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15. Let’s study hard (Part 2)

“You can choose one, if none of them are to your liking, brother will find more for you.” Chi Hou said in a serious way.


Smack! Shi Xia was once again smashed by a book, to avoid being smashed to death, she immediately grabbed a book near her and shouted, “No need! I have already chosen!”


“Are you sure only this book will be fine?” Chi Hou frowned and asked.


“Yes, just this book!”


“You don’t want any more books?” There are so many books for you to choose from. Don’t be shy. <( ̄ coo) >


“No need.” I don’t want to be crushed to death.


Chi Hou then reluctantly nodded, “Okay!” With a wave of his hand, the books piled up on the ground instantly disappeared with a flash of white, leaving only the booklet in her hand.


Only then did Shi Xia breathe a sigh of relief.


“This gongfu is mainly about the practice of internal energy.” Chi Hou explained, “it is considered the upper level of martial arts cultivation, if you can cultivate it successfully, you will have the power to fight someone with Golden Dan*.”


[T/N: Neidan, or internal alchemy (內丹术: nèidān shù), is an array of esoteric doctrines and physical, mental, and spiritual practices that Taoist initiates use to prolong life and create an immortal spiritual body that would survive after death. It is also known as “Jindan”.]


“Oh Jindan.” Bi Hong was amazed, “Do martial art cultivators also have such powerful gong methods?” Most of the cultivators have the impression that martial cultivators only know how to throw some fist and foot kung fu, which is useful only in the mortal world. Martial arts cultivators are unable to fight or win against Qi cultivators or demonic cultivators. But the gongfu that his Master would be teaching to the devil girl can actually fight against Jindan!


“Hmm.” Chi Hou nodded his head, as expected of his sister. A sense of pride rose in his heart seeing her choosing such a good method.


Sounds very powerful, Shi Xia was a little excited as she touched the cover and asked eagerly, “So can I start learning now?”


Chi Hou reached out and touched her head, “If you don’t understand something, you can ask brother.” Touched her head! Happy. (^o^)/


“Ok!” Shi Xia nodded vigorously with excitement. She turned the pages of the book eagerly, if she could learn this, she wouldn’t need to afraid of being chased by others. Even if she couldn’t fight, she could escape easily. So she must read everything carefully, and learn them with heart…with heart ……




Shi Xia closed the book with a snap, her face looked like she had ran a marathon through the 10,000 yard of grass and mud!


“What’s wrong with you?” Bi Hong gave her a puzzled look.


“Nothing …… nothing?” Shi Xia pulled the corners of her stiff mouth, giving a smile that looked more like a painful expression than a smile. No, no, no, it must be because she opened it upside down, how can it be that she couldn’t understand anything at all! Well, it must be her illusion.


Taking a deep breath, she again carefully turned a page …… two pages …… three pages ……


What entered her vision was pages filled with full of oddly shaped tadpole text greeting her warmly.


Shi Xia felt a bucket of ice water pouring down on her head, she felt it penetrating her heart, making it freeze and unable to breath.


“You can’t read the book, huh?” Bi Hong looked at her in amazement.


Shi Xia replied with a stiff voice, “Oh …… you know how to joke. How can I not know how to read.” I was a university graduate, how can I be illiterate ……


Lowering her head, she looked at the oddly shaped text written on the book and asked with hesitation, “So can you …… please tell me is this the common text of the immortal cultivation world?” There is no Chinese version? Even English would also be good ah.


“You can’t read.” Bi Hong said as he nodded. His affirmative sentence hit her hard. She could see the word “illiterate” falling down from the sky and hitting her hard on the head.


“Yes, I can’t read……”.


The words looked obviously in Mandarin, but why isn’t anything readable ah! What the hell is wrong with this world!? Bad review!


Now I have to go to Kindergarten teachers, I’m sorry! I’ve let you down!


“Hahahahahahaha ……” Bi Hong did not hesitate and let out a laughter as loud as thunder. He rolled on the ground as he laughed and held his stomach, “You… …you actually can’t read, you are a grown up but still can’t read, hahaha …… even ten-year-old children can …… but you can’t even read words. You still dared to choose gongfu, hahaha… …”


“Hey, that’s enough!” This is because of cultural difference, not because she is illiterate, Shi Xia tried to reason like this in her heart.


“Hahahaha ……” But the old man didn’t stop and kept laughing. He felt this incident can make him laugh for a year. He couldn’t help but suddenly feel; deserve it!


Shi Xia was hit with a million points of damage. She looked at the person next to her with tear in her eyes, “brother ……”


Chi Hou felt her heart clenched seeing her tears. He turned his head to glare at the disobedient disciple and said in a commanding tone, “Shut up!”


Bi Hong shivered and quited down. I was just laughing Master, ooh ooh …… But Master still scolded him, he was really abandoned.


“It doesn’t matter if you can’t read or write.” Chi Hou changed the tone of his voice to a softer one and tried to coax her, “it’s just a gong method, even if you can’t read, you can listen to what I say, this martial cultivation internal power gong method, I ……” didn’t seem to practice either. Chi Hou swallowed the word inside and changed it to another.


“But no harm, you can slowly learn, martial cultivation are actually the movement of body. You can still practice without reading……” No, it’s impossible to learn! o(╯□╰)o


Why is martial arts so troublesome? Now she have to be literate.


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