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7. The harmonious development of the sect (Part 2)

In Yuhua Sect’s main hall.

Several people with excellent immortal posture and extraordinary aura were sitting on both sides of the hall. In the middle on the main seat, a man with white beard and older than anyone present was sitting. Although his hair had turned completely white, the essence of youthfulness was still roaming in his eyes, there were no trace of aging. He was smiling at the people sitting on both sides of the hall.

“Senior Brother, today is still the first day of the apprentice selection test, do you need to gather everyone here so early?” Danxia Peak Master, Yuan Xia’s face looked somewhat dissatisfied looking at the people sitting on the upper seat*.

[T/N: Not literally upper or high. People who are elder or have high status, their seats are called upper seat.]

“Senior sister, this statement is not correct.” Sect leader Yuan Zhao did not answer, but the Sword Peak Master beside him couldn’t help but interject, “Since the elimination of Devil Zun for the peace of the immortal world, this is the first time in a hundred years that our sect opened the door to accept disciples, so we naturally have to pay some attention.”

“Is Senior Brother Yuan Xi unaware of the rules of our sect?” Yuan Xia sneered, with obvious contempt on her face, “The group of disciples has just arrived at the foot of the mountain, there is still the Inquiring Heart step, will the disciples be able to reach here without a day or two?” The array on the Inquiring Heart steps were a heavy hurdle, if one’s heart is not strong, they will fall into the hand of the illusion and will not be able to break it in a few days. For an ordinary person, it takes at least two days to climb the steps.

Yuan Xi face instantly turned black.

The head of the sect, Yuan Zhao, hurriedly came out to make things easier, smiling brightly he said, “Senior Brother Yuan Xi is always thinking of the sect, this brother is very pleased. It is indeed true that this selection is extraordinary, naturally we should pay more attention than before.” Then he looked at Yuan Xia next and said, “But sister Yuan Xia is also right, the Inquiring Heart step was personally laid out by the Supreme Ancestor*. The higher one climbs, the dangerous it becomes for them because of the breeding of heart demons. Not to mention these new disciples who are about to enter, even if we, immortal cultivators went, we won’t be able to climb in a few hours.”

[T/N: Taishizu, our ML.]

The convincing words didn’t help the atmosphere because all the people inside the hall were well aware of the fact. The two people fighting with each other just rolled their eyes, when their eyes met, both of them let out a cold hum and looked away. The atmosphere turned awkward for a while.

Yuan Zhao’s head was full of black line. This pair of brother and sister weren’t in good terms with each other and it was known by everyone. He silently looked at other seniors in the hall for help.

Senior Brother A: I suddenly feel that the tea in the main hall today is so fresh ah, very tasty.

Senior Brother B: The ceiling of the main hall today is so shiny ah, let’s observe more.

Senior Brother C: The pillars of the main hall are so majestic today, I have to touch the pillars to be sure.

Yuan Zhao: What the!

“Oh, Senior Brother Yuan Xi, Senior Sister Yuan Xia.” Since no one was backing him up, Yuan Zhao could only grit his teeth and look at the two who have never been on the same page. But he continued to smile with arched eyebrows and play to role peacemaker, “Speaking of this, when I entered the sect, it took me two days to climb the Inquiring Heart steps. I wonder how many times did Senior Brother took?”

“Ten hours.” Yuan Xi replied, his voice faintly containing a few hints of pride.

“What about Senior Sister?” Yuan Zhao looked at Yuan Xia.

“Ten hours.” Yuan Xia also replied full of self-congratulation.

The two people’s anger slowly faded, and the atmosphere in the hall also improved.

Yuan Zhao was relieved, after finally smoothing down the hair, he continued to feed the two arrogant people enchanting soup*, “the two senior brothers and sisters have always had excellent heavenly apttitude, this Inquiring Heart step was also easy for you, of course. I think no one in the Yuhua Sect took so little time to complete it. Most of the people needs two days to complete.”

[T/N: Praise.]

Other mountain peak masters, silently turned their head away, pretending not to hear. We can’t hear anything ah, we are temporary deaf.

“Today is the first time in a hundred years that Yuhua Sect accepts disciples, in order to receive a disciple with a good heart, even if you wait in this hall for ten more hours, it is worth it.” Yuan Zhao stroked his goatee as he continued, “now that the first batch of disciples have entered the Inquiring Heart stage, I don’t expect anyone talented like Senior Brother Yuan Xi and Senior Sister Yuan Xia. I only hope that someone capable of Yuhua ……”

“Hello, is anyone there?” He had not finished speaking when the door opened with a crack and a curious head peeked in.

Yuan Zhao immediately felt as if someone slapped him in the face hard.

Ah …… My face hurts!

Can the sect still maintain harmony? No!



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