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MPWATMBC Chapter 06

Pure Sleep

Hello, Readers. Thanks for waiting. And a special thanks to Karine Mc Kenna for your support. As I promised, I will release additional 2 chapters this week. Have a great weekend!!


        Ryan’s clumsy movements, Auston’s jerky response, both of them had the heart to continue the kiss and no one was willing to destroy the warmth at this moment……..

         When they separated, Ryan blushed and looked at Auston, who was also blushing. The flushed Auston lost his usual coldness and became really approachable.

    “Will you stay here tonight?” Ryan asked hoarsely.

    Auston looked at him suspiciously.

    Ryan hurriedly explained, “If we don’t do it, will you stay?”        

    The straightforward intercourse always carries a utilitarian impatience and indifference. Ryan just wanted to keep Auston, just to lie on the same bed, covered with the same quilt and simply fall asleep.

    Auston pursed his lips and the blush on his face slowly disappeared.

    Ryan was a bit disappointed, but not discouraged. He cheered himself up to make persistent efforts. They were husband and wife and the future would be long. If he would be more positive and be more active, his relationship could always develop.


    Ryan was stunned, doubting his ears, “What did you say?”

    “We are not doing anything tonight, I’ll stay.” Auston was not a sloppy character and he liked the atmosphere of getting along with Ryan, so he chose to stay. He wanted to figure out what his heart really was.

    Ryan nodded hurriedly, “Okay, I’ll go clean up the bed.” He wanted to clean up frizzily and rushed to the bed, only to find himself speechless that he was very simple and rudimentary and there was nothing to clean up at all.

    Auston walked over and sat down beside the bed. His exhaustion made him frown slightly, “I’ll rest first.”

    “Mmmm.” Ryan nodded, opened the quilt and let Auston sleep soundly.

    Auston took off his coat and lay down on the bed covered with the thin quilt that was uniformly distributed on the ship. Under him was a uniform bed with little elasticity, which was much worse than his own. His eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. Auston originally just wanted to obey his heart and lie down to rest. But he didn’t expect to fall asleep when he laid down.

    Ryan turned off the headlight gently, leaving a small light on the table.

    In a simple dormitory, the planting cabin was floating and the star sand spread on the surface of the soil emitted a little blue light in the dark. Ryan stood by the bed, looking at Auston’s sleeping face and was amused for a while, “Dad said that I must be nice to my wife. I, I seem to like you a little bit.” Ryan murmured to himself, “I’m so glad being able to meet you in this way. It’s like a destined love.”

    If it weren’t for genetic matching, there would never be an intersection between the high-ranking imperial general and the cook in the kitchen.

    “Thanks to fate.”

    Ryan propped his hands on the bed and moved very lightly and carefully kissed Auston on the cheek. After the kiss, he retreated like a thief and almost fell backwards. Fortunately, he had excellent physical fitness and his balance ability was also excellent, spreading his arms quickly to stabilise his body. Taking a deep breath, Ryan patted his chest to cheer himself up and continued reading.

    It was not too late and he could read a little more and review for a while. Ryan grabbed the back of the chair and lifted it up and put it back gently. He sat up by himself, opened the book and continued to read. There was still a month and a half before the exam. He couldn’t relax, he must work hard and become a man worthy of the general.

    Drifting on the edge of the border, how to take the test?

    No need to worry about this.

    Ryan had already learned from the team leader that he wasn’t the only one taking the test for mecha engineering. A total of 56 people was participating from the mechanical engineering department this year. On that day, at the place where the centralised exam would be prepared on the ship, the satellite with enhanced signals would be broadcast for everyone to take the examination – the exam of the mecha engineer based on holographic exam on star network.

    Ryan put the photo to one side, picked up the pen and began to look through the exam materials seriously.

    Behind him, Auston, who should have been asleep, opened his eyes and touched the spot that Ryan had kissed just now. When Ryan approached him, he woke up and just closed his eyes to see what Ryan was going to do, but he didn’t expect it to be a soft kiss as light as dragonfly’s.


    “Blue Ribbon Swordfish.” John, who was working in the kitchen, took out a fish from the safe and showed it to Ryan, “The deep-sea fish from Shenlan1T/N: Remember, The planet from the previous chapter, as long as you use some ginger water to remove the fishy smell, it will not have any smell at all. The aftertaste is fresh and sweet. A piece of fat on the side of the belly tastes the best and frying it with a little salt is Commander’s favourite dish.”

    “Commander’s favourite?” Ryan caught the key words.

    John said, “I heard from my senior in the big kitchen that every time the pan-fried fish belly is served, the general will eat two more bites of the main course than usual.”

    Ryan was moved, “Okay, then I want the belly of the blue-ribbon swordfish and the part near the fish tail.”

    “Alright, I’ll cut it for you.” John raised his knife and dropped it and soon, the part that Ryan needed came out. “We are not like a vegetable market or a supermarket, where the money is calculated by location. A fish is sold at the same price no matter where it is bought, two hundred and twenty star coins per catty.”2T/N: 1 Catty = 0.6 Kgs

    Ryan’s current salary is 15,000 star coins a month and in the entire empire in terms of scope, it was already a middle-to-upper income level. According to the data released in 3018, the average salary in the empire was less than 4,000. Two hundred and twenty star coins for a catty of fish, not everyone could afford to eat.

    On the Xingtian Ship, far away from the city, away from online shopping, there were not many places to spend money. Ryan basically saved up, that is, to spend it in the kitchen.

    He thought about it for a while, the price was 20% higher than what he had eaten before, but it was understandable, so he nodded and said, “Then, give me that fish head too, I know that the fish head of the blue ribbon swordfish tastes great when boiled in soup. “

    “You have Chinese blood, right?” John cut the head of the fish and also brought a small section around the neck, where the fish was rich in fat and would taste better in soup.

    Ryan said: “Yeah.”

    “Few people eat fish heads and almost all the ones who eat fish heads are of Chinese blood, haha.” John weighed the football sized head of the fish and a large fish body, “A total of 43.26 pounds. If you erase the fraction, it will be 43.2.” 

    The corners of Ryan’s mouth were raised and he knew that John’s fraction was like this, “Fine, I’ll transfer the money to you directly.”


    Instead of bringing the fish back to the dormitory directly, Ryan asked John to borrow the kitchen, cut out the parts that were to be used and store the rest in a crisper, which can be stored for more than two months by quick freezing at minus 20 degrees. The part near the fish tail was cut into fish fillets, and the fish was scratched with ginger water and shredded ginger to remove the fishy smell. The fatty part of the fish belly was touched lightly with his hand and it had a jelly like texture. After removing the fishy smell, he put it in a frying pan. Inside, the pan has been smeared with a thin layer of vegetable oil without a peculiar smell to ensure that it would not take away the freshness of the swordfish itself.

    “Your hobby is quite special.” John stood with his arms crossed, watching Ryan cook, “Generally speaking, their rest time is either playing games or reading books. You are the first one to run into the kitchen instead of resting during my five years service in the Xingtian Ship and also the soldier who bought the most raw materials from me.”

    Ryan never took his eyes off the belly and the taste would be much worse after a little frying. He knew that there would be an extra charred charcoal grilled flavour, which would lose its original sweetness and fragrance. “Probably I used to make it in the kitchen.” Now it’s more to let the person I like eat a bite of the food that I made.3T/N: Ryan’s inner thoughts

    “Your craftsmanship is really good.” John flattered, the smell filling his nose made him drool and he could not wait to ask Ryan to sell himself a small piece to taste. But, think about the price of blue sailfish, forget it, every bite was a sinful star coin.

    The frying time should not be too long and it took about six minutes for all sides to be golden brown. Ryan put the fish belly on the white porcelain plate he brought and sprinkled a pinch of blue mineral salt, which also came from Shenlan. This little salt could add a lot of flavour.

    “You don’t have to clean up the rest, I’ll do it.” John actively helped, but charged him, “Next time if you want to use the kitchen, look for me.” Give me the opportunity to earn extra money, give me!

    Ryan put the transparent lid on the plate, “I’ll come to you.” Although John was stingy with money, he was very talkative and he could find him a lot less troublesome when he was in the kitchen.

    Ryan took his things and left. A few minutes after he left, the smell of fried fish belly still wafted through the kitchen and it was useless to turn on the exhaust fan. The good smell seemed to stick to all parts of the kitchen, seducing the greedy worms4T/N: People’s cravings and refusing to let go of John, who had the word ‘Poor’ engraved on his forehead.

    “Damn it, how can Ryan cook so well!” John scolded, clutching his stomach to find something to eat. Without blue swordfish, two bites of wafer biscuits would also be good T^T.

    “John, what smells so good? Give me one.” A soldier who came to the kitchen for food propped his large palms on the window counter and urged loudly.

    John rolled his eyes, “No, that was made by others, I can’t make it.”

    Ryan entered the dormitory after making delicious food and found that Auston was awake, standing next to the planting cabin, looking down at the strawberries inside.

    “I think I should tell you before I leave, it’s more polite.” Auston smiled and turned to look at Ryan.

    Ryan thought, that was good etiquette and must be kept up. “There’s porridge in the kitchen and I’ll make fish fillet porridge for you. There’s also pan-fried fish belly here and it doesn’t have much oil. It’s good to eat with porridge.”

      “I am troubling you.”

     Ryan said, “It’s my honour to cook for you.” He added, “You must give me more opportunities.” After he finished speaking, he waited nervously for Auston’s response. According to his usual shy personality, such words simply cannot be said. But thinking about the pursuit strategies that his cousin sent him, if he didn’t speak, he would miss out on love. If he liked it, he must say it out loud.

    Ryan, the young rookie on the road of love, was studying hard.

    Auston, also a beginner, said: “Okay.”

    “Then wait, the fish fillet porridge will be ready in two or three minutes.” Ryan quickly made the porridge, sliding the fish fillets with the ginger into the cooked white porridge, seasoned with salt and pepper and sprinkled a handful of chopped green onions when it was out of the pot.

    “Have a taste of what I made?” Ryan looked at Auston expectantly.

    Auston was looked at by Ryan with expectant eyes and in the depths of his heart, some indefinable thoughts surged into him. When he was young, his mother left, leaving him and his busy father, who was stationed at the border and had a rare opportunity to go home during the year. The huge Dalton family house was just him and those careful servants and cold robots.

    When he grew up, Auston’s life was all about learning besides training. For him, food was just something to satisfy his stomach. More often, a tube of nutritional supplements and a piece of instant compressed dry food could solve a meal.

    Like this, being expected and cared for to eat was already a very distant thing in his memory.

    The fish fillet porridge, the fish fillet was white and tender with powder, the porridge rice had already bloomed, he scooped a little with a spoon, blew off the heat and sent it into the mouth… It turned out that the expected food was so tasty.


    Ryan was even happier than eating it himself.


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