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MOFAB Chapter 7

He is pretty cool!!

Chapter 7 He’s Pretty Cool


 [Title: Surprise! The monitor and transfer student of Class 2 turned out to be a couple! ]


[2l: Come again?!]


[10l: Every post about my husband must have me]


[24l: So what is the story? Can someone let me in? ]


[45l: Here, here, I am to tell you a big secret. I was coming back from the library and I saw these two prominent figures flirting with each other!! 】


【50l: I remember the transfer student was an omega. Isn’t it °+°]


 [60l: Stop making up rumors ok. Class monitor Shen is the husband of all our omegas! 】


【65l: You fart, he is my husband! 

PS: I’m from Class 2. And I will tell you exactly what transpired. I laughed to death throughout the whole thing. Today, the transfer student was mocked by a very annoying person in our class, and when he saw my husband he turned his head and complained to the monitor, but the monitor responded!! !! Woohoo, lemons are not as sour as me.]


  [70l: This mother is inexplicably beaten.】


【100l: So what about the follow-up? ]




Shen Huaizhi said “Yes”, there was a strange stillness in the classroom for a few seconds, and even Jiang Heng himself was stunned for a while, he didn’t expect Shen Huaizhi to agree so simply. 


Sure enough – alphas like petite O. Jiang Heng decided to unblock that useless friend of his from the blacklist.


Jiang Heng’s downed brows instantly rose, and even his smile was magnified several times. He seemed a lot cuter than he appeared to be. 


Shen Huaizhi glanced at Jiang Heng although he gave an indifferent look. Still, even he can’t deny that his fiancee’s appearance is more pleasing to the eye. He simply walked past Jiang Heng, the back door was narrow and could not accommodate two big boys and  Jiang Heng was still standing there and didn’t have any intention to move. Due to this two shoulders were touching.


Shen Huaizhi inhaled the scent that belonged to omega. Although it was much lighter than yesterday, it was still – very fragrant. Shen Huaizhi’s eyelids jumped when he realized what he was thinking. It feels like the more he stays near Jiang Heng, the crazier he becomes.


The moment Shen Huaizhi passed by, Jiang Heng also followed him into the classroom. He sincerely expressed his gratitude “Thank you, monitor, for doing justice for me.” After saying that, he looked past Shen Huaizhi and stared at Zheng Qi, with a smile on his lips.


Zheng Qi glared at those dreadful eyes full of provocation a few minutes ago. Now it was filled with grievances. Zheng Qi was so angry with him, but he wasn’t like Jiang Heng. In front of alphas like Shen Huaizhi, these betas didn’t dare to make a fool of themselves. Although the class monitor usually doesn’t get angry easily. But that doesn’t mean that Shen Huaizhi was a monk.  Everyone has seen him angry before. The consequences of a top-level alpha being angry cannot be tolerated by an average beta.


 Looking at the current appearance, Zheng Qi seriously doubted that Jiang Heng and Shen Huaizhi knew each other before. The class monitor lived like a hermit and ignored this crap. How would it be possible for the two of them to know each other? 


Hearing this, Shen Huaizhi put down his schoolbag for a while, and after a few seconds, he lowered his eyelids and said impersonally: “The headteacher will be here soon, I will report it.”


Jiang Heng: “…?”


Zheng Qi: “… …” He thought too much, and the monitor was someone who does things impartially, and it is impossible for a Class monitor to use his power for personal gain.

The first class had not even started, and Jiang Heng was called to the office. But it wasn’t because of the conflict between him and Zheng Qi in the morning. The headteacher hadn’t been idle to the point where they had to interfere with kids’ matters. As long as there was no physical conflict, there would be nothing to criticize.


The home teacher Wang Yong is a middle-aged man who wears glasses. 


Wang Yong: “Write a 1,000-word review about skipping classes yesterday.” “I don’t know how you were in Yuanyuan, but when you came to our first high school, you still had to abide by the school rules. Shen Huaizhi should have told it yesterday. You skip class more than three times and they are directly recorded.”


Jiang Heng squinted and hummed twice, not saying anything at all. He had long been immune to this kind of educational criticism, but he raised his eyes when he heard Shen Huaizhi’s name.  student. He felt like his fiancé was–too well-behaved.


Wang Yong said a bunch of school rules again, but Jiang Heng didn’t remember a word.

After the schooling was over, Wang Yong sighed: ” Your father and I were classmates before.”

Jiang Heng moved his fingers in the pocket of his school pants and glanced at the head teacher casually. There were no other teachers in the office. Wang Yong continued: “If you feel unwell, you can ask for leave at any time, but don’t skip class… Your father also told me about your condition. I can understand your situation.” He said, showing a little pity look. Wang Yong is a beta, he does not discriminate against sex, he just expresses sympathy for Jiang Heng’s situation.


Jiang Heng lifted his eyelids. Since he had a problem with differentiation, everyone who knew about it seemed to feel that way and felt sorry for him. When he woke up from the hospital, he also heard a nurse say that he was miserable, that as an omega who couldn’t smell other people’s pheromones, also on top of that he would be tortured by the susceptible period. His luck was terrible. Jiang Heng didn’t want to deny this. He was pretty cool with having a susceptible period, so they should praise him. It’s just funny sometimes. He can run and jump, and he can still fight, except for a few more omegas than the average omega, he seems to be a little more powerful than most alpha. He didn’t feel that he was pitiful, but this group of people had to look at him with pity like they are the savior of the world.


Jiang Heng chuckled lightly and asked Wang Yong: “Teacher, can I ask for leave now? I don’t think the air here is suitable for me – I want to go back, or you can ask my dad for me. Would he be happy to help me with another school transfer procedure?”


Jiang Heng was finally kicked out of the office by Wang Yong, with a 2,000-word, self-reflection. Out of the office door, Jiang Heng twitched the corners of his mouth. Damn, I’m still a little upset, and now I  want to skip class. He touched his pocket habitually. Since the differentiation, Xie An has not allowed him to smoke anymore, which is not good for his health.

 He didn’t have much addiction to smoking, so he stopped smoking immediately. But at the moment, especially when he is upset, he needs one. He stood at the door for a while, and when he turned around, he realized that there were two more long legs by the wall.


Shen Huaizhi didn’t know how long he had been standing outside, and he didn’t seem to be looking at him. He just held something similar to a booklet and stood upright by the wall.


Jiang Heng restrained his expression. He doesn’t know if the soundproofing of the office is good or not, and whether his fiancé has heard anything. He pursed his lower lip, and in just a few seconds, he returned to his usual appearance, with a small smile on his lips: “Squad leader, are you here to sue someone?”


Shen Huaizhi: “?” He looked at his fiance with his chin raised slightly. The smile on his face was quite shallow, and his eyes were a little dim. Shen Huaizhi bent his fingers. “No.”


Jiang Heng snorted. Now he knows the reason why people don’t talk to Shen Huaizhi much.  He is not a man of words. 


Shen Huaizhi took a step forward, his shoulders slightly with Jiang Heng, and when he stood at the door of the office, he suddenly stopped again.


Jiang Heng was ready to go to the classroom, so he decided not to skip class. Otherwise, if he can’t see his fiance’s good-looking face, he will be lovesick. Beauty is misleading.


“Do you want to sign up for the sports meeting?” Shen Huaizhi held a list of the sports meetings that had been counted by the sports committee before. He came over to hand in the letter of recommendation for an outstanding student that the class teacher asked him to write, and brought the list with him by the way. After he asked, he noticed the footsteps behind him stopped.


Jiang Heng didn’t expect Shen Huaizhi to ask him this. Still, he felt a bit happy and asked: ” Class Monitor, why are you talking with your back turned on me?”


Jiang Heng and Shen Huaizhi were standing very close. Taking advantage of this Jiang Heng deliberately took a step forward, and when he spoke just to tease his fiance a bit. 


Due to the alpha’s sensitivity, Shen Huaizhi could feel Jiang Heng’s breath hovering on the back of his neck. Shen Huaizhi didn’t want to waste too much time with Jiang Heng at the door of the office, so he just asked casually.

The sports meeting is a matter for the whole class. Although Jiang Heng just transferred schools and missed the registration time, he is also qualified to participate.

It is not difficult to add a list to the list. Just as he was about to turn around, he heard Jiang Heng happily saying: “You are so handsome, why don’t you let me watch you back for a while, and this way I will feel much better.” 


Shen Huaizhi stopped in place with an expressionless face. It’s not that he hasn’t been chased by omega, on the contrary, many people are chasing him.

But no one said such things as directly as Jiang Heng. Although this guy was not chasing after him… 


Shen Huaizhi was silent for a while. It’s quite difficult for him to follow up on Jiang Heng’s thought process. “If you don’t sign up, I’ll hand in the list.”


Jiang Heng was indeed in a better mood. Of course, his happy mood can elevate more if his fiance would have been willing to chat with him face-to-face. Looking at the handsome face of his fiance would have completely worked out for his heart. He is indeed a shallow person especially when it comes to Shen Huaizhi’s face. He thought for a moment and asked, “Is there a sport that a petite O like me can play?” The way he spoke was sincere, and it didn’t sound like a joke at all.


Shen Huaizhi: “?” He only felt that his eyelids were twitching, and without waiting for Jiang Heng to say anything, he pushed open the door of the office. Sure enough, ignoring this guy is the best option. Shen Huaizhi thought expressionlessly.




When Jiang Heng returned to class it had already started. After the previous chat, his mood recovered a lot, and his temper was much cooler than before. He randomly took a book from the desk, then took a piece of white paper and spread it on the table, ready to start writing a review.

It was the English period and within ten minutes, the English teacher had looked at him more than three times. 


And to make matters worse Jiang Heng gives the alienation vibes making it even more unsettling and uncomfortable when he used to sleep around. 


After another five minutes, Shen Huaizhi came in from the office, and the English teacher’s face looked much better. 


“Even the teacher finds it pleasing to see the monitor.”


“The monitor is handsome!”


“Is that so? The moment he came in I felt butterflies in my stomach. Oh God, he is so handsome.”


Chen Xingchi coughed softly. Jeez, these omegas can speak in unison at times but don’t they understand that some things are not achievable even in millions of years to come? The class monitor is apha which they can never get in their whole life even if they kowtow in front of the Buddha. 


When Shen Huaizhi took his seat, the English teacher reminded him: “Some people, don’t do anything else in the class.”

His meaning was quite obvious, he was referring to Jiang Heng, and he wanted Shen Huaizhi to help him save some face. 


However, Jiang Heng is still very attentive in writing the review letter. He was so involved in writing that even when his dearest fiance Shen Huaizhi looked at him he didn’t even notice.  


This went on until the English teacher couldn’t bear to call his name again.


“Jiang Heng, why are you writing so vigorously?”


Lu Zhuan, who was sitting beside Jiang Heng, poked Jiang Heng’s arm carefully. After just poking it twice, Lu Zhuan’s ears immediately turned red.


Jiang Heng doesn’t have any muscles like an ordinary omega. On the contrary, he is diligent in exercising all year round, and his arm muscles are just right. He is not very developed, nor does he have no muscles, but he is very beautiful and typical. It still feels nice to touch.


Jiang Heng first glanced at Lu Zhuan. When he was serious, he looked a little fierce, but he was handsome.


The deer’s face turned red.


But Jiang Heng didn’t pay attention to him, he slowly stood up and reported truthfully: “Writing a review book.” 


The English teacher was shocked. This transfer student skipped class yesterday and today he is writing a review book in her class. Why does he even bother coming to school? Is it because he wants to torture them? 


“Then I would trouble you to read it loudly for us!” The English teacher held her breath.


Jiang Heng snorted, just as he was about to read the paper. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Shen Huaizhi looking at him. The peer was sitting upright and seemed to be listening.


Jiang Heng thought for a while, then simply stared at the review book and changed the content of it.”I’m reviewing here, as a petite O, I shouldn’t do things that go against me—” Today he will set his image of petite O. 


English teacher: “…”?

Others: “…”?

Shen Huaizhi: “…”


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