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5. Please give me an explanation first! (Part 2)

What’s going on? How did she come here? Shi Xia curiously looked around the place where she came when an impatient voice reached her ears.

“Hey, that one standing over there, don’t just keep standing, hurry up and get your number.” Not far away from where she was standing, a wooden platform could be seen. A big table was standing on the wooden platform. Behind the table, a man could be seen sitting there. He was wearing a white robe and a blue ribbon tying on his head, his hand waving at her with an impatient face.

Why does this person’s clothes look a bit familiar? Shi Xia walked over with a puzzled face, looking around, she found that several people appeared one after another on the open beach. Their faces filled with joy as if they had won a lottery. These people also appeared like her, out of thin air. Shi Xia had a hunch, could it be that the previous glowing circle under her feet was a teleportation array?

The man picked up a brush and wrote a few strokes on a wooden card with a ‘swish’ before handing it to her, “Here, count yourself lucky, you’re the last one today.”

“Huh?” What do you mean? Is there a show going on?

This man, also did not have the slightest intention to explain, simply pointed to the side and said, “Hurry up and get in, the sun is setting.”

Only then Shi Xia noticed that there was actually a door next to the table. Oh no, it couldn’t be said to be a door, only a door frame, surrounded by wooden planks with the middle being empty. Shi Xia froze as she looked at the door frame up and down in contemplation, why does this door looks….. like security checking door?

“What are you standing here for? Why aren’t you hurrying up and getting in ah?” The man who gave her the wooden card glared at her before turning his head to the people behind her in line, “Today’s number of people is full, this girl is the last one, you guys can come back tomorrow.”

Several wails and voices of protest rang behind her. Shi Xia suddenly felt the N pairs of envious and jealous eyes falling on her. Feeling helpless, she could only accept the situation with gritted teeth. But she had some doubt, there is no electricity here nor the door was plugged in, how would it work then? Unfortunately, she couldn’t ask anyone since she knew better that no one would answer her. She could only brace herself and walk to the unplugged security door.

The moment Shi Xia stepped on the security door, she felt like stepping into a new world. The original quiet and empty beach suddenly turned into a noisy and lively pier, a large wooden ship appeared in front of her eyes. The ship was crowded and many people could be seen already boarded on it.

On the pier stood a teenager with the same white clothes and blue ribbon, he was shouting numbers, probably calling for people who could get on the ship.

“246 ……247 number ……248 number ……” For every number he called, a person from the pier walked to that big ship.

Shi Xia couldn’t help but look back behind her, but found that the security door was gone, behind her there was only an empty beach. She immediately understood that the door was a one-way portal. Much like ‘Anywhere door’ but, with only one time use.

“Two hundred and fifty, is two hundred and fifty here?” The boy who shouted the number suddenly turned his head and looked at Shi Xia, “Hey, you? Are you two hundred and fifty?”

“Uh …… I’m not!” You are two hundred and fifty! Your whole family is two hundred and fifty*! Shi Xia scolded the boy in her heart.

[T/N: In China, 250(Er Bai Wu) refers to people who are fool or people who aren’t serious and don’t act seriously.]

“You are not?” The boy frowned, seeming a little unhappy. He strode over to her and reached out to snatch the wooden card in her hand to look at. With a face full of anger, he pointed to the above of the card and said, “Tell me what is written here then? You are clearly two hundred and fifty. How can you be not?”

Damn! It turns out that there was numbers written on wooden card, can I apply to change my number?

“Don’t just stand here, hurry up and get on the ship! You are the last one today.” The boy waved his hand impatiently to urged her.

“Wait, I ……” where is this going ah? At least axplain it ah!

“Cut the crap, get in!” The boy did not wait for her to finish, and pushed her to the ship.

The boy was impatient so he pushed her with so much force that Shi Xia couldn’t stand firmly, she stumbled over and fell on the wooden platform of the ship. The boy also boarded on the ship, seeing the fallen Shi Xia on the floor, he realised that he pushed too hard. With a face full of unwillingness, he reached out and pulled her up while muttering, “clumsy girl.”

Saying this, he reached to poke her forehead with a finger as some odd incantation was recited.

Shi Xia suddenly felt her whole body become lighter, as if she had taken a good night’s sleep. All the exhaustion in her body swept away as a gentle breeze enveloped her whole body. She felt so relaxed and comforting which was unlike the situation she was in. When she looked down, she saw her clothes that was full of mud and stains suddenly became bright white and new, even the stubborn stains of years were gone.

“Wow ……” she couldn’t help but let out a sound of admiration. Brother what exactly did you do? You can actually make people instantly wash their face and clothes.

“What a fuss.” This man, also had absolutely no intention of explaining, he just snorted coldly, turned around and walked away.

Shi Xia still curiously stared at her “new” clothes several times, then remembered that she was wearing a set of casual clothes. It was covered in mud so people couldn’t tell what exactly was she wearing. Now that it had become clean and bright, it became pretty eye-catching to a place where people wears Tang Dynasty clothes or other traditional clothing. She couldn’t help but think, would they think she is a weirdo?



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