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4. Friendship with the Big Meow (Part 2)

Shi Xia looked at the fighting man and cat duo in the air in trepidation as she silently cheered for the Big Meow in her heart. She took advantage of the fight in the air and went towards the people who fell on the ground. She checked every one of them and found that everyone was still breathing, but their breathing was very weak. It must be the work of that black mist created by the man.

While she was thinking how she could save so many people, she suddenly heard a cry of pain “Oh Oh” coming from the sky. Looking up at the sky, she saw the big cat’s body was filled with cuts as blood was flowing. Shi Xia’s heart sank,
the big cat couldn’t beat the man.

Although the big cat was powerful, it was still no match for the man. With its huge body, it couldn’t dodge the wind blades properly that was thin and dense in comparison to the cat. Now that the cat is injured, the man didn’t hesitate and sent a bigger and stronger wind blade towards the cat.

“Ohhh ~~~~~~”

The big cat was hit squarely on the abdomen, it couldn’t hold its weight anymore and fell to the ground with a cry of pain.

“Big Meow!” Shi Xia’s heart tightened, she ran over to the big cat and saw its belly was wide open with a big cut, blood was flowing constantly which couldn’t be stopped.

Shi Xia felt a flame of anger ignited in her heart and started to burn her sense of reasoning. She didn’t care that she couldn’t fight with the man. Sending a glare at the man she said, “Damn you! You hurt such an innocent cat! Don’t you know that I am a member of the Small Animal Protection Association? I’ll fight with you!”

She picked up a wooden stick lying on the ground and stood up, regardless of her lack of strength, she ran towards the man in black.

“You are looking for death!” The man snorted coldly and was about to wave the fan when suddenly, a spell formation lit up in front of him and a fireball appeared out of thin air in the sky. It grew bigger and bigger, even taller than the man before flying towards them.

Shi Xia only felt a hot breath of air hitting her face, she gasped slightly but she still stood unmoving and grasped the stick in her hand tightly. Either she lives or dies, she will still fight, fight for Big Meow!

The fireball was only a few meters away from her but she still didn’t move. The memories of her short life flashed before her eyes. She knew she was going to die which made her subconsciously close her eyes. The fireball fell from the sky as a sizzling sound filled the air. But surprisingly, she didn’t feel any pain. Confused, Shi Xia opened her eyes and saw the fireball had disappeared, only a pile of black ash was present in its place.

The fireball was extinguished!

And there was a transparent lightsaber* lying at her feet.

[T/N: Sword like weapon from the movie Star Wars.]

The man in black, who had just been very arrogant, suddenly changed his face, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes. He turned around and tried to escape with his sword, but when he tried to fly up, he was pressed by something and fell down to the ground. Since he was flying pretty high, falling on the ground gave him a heavy blow, he opened his mouth and suddenly spat several mouthfuls of blood.

What, What’s going on?

The dim sky suddenly lit up with a white light. Shi Xia looked up and saw a formation as big as a playground appeared and covered the entire place. The formation was circled with the same kind of swords lying on her feet.

The black fog instantly disappeared.

Above the formation, there was a white figure looming, Shi Xia squinted but it was too bright to see.

That person saved her?

“Black Fury, you Devil! This time I will see where you can run.” A teenage boy flew over beside the person looming above the big formation and went straight towards the black man who was still vomiting blood.

Shi Xia was relieved. She was happy to see these people wearing white clothes.

The teenager immediately went forward to the man in black and tied him up into a dumpling. After that, he turned toward the figure in the air and bowed with a standard disciple posture, “I did not expect to see Shishuzu* here, thanking Shishuzu for helping this disciple.”

[T/N: The meaning of this word is very complicated. If I describe it in simple term it would be ‘someone with great seniority in the sect’.]

The person in the air did not respond, he was still standing in his original position. Surrounded by numerous lightsabers, only his snow-white coat could be seen.

He is like a God. Shi Xia couldn’t help but admire him in her heart.

The young man seems to have gotten used to the person’s unresponsive nature. He looked away but when he saw Shi Xia, he showed a surprised face, “Huh?”

“HI~ good people.” Shi Xia waved her hand at him in greeting.

“There is actually someone who can stay awake and is not affected by the black poisonous mist.” The teenager walked over quickly and looked Shi Xia up and down before asking, “How on earth did you do that?”

If I said I didn’t do anything, would you believe me? “I don’t know …… “. Suddenly she remembered her friend Big Meow, “Big Meow!”

Shi Xia instantly turned around to Big Meow and ran towards it. The blood that had flowed from its wound was pooling around its big body, from time to time Big Meow let out whimpers of pain.

“Big Meow ……” Shi Xia felt her heart turning stuffy. It was in this severe situation because it tried to protect her. She stroked its head while looking at the teenager cultivator and asked, “it can be seen from your uniform that you are someone with great cultivation skills, can you save Big Meow?”

What the hell is uniform? The corners of the teenager’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He went to the big cat and took a closer look, “this …… is this not the Spirit Beast of the Tian Chen Sect’s mountain? How come it is here? Could it be that ……” he turned his head to look at the Black Fury who was bundled into a dumpling, his eyes turning into a fierce glare.

“Hahahahahahaha ……” Black Fury laughed even more arrogantly, “Unfortunately, you came too late, the Tian Chen Sect is no longer in this world.”

“You …… you actually really terminated the entire Tian Chen Sect! Abominable!” The young man was so angry that his face turned red, his eyes were full of anger. Who knew what he did but the Black Fury once again spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

The other party, however, was still not afraid provocating the teenager, “Now it’s useless even if you kill me.”

“You are simply heartless!” The teenager made a move to go over and settle the score with him.

Shi Xia quickly pulled his clothes, “Okay, Daxian* you can tear each other up later. Save Big Meow first, ah! The life of Big Meow is at stake, it doesn’t have much blood left to flow ah.”

[T/N: The word can either mean ‘someone with healing power’ or ‘great immortal’]

The young cultivator showed a difficult face, with his face full of guilt, he said, “girl, it is a Spiritual Beast. I am not a Beast Tamer. I don’t know how to save it.”

“Then what should I do?” Where can she find a vet?



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