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18. Please don’t follow my script (part 2)

“Not good, the seal is about to break.” Bi Hong face became white, he looked at the house behind them in hope, “Master ……”


He hadn’t finished his words when something white flashed in front of them. The person who was originally sitting inside the house and meditating was now standing before them.


“Stay here!” Chi Hou commanded Shi Xia this sentence before his body flashed towards that red light.


“Master ……” Bi Hong became anxious, he just took a step forward to chase his Master when his sleeve was pulled. He looked behind and saw the devil girl, Shi Xia was pulling his sleeve.


“What do you want?” Bi Hong asked in irritation. His Master was in danger and this devil girl is delaying him!


Shi Xia swallowed her saliva before speaking, “Where are you going?”


Bi Hong hesitated for a moment before replying, “I’m going to help Master. The Demon Locking Formation seems unusual, I have to go and see. You go to the Qixue Hall by yourself.”


“Got it.” Shi Xia waved her hand carelessly, it’s been half a year she had been attending the school, so she knows the way there.


Getting the affirmation from her, Bi Hong chased after his Master with his sword.


Shi Xia nibbled on the fried radish as she looked towards the way where they left. After a moment of silence, she looked at the teenager Yuanwu who still hadn’t left and asked timidly, “That seal, is it important?”


“Hmm.” She didn’t expect Yuanwu to actually answer her. He just took a step back and stood farther away as he explained, “The Demon Locking Formation …… seals is an ancient seal to lock demonic beast. Once this seal is broken it will definitely endanger the sect’s congregation, so Tai Shangzu and Tai Shizu have rushed to …… repair the seal.”


“Oh ……” Shi Xia seemed to understand a little. She looked at the timid Yuanwu who was standing far away from her and asked “why you are so afraid of me?”


Yuanwu froze, before quickly shaking his head and denied the fact, “No …… not…… I’m not afraid!”


“If you’re aren’t afraid, why are you shaking so much?” Shi Xia had a head full of black lines. She was an innocent human being, not a monster, okay? And she also has no such hobby of bullying the young. She waved her hand carelessly and said, “Forget it, I have no time to chat with you. It’s already late, I have to go!” She quickly gobbled the few radishes on the plate with rice and put down the bowl.


“You want to go down the mountain?” Yuanwu was surprised as he asked.


“Yes!” Or I’ll be late for school.


Seeing her in a hurry, he couldn’t help but say, “But …… but Tai Shizu and the others haven’t come back yet.”


“It’s okay, I know the way.” It’s not like she’s going to get lost.


“Wait!” Yuanwu called her in an anxious voice. He hesitated s little before saying with gritted teeth, “I …… I’ll go with you.”


Shi Xia froze, she couldn’t help but wonder who else didn’t know that she was attending the school of Xiao Guan Peak other than the cheap brother and Bi Hong. She looked at Yuanwu suspiciously as she asked, “You think I want to run away, right?” She remembered that, except for Bi Hong and her cheap brother, everyone treated her as the Demon King’s sister.


“Don’t worry, I won’t run away.” Shi Xia patted her chest to ensure that she was telling the truth, “I’m just going to Xiao Guan Peak for a while, and will come back in a while.”


Yuanwu was still unrelent as he insisted, “I’ll go with you.”


“Whatever you want.” She Xia didn’t try to stop him and went towards the teleportation array.


Yuanwu immediately followed, afraid that she ran away. When Shi Xia was about to step into the array, he stopped her, “Wait ……”


“What again?” I’m going to be late kid.


“You …… you are really going to Xiao Guan Peak?”


“Then where will I go?” To your house?


Yuanwu frowned, he formed another array beside the teleportation array and said, “this array can also take you to Xiao Guan Peak. If you go through this array, I will believe you.”


Shi Xia looked at the new spell formation on the ground and hesitated before taking two steps away and saying decisively, “No.”


“What…… why?”


Shi Xia gave him a stink eye as she said, “next to a safe and reliable teleportation array that been formed by someone I trust, you are telling me go through another line? You didn’t even give me money.” She hates the beta version of anything.




“It’s none of my business whether you trust me or not. I don’t know you, can your trust be eaten?” Shi Xia continued to say without stopping, “Besides, you are so afraid of me, who knew once I stepped onto the array, it wouldn’t take me to Xiao Guan Peak but another place for my death. This is what seen on TV dramas! I don’t know you, maybe you are trying to take revenge. Maybe someone from your family, your relatives or your friend had been killed by the Demon King. So you want to lure me away to kill me and avenge those people. If I go with you, ouldn’t it be me who would loss big…”


“How do you know?” Before she could finish her sentence, Yuanwu suddenly blurted out with a shocked expression.


“Huh?” Shi Xia froze. Don’t tell me he….


Yuanwu’s face sank, he didn’t try to hide the fact that what Shi Xia said was true. He, who looked like a clueless teenager suddenly became someone with a grim and hideous face as he looked at her, “Since you already know my plan, all the more reason I can’t keep you alive!”


“Crap, no way!” She just casually made up a plot, why are you playing according to her script ah?


Yuanwu suddenly reached out and grabbed the collar of her robe before dragging her towards the teleportation array he had created.


The formation lit up, as the scene around them change. When Shi Xia looked up, she saw herself standing at the edge of a dangerous cliff.


“Holy shit!” She Xia couldn’t help but curse, she wanted to smack herself in the mouth, me and my cheap mouth.


Yuanwu took her by the lapels and carried her to the edge of the cliff. Her feet were suspended in the air as the bottomless cliff was below.


Shi Xia was panicking as she began to struggle, “Junior, please calm down.”


“You are worthy of being the sister of the Demon King.” He snorted coldly as he said, “I’ve already bound you with my binding technique, but you can still move.”


The art of binding? What is this? Why didn’t she feel it? If she had, she wouldn’t have moved at all ah!


“Yuanwu, this is a misunderstanding, please release me first.”


“Release you?” Yuanwu laughed, his face was filled full with pain as his emotions grew more and more agitated, “When the Demon King killed my relatives back then, did he ever think of letting them go?”


“What it has to do with me?” It wasn’t like I killed them.


“He killed my relatives, I will kill his sister, fair enough!”


“Where’s fair? Junior at least listen to me ……” she tried to suppress the fear in her heart and said in a deep voice, “I’m really not the sister of the Demon King, you’ve got the wrong person!”





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