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8. My spiritual roots shocked the immortal cultivation world! 

The moment Shi Xia pushed open the door, a dozen pair of shiny eyes looked at her. Seeing them looking at her like they found a precious treasure, she couldn’t help but shiver. She could vaguely feel the atmosphere in the hall were strange which made her want to turn around and run in full speed. But thinking that she had come such a long way to ask their help, she patted her heart and went inside.

The people in the hall suddenly stood up, startling Shi Xia. They looked at the person standing at the door with disbelief.

“Uh …… am I disturbing you guys?” Shi Xia asked as she considered whether to close the door.

The hall was dead silent for a second.

Then immediately the voice of exclamation rose.

“This …… is a newly admitted disciple?!”

“How is this possible, how long has it been? Half an hour, right?”

“No, let alone half an hour, it’s not even two quarters of an hour.”

“Even back then, it took Taishizu an hour to come up.”

“The Inquiry Heart Step couldn’t be wrong, right?”

“How could it be wrong? She could never have come if she didn’t cross Inquiry Heart Step.”

The more they were talking, the more excited they were becoming. The eyes of the people in the hall were so hot that Shi Xia felt they were glaring at her. Feeling intimidate, Shi Xia took a few steps back from the hall, she wanted to leave through the door but an invisible force suddenly closed the door.

“Wait!” The head of the group of immortals, Yuan Zhao quickly raised his hand and closed the door with a wave. Shi Xia desperately struggled to open the door but the door didn’t budge. Thinking that she maybe afraid, Yuan Zhao soften his tone as he called her, “Little girl, don’t be afraid. Quickly come forward.”

Shi Xia stiffened for a moment, not because she had been called but because of the endearment they used to call her. She is 24* years old, alright? How can he so casually call her a little girl?

[T/N: Her age was actually 28 in the RAWS but I…. changed it to 24. I actually like younger FLs… hahahaha… You can just pretend it’s 8 beside 2 not 4.]

She was not very happy with it! O(∩∩)O.

Shi Xia still walked forward feeling a little annoyed for being called a little girl.

Yuan Zhao suppressed his heart full of excitement, with his amiable signature smile he asked, “Little girl, you are one of the new batch of disciples?”

“Uh …… sort of!” Shi Xia nodded, she actually only came to ask for their help to send her home. Cultivating to become an immortal or anything of the sort wasn’t any of her interest

“Senior Brother, this girl ……,” Yuan Xia stepped forward, seeming to wanted to say something.

“No hurry.” Yuan Zhao interrupted her with a wave of his hand and continued to ask questions with a gentle tone, his voice was so soft as if he seemed to be afraid of scaring her, “Little girl, can you tell me, how did you get to the mountain?”

“Climbed up?” Shi Xia truthfully answered. It’s not that they had cable cars which she used to climb up.

“Climbed up?” Yuan Zhao nearly couldn’t control his impulse to jump and hug this precious disciple. Even the other people inside the hall also inhaled sharply, “How did you climbed up here? From where did you walk up?”

“Climed up from the bottom of the stairs…….” Shi Xia started explaining while pointing weakly behind her. But she stopped when she realized something as she asked in hesitation, “why …… I can’t?”

“Yes! Of course you can!” Yuan Zhao already heard his heart leaping in joy. He somehow surprassed the giddy feeling inside his heart as he asked another question, “Then you didn’t see anything along the way?”

“See what ……? “Shi Xia couldn’t help but ponder for a moment, is this very important? Is she being interviewed for some sort of job?

“You can tell everything you saw.” Yuan Zhao generously explained seeing her puzzled look.

“I saw the mountains and trees, also saw four doves, two cranes, uh …… almost all this things.” She also saw a pair of wild lovebirds* hiding in the big woods kissing, but didn’t dare to say.

[T/N: Couple]

Yuan Zhao was a little dumbfounded, “That’s it?”

“Mmhm.” Shi Xia nodded, although she was calm on the outside, she couldn’t help but roar in her heart, give some explanation and private space to the future fellow disciple so that she can understand ah!

“Good good good!” Yuan Zhao stroked his beard as he said ‘good’ three times in a row, then immediately laughed so hard that his eyes narrowed into a slit.

Originally he had no hope for this batch of disciples, but he didn’t expect to Yuhua Sect to pick up such a talent, this is really Heaven’s will! She was able to pass the Inquiry Heart step within such a short period of time, and from what she said, she didn’t fall into any illusion at all along the way, let alone develop a heart demon. What does this prove? It proves that she has a tough and thorough mind, with no gaps to exploit, and excellent talent.

He had cultivated for more than 500 years but this is the first time he had seen someone with such good qualification and mind. With such clear mind, even she has the worst of five spiritual roots, she would still be able to surprass the speed of normal people. It seems that Yuhua Sect this time picked up another astonishing talent like the Great Ancestor.

“Senior Brother, I think this child is destined to be in my sect, why not I accept her as an inner disciple of my Dan Peak?” Yuan Xia quickly stepped forward and expressed her opinion in case someone else tried to snatch such a good seedling.

“Wait a minute, Senior Sister Yuan Xia.” Yuan Xia’s old rival Yuan Xi immediately jumped out to oppose, “This child has such good and clean mind. It would be completely waste if she went to Dan Peak. It’s better if she entered my Sword Peak.”

“Is practicing making pills is worse than becoming a sword master?” Yuan Xia temper flared up when she was opposed.

“Humph! You know the answer.”

“You ……”

Yuan Zhao silently held his forehead, alas, why it’s so difficult to be the master!

“My two Senior Brother and Sister, please have a moment of peace.” Yuan Zhao had a headache by these two people’s quarreling. They looked ready to fight so he quickly proposed to stop them, “Why not see the girl’s spiritual roots first, and then decide which peak is best for her?”

“No need to test it, no matter what spiritual root, with this little girl’s heart, it’s clear she is a sword cultivator by birth.” Yuan Xi waved his big hand carelessly, as if he wouldn’t comply even if someone opposed.

Yuan Xia is even more unwilling, “sword cultivation has always been crude, it doesn’t need good spiritual roots or clean heart to cultivate so most of the people loves sword cultivation. But my Dan Peak is different. With this girl’s clean heart with zero arrogance, she is obviously destined to be a pill cultivator. And if she has fire spiritual root, its even more so.”

“You …… who are you calling a crude!” People of sword cultivation always had a bad temper. They like to used their strength rather their brain, so Yuan Xi who was pressed by Yuan Xia’s logic exploded in anger. Slapping the table, he stood up as he pointed at his sworn enemy, “do you think I don’t know what you are up to? You are digging a hole for me! Are you trying to say whatever spiritual roots she has, weather Gold, Wood, Water, Fire or Earth, she has to enter you Dan Peak?”

“Yes, so what?” Yuan Xia crossed her arms in front of her chest as she gave a scornful gaze towards her enemy. She knew better than anyone that the other party wasn’t good in arguing and logic. So she stepped forward to imprint her logic firmly, “Although, Fire spiritual root is most eligible for pill cultivation, it wouldn’t be bad with Earth spiritual root. Earth is related to Wood spiritual root, so it is very easy for her to be a disciple of Dan Peak.”

“You …… simply know how to play with words!” Earlier she said Fire spiritual root holder can cultivatate pill cultivation better, now she is saying Earth spiritual root is also possible. Unless this girl has the remaining two attributes of Heavenly Spiritual root or Water and Gold double spiritual roots, which is very rare for an average person, she would have to enter Dan Peak. When Yuan Xi understood this, he was so angry his whole body shook.

Yuan Xia was still unyielding, “Every word I said was reasonable. Besides, you have so many disciple in your Sword Peak, everytime, you take a great number of disciple in your Peak. Now, it’s my turn to take disciples.”

“So what I have more disciple? Don’t you also have many disciple? Isn’t your Dan Peak is raising spiritual flowers and plants as disciple, and you are still whining about less disciple?”

“How can it be same?” Yuan Xia turned her head to look at Yuan Zhao and asked, “Senior Brother Zhao, am I wrong in what I said? Isn’t this little girl the most deserving to worship me as her master?”

Yuan Xi was also not willing to show weakness, “Senior Brother, you have to judge fair. This little girl is clearly suitable to be a sword cultivator.”

Yuan Zhao: “……”. What does it have to do with me? Why am I involved again? I just want to test her spiritual root ah!

Peak Masters: ah, it’s such a beautiful day, let us admire it.

Shi Xia: I dare you to call me a little girl again!

“Okay, okay, you two, please calm down.” Yuan Zhao had to stiffen his heart and intervene, “No matter which peak she enters, she will eventually enter my Yuhua Sect. Why don’t we wait for her to finish testing her spiritual roots and let her choose herself?”

The bickering stopped, looking at each other, Yuan Xi and Yuan Xia coldly hummed and looked away. Turning their heads away, they looked enthusiastically to the protagonist of the scene with shining eyes.

Only then did Yuan Zhao let out a sigh of relief and looked towards Shi Xia.

“Little girl.”

“Here!” The little girl was here with her hand raised.

Yuan Zhao smiled in satisfaction. He suddenly raised his hand and waved it, then a crystal clear sphere appeared in his hand and automatically flew in front of Shi Xia.

Shi Xia couldn’t help but wave her hand under and above the orb. To her surprise, she found that the ball was really floating in the air, no string like thing were connected with it. Did they use any other method to float it like this? What a high technology ah.

“Little girl, you have to put your hand on the ball, the color of the ball will change by the properties of your spiritual roots.” Yuan Zhao explained gently looking at her puzzled look, “Don’t worry, no matter what the result is, we will respect your choice.”

“Okay.” The little girl, Shi Xia, happily rolled up her sleeves and extended her claws and put them on the ball.

Yuan Xi and Yuan Xia, these two people’s heart couldn’t help but pound. The whole room turned silent the moment she put her hand on the ball. More than a dozen pair of shinning eyes were looking at her expectantly, afraid to miss a hint If they blinks. They held their breath as they waited to know the spiritual root of once-in-a-thousand-year genius.

However ……

Ten seconds have passed ……

Thirty seconds passed ……

A quarter of an hour has passed ……

Nothing happened.

The crystal ball was completely clear without any dust or shadow, let alone showing any colour.

The whole room was eerily quiet ……

The sound of jaws dropping to the ground could be faintly heard.

“No …… there is no spiritual root.” Yuan Xi took a few steps forward to repeatedly check out that ball and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“How is this possible!” Yuan Zhao also reached in front of Shi Xia with a whoosh, took her hand and placed it on the crystal ball several times.

The result was: the crystal ball was still transparent ……

He placed her hand on the crystal ball with different angles but the results were still same.

Yuan Zhao let go of her hand with a face that looked like he was struck by lightning. He looked down at Shi Xia with a expression that looked ready to cry out as he said, “This …… how can there be no spiritual root?” .

What’s wrong with this? Shi Xia was confused, she looked at other people in the hall and found that everyone looked like they had seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” She couldn’t help but ask, “Is not having spiritual roots ……a problem?”

It’s a very big problem! Yuan Zhao wanted to cry. No spirit root means she can’t lead the qi into the body, can’t lead the qi into the body means can’t cultivate, can’t cultivate means her qualifications of having a good heart is also useless ah. This was like, a person spent all his savings to built the most beautiful toilet in history, only to remember that he didn’t have to shit. Is there any situation more pitiful than this?

This time, all the people in the hall sent eyes filled with condolences towards Shi Xia. Who would have thought that the first genius to pass the Inquiring Heart step would actually be a waste material with no spiritual roots and unable to cultivate. This fact is simply unbelievable!



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