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13. The iron Master’s unlucky disciple (Part 2)

Time flew and Shi Xia had been living in Xiu Ling Peak for a month. During this one month, she asked the old man about many things about the immortal cultivation world. Including the matter of time-traveling spells. The Yuhua Sect leader said that only cultivators above the God Transformation stage would have the ability to travel through time and space.


The cultivation level of the immortal world is divided into five major realms: Qi Cultivation, Foundation Building, Dan Junction, Genesis and Divine Transformation. The lifespan also increases in each stage. Cultivators of Qi Cultivation can live up to one hundred years, while the Foundation Building cultivator can live to two hundred years. Dan Junction cultivator can live to five hundred years, Genesis stage cultivator can live up to one thousand years and Divine Transformation stage cultivator can live up to five thousand years. Each major realm is divided into ten smaller stages. Each stage is a hurdle, if you want to improve cultivation, not only you have to know how to absorb a hefty amount of spiritual energy, you can’t also miss any chance encounter with divine beings or weapons.


In the current immortal cultivation world, cultivators on the stage of God Transformation can be counted with two hands. It was said that no one knows what is above the realm of God Transformation neither anyone reached up to that stage could be heard. The only person who could be said to be above the God Transformation is actually Chi Hou.


When talking about his Master, the old man never forgot to emphasize how high Chi Hou’s cultivation is and how great he is. No one exactly knows the true level of Chi Hou’s cultivation. Someone on the stage of God Transformation can’t rival him. In the whole cultivation world, the only God-like existence is him.


After hearing all the great things about Chi Hou from the old man, the faint hope that she can go home raised in Shi Xia’s heart again. She immediately ran to Chi Hou, hoping that he could open a door for her so that she could go home. But, Chi Hou rather threw a bomb at her.


“There are at least three thousand realms in the universe. The place you came from must be one of them. The void may be broken but not turned. You can only come but not go. There is no way of turning back.”


If all his explanation could be translated into human language it would be that Shi Xia originally crossed the barrier of the Void and reached this world. But the way was one-way. You can only come but not return. Even if you cross again, there is no guarantee that you will reach your world. You will only reach one of the three thousand worlds, which can be more deadly than this one. Maybe one of the worlds will be only in its primitive age where dinosaurs roam on the surface rather than humans. So, she could only stay here which was better than taking the risk.


Flip the table! What the hell! No wonder that stupid ghost system threw her here after making her deliver golden fingers a few times. Turned out that stupid system was lying to her all along. It couldn’t take her back to her world at all. Knowing the truth, tears couldn’t help but fall from her eyes.


She felt the whole world had turned dark and there was no hope.


Shi Xia’s mood was downcasted for several days after learning the truth. She couldn’t help but wonder why the system left her in this particular world. To cultivate? Ascend as a God? But she didn’t have any Spiritual Roots neither could she cultivate. Not only that, she was even the enemy of the public. She would be stabbed into a hedgehog the moment she stepped out of the Xiu Ling Peak.


What was the point of her crossing?


“Girl, what’s wrong with you?” The old man smiled with narrowed eyebrows seeing her unhappy look and asked, “What are you unhappy about? Tell me, so that this old man can also be happy.”


Shi Xia and the old man didn’t have a good relationship. So she didn’t bother to hide that she was dissatisfied with him and glared with fierce eyes. Is this old man pretending? He doesn’t know what’s wrong? Since the last radish incident, he always looked at her with displeased eyes. She apologized to him countless times but he still remained unforgiven. From time to time, he would pop up out of nowhere only to either sneer at her and speak a few sarcastic sentences. His behaviour could simply be translated; I am happy when you are unhappy. Shi Xia couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, she had never seen such an eccentric old man.


Shi Xia wasn’t someone with a pessimistic personality. She was only down for two days before returning to her previous mood again. So what she has crossed here and can’t cultivate? Was she someone who doesn’t know what suffering is? She had lost her parents when she was only five, and had been following a brother who was more unreliable than responsible. She had passed the bitter phase of life previously and survived as the winner. She would never believe that simply crossing to another world could beat her. She would pass this hardship too, and become a winner just as she had been in her previous world.


Thinking about this, Shi Xia was instantly energised. The air around her felt much fresher, even the old man with the gloating expression didn’t feel so abominable.


“Oh, so it’s the old sticker.” Shi Xia said with a smile before asking, “I am hungry, what did you cook for me ah?”


Bi Hong’s smile stiffened, as if he had only then remembered that he was also moonlighting as the other party’s chef. His smiling face gradually twisted into a constipated expression as he exclaimed, “My name is Bi Hong! Don’t get cocky. The Master will see your true colors one day.” He snorted coldly and reluctantly walked towards the kitchen.


This is my true face, you stupid old man.


“Wait!” Shi Xia pulled him back before he could leave. Although the old man always looked at her as if she was his sworn enemy, as a girl from the 21st century, she couldn’t be like him. He was the only friend, and bickering partner she had. So she tried to coax him, “I was just kidding, I’m not really hungry.”


“Humph!” The old man still snorted coldly and put his high nose even higher. Although he still had the look of ‘don’t talk to this old man’, his face looked more relaxed than before.


“I have something to ask you.”


“I won’t say anything!” The old man turned his head away with a look that said ‘I don’t want to deal with you’.


Hey, don’t be so high and mighty! Shi Xia took a deep breath to subdue the annoyance and showed a pitiful face, “please tell me. This is the last time I will ask you, so please tell me, okay?”


Bi Hong’s expression suddenly soared up, he gave her a merciful look and said generously, “Ask away!”


“Your Master Chi Hou, in addition to cultivating immortal spells and so on, what else can he do? Can anyone practice cultivation like him?” Shi Xia asked hopefully. She knew of her situation well, she was now the object of hatred of the whole cultivation world. Even if she explained everyone and begged them to believe her, no one would believe her. She didn’t want to die just because she has the same name as the Demon King’s sister. And so, she wanted to learn how to cultivate in order to protect herself.


As the saying goes, learning mathematics, science and chemistry can enlighten your future…… ah bah! She meant cultivation. Anyway, she had to learn how to protect herself to keep herself alive in this world.



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