t worry.” Captain Jimmy and the team leader were obviously acquaintances. Of course, the team he was in, invited the team leader to join. As for the others, they were like the leftover Chinese cabbage that was picked and the division was determined, after being criticised for a while.

    Amy was so angry that she would have tear it up if it wasn’t for Ryan. But Ryan shook his head. It was useless for them to quarrel with each other. The team leader was taciturn and did not seek welfare and the team members would not be respected.

    “If you want to change, Don’t rely on your mouth to make noise.” Ryan said calmly.

    “Aren’t you angry?” Amy turned herself into a blowfish.

    Ryan said: “I’m angry, but instead of arguing impulsively, I’ll find a way to turn the situation around. The team leader, he isolates the whole world, doesn’t care about himself or others. We can only change by ourselves. Amy, arguing is useless.”

    Amy was discouraged, “The team leader doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s getting more and more silent, he’ll only move to work, alas.”

    Amy looked out the window. The azure planet was getting more and more closer and many spaceships were travelling around and their target was not far away.

    “I wonder if Auston has entered the planet?” he thought to himself.


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