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MPWATMBC Chapter 04

See you again

Hello Readers, I’m back. Thanks for your patience. My exams are finally over!!!! I will make up for the last month in the near future. Have fun(^v^) 


        The small starship is small in size and lacks space and the training space provided for the soldiers is also limited. One-third of the year is spent on ground training at the Gamma military base and the rest of the time is to follow the sixth team of the Mainship to cruise through the vast space.

    Unlike the mobile unit, the mainship is huge and is the dominant force in space, like a moving city fortress. With tens of thousands of soldiers on the main ship, the Xingtian Ship serves as the heart of the entire Golden Crusade, and all the soldiers on it add up to nearly one hundred thousand.

    Now, Ryan is one of them.

    The five generals of the empire were stationed in five positions in the territory. After the big battle with the Zerg four months ago, the Golden Crusade army was about to leave for the garrison area after recuperation.

    With the Xingtian ship as the leader, and the Ares and Athena ships as deputy, the mighty army marched out of the port and headed for the designated coordinates.

    Ryan stood in front of the window, watching the Gamma military base get further and further away, and finally became one of the many stars in space.

    “Ryan, What are you looking at? It’s time to assemble.”

    Ryan put on his hat and responded, “Got it, coming right away.”

    Ryan became a member of the 16th Team of Xingtian Ship Logistics Mechanical engineering, a team of fifty people, in groups of five. Ryan’s team leader was a strong man with a height of two meters. The one who just called him was Amy and was a member of the team.

     Ryan quickly walked to the corner, and Amy with blond hair was waiting there, “You’re newly transferred, the road must be unfamiliar, I’ll wait for you and we’ll gather later. If you get lost and miss the meeting time, you will be punished.”

    “Thank you,” Ryan said gratefully.

    After entering the XingTian ship for three days, he read the map of the XingTian ship many times and read many rules and regulations of the XingTian ship, but after all, he was here for the first time and it would take a while to be fully familiar with the terrain thoroughly. The meeting place was the training ground on the top floor, usually only used by mecha warriors and their engineers1T/N: I’ll be using the common term ‘engineer’ for repairer and restorer to avoid confusion.

    Ryan and Amy walked over there and encountered many soldiers along the way, both men and women, all wearing dark green military uniforms, with armbands on the shoulders and collar badges on the neckline to identify their department and military rank.

    When he got out of the elevator, he entered an open and vast space. The mechas were lined up against the wall, majestic, solemn, and daunting.

    This is the mecha that Ryan is so eager to touch. He is self-studying mecha engineering. In August this year, three months later, there will be a first-level mecha engineer exam. He has already signed up for it. Once he passes, he can apply with the leader and maybe he can be transferred to the mecha engineering team, maybe, he can also become the exclusive engineer of General Dalton.

    Well, he is just delusional.

    The general’s mecha engineer is the top five-star engineer in the empire, and he couldn’t be compared to the one who entered the Xingtian Ship by nepotism.

    “What’s wrong?  Return to the team.” Amy tugged Ryan to keep him from being dazed.

    Ryan quickly adjusted his state, cleaned up his emotions, and followed Amy into the team. It was at the end of the entire queue, very far from the ship platform.

    On the ship’s platform, General Dalton and several colonels were already standing there.

    When the assembly time came, everyone was quiet and Dalton stepped forward to speak.

    He seems to have lost weight. (Aw! Our baby Ryan is worrying about his wife!!)

    Ryan looked at the man on the distant high platform and felt that he was thin, his flexible waist was much thinner, and his face seemed to be a little pale.

    What happened recently, why do his eyebrows look a little tired?2T/N: Ryan’s inner thoughts

    “Fight for the empire, fight for the empire.”

    Hearing a majestic voice, Ryan snapped awake, quickly covered up his chaotic thoughts, and shouted.

    After the assembly, Ryan followed Amy step by step to the elevator entrance. On the other side of the high platform, General Dalton and others had turned and left and he could no longer see him.

    “Do you feel that the general is a little tired?”

    “What did you say?” Amy looked at Ryan inexplicably, “That’s our commander, the youngest general in the empire, a man of steel, how can he be tired.”

    “But he’s a person.” Ryan said stubbornly, feeling distressed for the man who was always aloof and mythical.

    “Yeah, of course, he is a person, but the general is different from us. He is strong-willed, highly capable, and has a much stronger endurance than us. He will definitely not be tired. Many things are just a piece of cake for him.” Amy, grabbing Ryan’s arm, rushed forward in a hurry, “Let’s go, Just in time to go to the restaurant to eat. Enjoy your last leisure time, starting tomorrow, group training in the morning, group training in the afternoon, and keep in shape at all times. There is no possibility of slackening.”

    The food at Xingtian ship Restaurant is quite different from that in a small starship, the variety is more abundant, the taste is even better, and the vegetables are still very fresh as if they were cut from the branches before cooking.

    Amy told him that it was because the ship had a greenhouse for cultivation.

    “If you want, you can buy a planting cabin, the kind of one square metre or two square metres. It’s also good to put it in the dormitory. The ship doesn’t care about this.” Before the two parted, Amy said to Ryan: “Anyway, you live alone, you have a lot of space, so don’t waste it. There are very few fruits on the ship, and in a single variety. You can grow your own and eat whatever you want. I’m so envious that you can live alone.” 

     On the ship, except for the rank of colonel and above, the soldiers are in a room for two. But Ryan was assigned to a single-person dormitory. According to the clerk of the logistics dormitory, it was because he happened to be in an odd number, and could not get two people to live together.

    Ryan’s personal terminal buzzed, and he raised his arm to scroll through the messages and saw a text message from a hidden number – I’m coming over tonight.

    Ryan knew who it was.

    He thought the dormitory of a single person was really convenient.

    Opening the dormitory with his iris, Ryan walked in, and the door slowly closed behind him. Inside was a space of 20 square metres, with a double bed and a wardrobe against the wall on one side, a table on the other side, a separate bathroom and a simple kitchen. The furnishings were simple, and there was no personal touch for the time being.

    Ryan stared blankly for a while before going to take a shower and getting ready. Sometimes he thought that he was really like a consort summoned by the emperor in ancient times. Fortunately, the emperor currently had only one consort.

    Coming out of the bathroom, Ryan saw the person outside and was stunned, “General, you’re here.”

    Auston was dressed in casual clothes, which looked much softer than the cold and hard military uniform and at the same time, he couldn’t hide the fatigue in his body.

    “Um.” Auston didn’t want to speak, he fiddled with a crisper on the table with his fingers mindlessly.

    Ryan rushed over and took the crisper.

    “Sorry,” said Auston withdrawing his hand.

    Ryan was annoyed, he was too reckless. “No, it’s not…” Alas, what the hell was he talking about? Opening the fresh-keeping box and revealing the white and pink strawberries, “The strawberries that my parents have cultivated through several generations of genetic improvement, cream strawberries, taste very good, I brought it here, especially for you to taste.”

    Ryan said shyly: “It tastes the best when it is just picked from the branches. Now that it has been a long time and it is not as fresh and delicious as it used to be.”

    Strawberries are not easy to store. Even if the fresh-keeping box can extend the fresh-keeping period of strawberries by 15 days, it’s still different from the ones picked off the branches.

    Auston didn’t expect that he could still receive the gift, the corners of his mouth curled up, he smiled, and said softly, “Thank you.”

    “You taste it.” Ryan said eagerly.

    “Okay.” Auston took a strawberry and put it in his mouth. The sweet and sour taste instantly filled his mouth. The fragrant strawberry flavour could sweep away the depression in his heart and the strawberry flavour also had a creamy taste that could not be ignored but didn’t steal the show, “It’s delicious.”

    “As long as you like it.” Ryan’s heart was relieved.

    Auston was eating strawberries, and Ryan was watching him eat strawberries, and the room fell silent for a while. The identities, status, backgrounds, etc. of these two were not similar and there was no intersection in life and work. Even people with different interests and hobbies had no common topics, the only purpose of them getting together was for children.

    Even if you don’t want to get straight to the point, you still have to face it eventually.

    Anything more, isn’t it all for creating the previous atmosphere? Might as well come clean.

    Auston put down the strawberries and lowered his eyes, his long, thick eyelashes fluttered gently, the dark shadow in his eyes made him look a little fragile at the moment, unable to connect with the aloof young general.

    “Let’s start.”

    Ryan pursed his lips, unable to refute.

  • · Brain Supplement · · 3T/N: I believe everyone knows what it is (^ _ ^)

    Ryan worked hard, gasping for breath, and the various skills of nurturing he learned recently have been played out in only one or two of the ten. No matter how much theoretical skills were read, they were still not enough when they were used, and their minds will go blank when doing them, and most of the time they act according to their instincts.

    Ryan wanted to ask Auston how he was feeling and if he felt uncomfortable there, he could change it. But when he opened his eyes, he saw Auston beneath him frowning, closing his eyes, biting his lip tightly, and enduring all of Ryan’s movements. Ryan’s pounding heart suddenly cooled down, and the actions beneath explained to him.

    Auston breathed a sigh of relief, with a little more crimson on his cheeks and his hands on both sides of his body slowly loosened their fists.

    Ryan retreated and curled up at the end of the bed, like a defeated young lion.

    Auston reluctantly propped himself up on the bed, frowned slightly and began to put on his clothes, despite the physical discomfort, he said, “I’ll let you know in seven days.”

    Ryan suddenly raised his head to look at him, the expression on his face was grimace for a moment. His eyes touched Auston’s calm face, and all the questions in his heart turned into nothing and he laughed at himself: I’m just a tool for reproduction tasks, why talk to me about feelings.

    Seeing Auston staggering to his feet, Ryan jumped up to help him, “Why don’t you rest here?”

    “No, I still have work to do.” Auston said tiredly. Probably he was someone who just got together, his weakness was shown in front of this young man for a short time.

    “You…” Ryan was not qualified to stop him, so he could only say, “Take a good rest. I see you have a bruise on your waist. I dare not touch it. Why didn’t you ask the medical officer to treat the injury ?” 

    “This injury will not heal in a short time.” Auston glanced at the time, it was almost time for him to leave.

    Ryan watched Auston leave with a bated breath, like a little daughter-in-law who was thrown into a palace.

    “He should hate me but endured it just for having offspring.”

    Ryan guessed sadly.

    From the second day onwards, Ryan began his daily training on the Xingtian Ship, group training in the morning and group training in the afternoon, focusing on physical training and mechanical training, supplemented by teamwork.

    There is an hour of free time between morning and afternoon during which distant relatives can be contacted through Skynet.

    “Little Cook is still not used to it, haha, our training is very hard.” Some tall and burly team members laughed at Ryan, who was much shorter than him.

    Ryan was not annoyed, he hurried to contact his cousin, “Alright, alright.”

    “What’s wrong with being a cook? Looking down on those who cook for us, be careful that the chef won’t cook for you in the future.” Amy retorted. No matter where the bullies are, if you don’t show your momentum at this time, you will be trampled under their feet. “Ryan’s physical fitness is very good. He finished the 1,000m running in 1minute and 50 seconds. He won the first place in our team.”

    “What’s the point of running fast?” The burly man laughed at him, “A soldier needs to have a strong overall quality and his stature like a weak chicken can’t even lift four hundred pounds.”

    “Cut, it’s not, Ryan can lift five hundred pounds.” Amy stretched out a finger, “It’s also number one.”

    Ryan’s physical fitness was really good. After ten years in the army and being busy in the kitchen, he had not slackened his management at all.

    In the interstellar era, the physical fitness of genetically modified humans has been greatly improved, and cannot be measured by the standards of ancient humans.

    “What’s the matter with being strong? you also have to be well coordinated.” The burly man continued to mutter and his friend had already pulled him and asked him to say a few words less, but the guy with a brain full of muscles didn’t listen at all.

    Ryan said shyly: “I have good coordination, and also came first in this morning’s comprehensive training.” The comprehensive training is similar to the triathlon, but with more and more complex events.

    The Xingtian Ship was worthy of being the main ship, and the training intensity on the first day of returning to the team was intense.

    Ryan cheered on himself, he could not relax anymore in the future.

    The small argument on this side of the restaurant has attracted everyone’s attention more or less, and the burly man felt that he had lost his face, “Accidental, how can a cook get such good results, it must be an accident. I’m going to compete with you tomorrow… …” 

    The big man was dragged away by his companions, and if he kept it, he would be humiliating himself. All the achievements were real ones that made by himself. The instructor would not let it go4T/N: I think there is a typo here, I tried to make it more understandable. Isn’t questioning Ryan’s performance the same as questioning the character of the instructor. If the instructor knows about this, he5Referring to that big man will definitely learn a lesson.

    “Hmph, Ryan, you can’t be too good-tempered, what should you do if someone rides on your head?” Amy hummed with her arms crossed, and glared back at all the peeping eyes around her ‘ What are you looking at? Never seen such a powerful newcomer!’  Amy, feeling proud in her heart, “You’re really amazing, our group has always been at the bottom. You rewrite our destiny by coming here. You didn’t see the appearance of the group leader, he was floating all the way while walking.”

    “Fortunately, everyone is working hard and I have to do my best.”

    “Don’t be so modest, the military is a place where you should speak with your fists.”

    “Well, my fists are also very hard.” Ryan was so used to staying in the kitchen that he really forgot that the army is based on strength.

    “No more talking, I’ll go to the toilet.”

    “What about dinner?” Amy said.

    Ryan thought for a moment, “You help me get it first, you can take whatever you want, and I’ll come right away.”

    “Okay.” Amy looked at Ryan’s back as he hurriedly left and said enviously, “What an energetic newcomer.” The newcomer Ryan found an empty toilet seat and shrunk in, and sent a message to his cousin who was far away in E69. The Xingtian ship had clearly stated that all personal information exchanges must be monitored, so he did not dare to say it explicitly and could only vaguely send a message to his cousin.

    “Cousin, help me. He has been enduring it at that time.”

    His cousin was dedicated to guarding the Internet, and the information was returned very quickly, “You have already gone to the army and you have met with him, Is he your leader?”

    Ryan: “…” Brain supplementation experts get it right every time they analyse.

    Ryan: “Answer my question.”

    “Baby, be gentle on the bed, be considerate, not only have action but also language, what are you doing with a long mouth? Let you tease him ah”

    “…You are so good at it but not married yet ah.”

    “I’m seeing through the world, as long as it’s fate.”

    Ryan sent an aggrieved emoji, “He has been patient during the whole process, frowning unhappily, does he hate me? “

    “How come? Our baby Ryan is a handsome guy, who doesn’t like him?” Connor’s message was sent, along with his own analysis, “Does he not even know what love is? Maybe his life has always been rigid and boring. No one ever told him what love is or what joy is. Try it next time, talk more during the process, interact with each other and whatever your fingers want to do, let you touch it.”

    Ryan suddenly realised, “I know, I will work hard.”


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