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MMSG Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was a winter morning.


Snowflakes the size of goose feathers fell from the sky to every corner of the metropolis. In the morning when the sky was beginning to turn bright, Washington, as a world-class city, has already started to radiate its vitality. Students and the Working class, the two main groups, began to fill up the snowy streets.


Horn, horn!


A local police car drove slowly and finally stopped on the side of the road. The door opened, and a cute blond girl jumped out of the back seat with a school bag in hand.


“Gwen, slow down, your Thermos Flask.”


In the driver’s seat, Officer George, wearing a police uniform, opened the door and chased after her. He held a thermos flask in his hand and looked at his beloved daughter. The big man’s tone couldn’t help but softened a few notches: “Are you sure you don’t need me to take you to school? The road is slippery and it’s still snowing.”


Gwen took the thermos flask and put it in her schoolbag, and refused bluntly, “No, I have rain gear and non-slip boots.”




Officer George wanted to say something more. But at this moment, Gwen’s eyes suddenly lit up, her face dazzled with joy and excitement, she jumped up and down like a rabbit, and excitedly waved her arms towards her front: “Xinian, here! Here!”


  “I knew it.”


Officer George sighed in his heart, turned around, and saw a familiar figure of a young man appearing at the corner of the street.


When Xi Nian heard the voice calling out to him, he looked up to see the two of them, and immediately smiled and nodded in greeting: “Gwen, Uncle George, good morning! It’s such a coincidence to meet you again!”


For them, Xi Nian was very familiar with them.


Gwen, full name: “Gwen Stacy”, was a child of the same age who lives in a nearby community.


Xinian and Gwen went to the same kindergarten when they were young. They went through elementary school, junior high school, and now they are studying in the same high school. They could be regarded as childhood sweethearts with deep feelings. As for her father, he was a local police officer with some fame and power, who happened to govern the security of their urban area, his full name: “George Stacy”.


“Yeah, what a coincidence.” Gwen’s eyes were curved, full of unstoppable smiles.


The surrounding snow was white and crystal clear, but Officer George’s face was a little dark.


Is this a coincidence? My foot!


It was clearly for the sake of this boy that she deliberately delayed her time and bumped into him here.


Of course.


For the sake of his beloved daughter, he kept his mouth shut. Besides, Xi Nian’s family background, which he investigated ten years ago, was indeed a poor and kind child.


“Ah! Xi Nian, why didn’t you wear a hat or an umbrella!”


Gwen said in surprise, and quickly approached Xi Nian’s body. Before he could answer, her hands had already cleaned the frost and snow on his hair and eyebrows.


“I was in a hurry, I forgot.” Xi Nian smiled indifferently, temporarily putting aside his chaotic thoughts.


“But you must remember to keep warm. What should I do if you catch a cold?” Gwen puffed out her cheeks angrily but instead added a bit of playfulness and cuteness.


Without thinking, she removed the furry hat on her head and put it on Xi Nian, and put her hands on his slightly cold face. In the eyes of others, this was considered a very intimate behavior, but for the two who have been together since childhood, it was so accustomed that it has no special meaning.


“It’s cold outside, I’ll take you to school.” Officer George said in disgust.


Gwen didn’t respond but looked up at Xi Nian.


“The school isn’t too far away, I could still…”


Xi Nian originally wanted to refuse, but he felt Officer George’s sharp eyes, so he nodded and agreed, “Thank you, Uncle George.”


Seeing this, Gwen also smiled and said, “then please give us a ride, Dad.”


  “You are welcome.”


Officer George held his head high,


After a while, the police car started and drove into the main road, heading towards the high school.


In a well-heated car.


Gwen and Xi Nian sat in the back seat together. After getting in the car, Xi Nian looked at the fast-passing winter street scene outside the car window, his face and eyes were a little dazed from time to time.


His hand was suddenly held by a gentle and soft hand, and Xi Nian turned to see the girl with a worried look on her.


Gwen asked him, “Xinian, how are you today? Are you feeling unwell? Why do you look preoccupied.”


“I,” Xi Nian didn’t know how to answer.


The thing that made him worry about it since he went out was naturally the photo that was stuffed into the house. Although he opened the door to check it later, the mysterious person who inserted the photo has long since disappeared, leaving behind a lot of questions.


Was that photo taken during World War I? Who is the woman in the same armor as his aunt in the photo?


Auntie’s mother? No, it’s been almost a century since the first World War. According to the seniority, it’s enough to be grandma’s mother.


If you ask Gwen’s father for help, you should be able to find the person who inserted the photo, right?


Xi Nian hesitated for a moment, but still said, “I’m fine, I’m just a little cold.”


“You won’t be cold this way.” Gwen instead embraced Xi Nian’s left arm with both hands. At this distance, the two could feel each other’s body temperature.


Officer George, who was driving, glanced at the rearview mirror and his heart almost exploded.


Watching his tender and white cabbage taking her initiative to deliver herself to the front of the pig, even if the pig has a beautiful face, but he still watches him grow up, this is probably something that no father in the world can’t tolerate!




Officer George, looking at the pair through the rearview mirror, anyone with a discerning eye could see the meaning of his beloved daughter, but this kid doesn’t seem to realize that meaning!


Well, as a father, this is even more difficult.




The police car stopped on the road in front of the middle school. When Gwen and Xinian got out of the car, they immediately attracted the attention of many students.


Only then did Xi Nian notice it.


Today, Gwen is wearing a new beige down jacket with a close-fitting handmade sweater inside, her slender legs are tightly wrapped in white jeans, and she is wearing a pair of tall black boots. The body of the sixteen girls is full of youth, coupled with splendid golden short hair, and a delicate and small face, in the eyes of others – A One!


Because of being together from childhood to adulthood, Xi Nian was also used to it.


At this time, he saw the envious, jealous, and hateful reactions from the other students, and then he suddenly realized that Gwen’s popularity seemed to be quite high in the school.


“Gwen, you’d better let go of my hand.” Xi Nian said.


“No, it’s warmer this way.”


Gwen hummed, holding her hands even harder so that Xi Nian’s right arm was completely immersed in warmth.


Compared with the extreme softness of marshmallows, was there an indescribable flexibility?


Naturally, Xi Nian didn’t have this idea.


On the other hand, the students next to them roared inwardly: “Damn, let go of his arm!!!”


“If you don’t let go, I will be killed by their eyes.” Xi Nian smiled bitterly. If looks could kill, he would have died a long time ago.


“For someone who dared to threaten an armed gangster with your bare hands in elementary school, are you afraid of them?” Gwen covered her mouth and let out a silver bell-like laughter, which could be regarded as letting go of Xi Nian’s arm, and then her face flushed red.


“Don’t always mention my dark history.” The corner of Xi Nian’s mouth twitched. At that time, after watching Captain America’s historical documentary a few times, he always thought he had the potential to be a superhero.


At that time, if the police hadn’t arrived in time, he would have been reincarnated into the third world long ago.


Having spent sixteen years as an ordinary person, Xi Nian, a reincarnated person with no system plug-in, has completely realized it.


How can there be so many talented superheroes? Today, there are five or six billion people in the world, only a few people like Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, etc, are considered superheroes!


Furthermore, among them, Superman is an alien (Krypton).


“It’s not that I am afraid of trouble.”


Xi Nian ignored the angry students, walked into the warmer corridor of the school building, looked at the girl beside him, and said, “Of course, I don’t care, I just feel that this is not good for you, your popularity is very high here, I heard that you are about to be No. 1 here.”


“Where did you hear that?!” Gwen couldn’t help but ask.


It’s just, at this moment.


Gwen suddenly realized that childhood sweethearts may not be a good thing.


Sometimes, once a relationship has been established for a long time, it is difficult to subtly change it.


Just as Xi Nian and Gwen were walking down the corridor of the school building, in a tenth-grade classroom, a girl with glasses was sitting in the corner seat in the last row. Her eyes were following Xi Nian in the corridor.


“Kara, what are you looking at?”


A female classmate approached the table and asked curiously.


“Nothing.” Kara quickly retracted her gaze.


“Is that so?” The female classmate was dubious and looked along the line of Cai Kara’s gaze, but all she could see was a clean white wall.


The thick wall blocks the view of the corridor from anyone looking out from the classroom.



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