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3. Deep in the woods there are gods and goddesses (Part 2)

Shi Xia looked at the scene in astonishment as she heard everyone present suck a deep breath of air in awe, much like herself. Suddenly she saw several white squares appearing out of nowhere and connected to that immortal mountain in the distance, like a fight of stairs.

“Immortal ascension ladder! It’s the ladder to the Immortal Gate!” Someone from the crowd shouted this, and the people became excited. They rushed to the floating stairs with enthusiasm.

Shi Xia was far away so she couldn’t see what people were doing around the stairs. She wanted to go forward and see but the place was crowded out. Even the little boy, Xuan Lin and his sister was squeezed out and couldn’t approach the stairs.

“Hey, why can’t we get up?”

“Is the ladder not working?”

“I almost fell to my death!”

Suddenly, the crowd in front let out a cry of alarm. The original stairs would have taken them to the top of the mountain but for some reason, they couldn’t step on the stairs. Whoever stepped on them their feet directly went through the stairs and they fell to the ground.

It seems that this Immortal ladder isn’t made for climbing up? Shi Xia thought so and was glad she didn’t rush forward to climb the stairs.

Many people have stepped on the square tiles to try, but no one could step on the Immortal ladder. At best, they could climb a few steps and then fall down. The original excitement of the crowd slowly died down, but few were persistent and tried again and again.

“You can only climb the ladder if the Immortals permit. Don’t make a fuss, wait for the Immortals to come.” Someone from the crowd said and people stopped trying climbing the stairs.

But after waiting for a long time, no immortals came down from the Immortal Mountain above. Not even a shadow of them could be seen, as if they don’t exist. Seeing the sun was about to go down, the crowd standing on the grass became a little impatient. The forest becomes dangerous at night, so if they stayed there till night, they would sure become the dinner of the monsters living in the forest, if not an immortal.

But suddenly, someone let out a cry of astonishment.

“Look at the sky!”

Everyone looked towards the floating mountain and saw a black shadow was flying towards their way.

“They are coming! The Immortals are coming!”

“The Immortals are coming to pick us up, great!”

The crowd got excited again and started to move towards the front slowly. Shi Xia looked up at the sky to the flying black shadow and couldn’t help but let out an ‘ooohh’ in awe. These immortals could actually fly. That means they are really Immortals!

The shadow was getting bigger and bigger, and the crowd could finally see a figure dressed in black, with a flying sword under his feet.

Black clothes? Shi Xia frowned. Well, there was no rules that says immortals couldn’t wear different coloured clothes but aren’t immortals known as gods of cultivation world? Shouldn’t gods wear white clothes? And it didn’t seem like her illusion but the Immortal Mountain suddenly became darker?

Just in a few seconds, the black shadow had reached to the crowd. Now the black figure could be seen clearly, it was a man with tall built and and standard immortal physique. He was wearing a long sleeved black robe, his white skin looked whiter against his black clothes. His red lips was pursed in straight line. Shi Xia felt he looked like a standard vampire on TV.

He stopped his long sword in front of the crowd and slightly narrowed his eyes. He scanned the crowd from left to right and let out a sneer of contempt. His red lips opened as a mocking tone left, “I was thinking who could it be, it turns out to be just a group of stupid mortals.”



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