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MOFAB Chapter 1

New transfer


It was mid-October it was a hot, very muggy day.

Jincheng No. 1 Middle School, Class Two and Three of Senior High were discussing.

“Let’s make a bet, is the transfer student an alpha or an omega?”

It wasn’t long before the second class was split up, and it was reported this morning that there was a transfer student.

Chen Xingchi was extremely eager to pull a few other people to make a bet.

“Why not Beta?” One Beta was very uneasy.

Chen Xingchi chuckled

“Then it’s nothing special, there aren’t many other genders in our class, precisely a lot of Betas!”

In a school like Jincheng No. 1 Middle School that does not differentiate between genders, Beta is still there in the majority.

Especially when Alpha and Omega are both idolized people, particularly Omega, which is even rarer.

“It’s Alpha! I saw it in the office this morning!

With a shaved skull and Band-Aid on his neck, this is a proper Alpha!” said one Beta.

As soon as these words were said, the Omegas in the audience were all excited, but Chen Xingchi, an Alpha, was the same just like sensing a natural enemy, and he does not behave like a condescending person.

Alpha and alpha are naturally incompatible, this is the perpetual law of same-sex repulsion.

Chen Xingchi turned his head to look at the boy sitting in front of him, despite the heated discussions on their side, the boy kept his back straight and was reading.

As an alpha, Chen Xingchi could feel the pressure from the opponent.

Chen Xingchi swallowed a mouthful of water.

(a mouthful of water –

filling water till your mouth is full )

This is the difference between top alpha and normal alpha.

One top alpha in the class is enough for him, and if there is another one, why not just fight every day?

There is no room for two tigers in one mountain.

( no room for two tigers in one mountain)

This means – in an area, there cannot be two strong personalities leading.

Listening to the description, this new classmate seems to be quite easy to mess with.

“Handsome or not? Did you see his face?”

“Is it an alpha? Can I break the curse of not falling in love in high school ?”

“Damn, is it wronging you to fall in love with we beta?”

“That’s not true, I just want to find someone who is as safe as the squad leader”

Hearing this, Chen Xingchi’s eyelids twitched, and the omega who had just spoken shyly glanced at the boy in front of Chen Xingchi.

Just Like them, the boy wore a blue and white school uniform. The school uniform jacket was neatly zippered to the top. He had a straight back, his head was lowered, and he was writing and drawing on the paper with a pen in his hand.

Like declaring openly, that he doesn’t care what they say at all, he hasn’t even changed his posture.

The beta continued: “I could not see his face, but his posture was very attractive, with a black bag on his back, no school uniform, and tall, muscular lines…”

“You fucking glanced at him so clearly ?”

Chen Xingchi,

Shen Huaizhi hummed. , it came off that he just called him, and then got out of his seat and walked directly out of the classroom.


The others became more daring: “You say…the new classmate or the monitor, who is stronger?

No one has seen him, yet the comparison has already begun.

Some people have even been eagerly preparing to go red.

Chen Xingchi couldn’t bear to knock on the table of the person next to him:

“Can not you guys compete in private?”

He is also an alpha but this competition has never had a name.

“Chen Xingchi, you can’t be a little bit B. One of them glanced at him, full of disgust.


( I don’t understand what this means. Maybe he is telling him that he is bitch? Or maybe he has little ***k)

Chen Xingchi wanted to explain something, but Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the boy at the front table standing up.

It was the same school uniform, but it appear like the other party was wearing a different kind of cool and expensive thing than the others.

Chen Xingchi glanced at the half of his wrist with his sleeves rolled up, his wrist bones were distinct.

The other’s slender fingers brushed the surface of the watch on his wrist.

Chen Xingchi opened his mouth, very much wanting to remind those betas who were not aware of the danger to shut up, but he did not dare to babble in front of this person.

Although this guy speaks very little on weekdays, his temper is not that good in private…

Shen Huaizhi glanced at his watch, and the second class would start in three minutes.

The transfer student reported early had enough time, but up to now, Shen Huaizhi has not been able to see the legendary transfer student.

Shen Huaizhi lowered his eyes halfway: “Chen Xingchi.”

Chen Xingchi, who was immersed in the sadness of why the gap between alpha and alpha can be so big, and why he doesn’t have a title to compete with, was shocked: “Squad leader, I am here.”

And Chen Xingchi who was inexplicably shouted:


This is… a warning?

Shen Huaizhi went out, and the people who were still chatting just now: “.Where is the squad leader going out now?”

“It must be that you talked too much and angered Shen Huaizhi.”

“Don’t worry, the squad leader never cares about this.”

The man changed his attitude and became shy: “If the squad leader cares, does it mean that his impression of me is different from others?”

“Grass! You are disgusting!”

At the door of the office, Shen Huaizhi furrowed without a trace, then took out his phone.

There were only a few people in the office, and there was no sign of their transfer students at all.

The text message on the mobile phone was still stuck on the new news at 6:30 this morning, from Shen Huaizhi’s mother.

[Huaizhi, Jiang Heng is here to report today, you have to take good care of him]

[He is not in good health, you should pay more attention to him, Understand? 】

Shen Huaizhi lowered his eyebrows and wanted to put the phone back in his pocket.

No matter who Jiang Heng is, if he doesn’t see anyone, he just assumes that there is no such person, and it just saves him a lot of trouble.

Just thinking about it, the phone vibrated twice abruptly.

After returning to the classroom, Shen Huaizhi looked down at the message.

Then, expressionlessly, he stuffed the phone back into his pocket.

Sure enough, it was right when he didn’t exist.


“Jiang Heng, is it okay to skip classes on your first day of transfer?”

In the Internet cafe a mile away from the city, there are usually no people around at this time. Even if the students come to surf the Internet, they choose to be late, so it seems particularly deserted.

Only the two machines in the corner were lit.

Jiang Heng spit out the dog’s tail grass that was biting in his mouth into the trash can beside him, his fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard, and the sound of slashing soldiers kept coming from his earphones.

This is a dog tail grass

After finally clearing the line of troops, Jiang Heng let a sigh of relief, and then slowly answered the words of the person next to him: “No problem.”

He twitched his fingers for a while, but he didn’t pay any attention to the frequent glances that the Internet cafe owner was throwing at them, and a new wave of soldiers came in. Jiang Heng continued to fight the soldiers to the death.

The student who was talking to him just now said in an agitated tone, “Jiang Heng, come to the jungler area!!

Why are you a jungler always clearing the line!”

After shouting, he felt that his tone was too boisterous, and looked up at Jiang Heng.

Jiang Heng’s expression didn’t change, he was still staring at the screen very seriously, and he didn’t know if he have heard the roar of his teammates, but he was still playing small soldiers.

Half a minute later, Jiang Heng looked up from the computer screen, but his expression showed no confusion: “Is this a jungler?”

The boy next to him said in a tired voice: “…Yes.”

Jiang Heng sighed, he had never played this game, he just came to this internet cafe to find an excuse to skip class.

When he first came to the city, he was unfamiliar, except for the congratulatory message from the elementary school classmate who was sitting next to him, he didn’t know anyone.

Hearing the very weak reply of the classmate, Jiang Heng hummed again, his expression much more fierce than before.

What if he hasn’t played the game, but has heard of it?

Aren’t the jungle the most fierce? It also fits his personality very well.

A minute later, He Ci couldn’t help it: “Jiang Heng, don’t go to the opposite wild area! You can’t beat the opponent…!”

Jiang Heng didn’t listen to it, and even if he heard it, there were no two letters “back off” in his dictionary. words.

He licked the corner of his lower lip, half-drooping his eyes, pressing the keyboard and mouse quickly.

The sound of blood coming from the headset was also very fast, which was very consistent with his hand speed.

Jiang Heng’s game interface turned gray in a few seconds.

Jiang Heng narrowed his eyes. He has grown so big, and he has never been pressed against the ground like this before.

Jiang heng was a little uncomfortable and even wanted to smoke a cigarette to slow down.

The cafe owner stuck his head out at the area and grabbed the mop handle next to him with one hand.

Can’t blame him, Jiang Heng’s appearance is too much like a troublemaker.

Wearing an extremely eye-catching stiletto, today’s young people are reluctant to shave this kind of hairstyle that tests their appearance, but Jiang Heng managed it very well. It became more and more obvious that he would be a little fierce when he didn’t laugh, especially the black skull band-aid on his right neck, which gave him a bit of a nasty aura.

The atmosphere was suddenly a little threatening, and He Ci Qingbing’s hands trembled, and tried his best to change the subject: “Jiang Heng… Have you differentiated into an omega?”

As he spoke, he went to observe Jiang Heng’s expression.

Not as scary as when the screen just turned gray.

While He Ci breathed a sigh of relief, Jiang Heng responded indifferently, “Yeah.”

He had differentiated during the summer vacation and the time was just right, after his seventeenth birthday.

Jiang Heng didn’t care much about his second gender.

If there is no mess caused by it.

Getting an affirmative answer, the classmate was still a bit regretful.

He and Jiang Heng have known each other since elementary school, and they have kept in touch all these years. Every time he goes home from vacation, he can always hear people around Jiang Heng mention Jiang Heng. Jiang Heng is handsome and likes to fight. He is also a famous little bully.

Everyone thought that he would differentiate into an alpha.

What’s more, Jiang Heng doesn’t look like an omega.

At this time, Jiang Heng’s game character has been resurrected.

He found candy on the table and stuffed it into his mouth, frowning halfway: “I have to go and get revenge.” His expression was quite serious and murderous.


This look is a bit like an omega, and it even makes him feel that it is not fierce, but it is… quite attractive.

After Jiang Heng was single-killed by the opposite robot again, He Ci picked up his words and reminded him very kindly: “Jiang Heng, have you greeted your fiancé?”

Jiang Heng raised his head and glanced again. The game interface dropped, the sugar in his mouth was crushed, and his mouth was full of sweetness.

He hated sweetness very much, but he couldn’t smoke to relieve it.    Then just find another way.

He pondered for a while with his eyes down and expressionless and then half-curved the corner of his lower lip.

The mobile phone was on the side, Jiang Heng copied the mobile phone number he received before coming to the recipient’s column, lowered his head, typed with both hands reverently and seriously, edited it, and sent it.    ——

[Fiancé, I’m outside the school. I heard that you are the monitor, so I’ll ask you for a leave of absence]    ——

[Thank you, monitor]

His words are sincere.





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