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MPWATMBC Chapter 05

Active Response


            Shenlan1T/N: means Deep Blue. As it is a planet’s name, I leave it in pinyin, the last planet inhabited by humans in the vast eastern territory of the Central Empire. The Golden Crusade would stay here for a short time to replenish supplies and thereafter, the deputy ship Athena would be stationed at a distance of 100,000 light-years from Shenlan and the Xingtian Ship would continue to lead Ares east.

    Another 100,000 light-years to the east was the area where Ares was stationed.

    As the heart of the Golden Crusade, the Xingtian Ship would also go eastward, guarding the gate of the Empire in an uninhabited area.

    This was the responsibility of the military.

    Not even a single area of the empire could be missed.

    For the past month in the Xingtian Ship, Ryan had been familiar with the logistics procurement personnel. He asked the purchaser to help him bring back a few packages from Shenlan – the packages sent from his home in E69, along with the three planting cabins he had purchased.

    There were a lot of things and Ryan specially borrowed a handling robot for help.

    “Just bring some things for you, you’re welcome.”

    Ryan opened the packages and took out the strawberries in the fresh-keeping box and distributed them to everyone, “Don’t be polite, it’s for everyone to taste the strawberries grown in my house, it tastes good.”

    About 10 ping-pong ball-sized white and pink strawberries in the two palm-sized crispers, if  placed in the city, were nothing at all and you could buy them in any supermarket. But in space voyages, such a little strawberry was a rarity and no one would refuse it.

    There was a greenhouse in the Xingtian Ship, but it was used to grow vegetables and supplement vitamins for everyone. It would not be used to grow fruits and occupy land.

    A few helpers accepted it embarrassedly and the one at the lead patted his chest and assured, “In the future, Ryan, if you have anything you need help with, you can come to us, although we don’t have any big skills, we can still do a little help.”

    ” You brothers2T/N: Not related to blood: calling them brother is out of respect are very polite, logistics procurement is a very important department.” Ryan was telling the truth, he had been in the kitchen for ten years before and had seen many buyers who would welcome the bullies knowing that they couldn’t hate and offend them. .

    Those who heard these words were very useful and also gave Ryan an extra pack of Shenlan’s special star sand.

    Star sand is the unique sand grain of Shenlan. At the seaside at night, Star sand will sparkle with a faint blue light, which is very beautiful and suitable for decorating bonsai.

    “I see that you bought the planting cabin, because you want to grow things in the dormitory, Right?. A layer of star sand on it looks good.” Said the person who gave the star sand to Ryan.

    Ryan thanked them and after bidding farewell to these people, he instructed the transport robot to go to the dormitory.

    After five days of training, there was one and a half days of rest. It happened to be a day off and after Ryan got the package and the planting cabin back, he was ready to plant it up in the dormitory.

    In addition to the strawberries, the package sent from home also includes strawberry seedlings, several kinds of mixed soil, and the black soil that Ryan brought home from his trip to the mother planet Earth. The treasure had never been used. This time, in order to grow strawberries for Auston, he took them out.

    The planting cabin was similar to a huge glass jar with a planting base at the bottom and a special glass cover at the top. It could adjust the temperature, humidity, etc. according to the characteristics of the planted plants, and also simulate climates such as fog, lightning and so on. As the small rich second generation of the farm, Ryan bought the top version and the planting cabin could also be floated up as a viewing floating island.

    This rich second generation was not used to raise bonsai, he was used to grow strawberries.

    The strawberries sent by his parents were the newest offspring that had been cultivated. It was written on the note to him that the strawberries produced could not be stored for a long time. Even if they were placed in a fresh-keeping box, they would rot and melt if they left for more than three days, and the stability of preservation was very poor.

    The disadvantages are over and the advantages are next.

    The newly bred cream strawberry had a silky texture, like cream cheese. It was used as a decoration for desserts. It was very good and had been sought after by many bakeries and the family made a lot of money from this.

    Their joy was passed through the words to Ryan. 

    Ryan’s mouth curved up happily. Mom and Dad must have set up a celebration party at home and they would also use a bear to represent him.

    Sure enough, Ryan found a photo from the package. In the photo, the family was smiling at the camera and the two little bears were next to each other in the middle, with small colored caps with pointed tops on their heads.

    “My baby son is getting married and his partner is also attending the party.” His mother wrote this sentence behind the photo.

    Ryan traced the two little bears, imagining that he and Auston were leaning against each other and gossiping together… 

    It’s actually not bad, isn’t it?

    The photos and notes were tucked into the book. Ryan rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

    He adjusted the prepared soil a second time, adding the black soil he brought from the mother planet in a certain proportion. As the son of a farmer, he grew up watching his parents carry out planting research, a skill he acquired without going to school.

    He cultivated the first-generation improved seedlings of cream strawberries at home.

    Ryan was very talented in this regard.

    His parents hoped that he could study biology and work directly on the farm after graduation, which would be his in the future. But Ryan yearns for the mecha more, hopes to explore the secrets of the mecha and hopes to repair and design it with his own hands.

    He always felt that this goal was not too far away.

    Twenty centimetres of soil were piled up in the planting cabin. After watering, the strawberries were transplanted in it. The strawberries that were delivered were already hung with turquoise fruits, and they were not too far from maturity.

    “Maybe, I can find suitable wild strawberry plants on some remote planets and breed better plants by hybridising them. Maybe, the resulting strawberries will taste even better.” Ryan closed the planting cabin and entered some content on the panel to ensure that the internal environment was optimal for growing strawberries. He also sprinkled some star sand on the surface of the soil layer, turned off the light and admired it. The stars were shining like the night sky.

    After all three planting cabins were planted, Ryan packed up and went to take a shower, sweating profusely.

    “Grow up quickly, so that Auston will have something to eat.” He discovered a little secret about Auston. He likes to eat sweet fruits very much and he seems to be unable to resist the temptation of strawberries.


    In the captain’s room at the frontmost floor of the Xingtian Ship, where Auston lived, the medical officer Blair Winster was giving a checkup to Auston that he had to do every seven days.

    After the blood was collected from the fingertip, the test stick was dripped, but after two or three seconds, unfortunately it was a lonely green line again.

    “Auston, your current physical condition is not suitable for conception. You were injured by a despicable sneak attack in Alpha and the wound has not yet healed. Even if you have a child, his health will not be very good.” Blair threw away the test stick, put his white hands into the pockets of his white coat and sat down in front of Auston, “Not to mention, if the mother’s body is injured, it will instinctively reject the breeding of the next generation. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to conceive.”

    Auston withdrew his hand, and the tiny wound on it had disappeared.

    “Well, I just…”

    “Just what?”  Blair, his old classmate, who was also an old subordinate, looked at Auston playfully with his eyes behind his glasses, “Is it a pleasure to be with the little wolf dog?”

    Auston pursed his lips and did not speak. Having received rigorous training since childhood, he never thought that he would crave the warmth of a person, but he really felt the feeling of being cared for and cherished from Ryan, as if he was not a general who had gone through the battlefield, but an ordinary person, “Is it not good?”

    “What’s not good, you fool, you are already married, and now you are cultivating feelings. It is necessary to get along with each other more.” Blair sneakily took out the memory card from his coat pocket, ” You are just too incapable of expressing your feelings, too tolerant, you should let go of yourself and enjoy love. I have prepared some education films for you, so you should study hard.”

    “You are often injured and have learnt how to endure all kinds of pain.” Blair said earnestly: “This is not conducive to the harmony of married life, listen to me, don’t endure it.” 

     Blair, who has dissected hundreds of human bodies and thousands of Zerg, licked his thin lips and smiled coldly and cruelly, saying the deadliest words, “You have to remember that you are f**king him, not killing him.”

    Auston didn’t know what to say for a while.

    Blair restrained his love for muscles and nerves and looked as an harmless medical officer with only a little interest in wounds, “Lift up your shirt, I’ll look at your wounds. Damn it! There is actually a weapon stained with the venom of the Zerg mother to hurt you. I can only heal the surface scars, but the damage to the texture by the venom will continue.” But so far, the empire had not developed a way to metabolise the venom. The injured could only endure the pain of being bitten every moment.

    Auston calmly lifted the hem of his shirt, revealing a palm-sized bruise inside. The piece of flesh had become numb from the pain and even if Brian cut the skin directly without injecting anaesthesia, he didn’t feel anything.

    “You can really endure. Eighty percent of people who suffer from this injury will be unbearable and go crazy. According to the data I have, you are the first and only one who has endured the pain until now.” And the remaining twenty percent died on the spot.

    Peeling the skin to reveal the rotten muscles inside, Brian slowly cut away the necrotic tissue. In the process, Auston’s complexion became even paler and fine sweat covered his forehead and back. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel pain, he just can endure it enough.

    During the entire debridement process, he didn’t say a word.

    “Alright.” Blair took a deep breath, “The necrotic muscles are all removed and the wound has been healed superficially, but you must know that this is a temporary solution, it won’t cure the root cause.”

    But other than that, there is no other way, except death.

    Blair’s heart sank.

    Auston’s weakness was only a few breaths, and he soon regained his calmness and composure. After packing up his clothes, he stood up and said in a calm voice, “I won’t die.”

    “I will find a way to cure you.” Blair smiled a little pale.

    “Mn.” Auston nodded, walked steadily towards the door, opened the door and looked at Blair.

    “You are kicking me out?”

    “No, I’m leaving too.”

    Blair raised his eyebrows, “It seems that someone is blessed today. When can I go to see what your little wolf dog looks like, that made you feel nostalgic?”

    Auston lowered his head, chuckled and said, “He’s a very gentle person.” Not reckless, not crazy, even when he was the most emotional, he carefully cared for his feelings.

    “He’s gentle, you have to respond.” Blair didn’t want to see his friend keep being indifferent so that the other person’s heart slowly became cold.

    Auston thought for a moment, nodded and said, “I…I will.” He would learn to respond.


    After showering, Ryan went to the restaurant to get some food and took it back to eat in the dormitory. In essence, he was still very homely and liked to stay in his own space, raising plants, reading books, playing games, and alone time for him. The food in the restaurant was as delicious as ever, but after taking a bite or two, Ryan always felt that it didn’t taste right, so he still wanted to make something home-cooked. Pot dishes3T/N: A meal made in a big pot and shared by many people were popular, but there was no hometown cuisine.

    He took out the eggs and fresh shrimp from the refrigerator. This package of shrimp had been there for three days and it would lose its fresh, tender and sweet taste if it was put in again.

    He beat the eggs, added water, and put them into a round deep-mouth pan. The shrimps that had been stripped of the shrimp line were placed one by one with their tails up and the surface was sprinkled with chopped green onions.

    He was going to make shrimp egg custard, which was light and delicious, when drizzled with clear oil.

    When the egg custard came out, the door of the dormitory opened and Auston, who had black slacks underneath and a linen shirt on top walked in. He recorded his iris and could enter without knocking on the door.

    “I didn’t come at the right time.” Auston said, looking at Ryan, who was wearing an apron and heat insulation gloves, holding a custard.

    Ryan’s eyes lit up, “The time is right, let’s have dinner together, do you like rice?”

    Auston smiled, “Yes.”

    The smile reflected in Ryan’s heart, making his breathing quicken by two points, “I have steamed egg custard here, beef stew with red wine, fried fish belly and cold asparagus. I will cook whatever you want.” He still had some vegetables in the refrigerator, all bought from the kitchen and he wished to use all his skills to cook for Auston right away. This was the first meal they had together and it was very meaningful.

    Auston said, “That’s enough.” He glanced at the table. “The portion is also big and I’m not a picky eater.”

    He saw the planting cabin that took up most of the dormitory, “One is enough. Why did you think of getting three?”

    Ryan pushed all the furniture to the corners in order to keep the planting cabin open. Except for the bed that looked very comfortable, the rest looked suffocating.

    “I want to grow some fresh strawberries for you to eat.” Ryan said with a little shyness.

    Auston didn’t expect it to be for himself and was stunned.

    “Let’s eat, it will get cold after a long time, and the custard won’t taste so good when it’s cold.” Ryan found chopsticks for Auston and said in embarrassment: “My family has Chinese blood and the meals are Chinese-style and I always used chopsticks. I’ll get you a spoon.”

    “No, I’ll use it.”

    Auston took the chopsticks and moved them nimbly, “It’s very easy to use.”

    Ryan looked at the person sitting next to him and smiled like a fool, “I can cook a lot of dishes, a lot of Chinese dishes and I will cook them all for you. I mean, if there is a chance in the future.”


     Having got an affirmative answer, Ryan’s breath caught and his eyebrows flew up in delight, “Well, um, next time I’ll make dumplings for you!”

    Ryan wouldn’t let Auston do the work. After eating, he cleaned up neatly and put the dishes in the dishwasher. He clenched his fists and waved it, as the relationship between the two improved again.

    Walking out of the simple kitchen, Ryan saw that Auston was flipping through his book, which was one of the must-reads for the mecha engineering exam and it was the theoretical part. Auston knew that he was studying by himself. When he got closer, he found that Auston saw the photo he had clipped inside, “There is a party in my house, the pair of bears are me and you, this is my father and mother, this is my uncle’s family, they work for my parents. It’s Uncle Potter Jr., my dad’s good brother. This is cousin Connor, an internet writer.”

    Auston’s eyes fell on the pair of bear dolls that were close to each other and a smile appeared in his eyes unconsciously. He envied Ryan’s family atmosphere, which was warm, cheerful, relaxed and happy.

    He couldn’t help holding Ryan’s hand and Auston said, “When you return, you can take me home.”

    “Okay…” Ryan didn’t react at first, and when he did, he was ecstatic, “Okay, My parents will definitely like you.”

    He couldn’t help it, couldn’t resist the urge to kiss the people around him.

    Thinking so, he did the same.

    This was the first time they had the most intimate act apart from the bed.

    Even on the bed, there was no intimate kiss.

    Ryan pressed Auston against the wall. The two were about the same height and this action did not make people awkward. Ryan gently kissed Auston as if he was holding a rare treasure, his lips came to Auston’s and he asked nervously, “Can I?”

    Auston lowered his eyes and suppressed the confusion in his eyes and nodded lightly.

    Ryan was greatly encouraged, kissed up, lips pressed together and kissed…

    Then… Then, Ryan didn’t know what to do. Auston’s lips were so soft, his head was blank and he couldn’t recall what was said in the online tutorial. (Ah!!!Our baby is so innocent ah!)

    And Auston suddenly remembered his best friend’s instructions and asked him to take the initiative. Hesitantly, he opened his lips slightly and touched it with the tip of his tongue.

    Boom –

    Ryan felt something explode in his head.

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     Translator’s little theatre:

      While kissing…..

      Baby Ryan: What to do next?  Brain.exe has stopped working.


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