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MMSG Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Diana turned two or three intersections after leaving home and came to a retro-style coffee shop.

As it was dinner time, there were not many people in the coffee shop, Diana found the person she was looking for at a glance.

In the secluded corner of the coffee shop, there sat a middle-aged woman in her early forties with slightly curly hair and sunglasses.

“Hi miss, what would you like to have?”

The tall and stylish Diana immediately became the center of attention in the store, and even the eyes of the young waitress lit up when she saw Diana and immediately stepped forward with the menu and asked.

“Just a cup of hot coffee,” Diana responded with a smile, sat down on the chair opposite the woman with sunglasses.

“Diana Prince, it’s been a while.” The middle-aged woman took off her sunglasses and her eyes were colder than winter.

Diana nodded lightly: “It’s been a long time, Barbara Minerva.” Seeing this former colleague, friend, and enemy again, she couldn’t help but feel a little mixed.

“Twenty years have passed, and you are still the same as you were back then. You haven’t grown old. True to the saying that you are a descendant of God?” Barbara laughed, staring at Diana’s perfect and familiar face, and laughed at herself: “Ever since I have lost the power of a Cheetah girl, and getting older, my face started to have crow’s feet, my body is getting out of shape every day, and my skin will no longer be as tough and elastic as it used to be.”

“Can’t you let go of what happened back then?”

Diana frowned slightly and asked bluntly, “So, that’s why you secretly stuffed my old photos into my house?”

Barbara leaned back and couldn’t help laughing: “You don’t even want to reminisce about the old-time and got straight to the point so quickly? It seems that you care about that child very much.”

Diana was noncommittal and said seriously, “He’s just an ordinary person.”

“So, that’s why I stuffed the photos.”

Barbara added with a sneering look: “You are a goddess who is high and mighty, you can fly into the sky and is immortal. Over the years, you have adopted an ordinary human child? What are you thinking, are you trying to completely integrate into our human world? Don’t make me laugh!!”

As she ends her sentence, she clapped her hands on the table and stood up. She was emotional and looked at Diana with incomparable resentment and anger.

Diana continued to look calm, her slender legs slanted and pressed together. Even though she was just sitting quietly in the chair, she was not shaken by Barbara’s words.

She was silent for a moment, and then said softly, “I, I was once completely disappointed and hopeless about human beings.”

“What are you talking about?” Barbara’s face was full of confusion, but she finally sat down again.

Diana glanced at the snow-covered street outside the window and continued, “Until, sixteen years ago, on that night of Christmas…”


“What’s wrong with me?”

Xi Nian looked at his hands in disbelief. He tried to stab his arms with a metal knife and fork, but the skin was so tough that it was only when he used force that he could feel a little pain, but by then, the sharp end of the knife and fork had started to bend.

He suddenly realized that for as long as he could remember, his aunt had never been hurt.

“No way.”

Xi Nian suddenly seemed to understand everything in an instant. He raised his head as if he was aware of it. What caught his eye was the ceiling of his living room.

Over the years, the ceiling that has always been simple and empty in his impression, is now the most conspicuous center, with a silver long sword, a dark gold round shield, and a Woman style Battle Armor?

These mysterious objects that should not exist were all linked together by a golden rope that appears and disappears from time to time, and there was a strange and luxurious crown, silver bracelets, and golden knee pads tied at both ends!

“It’s not that it doesn’t exist.” Xi Nian muttered to himself.

Maybe they’ve always been there, but he couldn’t see them before,

I can see it now.

Xi Nian stretched out his hand subconsciously, just when his fingertips touched the golden rope hanging in the air. The rope immediately turned from solid to virtual until it disappeared completely.


Xi Nian suddenly realized something was wrong, the sword and shield, together with the battle armor, which was originally hung by the rope, all fell in free-fall after the golden rope disappeared!

Xi Nian was a little dumbfounded, but his reaction and speed were also extraordinary.

What made him even more surprised was that just as his hand caught the crown and the silver bracelet, they were immediately integrated into his body, buckled on his forehead and wrist respectively.

? ? ?

Xi Nian’s head was a blank, looking at the women’s armor that had been caught by him, he could predict what would happen next——

Please no!!

No matter how much Xi Nian wanted it not to happen.

The next moment.

Xi Nian changed into the top and short skirt of the battle armor and the clothes that were originally worn on his body disappeared, revealing his arms and thighs that were not covered by the armor.

In winter, I’m afraid it’s too cold to wear this dress, but most of it is because of the special physique today, Xi Nian doesn’t feel cold at all. On the contrary, after wearing this primitive wild armor, the blood on the body boils like magma, there is a feeling of wanting to open his mouth to shout and raise the sword to fight!

Dong dong dong!

Xi Nian vaguely heard the sound of drums that seemed to come from distant ancient times, and his blood was excited.

Who is playing the drums?

No, Xi Nian suddenly realized, there was no drumming, it was the sound of his heart beating powerfully!

“So hot!”

Xi Nian couldn’t help crying out, wearing this Amazonian unique battle armor, his body began to awaken.

He felt that there was an indescribable power, or energy, within his body at the moment, which almost turned into actual circulation under the surface of the body!

What Xi Nian didn’t know was that he is now possessing the power of a demigod!


The surging and powerful divine power in his body could not be controlled and had no place to vent, waves of white lights began to surge upward from his head.

In the living room, Xi Nian could be seen clenching his teeth, carrying a round shield, and holding a long sword, devastating white light overflows along the strands of black hair on his head.

The white light from his hair escaped into the air, and the lampshade near the room was shattered into powder! The divine power that almost condensed into a manifestation of energy drove the short hair to grow at an extremely fast speed, and from black to white, it fell frantically on Xi Nian’s waist, shoulders, and face.

Long silver hair.

Xi Nian was completely stunned and quickly touched the skirt below. He breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately, his gender characteristic was still there.

But the situation was not over yet, in fact, it just started!

An ordinary person suddenly possessed the power of a demigod. Like a child suddenly holding the button to control the launch of a nuclear missile!

“I can’t stay here any longer. If I go on like this, I will destroy everything here!”

Realizing this, Xi Nian stepped forward and wanted to leave the place, but his current strength was no longer what it used to be. For example, what used to be the pedals of bicycles was replaced by the pedals of top sports cars. It was like he had switched on the after-burner of an aircraft and rushed forward!

In an instant.

In the living room, everything that stood in front of Xi Nian, tables, chairs, lamp sockets, etc., were all smashed to pieces!

His speed did not decrease, turned into a stream of human body light, he slammed into the floor-to-ceiling window of the balcony!


The glass of the window shattered! !

Xi Nian flew out of his sixteen-story home! ! !


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