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15. Let’s study hard (Part 1)

After the Demon King disappeared, Chi Hou felt like a piece was missing from his heart, so he could only rely on his own imagination to fill in the gaps. The feeling was very fresh, as if the person lives in his heart, is outlined by his own strokes and completely belongs to him.


Until she appeared in front of him. His first reaction after seeing her was obviously joyful, as if the person in his heart that he had been drawing such a long time suddenly came to life. She was someone with flesh and blood, finally he could touch the person in his imagination and talk to her.


But immediately after he understood that this sister now no longer exists in his heart, only in his shadow. Because she is the sister of the Demon King.


This feeling is annoying! He disliked it very, very much. Why was it like this?! He had imagined her for a hundred years, so why should the Demon King, who was stupid, whose cultivation was lacking and who was rotten to the core have such a sister?


Why can’t he have a sister? Did he not anticipated her arrival? It was simply intolerable.


If only she were not the sister of the that fool, if only she were his own sister.


Once this idea bubbled up, it was simply uncontrollable. Why doesn’t he steal this sister? He would feed her, take care of her and tell her stories, make her unable to remember her own brother and firmly sit in the place of the brother.


And this is what he planned to do, without feeling any regrets or remorse. The sister was so good ah, she was soft and good, it feels so good to squeeze her cheeks. The Demon King is so stupid, how can he not protect such a good sister?


So, in order to prevent this sister from being led astray, to save the only good sister in the whole world, for the peace of the immortal world, he decided to snatch his sister over and keep with him forever.


The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his decision was simply too wise. The only problem was his sister was a bit silly, eating a bunch of purple jade ice ginseng as radish and almost pooped herself to death. It must be because her demon fool brother didn’t teach her good things. But he is different, with his own qualification in cultivation, he could teach her everything. He is hundred times stronger than that demon fool, and his cultivation is also much better than him. He is doing everything for the sake of his sister, definitely not because he is jealous of that demon fool.


His sister may not adapt well at first, but it doesn’t matter. As time goes by, his sister will definitely find that she is her best brother and will definitely forget about the original one.





What’s more, if he announces himself as her brother, then all those people who were dissatisfied with the Demon King wouldn’t be able to do anything to her. Their attitude will completely reverse, they would be busy in praising her until they foamed through their mouth, rather than wanting to kill her.


After planning all these, Chi Hou immediately went to abduct her, and also effortlessly abducted her with 100% success rate. But one problem arised after bringing her here-


–How could he be her brother?


Are the methods written in Immortal Law books? He carefully reviewed all the secret books of gong methods, but could not find any answer. In his mind, he suddenly recalled the words of the foolish Demon King when he was showing off to him:

“Let me tell you, my sister Shi Xia likes to listen to my stories the most. Every night, she won’t sleep until she hears the stories I tell. Have you ever told a story to your sister? You must not have because you don’t even have a sister!”


He heard the words, pinched them, and after condensing the essence, he came up with the answer: his sister likes to hear stories.


How about we start with a bedtime story!


So, while the night was dark and windy, the Great Ancestor of Yuhua Sect, climbed the window of a young girl to tell stories……




The price of Shi Xia throwing away her modesty was that Chi Hou really started to teach her self-protection skills.


“The cultivators in this world likes spiritual cultivation the most. Buddhist cultivation requires long-term merit to accumulate success, so it’s not suitable for you.”




“And ghost cultivation, which needs to absorb negative energy is even less suitable.”




“So the only thing that would be good for you is to enter the path of martial arts cultivation and become a martial cultivator.”




“Martial cultivation requires a lot of perseverance to be successful, so you should dive into it.”




“Of course if you really can’t persevere, you should not force yourself.”




“Do you have any other questions?”


“There is one ……” The corner of Shi Xia’s mouth twitched as she held out a finger and said.


Hou Chi nodded, “Say it. There’s no harm.”


“Can you stop pinching my face while talking?” Damn! This guy has been pinching my face all morning! When did she become a bun? Or is pinching the face while teaching is a popular trend in this world?


Shi Xia couldn’t help but turn her head to look at the old man beside her who had been sulking from yesterday with inquiring eyes, what is wrong with your Master? Is he sick in the head?  


The old man directly turned his head, don’t look at me, I’m just a poor disciple who was abandoned.


Chi Hou stiffened for a moment before retracting his hand with a face full of regret. It’s not his fault, his sister is so cute, even her angry look is so cute. So he couldn’t help it, he wants to rub, pinch and hug her.


Shi Xia looked at the person in front of her with a head full of black lines and asked, “just say directly, which method would be best for me to practice?”


“Martial cultivation is naturally best for those who have no Spiritual Roots. There are many fraction in martial arts cultivation like martial arts diverse, classification of miscellaneous, you can specialize in any one.” Chi Hou explained in a deep voice, “I have also learn some martial arts cultivation techniques, you can choose one and learn.”


“Ok!” Shi Xia’s eyes lit up as she agreed.


“But ……” Chi Hou frowned, “I don’t know many gong methods, and I don’t know if you have the right ……”


“It’s okay, I’m not picky!”


“Don’t be complacent.” Bi Hong coldly interjected and glared at her discontentedly as he said, “My master’s gong methods are one in a million. Being able to learn one of them is already a blessing.” Why did he not have this treatment when he was accepted as a disciple? Biting the handkerchief……


Shi Xia was too lazy to pay attention to this string of sour grapes* and said to Chi Hou, “let’s start, Chi……” she just started when a cold breeze blew on her body, she immediately swallowed back the next word and changed the word “brother.”



[T/N: Jealous person.]


“Hmm.” Chi Hou nodded with satisfaction, reached out and waved his hand. A spell appeared above the heads of the three people, “You have no Spiritual Roots so you can’t use the divine sense. I have turned the gongfu* into a booklet, unfortunately …… I don’t have many books, you can only learn the few I have.”


[T/N: Another term for “Kung Fu”.]


Once his words fell, Shi Xia only heard the sound of something rustling. When she looked up, she saw a bunch of books falling from the centre of the formation that was hovering above their heads. In a moment, the books had buried three people, while the spell formation was still busy throwing more books.


Time Xia: “……” This is called not much? Did you move the entire library?


Bi Hong: “……” Why did the master only give him a gongfu book but her so many? He really is not a real disciple.



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