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19. Old Man Lin falls from the sky (Part 1)



“Shut up! I have my ways to confirm your identity.” Yuanwu’s expression became more and more fierce as he said, “Demonic cultivators have always been good at coercing people. Although I don’t know what method you used to fool Tai Shizu, even Tai Shangzu…… I had a hard time releasing that demonic cultivator, how could I miss this opportunity for nothing?”


You cunning fox! You broke the seal on your own to free that Black Fury! As for what? In order to kill her, he threw his own sect in danger.


“Do you know where this place is?” He suddenly thought of something, looked down the cliff and said with a smug face, “This is the Zhongji Mogui Cliff*, legend has it that there is an ancient spirit destruction formation below. Even if a cultivator with high cultivation falls from here, they would be left with nothing but broken bones. That day the members of my family were all pushed down by your devil brother. Today is the time for you to pay with your life.”


[T/N: It was in the RAWS and it means, absolute devil.]


“Hey, hey, hey, that’s not how you take revenge.” What is wrong with the logic of these people? Why do they love to speak illogically all the time?


“What? You are begging me not to seek revenge on you?”


“You said that the Demon King killed your family, so you want to kill me for revenge. But did I do anything to you? If you kill me now, what would be the difference between what you would do and what the Demon King did back then?”


“A brother’s debt is paid by his sister, it is common sense since ancient times.”


“Common sense my ass!” From the moment Shi Xia crossed over to this world, her common sense had been burned by the common sense of this world to charcoal. All the negative emotions accumulate in the last few months burst into a huge wave of anger through her, “what brother’s debt is payed by sister? In the end, it’s just all your make up excuses to kill me. You can’t find the Demon King, even if you do, you know well that you won’t be able to beat him. So, you looked for me, an innocent bystander without any cultivation to take your so-called revenge. Because you are a coward and afraid of death. You also said that it’s common sense, but hearing you made my common sense cry, okay? What taking revenge on me? What killing the Demon King’s sister? It is just an excuse for you to kill innocent me. I have never hurt a person and you still want to kill me? In the name of revenge, you are just killing innocent people. If I were your family, I would have died again in anger. Why don’t you see how wrong this is? Don’t you feel ashamed doing this?”


“Shut up!” Yuanwu’s face twisted in anger as it burst like volcano, “you are going to die but you still dare to be philanthropist.” Immediately after, he removed the hands holding Shi Xia and flung her away from the cliff.


“Crap, you dirty piece of a……”


Don’t throw me away!


Shi Xia only felt her body sinking as gravity pulled her towards it with breathnecking speed. Yuanwu’s face mixed with various emotion, coldness, grim, hideous, restlessness went far and far away from her until it was no longer visible. Only the sound of the wind clattering louder and louder in her ears was heard and the distant sky in her vision.


I can’t be so unlucky ah?


I’m not going to die like this, right?


She just barely learned the words of this world! Why can’t they give her a chance to breath properly?


What about the promise of not dying until she becomes a cultivator? What about the promise of peace?


She had never done anything bad ah, as a child, she often helped old grandmas in her community to cross the road. Although after growing up, the number of times she did it become less, she still tried to help the victims of earthquake and flood to distribute relief. Not only that, after coming to this world, the first thing she was to save a little girl from the mouth of a monster! These are her achievements in life ah! How can the Heaven be so blind!?


Wait! Was she born just to die like this?


She simply did not want to die ah ah ah……


Speaking of which …… she had already brainstormed more than 196 words, why hadn’t she fallen to the ground? How deep is the bottom of this cliff?


Was it giving her time to prepare for death? Wasn’t it still taking a little too long?


But the whipping of wind in her ears did not stop, this horrible sound was the prove that she was indeed falling. Not to mention the feeling of weightlessness was also present, as if her body would be turned to meat pulp the next moment.


Shi Xia’s whole body couldn’t help but tense up in fear and trepidation at the thought. She clenched her fist tightly and gritted her teeth as she waited for the pain to come.


A minute passed……


Her fist was slowly unclenched.


Ten minutes passed ……


Her body relaxed.


Half an hour later ……


She turned around.


Two hours later ……


She fell asleep.


Well, she had never experienced this kind of feeling of falling down the cliff. The cliff was too high, even after falling for such a long time, the bottom wasn’t seen. She got used to it……




Shi Xia didn’t know how long she slept, but when she woke up, it was still pitch black around her, and the sound of the wind in her ears was still there, and the most important thing; she was still falling. When she looked up, the sky was clear with white clouds roaming around, the weather looked pretty good.


Her heart’s, which was shaking with fear along with depression became so relaxed that she simply lied down on her back and enjoyed the ride. She pulled out the storage bag that was tied around her waist and pulled out a few radishes before starting gnawing on them. The storage bag was given by the cheap brother, he made it especially for her. The space inside the bag was very large, who knew if her heart had the lingering fear of being starved to death, she would stuff foods in it from time to time.


After gnawing on the radish, she didn’t know what to do for a while. This situation was too boring in the end, no? Can’t it be a little more painful ah?


No knowing what to do, she just stared at the sky. Maybe the boringness got the best of her, but the blue sky surrounding the black cliff looked particularly good.


Seeing the blue sky, she couldn’t help but remember a song.


“The end of the sky is my love, the flowers are blooming at the foot of the green mountains ……”


Well, yes this was the one, exactly her cell phone’s caller tune which was ringing.


Mobile ringing ……


WTF! Her phone is ringing! (⊙?⊙)


Shi Xia sat up with a jerk, because there was particularly nothing under her back, it took a lot of effort to sit up straight. She hastily pulled open the storage bag and pulled out the phone she had put in it six months ago.


The four words “unknown caller” were displayed on it.


With shaking fingers, she pressed the ‘Yes’ button and brought the phone to her ears.





“Listen …… don’t come over …… Don’t …… never, I …… ”


“What did you say? Hello? Hello?” The sound of static was making it hard to hear what the other party was saying. It became louder and louder and stayed that way few longer before being disconnected again.


Shi Xia looked at the darkened phone screen as her heart started to jump in excitement.



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