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MPWATMBC Chapter 03

No Success, then Continue

     Ryan nervously washed over and over again, using the body wash three times, making sure to keep himself fresh and clean everywhere. Standing in front of the mirror, he looked at the fresh scars on his chest and arms, which he got more than three months ago, when the starship was surrounded by Zerg, and he was injured by iron beetles in the battle. Before, it was a medal representing military merits, an interpretation of masculinity, so he thought it was good to keep it, but now he couldn’t wait to go to the hospital immediately to remove the scar.

    “The figure should be okay, right?” Ryan picked up the white pyjamas and underwear prepared by the hotel. After putting on the white close-fitting underwear, simple and neat T-shirt and cotton trousers, he stood at the door, but the hand that pushed the door, didn’t dare to exert force.

    The beginning is so great1T/N: he is sarcastic,I guess?, he is only 30 years old and went to the marriage registration office to register for gene adaptation. But, how did the subsequent development derail all of a sudden, and how did it develop to such an extent?

    Fate’s joke is too big, and Ryan still feels a little dreamy.

    Maybe all of this is his dream?

    Ryan laughed at himself self-deprecatingly. He was not even afraid of the terrifying Zerg, how could he shrink back like this, just to spend his simple and easy wedding night.

    Pushing the door hard, he walked out.

    In the bedroom, General Dalton, wearing the same pyjamas, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the scenery outside the window. The floor-to-ceiling windows had been adjusted in mode, which was the appearance of brilliant lights at night.

    “I think the night atmosphere may be better.” General Dalton heard the footsteps and said without looking back.

    “Yes, yes.” The wedding night is always done in the dark. It is almost noon now, and it should be time for lunch.

    To work on an empty stomach…..(T/N: LOL! Our baby Ryan is hungry)

    Piu, an untimely sentence popped into Ryan’s mind.

    Auston tapped the window glass lightly, and the clean and translucent glass instantly became blurred, like a layer of mist, blocking all the scenery outside. His slender legs moved, and in two or three seconds, he walked to the edge of the bed and sat down with his legs overlapped. While tapping the fingers on his knees, Auston asked Ryan, who was standing at the door of the bedroom, “Can you do it? “

    Ryan blushed instantly, “Yes.” As a thirty years old, and not a pure-hearted teenage boy, he already knew how to bond together through various information. Staying on the starship, the space is closed, and life is monotonous. Except for training, it is only a vast space. Everyone likes to talk dirty to pass the time when they are together. Ryan was thin-skinned and couldn’t speak, but he would listen. He had been in the army for so many years, and the kinds of dirty jokes he heard could add up to several cars.

   Auston resisted the awkwardness and said, “Then, let’s start.”

    Ryan stood still, unable to move, “General, it’s too hasty, we, we…” Should we cultivate feelings first?

    “I don’t have time.” Auston explained patiently, “I took time out today, and I will leave later to go to the Alpha military base for a half-month military exercise.” And this military exercise, Ryan is not qualified to participate.

     Auston’s current predicament is also something Ryan is not qualified to know. There is enormous external pressure on the family and countless internal criticisms. He would rather fight on the battlefield than face those intrigues.

    It was nothing like the wedding night he fancied.

    Ryan walked stiffly to the bed and sat next to General Auston, not daring to look at his face, “General…”

    “Auston Dalton, my name.” Auston suddenly liked this shy young man, “Just call me Auston directly,

    Ryan, from now on, we will be husband and wife.”

    “Au, Auston.” Ryan stammered, and some different feelings spread deep in his heart.

  • · Brain · Supplement · ·2T/N: Author’s way of saying they had sex…you can imagine whatever you want

    Bidding farewell to singlehood and virginity, Ryan watched the car gradually fly away, and there was an inexplicable emptiness in his heart.

    “I’m not good enough, he seems to have been bearing with me all the time.” Ryan said to himself, “Will there be children? The children of mine and General Dalton must be very beautiful and cute.”

    Ryan smirked for a while, secretly calling, “Auston.”

    “Go home and talk to my cousin, he’s very attractive and experienced.”

    Ryan went to the airport and bought a recent ticket to E69 Planting Star on the way. The spaceship departs in half an hour, and he is there at the right time.

    His parents run a farm. In the interstellar era, the strength of a farm is not measured by the size of the area, but by the number of planting stars it has. The big farmer has owned hundreds or thousands of planting stars, but his family has only one, which is just a trivial existence in this industry.

    He got on the spacecraft, arrived at the space station outside E69 in forty minutes, and took the car home from this place.

    Ryan’s house is located near the E69 equator, a picturesque place where four seasons are like spring. Outside the house is a turquoise lake with pink sandy beaches and tall coconut trees were planted on the shore of the lake. The grass carpet stretched from the lake to the surrounding of the house. Ryan went home along the cobblestone-paved path, and the moment he opened the door——

    Crackling and banging, the confetti papers fell one after another, and the celebratory music sounded immediately.

    “Congratulations, son, you are married!”

    Mom hugged Ryan from the front, tears streaming down her face, “My son has finally found the other half of his life and is a grown-up, my little boy, my little heart, my little baby”. 

     Ryan looked up and saw his father, who was also moved, looking at him with tears in his eyes surrounded by relatives and friends.

    A couple of affectionate parents, that’s it.

    “Baby, where’s my daughter-in-law?” Mom didn’t want Ryan after hugging him. She pushed Ryan away and looked behind him, no one was there.

    Once the child gets married, the parent’s personal terminal will receive the information, but they will not know the identity of the child’s other half, which requires the child to take home for introduction. According to imperial law, there will be three months of paid marriage leave after marriage, and citizens are encouraged to work hard to create people. Once pregnant, there will be five months of maternity leave, so that they can take good care of the fetus and recuperate their body. When the child is born from the artificial gestational sac, the parents will have one year of paid maternity leave.

    To increase the fertility rate, the government is also heartbroken.

    However, Auston has a special status, and there is no marriage leave or honeymoon.

    Ryan comforted his parents, “He has something to do, so he didn’t come back with me. Although we signed and got married, we are still developing our relationship. When he is free, I will take him home.”

    ” Well, it makes sense. It’s to develop feelings.” His mother was a little disappointed but not regretful, as long as her son was married. It is good to have someone to accompany him.

    The other protagonist of the celebratory dinner was away, but the Ryan family still celebrated and had a sumptuous dinner in the evening. After dinner, Ryan sneakily found his prodigal cousin, a romantic poet. He has published several poetry collections, wrote romance novels on the star network, and has a large number of fans. He had claimed that the novel was full of pink love bubbles and had a beautiful romantic atmosphere. .

    …..the fans should really see how their idols pick their feet.

    “Hi, baby.” Connor, the handsome guy, who was picking his feet waved his hand.

    Ryan ignored his cousin’s actions, who grew up with him from childhood. He had even seen his cousin wet the bed, so what’s the matter with seeing him picking his feet.

    “Cousin, let me ask you something.”

    “What’s the matter, my little virgin?”

    Ryan hesitantly said, “I’m not a virgin anymore.”

    Connor raised his eyebrows, smelling an unusual scent. He stood up, closed the door and brought a plate of strawberry scones to Ryan, “It’s made from freshly picked strawberries today, the newly cultivated milk strawberries. Aunt and Uncle have successfully promoted strawberries to Bain’s supermarket, sending a batch of ripe strawberries over there every morning.”

    Ryan looked at his cousin’s hand and said nothing.

    “Don’t worry about such small details.” The tall young man laughed.

    Ryan refused.

    Connor shrugged, “Well, my little cousin who got away from virginity despised me.” He put down the scones, looked at his fingers with disgust, and went to wash his hands.

    After washing his hands and returning, Connor moved a stool and sat in front of Ryan, “Tell me baby, what exactly are you asking me about?”

    Ryan lowered his head and looked at his fingers, “Cousin, what can I do to make people feel happy?”

    “Well, let’s analyse the foundation sequence, you went to register today and signed the marriage after registration. Now you are saying that you have left the virginity, which proves that the two of you have done it, but he didn’t come back with you, then this person is just for the child?”

    Hit the mark.

    Connor touched his chin, “This person’s identity is probably very high.”

    “How do you know?”

    “A writer’s intuition.” Connor smiled mysteriously.

    Ryan gave it up, let go and said, “I’m not skilled, and I feel he was not happy when I did it, um, he held back from making any sounds, and his brows were frowning. I feel like I’ve failed, the first time I did that… “

    Soon?” Connor nodded, “It’s normal, you’re a beginner with a little experience and it’s the first time, it’s like this when you’re excited.”

    Ryan scratched his head, “The second time is much better, but yeah, I know that pop, pop, pop… pop, pop, pop.”

    “You understand?”

    Connor smiled meaningfully, “Don’t underestimate a writer’s brain-enhancing ability.”

       Ryan was speechless, “Aunt really shouldn’t have send you to grammar school back then, and all you can do is brainstorming all day long.”3brainstorming – making up/ imagining stuff

    “But brainstorming can help you.” Connor shrugged his shoulders, “Let’s put it this way, you need to watch the  technique and practice more.”

    “I don’t want to find someone else to practice with.” Ryan denied.

    “Yo, my little Ryan is going to keep his body like a jade4to keep oneself pure/ to remain chaste. Really loyal.” Connor teased, “How about this, I’ll buy you a doll?”


    “The best quality type.” Connor offered a suggestion, ” Like General Dalton?”

    “This is an infringement of the general’s portrait right, what store, I’m going to sue them.” Ryan said agitatedly.

    Connor shushed, “It’s all grey industry and illegal. If you don’t want this or that, I’ll send you a bunch of small videos. It’s okay to watch more and practice in the virtual warehouse. If you register on the Huahua World website5花花世界 literally translates to world of sensual pleasures, and recharge the site’s membership, you will be able to open the adult program and  virtualise the look you want, so you can always practice. Unfortunately, this is a legitimate website, you can’t use the appearance of General Dalton, but there is a well-known singer, Sweetie pie. She has opened up all her data and all registered members can share happiness with her appearance. No more saying, I’m going to meet Honey tonight.”

    Connor added, “Of course, you can also recharge to the highest level of membership, the right to use for half a year is just your monthly salary. There is a face moulding service. You can fabricate the look you want, but you can’t be exactly the same as yourself, which is an invasion of privacy and the membership function  will be locked and if it is more serious, it will be blacklisted. Hehe, but it seems like eight (nine) are not far from ten6means pretty close, and the little yy is an edge ball7means to bend the rules, you can have it.”8T/N: Ah! These idioms are killing me!!! I think it means even if he set the appearance close to himself, he can still avoid the punishment

    Ryan was taught, and quickly asked his cousin to send it.

    The planting planet has a pleasant environment, a beautiful and warm atmosphere, and without the bloody storms of the battlefield, Ryan enjoyed his half-month vacation. That meeting with General Dalton seemed like a dream.

    A week after the meeting, General Dalton sent him a message, telling him that it was unsuccessful, but he was too busy to meet him in the near future, and he would contact him in advance for the next meeting.

    Half a month’s vacation passed quickly, and with the farm’s newly improved cream strawberry, Ryan embarked on the trip to the army.

   Gamma Military Star, the ground base of the Golden Crusade, where Ryan returned after his vacation, only to be told that he could not go back to the 12-star ship.

    “Congratulations, Corporal, oh no, Sergeant. Based on your outstanding performance on the battlefield, you have been promoted to sergeant and transferred to the sixth squadron of Xingtian9T/N: In Chinese mythology, 刑天 refers to the deity who fights against the Supreme Divinity and does not give up after being decapitated. I guess it’s the name of the ship under the golden crusade, So I’ll leave it in pinyin Ship’s logistics mechanical engineering team.” The base secretary gave Ryan the transfer letter, congratulating him on his promotion.  After being promoted, he was fortunate to go to Xingtian Ship, which is General Dalton’s ship, a place where he can advance and retreat together with great heroes.

    Ryan was stunned, thinking with a wry smile that he had gone nepotism. If he wants seeds10T/N: I guess it refers to a child, maybe sperms in the future, he doesn’t need to make an appointment elsewhere.


    The author has something to say: I won’t be pitted, I will update it from time to time, depending on the performance of the article and strive to write a long story, haha


Translator’s Little Theatre:

  Baby Ryan : Hurray!! I can see my wife everyday (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ  


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