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MOFAB Chapter 6



After waiting for a message, Jiang Heng unpacked all the luggage he had brought with him. 

Although the susceptible period was over, its effects have not completely ended yet. He was still feeling a little volatile, but it was within his control range. He hopes that It will be over by tomorrow.

Jiang Heng has never lived on campus since he was a child. Xie An was busy with work and he always stayed in the laboratory for half of the day. 

Jiang Heng’s daily necessity was taken care of by his aunty whom his mother had hired. His aunt also tagged along with him, but she has taken leave due to something for two days.

Unfortunately, there was nothing for him to eat in the refrigerator. Jiang Heng took the nutritional supplement.

The nutritional supplements he uses were developed by Xie Eucalyptus and their research institute, which was a little better than the common nutritional supplements on the market. Of course, the taste was not as good as the normal food yet it would work for him.

Jiang Heng looked at his phone again. It’s been half an hour since he sent the message. Although he was ignored by Shen Huaizhi, Jiang Heng was not worried at all.

After all, the two were in the same class now, and there will be a lot of opportunities to get along and build a bond.

He Ci has sent a few more messages.

【He Ci: ? ? ? 】

【What is it ?? Why are you asking this out of the blue? 】

【? ]

[Jiang Heng: To answer the question, I will give you one more minute]

   [He Ci: ? ? ? ]

 [Jiang Heng:? ]

[He Ci: A delicate little O, sweet and delicious and who has a soft body and is very easy to push down. And especially when they act coquettish]

[Are you fucking perverted?】

【He Ci: Didn’t you ask me? Who doesn’t like this kind of O? You can ask any other A in school. I bet they all would give the same answer]

After waiting for Jiang Heng’s reply. He Ci thought he might have taken things too far, so smartly he added more.


[But if you put this aside, you may not know which Alpha person will be liked you. ] 

Anyway, that person was not around, and he couldn’t beat him.

  [ Jiang Hang:- Oh. ]

  [He Ci: I’m joking, Dad, don’t take it seriously]

 [System prompt: The message has been sent, but it was rejected]

He Ci: …

Jiang Heng tossed the phone on the bed. With a sullen face, he lay down in bed. 

Does Shen Huaizhi have the same taste?

Even if Shen Huaizhi wasn’t different. For Jiang Heng, it was love at first sight. He was a strong omega, how could he become soft and coquettish for an alpha?

Jiang Heng contemplated for a few more seconds and then he opened his phone to resume his game. Soon he receives a text message.

 [Shen Huaizhi:? 】

Jiang Heng sat up immediately and replied expressionlessly.

 [Wrong person]

The next morning Jiang Heng woke up early, it was one of his rare days when he woke up earlier than usual.

The rain has stopped pouring, and the weather has returned to a sultry state, but it was a bit cooler than the previous two days.

He used the leftover nutrient packets for his breakfast, just as he was about to step out his eyes fell on the uniform handing at the corner. 

Back at home he never wore uniforms at school and the times he wore them were less than a handful. 

But now…

A minute later, Jiang Heng adjusted his new school uniform in front of the mirror.

The clothes were perfect in size although he has not worn the jacket on, he feels so hot. He doesn’t know how Shen Huaizhi managed to pull the zipper of his jacket up to the top.

Conners of his lips lifted a bit as he watched the boy in the mirror, wearing a school uniform that was a bit more student-like and seemed to be quite well-behaved when he lowered his eyebrows.

Yeah – Jiang Heng supposed he looked pretty cute in this attire. After admiring himself for a longer period, he restrained his smile and finally went out.



“I don’t know whether the new classmate will come today or not?”

“If he doesn’t come again,  Tomorrow’s bulletin board downstairs would be: Surprise! A student in the third class of the second grade of high school has been absent from school for two consecutive days without any reason.”

“Why was it this for no reason? Has he not taken leave before he went to the toilet? Isn’t that right?” The one who spoke up now was insulted by Jiang Heng, called Zheng Qi, A beta.

Although what he said was the truth, when he said it, he spoke in a sarcastic tone, obviously still brooding over what happened yesterday.

Several people around him laughed when they heard this.

“Hey, Lu Zhuan!” Zheng Qi looked at Lu Zhuan who was walking toward his seat.

Lu Zhuan frowned, there were always annoying people in class, and Zheng Qi is one of the annoying ones.

Zheng Qi leaned on the table and asked him, “How is your new roommate? Does he smell good or not? With such a fierce appearance, his pheromones won’t be smelly, right?” His words made the mockery even more obvious. 

Sure there were a few alphas in the class but they were always late, now there were just a bunch of betas and a few omegas.

This group of betas has always had a strange sense of superiority, perpetually feeling that they are more outstanding than omegas, but in fact, omegas are much more precious than them.

One of the reasons why they like to pull down omegas was jealousy. The omega would reject them due to them being inferior to Alpha, while Alpha rejects them due to not being precious as the omega. 

Lu Zhuan turned angry: “Zheng Qi, are you ill?” His voice was soft, the hearing that they were not a deterrent at all.

Zheng Qi immediately laughed, “No, why can’t I ask? I can’t smell him, so am I not allowed to say it?”

“You probably don’t like your deskmate, right? Although he saved you like a hero, still his pheromones might have repulsed you, right?.”

As soon as Zheng Qi finished speaking several beta’s who was standing beside him laughed out loud. 

Lu Zhuan could sense that Zheng Qi was taunting him and Jiang Heng, and even more now since Shen Huaizhi and the others were not there, and the group of betas became more and more unscrupulous.

“Shut up—”

 “Hey, what do you want to smell?” Jiang Heng slowly entered the classroom. He has the habit of running in the morning. After coming out of the apartment, he went to the street outside for a lap. There was still a bit of sweat on his body at this moment. He had just washed his face, and the water droplets rolled down his cheeks. 

Jiang Heng wiped his forehead and half raised his eyelids to look at Zheng Qi. This Zheng Qi was very ordinary at first glance. 

Although it was just a glance,  Zheng Qi’s back was faintly chilled.

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Jiang Heng simply leaned on the edge of the door frame, and the tip of his tongue touched the tip of his lower teeth: “Smell what? The smell of my pheromones?”

“No…” Zheng Qi immediately changed his tone and wanted to explain. He opened his mouth, but in the end, he couldn’t utter a word. Several other betas around him turned around as if it was not them who were having fun.   They smartly went to do their homework.

The classroom suddenly seemed a lot quieter than it was perilously.

Jiang Heng chuckled lightly: “Come on, I am standing here, come and smell.” After speaking, he touched the pheromone barrier on the back of his neck and lowered his head, as if he was invited. He didn’t have a blocker today. Anyone can easily sniff it. 

Zheng Qi swallowed. Although Jiang Heng said this with a smile, he didn’t look like a calm person. it seemed that Jiang Heng was certain that he would not dare to sniff, it was more like a touch of sarcasm.

Beta sitting next to Zheng Qi pulled his sleeve and reminded in a low voice, “Forget it, don’t make trouble, the class monitor and the others should be here in a while.”

Zheng Qi blushed again, but he didn’t say a word for a long time.

Jiang Heng heard someone teasing about his pheromone smell from a distance away. To be honest, he didn’t even know what his pheromone was like.

That bullshit pheromone deficiency syndrome was already weird enough, it’s fine if other people can’t smell it, even his own can’t smell it.

Back there no one has ever provoked Jiang Heng like this. This was his bottom line. He raised his head with his lips hooked, raised his eyebrows at     Zheng Qi, and said slowly, “Oh, I forgot, you can’t smell the scent.”     

Jiang Heng continued to ridicule: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t deprive you of your right to talk.”     

Zheng Qi was speechless by this: “You…” Although Jiang Heng was telling the truth, the more he heard it, the more uncomfortable he became.     

“But can you stop slandering me? My pheromone is quite fragrant.”     

“It’s a pity you can’t smell it.” After speaking, he turned his head and sniffed, squinting and enjoying it.     

Zheng Qi: “You…”     

Others: “…”     

Lu Zhuan: “…” 

Although what Jiang Heng said was true, everybody there wanted to laugh. 


They don’t know who laughed first.  Everyone follows behind. Even the betas who had just been gossiping with Zheng Qi laughed.     

Zheng Qi’s face reddened with ridicule. For a minute he could say anything. Suddenly irritated, he grabbed the book and rushed towards Jiang Heng.    

 “Are you sick!”  Zheng Qi’s deskmate immediately stopped him.   

The classroom suddenly became disturbed, and everyone was waiting to watch the play. But Jiang Heng, who was still leaning against the door, was not worried at all,  he was like waiting to fight back.    

“Don’t be impulsive! You can’t hit an omega!”

Zheng Qi furiously said: “Why the hell not? Does he look like an omega?”

Jiang Heng hummed and lowered his head. The pheromone barrier on the back of his neck was exposed to the air again without any qualms. He pointed to the back of his neck, and slowly stated: “Here, like.”

“It’s still fragrant.”

“What’s the ruckus about?” Jiang Heng’s voice was interrupted by a voice that was a little serious.

Jiang Heng’s voice halted abruptly. He called the taunting he was about to say. 

Zheng Qi looked towards the door.  There he saw a Class monitor standing there. Although he doesn’t look as fierce as Jiang Heng, there was a sense of oppression he could feel even being about far away from him.

Zheng Qi immediately retracted his seat.

 “Class monitor, Class monitor.”

Shen Huaizhi stood behind Jiang Heng. The man occupies half the door, and no omega would consciously expose the back of their neck to the person behind them.

Perhaps because of the sunlight, that exposed piece of skin was dazzlingly white, and there was a pheromone blocking patch attached to the gland, which was probably the same set as the band-aid on the side of his neck. The black skeleton made it even more dazzling.

The distance between the two was not even half a meter, but at this moment, he couldn’t see anything apart from the white neck in front.

Shen Huaizhi’s fingers hanging on his side moved, and he tried to restrain himself. But despite all the efforts, the bond between AO, which was 100% compatible, made his alpha possessiveness bang and clamoring constantly.

Trying to get close to the right, to touch that piece of skin, to let him get pheromones on omega in front. He lowered his eyes and brought the school bag on his shoulders forward. He hurriedly turned sideways to enter the classroom through the front door.

“Prepare for class.” Shen Huaizhi just wanted to stay away from Jiang Heng as much as possible, especially now when his emotions are a bit out of control.

Jiang Heng’s expression froze for two seconds. He stands like a statue. After blinking, Jiang Heng turned around and looked at Shen Huaizhi.

Looking at Shen Huaizhi who was still as disciplined as before, he wondered how the hell he manages to wear his zipper so uptight even on such a sultry day.  

Jiang Heng licked his lips, trying to show a well-behaved smile, “Monitor, can I report a classmate for bullying me in public?” He lowered his eyebrows to show his innocent goody side.

Shen Huaizhi’s footsteps paused, and a crack appeared on his normally calm face.

Jiang Heng’s expression was quite aggrieved, but it was not the same as his usual appearance, and it was a bit inconsistent. Seeing Shen Huaizhi looking at him, he pursed his lips and said nothing.

He was wearing a school uniform today, and he looked a lot more restrained than yesterday, but he also was not looking like a high school student.

Shen Huaizhi would have believed him if he hadn’t heard his sarcastic words.

Others in the classroom: “…?”

After a while, Shen Huaizhi said, “Yes.”


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