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MMSG Chapter 3

Chapter 3

He couldn’t concentrate on the whole day’s lessons. Immediately after school, Xi Nian hurried home.


As he was reaching the door of the house, he suddenly stopped.


Could something that has remained the same for more than ten years change because of that old photo?


An inexplicable thought flashed through his mind, which made Xi Nian’s heart tighten suddenly. He stood on the spot and kept his eyes fixed on the closed and silent door.


For about ten seconds.


Outside the door, the cold air from the winter outside kept pouring in the stairway, but Xinian’s palm was sweating while holding the key. Just when he made up his mind to open the door, the door suddenly opened from the inside with a creak.


A woman who was immaculate in any way stood at the door.


She looks like she is only about twenty-eight years old. Her black hair was combed and tied up, and she looks very intellectual. Her face was delicate and flawless with light makeup. Her black eyebrows unfolded slightly.


The woman was wearing a loose and fashionable home-length white lining and trousers, showing a corner of her graceful and tall figure. She was displaying a queen’s noble temperament, but it is mixed with a natural and casual atmosphere.


Noble and casual.


At this moment, these two completely different temperaments did not oppose each other but were subtly and perfectly matched.


Xi Nian subconsciously called out the woman in front of her: “Auntie.”


  “Come in.”


Diana Prince didn’t ask why Xi Nian was standing outside the door, but squatted down slightly, drawing a perfect arc from the back of her neck to her hips, and took out the home slippers from the shoe cabinet beside the door and put them on the carpet in front of Xi Nian.


“Auntie, I…”


Xi Nian opened his mouth and felt that he should not hide anything from her. This was something that haven’t changed for the last 16 years, but he just didn’t know how to start.


“Let’s have dinner first.” Diana seemed to know something, interrupted him, turned, and walked into the living room.


Xinian felt relieved, put his schoolbag on the hook by the door, put on the slippers, and followed her into the living room.


Inside the living room with warm lighting.


The two sets of spaghetti on the table were giving out a delicious smell. Beef sauce, chili oil, and cold white cabbage were prepared on the side. Diana and Xi Nian, one big and one small, took their seats, facing each other and eating their dinner silently.


“It’s spaghetti again.” Looking at the very familiar meal, Xi Nian muttered softly, as if forgetting the heavy atmosphere before.


Unexpectedly, aunt Diana replied with a sterned face, “You should feel lucky that you have food to eat, don’t compliant.”




With a straight face, Xi Nian quickly picked up the fork and ate his plate of colorful pasta.


Auntie was perfect from the outside to the inside, but she has no cooking talent, so the taste was as ordinary as ever.


However, eating this now reminds Xi Nian of his childhood.


I remember at that time, aunt totally couldn’t cook at all.


“Cough cough.”


Xi Nian ate too hastily and accidentally choked, Diana, who had been watching him, got up immediately, approached, and patted his back lightly with her hands: “Eat slowly.” She handed over her glass of water.


Xi Nian took a gulp of warm water, and his chest immediately felt a lot better.


So he decided to say it out loud, “Auntie. In the morning, someone handed a photo to the house.”


After saying that, Xi Nian put the photo in his pocket on the table and talked about what happened at home in the morning.


Diana was not surprised, and listened to his story quietly, but when she saw the black-and-white photo, there was a slight ripple in her eyes.


When Xi Nian finished talking, Diana put away the photo, returned to her seat, and warned in a warm voice, “I know the person who stuffed the photo.


I will handle this matter, and you don’t have to worry about it from now on. “




Xi Nian has no doubts that Auntie can handle everything well, but only asked with pure worry and curiosity, “Auntie, the one wearing a strange armor in that photo…”


“Since you wanted to know so much, then I’ll tell you.”


Diana’s cold face was dignified, she thought for a while, and then she said seriously: “Yes, she is actually my grandmother. She passed away a long time ago. I heard that she helped the army during the First World War against the Mysterious forces.”


“Mysterious force? Could it be a legendary god!” Xi Nian opened his eyes wide in surprise. The most widely circulated cause of World War I was the God of War!


Diana shook her head and said, “It’s too long ago. I heard my mother mention it when I was a child.”


She paused: “However, there are no gods in this world.”


“Yes.” Xi Nian nodded, completely relieved.


Diana was also secretly relieved.


“I made an appointment with a friend. I have to go out later. I might come back late.” Diana explained softly, picked up her water glass, and took a sip, only to find that Xi Nian was staring at the water glass in her hand.


“What’s wrong?” Diana put down the cup and asked curiously.


“Nothing, it’s nothing.” Xi Nian shook his head, suddenly remembered a question.


I drank from my aunt’s cup just now, but now my aunt has drunk the water from the same cup.


Isn’t this considered an indirect kiss?


There was nothing wrong with kissing indirectly with his aunt. When he was a child, Xi Nian and his aunt often bathed together. This was also the main reason why it is difficult for girls to attract Xi Nian’s attention so far.


It’s like being intoxicated by the masterpieces of master crafts every day, and looking at other works always felt a little boring.


But now, here comes the problem.


Will indirect kissing trigger “The Power of Love”?


Xi Nian couldn’t help thinking.


He hasn’t tried out any superpowers yet, and he only knows the three preconditions for the activation of “The Power of Love”:


Need the opposite sex.


Through intimate contact.


There must be a fluid exchange with each other.


Xi Nian’s aunt is naturally the opposite sex or perfect opposite sex.


As for intimate contact, I wonder if the back pat earlier on counts?


The most important thing was the fluid exchange. Even if there was an exchange just now, it was neutralized by the water in the cup.


So, it should be fine, right?


Xi Nian was thinking about this question until the end of the light meal.


“Don’t wait for me, go to bed early.” Diana used a tone like coaxing a child, he replied, “Understood, you should pay attention to safety when you are outside, we don’t have any permanent residents superheroes in our city.”


At present, only New York City, Gotham City, and Metropolis, the three major economic capitals, have Iron Man, Batman, and Superman, respectively, because they live there.


“Don’t worry, I’ve always been lucky. It’s you, take care of the house and don’t run around.” Diana blinked, leaving a reassuring smile, put on her winter high-heeled boots, and walked out of the house.


The room fell into silence again.


Xi Nian looked at the closed door, his heart was inexplicably empty, and he began to recall the conversation just now.


“Is the photo as simple as what aunt said?” Xi Nian murmured.


If the behind-the-scenes meaning of that photo just represents his aunt’s grandmother, what were the intentions of the people who put it in the house?


“This matter doesn’t seem to be that simple.” Xi Nian packed his tableware in a daze, but heard the crisp sound of something bursting.


Xi Nian was taken aback, and when he regained his senses, he looked down, his pupils contracted suddenly.


He saw that the water glass in his hand had shattered and exploded, as if it had suffered a violent force beyond what it could bear, and the glass shards fell to the ground.


“This cup? No, it’s my body…”


Xi Nian’s palm was not damaged in the slightest. Instead, he felt that the power of his palm was unprecedentedly powerful, and there was a feeling that it could shatter everything and defeat everything.


Hallucination or illusion?


While Xi Nian was stunned, he looked at the metal knife and fork in the other hand. His fingers moved slightly. Under the naked eye, the metal knife and fork quickly bent and deformed.


At the handle of the metal knife and fork, there is also a clearly visible fingerprint dent.


“Huh?” Xi Nian was completely stunned.



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