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MMSG Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Under the dark blue night, the neon lights of the modern city are dazzling, and it looks far more prosperous and lively than the scenery during the day.


A golden figure fell diagonally from the top of the skyscraper, like lightning, but straighter than lightning, like a shooting star, but smaller than a shooting star, on the rooftop of a short five-star hotel.


“Pain, pain, pain!”


A huge hole was created on the hard floor tiles. The owner of the figure in the middle groaned a few times, his body and clothes were intact, and he slowly stood up with his right hand holding the silver long sword.


Facing the cold night wind with a hint of frost and snow, the dust dispersed, revealing a pair of dark and bright eyes.


A round shield on his back and a long sword in his hand.


Xi Nian had a nothing worth living for expression on his face, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he looked down at his current outfit.


The top was a small and close-fitting red gold battle armor, bare from the neck to the shoulders, and there was a bulge structure on the chest that was obviously reserved for a certain part.


The bottom was a dark blue skirt that is integrated with the upper body armor. It was more exposed than the most fashionable miniskirts and hot pants. It forms an absolute contrast with the gold knee pads at the knees.


The left and right hands were wearing a pair of silver wrist bracelets. If you include the silver starlight crown on the forehead…


This was a sexy dress that makes even the top models feel embarrassed from the bottom of their hearts, and can’t wait to pull down the sparse skirt with both hands. This should be a superhero dress exclusively for “Wonder Woman!”


And Xi Nian, who is wearing it now, is undoubtedly a man, the kind with a ‘stick’!


“What am I doing?”


Xi Nian wanted to cry but no tears appears. Early this morning, he was just an ordinary high school student, thinking that all supernatural and supernatural things had nothing to do with him.


Unexpectedly, at this time, he almost became an extraordinary incarnation!


Before Xi Nian could come back to his senses.




Accompanied by a huge humming sound, the air 100 meters above the city high vibrated, a police helicopter approached with a huge high-brightness beam at it”s nose.


The strong wind from the helicopter’s propeller made Xi Nian feel that his crotch was getting cooler, and he subconsciously wanted to pull down his skirt.


But that was not important anymore!


If this look of him was photographed by the helicopter, Xi Nian felt that he had to move to another city or even another planet from then on!


  “Fuck It!”


Xi Nian gritted his teeth, raised the retro-long sword in his hand, ignoring the ground that made his heart tremble. With the force of his toes, just before the lighting beam fell on him, Xi Nian jumped and leaped to another building dozens of meters away!




The reason for this scene had to start half a day ago.




Twelve hours ago.


The residential area beside Center Street in downtown Washington, USA.


Xi Nian got up from the bed with a yawn, and could faintly hear the clear voice of the hostess on the TV outside the living room.


“The current time in Washington is 7:00 a.m., the weather is cloudy with light snow today, and the outdoor temperature is 5 to 3 degrees Celsius. I suggest all viewers and friends to bring along their snow jackets and rain gear when you go out…”


Xi Nian stopped the electronic alarm clock that was about to go off and glanced at the time, which happened to be fixed at 07:00 on December 21, 2011.


Another year of Christmas is coming.


  “Time flies.”


Xi Nian sighed, found his slippers on the rag not far from the bed, and put on a set of winter campus clothes that had been prepared in the closet.


As he opened the door, Xi Nian habitually shouted towards the living room, “Good morning Auntie!”


His greetings went unanswered.


Outside the living room.


The cold morning light flows in from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony where the curtains were rolled up. The TV continued to broadcast the morning news of the local channel, and on the other side, breakfast was already placed on the clean and modern dining table, as usual, the three simple combinations of milk, eggs, and toasted bread.


Within the stagnant cold air of the living room, a faint scent of lavender remained, but the source of the master was not visible.


“Did she go out so early?”


Xi Nian murmured and didn’t care, turned around, and walked into the bathroom next to the living room.


There were not many items placed in the bathroom, face towels, mouthwash cups, and toothbrushes were all available. It all came as a pair with only 2 sizes, Large and small.


Well, Xi Nian naturally used a smaller size.


Although he had strongly requested to change to a large size many times, he was rejected by someone on the grounds that he was underage.


Xi Nian started to wash, and the mirror reflected a boy’s face.


Black hair and brown eyes, an obvious yellow race.


There was still a hint of innocence on his delicate face, and his skin was too slender and fair. At first glance, he looks like the common stay home type.


He wore a white gauze sweater and a long plain scarf that made his overall appearance a bit neutral.


Xi Nian’s frothy mouth twitched, there was nothing he could do. This was also the aesthetic style of the owner of the house.


Fortunately, his was not short. During his growth and development at the age of sixteen, his body has easily broken through the barrier of 1.7 meters.


Go back to the living room.


Xi Nian began to eat the American breakfast prepared on the table, but his attention was quickly attracted by the morning news on TV.


“Yesterday afternoon, Iron Man appeared in Iraq, Iran, and some other places. Within half an hour, it caused a devastating blow to the base of local criminal organizations. That night, Tony Stark joined Secretary Pepper and attended the banquet in New York on time.”

“According to statistics, the crime rate in Gotham City has been greatly reduced in recent years. According to investigation experts, this is due to Batman’s strong and efficient local criminal crackdown, as well as the ability to detain and deal with a large number of dangerous criminals with Arkham Asylum establishment.”


“The reporter found that there were small-scale demonstrations in the metropolis recently, and some citizens expressed dissatisfaction with the superhero Superman who settled in the city. The specific reasons remain to be found out…”


It seems that if the reports are not related to superheroes, they cannot be regarded as hot news today.


This is the current trend.


Xi Nian was not surprised by this kind of news, but after he raised his head and drank a mouthful of warm milk, feeling the silky warmth entering his stomach, he couldn’t help but sigh,


“What a strange world.”


Yes, Xi Nian is a reincarnator.


The specific reason for his death and reincarnation was no longer important. What mattered was the world in which the reincarnation came.


An extremely ultra-modern magical world!


This was what Xi Nian learned from reading books on geography and history when he was young.


For example, in World War I on Earth, there was a real God of War involved, and it was the legendary goddess who ended World War I in the end.


As for the later World War II, it was the evil organization of Hydra that made trouble and wanted to rule the world in one fell swoop. In the end, the superhero Captain America ended the long war.


 These were just some of the big events in the torrent of history, and there were countless unknown disputes, heroes, and evil villains with extraordinary power fighting on the back of the world almost every day…


This world is a bit similar to the previous life. Unfortunately, he didn’t know much about it at the time, so there is no comparison now.


In the current world, technology is king, spells become gods, mutation dominates, and aliens invade!


However, none of this has much to do with Xi Nian.


He is just a normal person now. He has lived in Washington for 16 years since he was a child, and his daily life has not been disrupted by supernatural events…


Oh right….


Except for the superpowers that he suddenly discovered on the weekend of last week, on his sixteenth birthday.


“As long as you have intimate physical contact with the opposite sex, and there is an exchange of fluid, you can master the abilities of the other party within a certain period of time.”


Simple, direct, violent.


Xi Nian named this kind of superpower that he had seen in strange comics in his previous life: “The Power of Love”.


After all, this superpower is tailor-made for evil villains! The bad nature of this ability is no less than the hypnosis, perspective, time prohibition, etc. that are commonly seen in comics.


Of course, Xi Nian never thought about using this superpower to do evil things or be a superhero.


To be honest, this superpower was useless to him. Compared with Mr. Stark’s steel suit, Mr. Superman’s steel body, and Captain America’s Super-soldier physique, it is impossible for him to ask people to pause for a while before the fight so that he could find a girl and add power?


Also, if this girl has an ordinary physique, she will only increase his combat power by a little at most.


This so-called superpower—— is equivalent to nothing!


He began to lose interest in the news as it started to cover which cover girl would be sleeping with Iron Man Tony Stark this month.


Xi Nian gradually turned his attention to the side of the TV and saw that the wooden shelf was full of his photos, from babies to today’s teenagers.


These were all his personal photos, and there was no auntie on them at all, not even a simple photo of her back.


My aunt doesn’t like taking pictures, especially selfies.


This Xi Nian knew it.


It’s not that my aunt is ugly and doesn’t look photogenic.


Xi Nian dared to pat his chest and said that her aunt is definitely a top-notch beauty, comparable to or even more popular with female stars and models in TV shows. From the day he was picked up by his aunt on Christmas Day in 1995, in his impression, his aunt’s appearance has never changed with age, a frozen age goddess.


“Now, next time I have to ask my aunt to take a photo with me.”


“I’ll be stronger… or if I act like a spoiled child, it should still be useful, right?”


Xi Nian was still trying to figure out what might work when the doorbell rang at the door.


Who is it?


Xi Nian frowned slightly. In his memory, his aunt had never forgotten her keys when she goes out.


Just as Xi Nian walked from the living room to the door, before looking outside through the peek eyes, a photo was inserted from the outside through the gap under the door.


Seeing that photo, Xi Nian looked slightly stunned and stopped all movements.


That photo turned out to be a rare black and white photo. From the pixels to the natural yellowing of the photo, it all means that it is an old product of the last century. In the photo, the urban wasteland background suspected to be a battlefield somewhere in World War I also confirms this.


What shocked Xi Nian’s heart was.


In this weird old photo, surrounded by officers and soldiers, a figure similar to his aunt appears!



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