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MOFAB Chapter 4



There is a faint floral fragrance of black coffee beans, more like the jasmine melting in the strong red rose. Which couldn’t wait to start invading alpha’s body.

Shen Huaizhi’s fingers dangling on his side flexed unconsciously, and then he looked away.

Sure enough, he shouldn’t mind, it would be the best choice if this person doesn’t exist.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was not the class monitor. He would not have had the responsibility to come out and find Jiang Heng.

The omega in front of him seemed to have no idea of ​​what he had done and was still looking at him.

Jiang Heng’s appearance was not as weak as an ordinary omega but rather he had a bit of aggression. 

He doesn’t try to hide his aggression, instead making it more and more obvious.

His impression is much better as compared with other alphas.

The faint scent fit him well. Even the barrier agent couldn’t cover up his scent.

Alphas are normally vigilant and have a strong desire to seize. 

Once they encounter an omega that matches them flawlessly, they will recklessly take the right as their own.

So that the omega’s body will be smudged with their pheromones.

But Shen Huai was an exception.

He didn’t want to. He chose to suppress his body’s impulses and stay away from the omega in front of him.

He turned around and did what a class monitor should do.

“Go straight, turn left, there is the school gate, the third lesson in fifteen minutes.”

It can be said that it is very concise and clear, and it also gave Jiang Heng enough time.

The back of Alpha’s departure was very decisive.

The other alpha, who stood aside and did not feel the weird atmosphere between the two, was silent for a moment.

“He came to find you to go back to class?”

“That’s right, you skipped class on the first day of transfer, the teacher must have found you.” 

“Damn it, his oppression was  choking me.”

He Ci, couldn’t stand it at such a close distance from superior Alpha. 

Now that the class monitor left, he now has enormous words to let out.

Jiang Heng initially intended to go back to his place.

His susceptibility period was just around the corner, but now that he has changed his mind.

There was nothing more crucial than getting to know the “new classmates” on the first day of the transfer.

He looked at the back of Shen Huaizhi’s departure. 

The alpha who was not yet an adult was already this tall with long legs and wide shoulders. 

Even a wide school uniform couldn’t hide the superiority of his figure.

Jiang Heng didn’t realize it until he disappeared. Shen Huaizhi’s pheromone has managed to suppress the scorching heat in his body just now.

Cold as ice.

Jiang Heng had never experienced this feeling before. 

He could sense other pheromones from time to time. But they were not as strong as they are now. 

Jiang Heng could not smell anything because of his condition. 

But he could feel Shen Huaizhi, like the wind touching his skin, it easily dispelled his scorching heat.

What he didn’t even know was that Shen Huaizhi didn’t release pheromones just now.

It was just because of the bond and attraction between AO whose pheromone was 100% compatible.

Yes, Jiang Heng and Shen Huaizhi’s pheromone match was as high as 100%. 

If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have a weird “fiance” relationship.

It didn’t take long for Jiang Heng to differentiate into an omega, and his differentiation was not a good thing.

There was a casualty during his differentiation period. 

Which caused him to lie in bed for nearly a week. After he fully recovered, he was told that he had a very rare pheromone deficiency, and the most obvious symptom was that he could not smell other people’s pheromones.  

This was not a bad thing for Jiang Heng nor does he care about his second gender.

The only terrible thing was that he has a susceptible period.

Jiang Heng’s mother, Xie An, was a beta and she works in a biological research institute. 

Because of Jiang Heng’s incident, very important research has been postponed, and she has been discussing with doctors how to solve and treat Jiang Heng’s problem.

The result was that someone who matched Jiang Heng’s pheromone 100% could help him.

However, the probability of the pheromone matching degree being as high as 100% was less than 1%. 

Jiang Heng did not pay attention to it at first until the results of the gene matching library came out – he had matched with alpha and the matching percent was 100 percent. 

This was simply more horrible than the susceptible period.

Xie An immediately contacted Jiang Heng’s father. 

Jiang Heng did not know the specific process. 

But In short, Shen Huaizhi’s parents happily agreed to the marriage contract between the children.

After all, an AO with a matching degree of 100% is a natural match assumed by genetics.

So, not long after school started, Jiang Heng was packed and thrown into the Near No. 1 Middle School.

If he manages to get Shen Huaizhi’s temporary mark –

Jiang Heng had a tense expression.

After all, something like this has more or fewer sequels, especially the one he used, which was specially developed by the state for the susceptibility period of the special disease omega, and the reaction was stronger than the general one.

Jiang Heng’s expression was a little serious.


He will never let a person who has no feelings for him mark him, even if the match between this person and his pheromone was as high as 100%, even if this person is the object of his love at first sight.

This was also the reason why he hated Shen Huaizhi very much at first.

But now——

“Let’s go back to the classroom.” 

Jiang Heng patted the shoulder of He Ci with one hand and returned to his usual lazy manner.

He Ci sighed and glanced at Jiang Heng.

“Didn’t you just say you did not  want to go?”

Jiang Heng hesitated and looked at He Ci with a very serious expression: “No, you heard it wrong.”

He Ci: “…”

“Didn’t you hear that the third class is about to start? How do you want to still miss the class” Jiang Heng urged?

He Ci: “…?

“Weren’t you the one who pulled me out in the morning?

But he didn’t dare to make a sound, he only dared to whisper, “ok” under Jiang Heng’s serious expression.


……   …

The class where He Ci studied was the 4th  class of the second grade.

Next door is the 3rd class of the second grade of high school where Jiang Heng’s class will be.

When the two of them went back to school, it happened to be the end of the second period. 

A few students were standing in the hallway who came out to breathe. 

There were also several classes in the third class, which was physical education. Where a lot of students were there on the ground. 

When they reached the school they managed to attract attention all the way.

He Ci was an alpha and not to forget a good-looking alpha. 

Although his looks were not as good as Jiang Hang’s. Still, he has strong eyebrows and tall stature. 

He is usually chased by a lot of betas at school.

As for omegas, they prefer alphas like Shen Huaizhi. 

But what attracted the most attention was Jiang Heng who was walking beside He Ci.

He was too prominent.

One of the school mottos of No. 1 Middle School was “you must wear a school uniform”.

In the neat school uniform, Jiang Heng’s black T-shirt was particularly obvious especially when he was so handsome.

Some students had started whispering.

“Is he an alpha?”

“Is he a new transfer student? 

Which class he was from, I haven’t seen before.”

Chen Xingchi handed the class notes of the previous class to Shen Huaizhi, but he still couldn’t help but ask: 

“Monitor, where did you go in the last class?”

Shen Huaizhi opened Chen Xingchi’s class notes slowly, then frowned, “In the last class? Your soul was not here?”


Chen Xingchi said 

“It is just that  I was curious about where you went?”

He was not the only one who was curious. In the second half of the second class, several omegas passed notes to Chen Xingchi to ask. After all, Shen Huaizhi never skipped class.

Shen Huaizhi glanced at Chen Xingchi, and immediately lowered his eyebrows.

It’s a bit ugly, but it’s still readable.

He picked up the pen and explained, “The headteacher has ordered something.” 

The headteacher knew that he knew Jiang Heng, and it was indeed the person the head teacher asked him to look for.

After all, some people skip class, within the scope of the monitor’s responsibility.

Chen Xingchi: “What was the matter?”

Shen Huaizhi was going to end the one-sided discussion and choose not to answer. 

Chen Xingchi didn’t dare to continue asking.

Just at this time, the two betas at the next table came in excitedly from the outside, and they were still discussing.     

“He is  an alpha!”

“Looking at the appearance, I  can’t sense the pheromone. So I don’t know.”

“He is handsome.”

 “Come on, he was right behind us.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the students in the back row couldn’t sit still and look towards the back door frequently.

They wanted to see how holy the transfer student was that he dared to skip class on the first day of transfer.

Jiang Heng entered the classroom with a stack of books, and at the same time, the class bell rang.

He met the head teacher of the second and third classes of high school at the entrance of the stairs.

Originally, after the report in the morning, the head teacher asked him to go to the Academic Affairs Office to pick up the book, but Jiang Heng had no intention of coming to class at that time. 

After leaving the office, he left the school directly with He Ci who had been waiting for him.

So he completely forgot about getting the book.

Fortunately, the head teacher didn’t say much, just educated him on a few words. 

Jiang Heng had already heard too much about this kind of routine education and didn’t take it to heart at all.

 There are also two replacement school uniforms on top of the book.

The school uniform of No. 1 Middle School was dark blue and white. 

Jiang Heng has taken it apart. and was still wearing his clothes.

The moment he stepped into the back door of the classroom, the noise in the classroom quieted down.

Jiang Heng met the English teacher who also entered the classroom.

 The English teacher was a female beta. She seemed slightly surprised. 

After being shocked, she quit looking at the class card to confirm that she did not go to the wrong classroom.

There was laughter in the classroom.

Jiang Heng raised his eyelids halfway, hooked his lips, and greeted sincerely and politely: 

“Hello, teacher, you didn’t go to the wrong classroom, I’m a new transfer student.” 

The young omega stood holding the book, clearly comparing Thin, but the muscle lines on his arms are obvious. 

He was not too upright in appearance, and when he smiles he looks more handsome.

” He is  awesome.” 

“Why is he so funny?”

“I’m going to climb the wall when I’m done. I think he’s more handsome than the class monitor.”

“Have you ever smelled the right pheromone, then climbed the wall?”

“It’s like you said. It’s the same as smelling the monitor’s pheromone.”


English teacher: “Oh okay.”

She glanced at the vacancies in the classroom, only the fourth seat in the first row was empty next to Lu Zhuan and Shen Huaizhi.

The English teacher was confused. 

How did she recall that the director told her to transfer an omega?

How does this look like an omega?

The English teacher asked, “Is it, Jiang Heng?”

Jiang Heng nodded and glanced at Shen Huaizhi’s back.

Even in class, this alpha was sitting upright, as if he was doing some kind of physical education, and he was not affected by the bullshit of others. 

He still had his head half lowered, as if he was taking notes.

Sure enough, people who grow on their g-spots are so self-disciplined in class.

The smile on Jiang Heng’s lips widened.

Alpha stays very alert.

Shen Huaizhi, who was writing, paused for two seconds.

 The omega’s stare on his back was too obvious. Usually, he would completely ignore other people’s eyes, but Jiang Heng can not ignore even if he ignores them, his pheromones and instincts will not be ignored.

Shen Huaizhi frowned.

The next second, the English teacher confirmed Jiang Heng’s identity and arranged: “Then you sit next to Luzhuan first.”

She pointed to the fourth position in the first row.

Lu Zhuan was also an omega.

As soon as the seating arrangement came out, the discussion in the classroom grew louder.

Seats are generally arranged according to grades and second gender.

Because the pheromone of AO is easy to influence, they would not let AO be at the same table.

 “What’s this situation?”

 “Is the arrangement wrong?”

“Mum…my first love is broken? Is he a beta?”

 “Damn, he was an omega..”

Jiang Heng restrained his smile.

Forget it, it doesn’t matter, it’s just separated by a corridor, if they sit together, then he’s not disturbing the class.

This was not good.

Jiang Heng’s eyes swept across the back of Alpha’s head. 

He passed by Shen Huaizhi with the book and school uniform in his arms. The discussions in the classroom continued.

The English teacher knocked on the desk impatiently.

Jiang Heng stopped, turned around and lowered his eyes to look at Shen Huaizhi, lowered his voice, and said politely.

“Class monitor, can I borrow a pen?”


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