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MOFAB Chapter 5

Seduction from body instinct


Jiang Heng didn’t have a pen. 


To be precise, he didn’t bring anything with him. 


Initially, he had no plans to go to class, and his school bag was empty.


But in the eyes of others, Jiang Heng’s words were intentional.


Although Jiang Heng’s voice was reduced, many people still heard it.


“Is this a way of attracting attention?”


“Can you adorn your head with something else? For example, do you need to borrow something?”


Shen Huaizhi put down the pen in his hand.


The omega was leaning too close, and the pheromone that was coming off him could not be covered by the blocking agent.


They began to invade him like a deadly weapon and he wanted to suppress those pheromones.


But they were still in the classroom.


Shen Huaizhi couldn’t use pheromones to suppress the seduction that came from his

body’s instinct.


Which he didn’t even notice.


He bent his fingers consciously, then took a replacement pen from the pouch and put the pen in the corner of the table.


He didn’t even look at Jiang Heng during the whole process.


Now he just hoped that the omega would hurry up and get the pen and go back to his seat. 


After that, it was as if the two didn’t know each other at all.


Jiang Heng curled the corners of his lips and said cheerfully.


“Thank you.” 


It’s okay to look good, but a

He was so helpful.


As expected of the person he fell in love with at first sight.


 A few students in the back row saw the whole process completely explode. And the reason was quite huge.


The class monitor has lent the pen!


Although the class monitor usually doesn’t seem to be difficult to approach.


But one time when an omega asked him to borrow something before, the class monitor just politely refused.


Everyone can understand. 


After all, alpha has a strong sense of domination. 


If alpha was willing to lend something to an omega, then at least he has a little bit of a promising impression of this O, no matter what level the omega was.


So now——


“The monitor likes him?”


“Aren’t our class omega more sweets?”


“Wow, it’s okay too, if the class leader-“


 “Mom won’t allow it!”


Jiang Heng held the pen and returned to his seat.


The English teacher tapped on the blackboard with the teaching stick.


 “Okay, now the formal class starts, Do not chat now.” 


The voice of conversation instantly became much quieter.


Jiang Heng stuffed his books into the table. But the pen was still in his hand.


He doesn’t know if it was his delusion.


But he felt like Shen Huaizhi’s pheromone remained on the pen. 


Although he couldn’t smell it, there seemed to be an invisible aura encircling Shen Huauzhi.


Jiang Heng tilted his head and glanced at him.


Shen Huaizhi had already gathered his thoughts around, he was sitting upright, listening to the teacher’s lecture.


Jiang Heng casually took out a book, opened it, and then took a pen, accompanied by the English teacher’s hypnotic lecture, and went to sleep.


He was a little sleepy.


The third and fourth period was originally physical education classes, but it suddenly rained outside and students were forced to change to mathematics.


It was raining and the weather was not so hot.


Jiang Heng was woken up by a noise. He was still sleepy but the chattering around him wouldn’t stop. 


He smelled a faint scent of strawberries, just next to his nose.


“No, I won’t eat it.”


“If you don’t eat it, I’ll just throw it away.” 


“Who is sitting next to you? 


The newcomer of your class?”


Jiang Heng was annoyed. He habitually fumbled for the book on the table to smash away the noise, but after a while, he didn’t touch anything before slowly waking up.


Oh, this was not his previous school.


He raised his eyes impatiently, to his right.


That’s where the strawberry flavor was coming from.


His new tablemate’s cheeks were flushed, and he seemed to be holding a box of fresh strawberries at a loss and handed it out the window.


A tall boy stood by the window, with an undisguised smirk on his face.


Jiang Heng paused for a while.


Jiang Heng’s hearing was pretty good, and he managed to hear the conservation roughly.


He covered his ears, then stood up, the chair hit the table behind, making a crashing sound which led to attracting many people to look at them.


Originally Jiang Heng was the focus of today’s topic, but now everyone’s attention was on them.


The boy who had just woken up had a little bit of anger when he got up, his eyebrows were pressed down, and he was slightly hostile.


He lowered his head and asked, “Are you familiar with him?” 


The deer froze for a moment, realizing that he was asking him, and shook his head nervously.




Jiang Heng looked at the alpha outside the window, then turned over the deer, and closed the window with a snap.


Not only did he close the windows, but also locked them.


Others: “He was awesome.”


The alpha standing outside the window seemed to be unresponsive to this operation. 


After a few seconds, he pointed at the window angrily and cursed.


Jiang Heng raised his eyebrows, provocatively.


The alpha seemed to be very angry.


He started pointing at Jiang Heng. But in the end, Alpha couldn’t do much. He turned back and left.


When Shen Huaizhi came in through the back door, he threw the tissue to wipe his hands into the trash can outside the door.


With alpha’s keen intuition, he looked at the direction of departure.



“Do you know who that alpha was? That’s the prince of our school.”


“Yes, yes, anyway, the good-looking omegas in our school have always been molested by him.”


“You’re too arrogant, you just closed the window in front of him. But seeing him defeated like this was my first time, it was so cool!”


“But you must be careful in the future, that Alpha is very revengeful, last time there was an omega who was forced by him. And he was sent to the hospital.”




When Shen Huaizhi returned to his seat, there were already many people beside Jiang Heng.


Both beta and omega were standing by Jiang Heng’s side.


Shen Huaizhi thought it was noisy and a bit annoying.


Compared with normal days, they were a lot noisier.


Chen Xingchi couldn’t get near Jiang Heng, so he could only gossip in Shen Huaizhi’s ear.


 “I can’t tell that he was an omega. He’s not afraid of being retaliated against by Zhou Ran in the future.” 


Zhou Ran was the alpha just now whom Jiang Heng provoked.


Chen Xingchi continued: ” Class monitor, what do you think?”


At this moment, Shen Huaizhi had already taken out a set of papers and written his name on the page. 


After two seconds, he replied, “I don’t think much.” 


Not at all. He doesn’t want to take care of this responsibility.



Jiang Heng has a faint smile on his face. 


He was not a shy and introverted person, and he quickly made friends.


“Oh – That was an alpha, what can he do with me?” 


Jiang Heng half closed his eyes, he was still a little sleepy, and he didn’t know if it was because there were too many people around him, the burning sensation that had subsided before started to rise again. 


“But you are an omega!”


Jiang Heng glanced at the speaker who just said this.


He can’t tell if he was a beta or omega, but since he differentiated into an omega, he has heard too many similar words.


Does that mean, if you are an omega then you are born weak, and have to succumb to alpha or even beta?


Jiang Heng never cared about this notion, and even treated it like a fart.


He chuckled lightly.


“Then what?” 


The noise seemed to have suddenly quieted down, and Jiang Heng raised his eyes and looked at the man quietly. 


There was a sense of indifference in his eyes. 


Because of Jiang Heng’s appearance, he does not appear to be gentle when looking at people.


The man suddenly blushed and couldn’t say a word.


Fortunately, the class bell rang at this time, and a group of people immediately dispersed.


Jiang Heng slept for an entire English class and he still does not get enough sleep. 


When the math teacher came in, he wanted to lie down again.


So he bowed his head to lie down, and out of nowhere, a notebook appeared in his field of vision.


Jiang Heng stared at the book for a while.


Still pink.


He looked at his new deskmate.


Lu Zhuan was a little embarrassed when Jiang Heng looked at him. 


Taking advantage of the math teacher’s inattentive efforts, he whispered, “Thank you for helping me clear the blockade just now and this is for you.”


Lu Zhuan was a typical male omega, with a delicate body and fair skin. His face was also small and he still has baby fat on his face. When he speaks his voice becomes a little soft. 


He was just like every omega. 


Jiang Heng was stunned for a moment. 


Although he was just a little upset when he woke up just now, he wouldn’t take other people’s good intentions. Nor does he like others to feel that he owed him a favor.


 So he took the pink notebook.


Jiang Heng said, “Thank you.” 


It was a new notebook.


Lu Zhuan smiled shyly.


Jiang Heng also smiled but his smile was more sincere, then he turned his back, and just when he was about to lie down, he met Shen Huaizhi’s gaze.


Shen Huaizhi looked at the blackboard again.


Jiang Heng’s pheromone taste was a little richer than before. 


But other than him, no one else noticed.


Probably because of the bond between ao with a high degree of fit.


It was very troublesome, it even caused him to unconsciously look in Jiang Heng’s direction.


In the end, Shen Huaizhi restrained himself from looking at the omega. At first, he was off-guard. Because he had not encountered such a situation before but after that.


He did not fail to lose his control. 


Jiang Heng twitched the corners of his mouth and smiled.


Shen Huaizhi’s appearance was his ideal aesthetics.


Even when Shen Huaizhi met his gaze, he was quite serious, without the slightest embarrassment.


As if Shen Huaizhi was looking at the stranger.


Jiang Heng licked his lower lip, and the burning sensation in his body seemed to be more and more obvious.


Even if he was holding Shen Huaizhi’s pen in his hand, it could not help subsidize the heat.


Jiang Heng frowned, he was getting uncomfortable, and for the moment he thought of putting Shen Huaizhi behind him.


Jiang Heng doesn’t want to get sick in the classroom.


His susceptibility period was much more terrifying than the average person.


He thought about it and raised his hand.


The math teacher was looking for someone to solve the problem. 


Seeing that the new classmate in the whole class raised his hand.


The teacher immediately put a kind smile on his face.


“Very good, you all have to learn like a new classmate here —” 


Jiang Heng smiled and  interrupted him saying very politely he asked: “Teacher, I want to go to the toilet.”




 [10l: Laugh to death, then Mathematics teachers were all green]


  [13L: Hahahahaha. The new student was awesome, I hope the opposite classmate can keep us updated all the time]


 [20L: OK  sure, but he offended the prince, i did not know how will he  spend this semester safely]


[30l: Come on,  he is just an O, do you think he can win fight A? Hey, is he not afraid of being strongly marked by the prince? ]


[35l: The idiot on the 30th floor, please get out of here? 】


[47l: No, the third class has Shen Huaizhi in charge, otherwise Zhou Ran would have already chased after the O he liked. ]


[55l: To add—the new classmate went to the toilet for a whole day and didn’t come back]


 [66l: You should still worry about the trash prince.]


On the school’s anonymous forum, the students in Class 3 reiterated what happened today.


Jiang Heng didn’t know that he was already popular in the school forum.


Due to physical reasons, he did not live on campus. 


After returning to Xie An’s house which she has rented outside the school on the grounds of going to the toilet.


His susceptibility period came violently. He looked for his medicines, and he almost smashed the cup.


The side effects of the rare type of inhibitor are a bit big, plus it was raining a little when he came back.


Jiang Heng spent the rest of the time being drowsy.


When Jiang Heng woke up, he was sweating all over, he looked out the window blankly, it was dark.


He didn’t sleep well. 


Every time he fell asleep, he would always feel hot all over his body.


But it was better than the thing he had to experience during the susceptible period.


After lying on the bed for a while, Jiang Heng took out his phone and checked the time.


8:05 pm.


He touched his hair, which was only one centimeter.


The phone was full of messages.


Especially from his friend, who sent him a bunch of WeChat messages.


[He Ci: Brother, you are on fire]


 [He Ci: Who are these idiots looking down on]


 [Hello? No, Don’t you play with your phone all the time? ]


[ Hey, where are you, I didn’t see you in your class]


  [You’ve been on the toilet all day?? 】


He Ci didn’t know about the Jiang Heng susceptibility period. 


At the movement, Jiang Heng was too lazy to explain. 


It was too troublesome and unnecessary to explain.


He thought about it and replied.


 [Water engineer Wang Xing: Yes, constipation]


Among the messages of He Ci, there was one text message from Shen Huaizhi.


Jiang Heng felt a little better after looking at his name. 


He clicked open the message.


[Stranger: The head teacher asked me to tell you that the number of skipping classes more than three times will be recorded] 


It seems more like a notice from the monitor to ordinary students.


Jiang Heng thought about it and replied.


[Ok, thank you, monitor. ] 


Very polite and sincere.


He hooked his lips and finished editing the remarks, which happened to be a series of question marks in the He Ci message.


Jiang Heng edited the good news and sent it to Shen Huaizhi.


[What kind of o do you guys like?】


He got no reply.


Jiang Heng copied the sentence again and sent the same sentence to He Ci.











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