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17. The iron Master’s stupid disciple (Part 1)



“Or, we can just change the cultivation method.” Brother will teach you anything ah.


Shi Xia: “……”


Bi Hong: “……”


You gave up so soon! Where is the promised brother-sister love?


“How about Buddhist Cultivation? You just have to recite spells.”


“Master ……” The corner of Bi Hong’s mouth twitched as he asked, “doesn’t reciting Buddhist scripture need to be literate?”


“Then let’s change to Ghost Cultivation?” Brother also knows that.


“She is a living person.”


“Then Demonic Cultivation.”


“Master, we are an immortal sect ……” Bi Hong’s head had full of black lines. The most respected Taishizu of the most respected sect now was telling people to learn Demonic Cultivation? He felt if other people know, they would be horrified. Besides, “Demonic Cultivation also requires spiritual roots.”




Shi Xia, who was full of confidence a moment ago deflated like a balloon. All her confidence was shattered by one blow after another. Her whole person became distracted. The same thought whenever she was depressed came in her mind again, everything is hopeless, there is nothing to live for. Did she really crossed to other world just to be a waste material?


Since Shi Xia was unhappy, her brother-in-name was also unhappy.


Turning his head, he glared at a certain culprit who broke the truth. All because of the stupid apprentice. I have to kick him out from my Xiu Ling Peak.


Bi Hong a shivered, what did I do wrong ah? Why is Master glaring at me? I just told the truth! The saying ‘kindness doesn’t begets kindness’ is true. He so kindly spoke the truth only to be glared at by his beloved Master. Biting the handkerchief.


Master, am I still your disciple?


“In fact, there is another way.” The Master’s eyes are too scary. Bi Hong had to harden his heart to speak out, “you can just start learning the words. The school of Xiao Guan Peak on the Qixue Hall is very good at teaching the disciples to learn the word.” But there are only children under ten years old. Bi Hong swallow the rest of the words in case his Master got angry again.


“Really?” Shi Xia was immediately resurrected, “But …… can I really go to learn?” She is the public enemy after all. What if the people of there rushed to kill her the moment they see her?


“Xiao Guan Peak only excepts newly initiated disciples, so it’s unlikely they’ve seen you.”


“Okay, then I will go to school tomorrow.” Isn’t it just learning a foreign language? She was someone who always came up to top five in her class. She didn’t believe she couldn’t handle a foreign language.


After learning the language, she will come back to practice immortality. She would practice with her soul and heart, fight and upgrade, improve her skills and reach the top of life!


    I can do this!




But her confidence was severely tested on her first day of school.


As soon as she stepped into the classroom, a dozen turnip heads, all looked at her, the oversized turnip.


What the! Why no one told her that this was an elementary class!?


Those pair of big bright eyes, shining with pure curiosity, doubt and excitement looked at her. It gave Shi Xia the illusion that she had came here to repeat the grades that she had failed previously.


Under the gaze of all the little radishes, she went in and sat in the last row. She felt she was sitting on a hot pan and couldn’t believe that she was sitting in a class with a group of children who was her classmates. Feeling humiliated, she was about to cover her face when a large wave of turnip heads curiously approached her.


Shi Xia was planning how to avoid the turnip heads. Should she pretend to be sunflower sister* or put up scary expression?


[T/N: Someone with bright personality.]


She was just contemplating what to do when something heavy fell beside her. When she looked at the side, she saw a round body of a fat man who was at least….40 years old!


There are still students in this class who is older than her! She Xia suddenly didn’t feel lonely anymore


“Humph!” The Fatty who sat beside her snorted very unfriendly towards her and said, “It’s all because of you!”


Shi Xia looked at him puzzledly. How come it’s her fault that he came to the class that is filled with children? People ah, they are good at blaming others.


“I’m Bi Hong! Bi Hong!” The fat man fiercely to glare at her, his rounded body moved the desk from their position.


“Bi Hong? Old man!” Shi Xia was stunned. She looked him up and down and asked curiously, “How did you become like this?” How did he changed his appearance just in one night? Could it be it’s his doppelganger?


“This is what I originally look like.” Bi Hong said with a huff.


“Then the old man before ……”


“That is what I look like with illusion spells.” Bi Hong explained in a serious manner, “My cultivation level is much higher than other disciples and I’m titled as Tai Shangzu*……, and so I thought, I would look more respectful if look a little older.”


[T/N: Tai Shang actually means Taiwanese Businessman. I have no idea why he is called Tai Shangzu. Maybe he is involved in business?]


“……” Shi Xia was speechless as she thought in her heart, sorry, the look she saw of him wasn’t respectable at all. “Then what are you doing here?”


“You still have the gut to ask! Of course it’s all because of you.” Thinking about this Bi Hong was furious, “If you hadn’t wanted to come to learn how to read and write, would I have turned my original look and sent here to protect you by Master?”


So it was arranged by the cheap brother, but ……


“Wasn’t the idea of coming here to learn was yours?”


“You ……” Bi Hong was aware of it too. And it was also the reason why he was more upset. The feeling of lifting a stone and smashing his own foot wasn’t pleasant at all! It’s simply too annoying!


“Well, since you’re here, let’s study hard every day oh! Senior Nephew.” Shi Xia was very happy. With him, she no longer had to worry about being despised by others for coming to study in an elementary school.


“Who is your nephew?!” He coldly snorted and firmly denied.


But immediately, his voice of defiance was drowned out by a crowd of curious questions from the little radishes.


“Uncle Fatty, are you also here to study with us?”


“Uncle Fatty, you are so old. Why haven’t you learned anything yet?”


“Uncle Fatty, is it because you’ve eaten too much that you can’t learn?”


“Uncle Fatty, your face is so round, oh it feels amazing to poke.”


“Uncle Fatty, your belly is also round, did you hide a ball there?”


“No, no, maybe he hid a melon.”


“Uncle Fatty, is it a ball, or a melon?”


“Uncle Fatty ……”


Flip the table! You are the melon! Your whole family is melon! I’m just a little round, where am I fat? You stinky brats! You don’t have eyes!


He is the Tai Shangzu of Yuhua Sect! He is one of the cultivators below the God Transformation!


As a matter of fact, there was no harm in comparison. Because there was an older, more prominent Bi Hong with a round body like a melon, all the little turnip heads’ eyes turned to him, completely ignoring Shi Xia. While Shi Xia was happy to not attract attention of the little radishes, Bi Hong’s face was getting darker and darker. A purple vein exposed on his head that was at the verge of exploding.


“Well, well, well ……” Shi Xia couldn’t help but go in and save the day, “Children, don’t bully newcomers, oh. Don’t look at his round body, in fact, he is a very powerful person oh.”


“Really?” The radishes looked skeptical.


“Of course it’s true.” Shi Xia turned on the lull mode.


“He’s a good student and knows more words than all of you.” Because he had learned them ah.


“He can also fly, like your teacher.” Because he had cultivated for a hundred years and is about to to transform as a god.


“He can cook, and he makes delicious dishes with radishes.” Because he cooked that for her every day.


“He can make a lot of toys, toys that can make you fly in the sky or breath under the water, all kinds.” Because he has a lot of magic tools.


“All in all ……” Shi Xia concluded in a serious manner, “one can not judge another person by their appearance. So what he is a little fat? He can be someone with extraordinary cultivation talent. Not to mention, he is an all-rounder and wealthy…uh wealthy…yes, wealthy. I mean, just get along with him, okay?”


The crowd of radishes replied in unison, “Yes!”


Bi Hong: “……” He couldn’t help but feel that her convincing method had omitted the most important words.



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