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18. Please don’t follow my script (part 1)



Six months have gone by in a flash.


After learning the language of this world like studying the English grammar, Shi Xia could be finally considered someone who knew the basic words and could read, probably ……(╯﹏╰)


At least when Chi Hou gave her that gong method, she could read two-thirds of the words. The teaching quality of that Qixue hall was really good, not at all like the ancient costume drama where the teacher lectured throughout the whole class and students have to take notes. The teachers there were very good and responsible, not only they taught words, they also taught other subjects like meridians, acupuncture points, basic medical theory, and some Five Elements* and Eight Trigrams* and other knowledge.


[T/N: Five elements, also known as Wuxing (Chinese: 五行; pinyin: wǔxíng; Japanese: gogyo (五行), usually translated as Five Phases or Five Agents, is a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, and from the succession of political regimes to the properties of medicinal drugs.]


[T/N: The eight trigrams stands for fire, water, earth, sky, thunder, wind, mountain and lake]


Shi Xia somewhat could now understand why Bi Hong recommended her to go to the academy, rather than telling her to request Chi Hou to teach her. Martial Arts Cultivation is actually considered a physical cultivation, technique to flow the internal energy and aura are completely different. If one does not know the meridians and qi points, even if the person knows how to read and write, will they be able to cultivate?


In addition to learning words, most of her time in these six months was spent on identifying acupuncture points and meridians. Although these points are basically useless for Spiritual Cultivation, because every cultivator can shift their acupuncture points. But the meridians are connected with the acupuncture points. It’s just that the method of operation of spiritual energy and internal energy is different.


Although Chi Hou was not a martial arts practitioner, but he knew a lot about meridians. No matter what question she asked, he could answer it easily. Shi Xia, who felt she was deceived for calling him brother was still quite satisfied with this cheap brother. Although, that jerk from time to time tried to pinch her face, or rub her hair at every opportunity, he was quite normal apart from these.


Basically, no matter what she asked or demanded, he would try to fulfill it, only after she called her brother of course. Shi Xia after seeing his sincerity couldn’t help but feel, this cheap brother didn’t seem to be that bad? If only he didn’t try to always like climb the window in the middle of the night to tell her stories, he could be better.


She couldn’t help but wonder, why was he obsessed with telling her stories? And why he firmly believe that she also liked to listen his stories? No matter how much she cried of resistance, he still would tell stories.


Please! She hadn’t listened to bedtime stories since she was five, okay?


Okay, it’s okay if he told her stories, but couldn’t he tell them a little professionally? Why was it so hard to understand what he was telling? Why was his story so absurd?


For example, story one.


“Once there was an eighth-ranked Yulin beast on the shore of the East Sea. It was huge, about ten feet tall and had a good grasp at water magic.”


“Later …… it died.”


“I killed it!”


Story two.


“There was a demonic cultivator in Jade Shower City who specialized in capturing the souls of the living and practicing the Ten Thousand Ghost Streamer to enhance his cultivation. There were countless souls under his hands who suffered.”


“Later, he died.”


“I killed him!”


Story Three.


“There was once a traitor in the Sacrificial Moon Sect who fell into the devil’s path. For the practice of evil arts, he killed his master and destroyed his family. All three thousand disciples of the Moon Sacrifical Sect died tragically in his hand.”


“Later, he died.”


“I killed him!”


Story Four.


“The Forest of Forgetfulness ……”


Flip the table! Is this even called a bedtime story!? This was clearly a horror story, right? In the end, she couldn’t understand if he came here to put her to sleep, or scare her sleepless.


The only time Shi Xia thought he was tolerable when he stuffed her with various snacks with an expressionless face. Or after giving serious explanation of the meridians, he never forgot to stuff a pillow behind her back if she was having trouble sitting straight. He was big guy with an ever bigger heart, but would also sometimes punish Bi Hong if he did something to offend her. But surprisingly, Bi Hong’s punishment was most of the time kept a secret from her.


Shi Xia again felt, this cheap brother was still a little likeable.




“Disciple Yuanwu greets Tai Shizu.” A voice transmission suddenly came from the air above her head.


Shi Xia froze before she thought, the name Yuanwu felt so familiar?


“Why is this kid here?” Bi Hong, who was holding a bowl of fried shredded radish, put down the bowl in his hand in confusion.


Radish again! Xia Shi frowned in disgust, she had been eating them for half a year.


Bi Hong raised his hand and waved. A transparent film seemingly break open around the Xiu Ling Peak as he exclaimed, “Come in!”


A white familiar figure flew inside from the middle of the sky. His thick eyebrows were furrowed with a bit of urgency.


Shi Xia took a closer look and realized indeed this kid was familiar. Wasn’t he the who gave her the jade token of coming here and also ran away after seeing her here?


“Yo, long time no see.” Shi Xia waved the chopsticks in her hand at him.


Yuanwu froze, this was the third time they had met, so he was not as frightened as last time. He sent a scornful look at her before bowing towards Bi Hong, “Disciple greets the Master.” After greeting Bi Hong, he looked around and asked, “May I know if Tai Shizu is here?”


“What do you want from Master?” Bi Hong asked as he sat down.


“Tai Shizu had helped this disciple to capture the Demonic Cultivator, Black Fury a few days ago. This disciple brought him back and sealed him inside of a Demon Locking Formation. But today, when I went to check, I found that he broke out of the formation. I don’t know his whereabouts, not only he ran away, he also destroyed the Demon Locking Formation.”


“What!” Bi Hong was shocked and stood up at once.


Shi Xia was just about to ask about the matter when suddenly, the ground started to shake like an earthquake was happening. In panic, she looked around her frantically when she a red light bursting from the top of another peak not far away from where they were standing. Not only their Xiu Ling Peak was shaking, even the surrounding peaks were also shaking.


Shi Xia was shocked, she quickly hugged the bowl of radish. It was so close! I almost lost my breakfast.




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