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MPWATMBTC Chapter 01

Successful Adaptation


   The blue sky is high and distant, with floating clouds passing by. It is rarely good weather at this time of the year. One must know that here, most of the year is a cold winter with snowflakes and the spring, summer and autumn usually disappear in a blink of an eye.

    Ryan, who had just passed his 30th birthday and had not yet been in a relationship, stepped on the deadline to come to the Government marriage registration office. Under the urging of the Government’s warning notification in his personal communicator, he came to the Government marriage registry on the deadline.

    With soft black hair and gentle brown eyes, Ryan stood at the entrance of the marriage registration office holding his beret. He turned to look at the various statues symbolising love in the small garden on one side. The adorable chubby and long-winged children,a  beautiful and graceful fairy, a handsome and brilliant youth…….a desirable beautiful body and love.

    “Sigh…” Ryan really didn’t expect that he would not find his future partner at the age of 30. Instead, he would come to the marriage registration office to register, and would wait for his gene-adapted target to appear, and then be forced into marriage, in order to give birth to the second generation of the country.

    In 3019, human beings entered the interstellar era. With the development of science and technology, human beings have gone further in their own research and have broken the limitations of ancient humans, with a longer lifespan, a stronger body, and a smarter brain. At the same time, it also causes the trend of reduction in the marriage rate and a negative population growth rate for more than 200 years.

    According to government’s regulations, men and women have the right to love freely before the age of 30, but once they reach the age of 30, they will be forced to marry by the government, if they are not married till then.

    The way of marriage is very simple, it is Eugenics.

    Eugenics relies on genetic adaptation. As childbirth is not limited to gender, as a biological male whose gene sequence is Y, the gene sequence of the matching target is X, and he/she may be a woman or a man. Once the match is successful,they should get married.

    If you don’t get married, you will be deducted social credit points. No matter how much you have, it will be uniformly deducted to less than 60. The consequences of refusing are very serious…

    Ryan smiled bitterly. One of his comrades in arms had thought that his matched wife was too ugly, and resolutely insisted on not getting married. That guy had been expelled from the military on the day he refused the marriage as his credit points got reduced, and then the house he had bought on loan was repossessed and he was unable to pay at any store…

    Taking a deep breath, Ryan thought that no matter who would marry him, he would be good to the other party and responsible for the other party. As a man with gene sequence Y, this is his responsibility.

    There were not a few people who came to handle it. Ryan took his number in the affairs hall. It was 1103, and there were more than 400 people in front.

    Fortunately, registration was very fast. Filling in forms, submitting personal information, and drawing blood for gene entry can be done by one person in ten minutes.

    In the clean and bright hall, Ryan took a magazine from the desk in the waiting area and flipped through it.

    The cover of the magazine features General Auston Dalton, the youngest general of the Central Empire. He just returned from the front line of the station three months ago with an honour of being the first soldier, who had led the special team to defeat the Zerg mothership, as he completely reversed the situation of the station, by thwarting the Zerg, and ensured peace on the border. After this battle, the Zerg will not violate the border for 20 years.

    On the cover, General Dalton in military uniform looked sideways, his eyes squinting into the distance. The handsome and resolute face, the deep black eyes, the corners of the mouth are slightly upturned, revealing a faint smile… The delicate face was full of masculine charm.

    “What a strong man, I’ve seen him once from a distance.”

    “You actually met General Dalton!”

    Ryan looked at the young man who was talking beside him. The youth had  long chestnut hair, blue eyes, and wore retro unilateral round glasses, looking very gentle. Needless to say, the person who entered this hall must be an unmarried man in his thirties.

    Ryan nodded, as a gentle young man, “I am a logistics sergeant in the third fleet of the Golden Crusade led by the general.” Ryan added in his heart that he was the cook of the 12th star ship of the sixth team. He had served for ten years and the dishes he cooked were delicious.

    Although his dream was to become a ship commander, or a mecha warrior, or a mecha engineer. In the end, he had been self-studying and the effect was not bad, however the reality only allowed him to wander around the pots and pans.

    “When the starship was assembled half a year ago, I saw the commander from a distance… Oh, it’s General Dalton, we like to call him the commander.”

    “It’s great.” The youth’s blue eyes showed envy, “General Dalton is 41 years old this year, of course, this age is not old at all. Now the average age of death in the empire is 362 years old, and the oldest one I read in the news is already 412 years old, and he’s still a young guy at 41. I mean, General Dalton is also in the matching sequence, he’s so good, it will be great if only I can match him.”

    The long chestnut-haired youth’s gene sequence was X, and he would be the wife when he matched.

    Ryan said with a smile: “Maybe it is possible, so far there has been no wife suitable for the general, then it could be anyone.”

    “Yes, a lot of people don’t get married just to have a fateful encounter with General Dalton when they are genetically matched, How romantic.” The youth thought to himself.

    “Bless you then.” Ryan stood up and waved his hand, as the personal terminal on his wrist showed that it was his turn.

    “Unfortunately, I can’t bless you.” The young man said goodbye to Ryan. The blue font displayed on the terminal was completely different from his own red font. He knew that the other party’s gene sequence was Y, and he certainly would not be combined with the very MAN (T/N: given as MAN in raws) General Dalton.

    When he arrived at the window, Ryan quickly completed the registration procedures. The small wound on his finger was slightly painful. Within ten seconds, his genetic status would be entered into the system, maybe a day, maybe a year… or even as soon as he stepped out of the registration centre, he could receive a message from the government informing that his other half had been found.

    “The entry is successful, please wait for a moment…” The staff’s eyes gradually widened, first in shock, then in disbelief, as his eyes went back and forth between Ryan and the information display…

    Ryan was nervous, “Is there a problem? 

   “Yes, yes… No, nothing.” The staff swallowed and hurriedly said, “Please wait a moment, no no, please come to the side office, right now.”

    Ryan went to the office with a trepidation and soon a Superior-like figure appeared, smiling and lighting up a screen in front of him.

    Ryan always felt that this man’s smile was unspeakably weird.

    His line of sight moved and landed on the light screen, and a handsome face that he had just seen appeared in the field of vision.

    “What do you mean?” Ryan was still a little confused, but his heart started beating fast.

    The director said: “Congratulations, your wife has been found.”

    “Hehe.” Ryan twitched his lips, “No, it won’t be…”

    “We have already notified General Dalton.”

    Ryan: “…”


    Author I have something to say:

    The story of the future interstellar ~


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