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MOFAB Chapter 2

Shen huaizhi




After Jiang Heng finished mocking, his mood improved a lot.

The so-called fiancé, the two of them have never seen each other until now.

They are both verbal promises made by their parents, and Jiang Heng himself will not acknowledge them.

He hopes that the other party can also very consciously stay away from him.

Jiang Heng thought for a while.

What is the name of the so-called fiancé?

Before he came, he also received a full set of information and photos of the other party that his mother has sent him.

Jiang Heng didn’t look at it, and it didn’t matter.

Jiang Heng threw the phone back on the table, not wanting to see any reply at all.

Looking back on the computer, his game character has been resurrected again and hangs around the spring for a while.

Jiang Heng never played these games before. He lived with his mother Xie An far away.

From elementary school to high school, school life was very colorful. In addition to studying, he used to take part in many extracurricular activities such as basketball and of course fighting and many other physical activities.

Of course, he will never admit that he has no talent in playing this kind of competitive game, and he is very naive to not participate.

Jiang Heng controlled his game character to walk out of the spring, and as soon as he took a step, there was an additional message in the current chat.

【Is the jungler

here for sightseeing? 】

Jiang Heng has been the school bully for so many years, of course, he can understand the yin and yang of others.

(Yin and yang)

It is good and evil. Here JH is trying to say that he knows who has what intention.

But he was in a good mood now, and he didn’t say anything at all.

Classmate, who also saw this sentence, breathed a lot tighter, and glanced at Jiang Heng, afraid that he would smash the computer directly when he was furious and attempted to divert his attention again: “Jiang Heng… What did you say to your fiance?”

Jiang Heng was in a good mood, but when his so-called fiance was mentioned in the classmate’s speech, especially when he heard the word “fiance” again, his eyebrows fell.

Hearing these one words makes Jiang heng very unhappy.

He hummed and cleaned up the soldiers in the wild area without any fuss: “I’m asking for leave.” It could be considered a leave.

Whether the other party agrees or not is none of his business.

Seeing his expression, He Ci chose to shut up.

But the person who scolded Jang Heng in the game didn’t want to let them go.

【Does your family live on the grass? 】

【The wild region is your home, isn’t it? 】

【Where did these orphans arrive from? 】

He Ci somehow felt that the air pressure around him was intenser.

Jiang Heng didn’t care much about the ridicule in the game.

For him, scolding people in the game is better than fighting in reality. He will type so many words on the keyboard, and the opposite side may still be picking his feet and eating and watching jokes.

But the word “orphan” is a bit irritating.

Just that.

Jiang Heng raised his eyebrows. The one who sent the message was their mid-layer.

It was estimated that there was no hope of winning from another side. Their tower had been pushed away, so he just hung up and cursed in the spring.

He pinched the phalanx, the boy’s fingers were slender, and the joints were also distinct. Because of their strength, he made a clicking sound.

He Ci originally wanted to divert the topic again, but when he thought of the word “orphan”, he silently swallowed the words on his lips.

He Ci and Jiang Heng had been primary school classmates, so he was naturally aware of the situation at his home.

Jiang Heng is from a single-parent family.

His parents were divorced when he was in elementary school.

His mother Xie An took him to live far away.

He Ci still remembered that when Jiang Heng had just transferred to another school in elementary school, the school was going to hold parent-child activities, requiring both parents to be there.

Only Jiang Heng’s parents did not come in a whole class.

Xie An is very busy with work and has no time to participate. And Jiang Heng’s father had already remarried at that time, and it was even more impossible for him to come.

At that time, Jiang Heng seemed to be a little restrained, and the child was open-mouthed, and it was unknown who said that Jiang Heng was a wild child and had no parents.

Later – Jiang Heng became arrogant.

He beat up all the classmates who said behind his back that he had no parents.

Since then he has become infamous.

He Ci’s attention returned to the game, only to find that the game was over.

Jiang Heng typed a long series of words but had not had time to send them out.


The boss was shocked, at the short-headed student who was busy beating on his keyboard fiercely!

The expression on his face that he is about to smash the keyboard!

The boss gripped the broom handle tightly again.

Jiang Heng gritted his teeth, and the expression on his face became fierce, obviously dissatisfied.

He Ci suddenly felt that the wind around him was a little cooler. He sniffed in the air. Alpha’s sense of smell was very keen.

But he didn’t smell anything, only the smell of pheromone blocker on Jiang Heng’s body, which was a very faint smell of black coffee.

Jiang Heng hasn’t gotten out of control to the point of leaking pheromones.

He wasn’t so angry, for so many years, he had developed immunity to such words, and no one had mentioned it in his ears for many years.

It’s just that the words he typed so hard have not been sent out.

Jiang Heng felt suffocation in his heart.

He leaned back on the gaming chair and let out a long sigh.

Jiang heng doesn’t know if it was because of differentiation but he was already a little sleepy just sitting here and playing games for a while. but out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure standing over the gate in the Internet cafe.

That person was also wearing a school uniform from the Jincheng No. 1 Middle School.

The simple and loose school uniform seemed particularly stunning when worn on the other person’s body.

His shoulders were wide and his legs were long, and his body proportions were superior. The back figure alone gave a kind of “this person must be good-looking” ‘s sense.

Jiang Heng glanced at his classmate again, and let out an inexplicable chuckle.

The same school uniform is worn by different people, and even the temperament is different.

The baffling classmate: “???”

At this time, He Ci noticed what Jiang Heng was looking at just now.

He followed the direction of Jiang Heng’s line of sight.

Well, the students over there still have their backs facing them. Although they can only see their backs, He Ci, as an Alpha, is more alert in every aspect. He inexplicably thinks of the one who just suddenly woke up by chill.

An idea popped into my head.

It was not from Jiang Heng but this boy.

And, this back shadow appears a bit familiar.

Just when He Ci thought about who this person would be, the boy seemed to notice the sight of the two and suddenly turned around.

Jiang Heng did not notice the suddenly tense body of the classmate beside him.

After being differentiated into an omega, his alertness seems to be a little worse than before.

Of course, that’s not the point.

The point is, this guy is really good-looking.

Among Jiang Heng’s few hobbies, one of them is seeing good-looking people.

He is a real face control, but for so many years, he has never met someone who grows on his G-spot.

If he came across it, he would pursue them without any hesitation, no matter what gender they would be.

A real man disdains a crush.

True love is not bound by gender.

Jiang Heng has lived for seventeen years and has never felt this way before.

The boy frowned slightly and seemed to be disturbed by their strong gaze. The moment he turned around, he met Jiang Heng’s gaze very precisely.

Although he was not too close, Jiang Heng still used his 5.0 eyesight to see the right face. His eyebrows and eyes were not strong, but his appearance was easy to be remembered.

Looking at him, Jiang Heng felt something densely crawling up his back, numb and itchy, and even the air became a little thinner.

Instead, his heart became restless.

Something was slowly breaking through the bottom of the heart.

Jiang Heng had to admit that he was a very superficial person.

At the moment when he walked out of the gate, he was still staring at the right back, as if he wanted to engrave this figure deeply in his heart.

He’s finally–meeting the guy on his g-spot.

Although a man. But it’s alright.


Jiang Heng stared at him so deeply that he never heard He Ci keep lying beside him.

Until He Ci’s hand was put onto his shoulder.

He lowered his eyes, “He Ci?”

The classmate looked like he had suffered some kind of trauma.

All in all, his face was a little unsightly.

After all, Jiang Heng resisted throwing out the arm that their classmate put on his shoulders, but greeted him again.

The classmate’s voice was a little weak: “…I just saw the monitor of the next class.”

It’s terrifying, not because of how terrifying this person is, but because of the sense of oppression among the alphas.

He was only glanced at, and He Ci felt as if he had been attacked.

What is the difference between top alpha and normal alpha?

Jiang Heng was about to shake off the hand of the classmate paused in mid-air, then he helped the back of the classmate very friendly, and asked, “That boy just now?”

Besides him, there was no one else.

He Ci didn’t notice the difference in his tone, nodded, and whispered again: “Why did he come here?”

“Is he here for a routine check?”

Jiang Heng didn’t care about him. He raised his eyebrows, the depression he had accumulated just now because of the game has long since disappeared, and even the corner of his mouth couldn’t restrain himself from raising his eyebrows.

Jiang Heng asked casually, “Monitor next door?”

He raised his eyelids.

Thinking of his fiancé who is also the squad leader.

Although they haven’t met, from Xie An’s description, Jiang Heng can make up his mind that he should be a nerdy stinky alpha who can only study hard.

He chuckled lightly, released the hand that was holding He Ci’s back, and started to play with the phone.

The smelly alpha hasn’t responded to his message yet.

Jiang Heng hoped that the other party had been so angry that he offered to cancel the engagement.

Jiang Heng tapped his fingers on the table, looked towards the door, and asked slowly, “What’s your name? Which class is next to you?”

He didn’t know which class He Ci was assigned to.

He Ci recovered a little now, and when he thought of the sudden change in his face that he was gripped in front of an omega, he felt extremely embarrassed. Fortunately, the omega didn’t realize it at all.

The classmate blurted out: “Shen Huaizhi.”

He thought about it, next door – which class is Jiang Heng in? It seems to be three classes.

Oh, isn’t that the monitor of Jiang Heng’s class?

He Ci suddenly sat up straight.

Jiang Heng lowered his eyes and nodded, the smile on his lips still lingering.

That name sounds nice. But a bit familiar.

Maybe it’s because it sounds familiar.

Jiang Heng nodded to himself.

The moment he bowed his head, the screen of the mobile phone just lit up, and a text message from a stranger jumped to the top of the message.

【come out. ]

Oh, it is from the smelly Alpha.



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