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17. The iron Master’s stupid disciple (part 2)

Since the time Shi Xia left, Chi Hou couldn’t help but frequently look in the direction of Xiao Guan Peak. For some reason unknown to him, his heart was in turmoil. The sister that he just snatched from the Demon King was too tempting! He couldn’t see her soft and round face neither could he pinch them. He felt that something was missing from his heart. But it was the decision of his sister, so he wasn’t able to oppose it.


As a good brother, he should support everything his sister decides. He couldn’t waver from this basic principle, he had to be satisfied whatever his sister think was right.


So his sister was right, it was his stupid disciple who was the only one to blame. What going to school ah? Even though his sister was illiterate, he was literate ah! Although he doesn’t like to talk much, it doesn’t mean he couldn’t teach. For his sister, he was willing to do anything.


Yes, it was all the stupid disciple’s fault!


He suddenly began to scold the past himself. If he hadn’t accept a disciple thousand years ago, this wouldn’t have happened.


The more he thought about it, the more anxious he became. His sister was so weak that she almost had an accident eating a radish, she had no cultivation nor any Spiritual Roots. She had gone outside alone, without him, her brother to protect her. What if something happens? What if someone bullied her? She can’t even fight. What if someone also think she is cute and snatch her away how?


Chi Hou was so anxious that he ignored the fact that the students in Xiao Guan Peak’s were all only ten-year-old. And also that he had ordered his disciple to follow her.


No, it was too dangerous outside, he had to keep a close eye on her. It was so hard to snatch the sister, so he couldn’t lost her. With that in mind, he flew towards Xiao Guan Peak with a flash.


When the head teacher of the Qixue Hall was on his way to the little ones class with the Three Character Classic* held in his hand, he met a man adorned in white clothes, floating on the air in front of the elementary class like an celestial immortal with a serious face. The old teacher was so shocked that his soul almost flew away.


[T/N: The Three Character Classic (Chinese: 三字经, 三字經), commonly known as San Zi Jing, also translated as Trimetric Classic, is one of the Chinese classic texts]


“Tai…… Tai Shizu.” His legs trembled as he fought the urge to kneel in front of this Great Ancestor.


Chi Hou, however, just coldly stared at him and threw out two words, “Go in.”


After saying that, he continued to stare at the class.


The teacher felt his brain had short circuit, how could the Tai Shizu of Yuhua Sect came here to stare at the wall with a peculiar position? Could it be that he came to inspect the quality of teaching in Qixue Hall? The teacher had a belly full of questions, but did not dare to voice them out and disobey Chi Hou. With a dizzy mind and trembling body, he walked into the classroom.


The moment he walked in, another great shoch ran through his body when his eyes landed at the back of the classroom and saw two giant children ……


These two …… who are they ah?


Why is all the strange things happening to him today? This school is very large ah! They could have picked anyone.


The teacher became more dizzy but still tried to taught the children and finish the class. He just wished that the sun could set quickly.


Of course, the sun don’t set just because someone wished. When the teacher was dizzy enough to fall on the ground face first, the sun finally set and the school was over! He picked up his courage and looked outside but saw the figure of the man he feared was gone. A huge sigh of relief parted his mouth, he was so relieved that he couldn’t care less about the two extra large students in his class, and picked up his books to slip away.


The feeling of being watched by the Tai Shizu while lecturing was too terrible.




When Shi Xia and Bi Hong returned to Xiu Ling Peak, it was already evening. As soon as they left the teleportation formation, they saw Chi Hou waiting next to the teleportation array. He still looked the same as always, with a cold face with facial paralysis which made anyone unable to see or read any expression.


Shi Xia froze for a moment before calling out to him, “Chi…… brother.” She quickly changed the word lest she angered this Great Ancestor and waved at him, “Are you waiting for us?”


“Hmm.” He responded softly, his voice still not rising and falling but his face had relaxed a little.


Shi Xia couldn’t help but smile as warmth spread in her heart, after a tiring day, it felt good to go home and have someone waiting. Although, he was a little sick in the head, he still was considered enough to wait for her.


She was about to ask him how long he had been waiting when she suddenly saw him extending his hands to her.


This is …… what does it mean? He wants to high five?


Shi Xia reflexively stretched out her hand towards him and clapped the both of their palm as she asked, “Thank you, were you waiting for a long time?”


“…… hmm.” Chi Hou’s voice sank with lingering disappointment. He looked at his empty palm and remembered what the Devi had told him before. The stupid Devil said that his sister would always hug him after returning home from outside. Did he lie then? It seemed he did.


“Master ……” Bi Hong squeezed over between the two of with joy in his round face, “You came to pick up this disciple. This disciple is very happy.” He was touched. His Master finally realized his value! He saw how Shi Xia clapped their hands together and stretched out his hand to do the same with the outstretched hand of Chi Hou. But all his palm touched was the empty air.


A cold glare, colder than ice fell on him. You dared to abduct my sister for a day, and still want to clap my hand? Roll away stupid disciple! (¬_¬)


Chi Hou simply ignored him as he gazed at Shi Xia warmly and said, “Let’s go back.”


Bi Hong: “……” He was really picked up from the trash heap.




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