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MOFAB Chapter 3

Jiang Heng?


Jiang Heng looked down at these two words for a while plus a punctuation mark at the end.


Internet cafe is the cafe which was nearest to Jincheng No. 1 Middle School and one which was still open, so Jiang Heng was not surprised that he could find him so soon.


But the question was why did he turn up to find himself?


Jiang Heng had itchy teeth.


He was skipping class, it’s none of this man’s business.


He locked the screen of the phone and threw it on the table, where the phone spun a few times until stopping.


The classmate turned his head to look. The boy’s eyebrows were half-dropped, the smile on his lips just now dissipated which was replaced by the very familiar displeasure, The words that were about to come out from his lips were swallowed silently.


It is estimated that it has something to do with Jiang Heng’s fiance again.


He Ci didn’t quite know what went wrong with Jiang Heng’s differentiation. He only learned that Jiang Heng differentiated yesterday, and it was only yesterday that he knew that Jiang Heng had differentiated into an omega.


When he went out to dinner with Jiang Heng that evening, Jiang Heng’s mother called him. 


Jiang Heng didn’t shy away from it at that time and answered the phone directly in front of him.


He Ci didn’t intend to eavesdrop, but Jiang Heng was sitting next to him and he vaguely heard mentioning his fiancé on the phone. Jiang Heng’s expression was not very good but he didn’t lose control and fired on Xie An.


He would have liked to ask for details.


But he dared not to.


After a long time, Jiang Heng let out a heavy sigh. He stood up from the chair and pushed it back a little, the chair slid across the floor and made a slight noise.


Hearing the noise, He Ci came back to his senses: “Where are you going?”


Before Jiang Heng came here, Xie An had urged him thousands of times to get along with everyone, not to fight and let alone murder someone!


Is he going to do murder now?


“Come out.”


Look at the two words and ironic full stop.


Jiang Heng licked the tip of his teeth and squeezed out two words with a blank face: ” Hit someone”


He Ci hesitated: “????”


Hit who? 


In Jiang Heng’s life, there is no reason for others to provoke him.


Except for in-game, of course. The real powerhouse is disdain to be blind in the game. As for the reply that he didn’t have time to send out just now, it’s been thrown out of his mind at this moment.


He was holding his mobile phone in his pocket with one hand. If the mobile phone was not hard enough, it would have been crushed by him.


In a street outside Jincheng No. 1 Middle School. There are some snack bars nearby and all the students are attending class at the moment, so naturally, there were no people on the street.


As soon as Jiang Heng went out, the wind smeared his face.


The weather at the time mid-October was very hot, but it was a little gloomy at the moment, and it was unknown when the wind started blowing.


He Ci, behind him, glanced at the sky and was a little worried: “Is it going to rain?” 


It was sunny when the two came out, and they didn’t bring any umbrellas with them.


Jiang Heng didn’t pay attention to his words.


The moment he went out, he felt a burning pain in his body.


It was as if a fire was burning from the inside out of him, and his heart began to beat faster as if it could jump out of his chest in the next second.


He stopped by the door, letting the wind blow to his body. But the wind couldn’t blow away the scorching heat.


He Ci continued to look at the sky and worried: “Let’s go back to school first, you haven’t packed your things yet.”


He Ci paused and looked at Jiang Heng.


Jiang Heng’s forehead oozes a little sweat. He gritted his teeth and looked tense as if he was just thinking about the words of the classmate. Fortunately, in just ten seconds, the scorching heat dissipated.


Jiang Heng raised his eyelids, and gradually loosened his clenched fists. His eyes gradually relaxed. He looked at the small restaurant opposite the bar. Two women were sitting in the restaurant, chatting and laughing. He lowered his eyes and blinked.


Is the susceptible period over?


Generally, only alphas have a susceptible period, and the alphas in the susceptible period will be more irritable than usual, and their possessiveness will be infinitely magnified.


However, as an omega, Jiang Heng also has a susceptible period. His susceptible period is even more severe than that of an alpha. He is too irritable, and his pheromones will leak. In severe cases, he cannot even control himself.


Fortunately, this is just the beginning, just an early warning.


It is estimated that it is because he has not played for four days. Once he stops, it is easy to attack.


After standing at the door of the bar for a while, Jiang Heng looked up and swept his surroundings after he had completely recovered.


There were no other students on the street outside. Jiang Heng didn’t know if he was deliberately deceiving himself, and no one came at all.


Jiang Heng felt that if this was the case, then he would be happy.


The phone vibrated again.


Jiang Heng took a look with an expressionless face.


From a stranger. 【Front. 】


Yes, still ordering him.




Typing a few more words will kill him.


Jiang Heng took two steps forward.


He stopped walking again. Why should he listen to his words? Why should he come out?


Half a second later, Jiang Heng found a reason for himself to beat someone.


The classmate behind him thought he was going back, and it was strange to see him

stop suddenly.


Jiang Heng’s brows and eyes were straightened, and he couldn’t see a little gentle appearance, and his momentum became more and more fierce. He Ci sighed again in his heart, why is Jiang Heng an omega?


How the hell does this expression look like an omega?


When the two of them reached the corner, He Ci suddenly felt cold again, as if they were suddenly swept away by something invisible and intangible.


It was the feeling of being suppressed.


No way, Shen Huaizhi hasn’t left yet?


Before he could speak, Jiang Heng had already reached the corner.


A boy was standing beside the wall. He was dressed in a school uniform and his jacket was zippered to the position of his collarbone. Instead of leaning against the wall, he stood up straight with no expression on his face, as if he was standing here waiting for someone without objection.


Jiang Heng looked at the figure.


This time, it was much closer than in the bar. With his 5.0 vision, Jiang Heng could even see a black mole on his left earlobe, which inexplicably added a sense of abstinence to this person.


Jiang Heng licked his lower lip, and sure enough, he was the one who grew on his G-spot.


The feeling that he had when he saw this man in the bar reappeared, the dense itching on his back, and he even had the illusion that he wanted to get closer to him.


But Jiang Heng felt that this was just an illusion, and he had not made such a rash move.


But He Ci around him was a bit tragic. He didn’t know if Shen Huaizhi was in a bad mood today. The oppression of being a top alpha was particularly obvious.


He Ci leaned to Jiang Heng’s side, grabbed Jiang Heng’s arm, and then said hello to Shen Huaizhi: “…Squad Leader Shen.”


Shen Huaizhi seemed to notice them just now, and turned around slowly, He Ci noticed that he glanced at Jiang Heng first, and then looked at himself.


As if he didn’t know him, Shen Huaizhi just nodded slightly.


But he didn’t mean to leave at all.


But in the next second, Shen Huaizhi looked at Jiang Heng again.


The eyes of the two people touched in the air as if something collided in an instant, and the coolness that was pressing on He Ci suddenly disappeared.


The anger on Jiang Heng’s face has been completely removed. Although his eyebrows are a little sharp, he has been used to school bullies over the years, but when he is restrained, he still has a different kind of cleverness.


Like a hedgehog with a thorn suddenly.


Jiang Heng swallowed his saliva nervously.


He hasn’t experienced love at first sight.


Is it time to say something now?


What should he say?


Is his name Shen Huaizhi?


Jiang Heng opened his mouth, and before he had time to rehearse in his head, He Ci standing beside him took the lead.


He Ci came to his ear and whispered, “This is your squad leader.”


“I forgot to tell you just now.”


He Ci somewhat admired Jiang Heng, when he as an omega, felt nothing in front of the alpha Standing there he didn’t seem to be affected at all.


Including when he and Jiang Heng met yesterday. At that time, He Ci had just finished exercising, and he still smelled of alpha pheromones. He didn’t know that Jiang Heng had differentiated into an omega. They were brothers, so he didn’t take a shower. When he went to see Jiang Heng again, the two of them were still relatively close.


When the general omega is close to the alpha, they will be more or less affected.


As a result, Jiang Heng didn’t seem to smell his pheromones at all.


Jiang Heng: “You…” The following words were swallowed hard.


He turned his head a little side and staggered from Shen Huaizhi’s line of sight.


Who is the class leader?


His class leader?


Isn’t his squad leader his alpha fiancé?


“Do you say it again?” Jiang Heng was quite gnashing his teeth, but he still suppressed his voice and stunning expression

He Ci was frightened by his sudden change of face and subconsciously glanced at Shen Huai.


Yes, it seems that he is waiting for people here, and he has no intention of leaving. Instead, he stood there and looked at them, but his face did not show the expression of watching a play.


As if just looking at strangers.


Although they are indeed strangers.


He Ci opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he saw Jiang Heng pick up the phone and type a few words.


 “Jiang Heng?” He Ci wondered if something was wrong with Jiang Heng.


Jiang Heng doesn’t have the heart to listen to what He Ci was saying at this moment.


He pressed the send button.


At the same time, Shen Huaizhi’s cell phone rang. Jiang Heng raised his eyelids to look at him, while Shen Huaizhi was looking down at his phone.


Jiang Heng continued to send again.


Shen Huaizhi’s cell phone rang again.


It’s a coincidence.


Jiang Heng made the call this time.


Shen Huaizhi’s cell phone rang, and he turned his head to look at Jiang Heng, his eyelids were half folded, his lips were pursed into a straight line, and the whole person seemed out of tune with this street, with a sense of alienation.


Jiang Heng and his eyes met again, the surrounding air instantly became thinner, the rhythm of breathing was disrupted, and the scorching heat that suddenly burst out from the body seemed to invade the whole body in the next second, but there seemed to be another invisible, scorching heat. A cold breath surrounded him, fighting against the scorching heat in his body.


No, maybe not confrontation at all, but one-sided repression. The burning sensation quickly disappeared without a trace.


And Jiang Heng could only bear it. So that no one could see his strangeness.


The silence loomed around once again, and only Shen Huaizhi’s cell phone ringing broke the silence.


 Shen Huaizhi looked at Jiang Heng lightly as if looking at an outsider.


He Ci next to Jiang Heng was no better. He dared to confirm that Shen Huaizhi was in a bad mood today! He has been suppressed by the third pheromone!


As an alpha, He Ci still stood by Jiang Heng very resolutely. Jiang Heng is an omega. If he wants to be attacked, Jiang Heng will be even worse than him. Alpha pheromones have a fatal influence on omegas, especially those like An alpha like Shen Huaizhi, and an omega like Jiang Heng who are just differentiated and are not mature enough.


 The atmosphere was getting weirder. The three seemed to form a strange silence.


Jiang Heng cut off the phone without hesitation.


What?  Love at first sight.


He is now going to declare that his love, at first sight, is over.


He put the phone back in his pocket with a blank face and curled up his fingers in his pocket unconsciously.




Before he could leave, a shadow suddenly fell in front of him.


Shen Huaizhi was a little taller than him.


Jiang Heng’s height is considered very high among omegas, but Shen Huaizhi, as an alpha, has an inherent advantage and is half a head taller than him.


The creator itself is unfair.


Jiang Heng’s eyes fell on Shen Huaizhi’s beautiful face again. The two were separated by half a meter, but Jiang Heng had the illusion of leaning against each other as if a pair of invisible hands bound them together. 

The light black coffee smell spreads along the wind.


Jiang Heng took two steps back with a sullen expression.


He will not give in to beauty.


Two seconds later, he heard a pair of mouths open.


 “Go back.”


The voice of the alpha, who had passed the voice-changing period, was low and slightly cool.


Hearing Jiang Heng’s ears go numb.


Jiang Heng blinked.


A real man can bend and stretch the rules.


His love, at first sight, wouldn’t be ending here.



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