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IMDR Vol. 2 Chapter: 7

The Maid

“Well!” Yaeko said with a very high pitched voice.


Rihito, taking the object in his hand, studied it critically. It was shaped like a bird with four sides measuring about two inches (six centimeters). Although it was small, it had a very solid weight and feel to the palm. After more careful studying, Rihito noted that it was indeed real gold and not just plating.


And the beauty wasn’t just from its worth. The delicately designed golden eyes and wings, which were adorned with colorful jewels, brought out an even more beautiful outlook.


“Is this the inheritance?”


“Oh, that’s right! I’m sure you’re right! Ah, thank you for finding it for me!”


Mieko Kanamori, whose face was full of joy, ran up to Rihito and reached out her hand to receive the golden bird from him.


Rihito, trying to hand it over to her, was interrupted by Kahoru’s quiet voice.


“No, that’s not the only inheritance.”




Yaeko, on hearing this, immediately stopped moving and turned to Kahoru, giving him a questioning stare.


Kahoru, who was under Yaeko’s questioning gaze, turned his face to Rihito.


“Isn’t that so, sir? There’s still more to this ‘Golden Bird’. A golden horse and saddle, a beautiful princess who lives in a golden castle…”


While Kahoru was arranging the treasures from the fairy tale side by side, Rihito immediately turned to him and replied; “That’s right.”


After gaining Rihito’s consent, Kahoru smiled and then looked at Yaeko.


“In order to do that, I have to search the mansion again. Yes, for example, the kitchen and the maid’s room.”




Rihito noticed that Yaeko’s face had stiffened at Kahoru’s suggestion. But soon she gave him a smug smile and shook her head.


“There’s nothing in that room. It’s just a storage room.”


“Oh, isn’t that room suspicious? Isn’t it worth looking around?”


“There is absolutely nothing in the room.”


“How can you say that with full certainty?”


“You’re persistent. Stop it.”


Kahoru’s smile didn’t crumble even though he was stared at by Yaeko, who replied him with a harsh tone.


“Is it because the maid’s room is your room?”




Yaeko wasn’t the only one who gasped at Kahoru’s words. Rihito also paused and looked at Kahoru and Yaeko.


Yaeko’s expression was clearly stiff this time. Her body, wrapped in her flower-patterned dress, trembled slightly.


She raised her eyebrows and glared at Kahoru.


“What are you talking about? Please, don’t be rude.”


“But you’re not ‘Mieko Kanamori’, are you?”


Yaeko was at a loss for words at Kahoru’s firm statement. Her dismay could not be hidden, and her anger and impatience were written all over her face.


Just as Yaeko was about to open her red-painted lips to reply, Kahoru continued;


“Don’t those blisters hurt?”




Kahoru points to Yaeko’s feet.


“Those are Western shoe pumps. If you are not used to wearing those types of shoes or wearing shoes that do not fit you properly, you are more likely to get blisters. Also, your feet become unsteady and you are more likely to fall.”


At Kahoru’s remark, Yaeko snorted.


“What are you talking about? I just happened to buy a big one. Don’t accuse me.”


“Excuse me; I just took a look inside the shoe box.”


Before he knew it, Rihito rolled his tongue inwardly.


Come to think of it, Kahoru entered the reception room a little late. He was talking about the workmanship of the wall clock in the entrance hall, but at that time he must have checked not only the clock but also the shoe cabinet.


“There aren’t many ladies who go out of their way to own a number of shoes that don’t fit their feet.”




Yaeko bit her lip at Kahoru’s question. Soon, she shifted her gaze to Rihito, glared at him with visible animosity.


“He’s your assistant, isn’t he? What a rude child you’re mentoring!”


Instead of saying that the situation was actually the opposite, Rihito let out a wry smile and looked down at Yaeko…no, the woman who called herself 『Yaeko Kanamori』.


“Is it okay if I checked the maid’s room before apologizing for my assistant’s disrespect?”

As he spoke, he kept the golden bird he was carrying safely in the breast pocket of his jacket.


The woman, looking at Rihito and Kahoru, clicked her tongue slightly, turned around and tried to run to the maid’s room.




“I know.”


Before Kahoru could tell him what to do, Rihito grabbed the woman’s arm and prevented her from escaping. The woman screamed at him, trying to shake off his hand.


“Let go!”


“That would not be possible. If you are a fake, where is the real Yaeko?”


“She’s here.”


It wasn’t a woman’s voice that had answered Rihito.


When he turned his gaze to the low voice, there was a man in the hallway and a young woman trapped in his arms.



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