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MPWATMBC Chapter 02

Mission Completion

T/N: There is a slight variation between the terms ‘Mecha engineering’ and ‘Mechanical Engineering’. Mecha engineering is the study of restoring,repairing and maintaining humanoid armour that is used in battlefields, While Mechanical engineering relates to the study of restoring,repairing and maintaining other machineries and weapons. So, don’t be confused.


             The door of the office was pushed open, and a staff member hurriedly ran to the director’s side and whispered something in his ear. From time to time, he looked at Ryan as he spoke. Ryan kept his professional smile, but his hands under the table were clasped together nervously. Ryan looked at the photo displayed on the light screen, and deeply thought that it was already a good performance of his psychological quality that he was not frightened to the point of collapsing.

    Who was that?

    That was the man who was recognized as the most manly MAN1T/N: given as MAN in raws in the empire, the moving hormone, the dream lover that thousands of boys and girls wanted to marry.

    He was the youngest general in the history of the empire, with outstanding achievements and meritorious deeds.

    He was unattainable, a big shot who could satisfy them with just a glance from a distance.

    Ryan was just a small corporal wandering around the kitchen. He had never touched a weapon in ten years in the army… No, if a kitchen knife counted as a weapon, he had been encountering it every day.


    Ryan was full of doubts, how could General Dalton have a gene sequence of X, and how could he be his wife! So unscientific.

    However, it can also be understood.

    Human beings have modified their genes long ago, and there is a long evolution caused by cosmic radiation. Humans no longer distinguish their final gender by physical appearance. Genes are the criterion for judgement. The gene sequence is the privacy of every citizen, unless after marriage, their role in the family will be reflected on the personal terminal. It is difficult for unmarried men and women to know the gene sequence unless they say it themselves.

    And a man with gene sequence X can’t be a sissy, and a woman with gene sequence Y won’t have a long beard,a thick voice, and a heavy body.

    Pinching his fingers at a loss, Ryan’s mind was in a mess, and his brain was running at a high speed, that it would almost explode right there.

    The two people who communicated with each other quickly ended their conversation. The staff who came in a hurry left in a hurry, and the remaining director showed a professional smile to Ryan.

    “Mr. Smith, congratulations on your successful adaptation, please sit in the office for a while, General Dalton will meet you soon.”

    “Oh, okay…” Ryan’s eyes widened, “What?! General Dalton wants to meet me?”

    “The two genes have been successfully matched, and the matching rate is 99.98%, which is quite perfect.” With an unchanged smile, the director continued: “None of us expected such a result. General Dalton has not met the right person since he registered 11 years ago. Your presence has solved General Dalton’s troubles. You two are about to become husband and wife, Of course you have to meet. Mr. Smith, don’t be nervous, you are about to meet your wif…” The director’s smile distorted for a moment, “Wife.”

    General Dalton’s genetic sequence is a secret, and only a few people know about it. If it wasn’t for Ryan Smith to register with them, they would never have been entitled to know this secret.

    Ryan’s face twisted for a moment, “Hehe, I’m really lucky.”

    “Yeah.” The director couldn’t hide his shock, and wiped his face inappropriately, as if his facial muscles would be out of balance otherwise, “You can wait here, the general will be here soon.”

    “Oh.” Ryan responded, but his whole body was full of rejections.

    However, reality didn’t allow him to escape.

     I’m going to have a video call with General Dalton later, so nervous, so terrifying, so mysterious…2 T/N: Ryan’s inner thoughts

    He was wearing casual clothes, his tie was not tied, and his collar was a little frayed. Ah, there was a little coffee stain on the cuff that had not been washed away.

    Why didn’t I find this dress so bad before!

    If I had known earlier, I should have listened to my mother, wearing a suit, or a military uniform would be good too.

    No, General Dalton had seen all kinds of military uniform, let alone the chef’s uniform.

    Ryan was thinking wildly, and he didn’t even know when the director had left or when the tea was brought by the staff.

    Time passed quickly in a trance, and when Ryan felt a little hungry, two hours had passed already, and lunch time was over.

    Ryan picked up the teacup and took a sip of the cold tea inside, it was black tea. There was also a cup of tea with biscuits on the table. Ryan, who was hungry, took a crispy tea-flavoured butter biscuit, which was a little too sweet, and it felt uncomfortable with tea. If he did it, he would definitely reduce the sugar by three points and add a pinch of ground black tea powder, rather than directly adding the black tea essence.3 Oh, Man! Profesional habits

    With a biscuit in his mouth, Ryan thought confusedly.

    Hearing the sound of the door opening, he looked over unconsciously, and saw a tall, handsome man walking in through the opened door, wearing a dark green crisp military uniform, and looking over with the long and narrow phoenix eyes.

    Ryan subconsciously, stood up straight, put his heels together, raised his right hand and gave a standard military salute, “Ryan Smith, the logistics sergeant of the 12th star ship of the sixth division of the third fleet, meet the general.”

    Auston returned the Military salute, “Hello, Corporal, sit down.”

    “Yes, General.” The moment his butt hit the stool, Ryan wanted to slap himself, as he was nervous, nervous, so nervous. The man sitting across from him was General Dalton, known as the God of War,


    “Ryan, do you understand the meaning of 99.98% fit rate?” Auston was not as ruthless as the military exploits, on the contrary, he was quite easy-going. The long and narrow phoenix eyes looked at Ryan, evaluating this young man. The youth had black hair and brown eyes, looking  handsome and sunny, and the corners of his lips naturally raised, as he looked like a cheerful young man born in a good family.

    About 186 in height, well-proportioned and slender.

    On the way here, Auston had already obtained all of Ryan’s personal information, and learned that the other party was a graduate of the Imperial Military Academy, studying mechanical engineering4 维护 translates to maintanence. But I think the word ‘engineering’ is more suitable . The fixed time of the joint entrance examination for the first volunteer Mecha engineering 5 修复 translates repair or restore, So I will be using ‘engineering’ as a common word was missed by one minute, so he could only fall back and learn Mechanical engineering. He was a good student with excellent grades in school, won scholarships issued by the school every year, and had many national honours.

    After graduation, he joined the army and was assigned to work in the logistics kitchen, which was a thousand miles away from his major.

    Even so, Ryan did not complain, and worked diligently on the post for ten years. He did not choose to retire in four years in the second phase like other soldiers. He insisted on his ideals and looked forward to being transferred to the mechanical engineering department.

    In the battle with the Zerg three months ago, the No. 12 starship of the sixth unit was surrounded by the Zerg. Everyone joined the battle and fought the fierce Zerg to the end. Before reinforcements came, it was a mortal situation. Ryan’s performance in this battle could be described as outstanding. He had a good record of killing 20 Zerg soldiers and 2 Iron Beetle Zerg by a single person. After the battle, he won second-class merit and was very likely to be promoted to sergeant after returning to the team.

    Auston recalled Ryan’s various performances and was more satisfied with the father of his future child.

    What’s more satisfying was that Ryan’s annual medical reports were excellent, which was a good seed.(T/N:Maybe Sperms)

    Nodding without a trace, Auston sighed inwardly, what others saw was that he had infinite beauty, but how could they know the intrigue and darkness behind the Splendid beauty. He was 41 years old, and although he was still young, he was old enough to have an heir to secure his position in the family.

    Ryan was stunned when he heard the question, and suddenly remembered what he had missed. The director said before that the matching rate between him and General Dalton was a rare 99.98%, and it was almost 100%, which was a perfect match. In this case, the offspring born could perfectly inherit the advantages of their parents.

    The adaptation rate of 80% and above could be combined to reproduce offspring and achieve eugenics.

    If running is used to describe the adaptation rate, then 99.98% of the children are already ahead of their peers, not by one or two steps, but by several laps.


    Ryan sighed silently that his match rate with the general was so high that they were born to be husband and wife. He glanced at the general quickly, but when he thought that his wife was General Auston, he, he, he…

    Auston chuckled, the expression of Ryan changed several times in front of him, and finally his face began to turn red, and the blush spread to his ears, occupying the neck, and the whole person was almost smoking.

    “Corporal, according to the regulations of the Empire, the match will be married when the suitable person appears.” Auston took off the white gloves and tapped the table with his long, slender fingers, “Then let’s sign the registration.”

    Ryan’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he nodded mechanically. Their marriage was almost concluded, they must be married.

    Oh my God, he thought that the General would communicate via video call, how could it be a real person interview?  Everything happened so fast that Ryan confronted the general without any psychological preparation, and went from single to married.

    Things are moving too fast, like an interstellar storm.

    The next process went very fast. The Marriage Registration Centre showed 120,000 points of enthusiasm and a positive attitude to help General Auston and his husband register, and in less than half an hour, the two became a legal couple.

    Coming out of the registration centre dazedly, Ryan subconsciously wanted to go home.

    Auston, “Ryan, let’s go to the hotel.”

    “Huh?” Ryan dumbfounded. He thought that when he got married, he should go home and show his wife to his parents, although his wife’s identity was very different.

    Auston put on his military cap and said, “I want a baby, as soon as possible.”

    Ryan: “…” Wiping Sweats

    Auston got into the car. He was conducting a military expedition on a nearby planet. After receiving the notification from the adaptation centre, he rushed over after several transitions. He was very tired, but he felt at ease in his heart. He was finally married and was about to welcome his own heirs.

    Auston snorted coldly, those who coveted his family’s power, status, and everything would never get their wish. He was the admiral of the empire, but only an admiral. There were many people with a higher status than him. Political intrigue was far more terrifying, bloody and cruel than the swords and knives on the battlefield.

    Ryan chopped off his feet twice, “Ryan, come on, you already signed it, what are you afraid of, it’s your wife in the car!”

    “Hi, we meet again.”

    Ryan looked over and saw the long chestnut-haired youth he met earlier, called Bunier.

    “How was your matching results?”

    Ryan didn’t know what to say, so he could only vaguely say: “It’s good, there’s a result already.”

    “That’s great, It worked out right away.” Bunier congratulated, and then asked: “How do you feel about the other party?”

    “Very good.” Ryan inwardly thought, it is very good, so good that he wants to be respectful and salute every moment to suppress his inner tension and excitement, that is General Dalton! ! !

    Bunier shrugged, “It seems… I’ll see you in the future. I work in the School of Biology at Imperial University, so you can come and have tea with me. The black tea provided in our college cafe is very good, and the snacks are also good.”

    “If there is a chance, I will go. I graduated from Imperial Military University, right next door to you.”

    “What a coincidence, we must have passed each other many times before. It’s a pity…”

    Ryan didn’t grasp the point of pity and smiled: “It’s good to know each other now, why don’t we exchange contact information?”

    “Okay, keep in touch”.


      The horn of the car parked on the side honked, Ryan, who was still chatting after exchanging contact information, was shocked that he had forgotten something, hurriedly said to Bunier, “I still have something to do, I will go first. Goodbye”.

     Bunier waved, “Goodbye”. Watching Ryan get into the car and the car drive further and further away, Bunier muttered to himself, if he had known such a cheerful man with outstanding character before, he didn’t need to come to the adaptation centre at all, what a pity to miss him.

    Ryan, who got in the car, apologised, “I kept the general waiting.”

    Auston said, “It’s nothing, I won’t interfere in your life.” He paused, and said his future plans in an official tone that didn’t involve any personal feelings, “I need children, at least three.”

    Ryan squeezed his fingers, as he always does when he was nervous, “Hmmmm.” and waited for the general to continue.

    Auston frowned subconsciously, the lack of masculinity doesn’t seem to be a good thing, but the child will be educated by him later.

    “Well, By AI testing, it takes at least a week to know if I’m pregnant or not. If not, I will come and find you again.”

    This is an era when both men and women can get pregnant, as long as the gene sequence is X.  After the bonding, the sperm will enter the gestational sac and implants in the body, which is a successful pregnancy, and after three months of pregnancy, it can be moved outside the body to an artificial incubator to continue growing without delaying anything.

    Although the process of pregnancy is easy, it is difficult to get pregnant successfully. Some couples have worked hard for ten years without any results. And unlike doing test-tube babies in ancient times, this method is simply useless. There are too many technologies, genes, etc. involved, so nothing much to say here.

    Although Auston is easy-going, he has a strong momentum. Ryan obeys this command subconsciously, just like a soldier who obeys his superiors on the battlefield. “Yes, I will cooperate with you to complete the mission.” After he finished speaking, he felt unpleasant. Was he just a reproductive tool?

    Sigh, if it wasn’t for General Auston’s need for a child, he wouldn’t even be able to be a reproductive tool.

    The hotel arrived soon, and the two entered the penthouse suite.

    After entering the room, Auston took off his coat and said, while putting his hand on the neckline of his shirt, “I’ll take a shower first, there is a bathroom on the other side too.” 

  The meaning is very clear, let’s not waste time and go wash.

    Ryan sighed, standing in the middle of the living room of the luxury suite, and patted his head, feeling lonely, “Just got married…” His married life was completely different from what he imagined.

    In the bathroom, Auston stood under the shower, letting the hot water wet him.

    “Alas… Auston, come on.”


    The author has something to say: hold back the discordant thoughts.


    Translator’s Little Theatre:

    Wife : I want three babies   (-_-)

    Poor Husband Ryan : (๑ŐдŐ๑)  (ᵕ˵‿˵ᵕ)



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