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IMDR Vol. 2: Chapter 3

House of the Golden Bird(3)


The coffee at Cafe Grimm was delicious.


The coffee brewed by Miyake had a soft acidity, and bitter aroma and taste to it, yet it had a rich harmony that kept it together. He was with Rihito, who had drunk coffee at various cafes, but Miyake’s ranked higher among them.


Rihito had heard that after importing beans from South America, they ordered a blend from an Italian shop that has a contract with Onomura Shokai. It seems that the western confectionery that was served was made by a confectionery shop in the Kyobashi area that is on friendly terms with Onomura Shokai.


Fully using the power of Onomura Shokai, Fumiko Otoki’s ‘fairy fumiko’ was the only shop owned by them.




After the tea party had ended, Kahoru said, “Well then, let’s get going.”


After telling Miyake that he was going out, Rihito followed Kahoru outside the store. Rihito, who was able to quickly catch up with him due to their height difference, lined up next to Kahoru and asked




“Where are we going?”


“Azabu district.”






Speaking of Azabu district, the only places that came to mind were Hinoki-cho and Shinryuto-cho, where the military bases of the army are located, Ryudo-cho, which is a high-class residential area, and Aoyama Cemetery. Was there anything related to coffee shops?


While Rihito was pondering, Kahoru had stopped a passing taxi. After negotiating with the driver’s assistant and agreeing 40 sen to Azabu, she paid him, and then urged Rihito to get in.


The spacious interior of the taxi, which could accommodate five people with auxiliary seats, was new to Rihito, who seldom rode in a car these days.




“It’s a luxury…. I don’t have much, but are you okay?”




When Rihito asked him frankly, Kahoru let out a chuckle.




“Don’t worry. This is ‘work’ and I will pay for it.”


“However, child, you know I can’t make you pay for it.”


“It’s not my money. Fumiko-san will cover all the expenses.”


“Mrs. Otoki?”




Mrs. Otoki’s name had suddenly entered the conversation and Rihito tilted his head. Is work related to Mrs. Otoki?


Kahoru nodded lightly; “Yes.”




“Fumiko-san asked me to do this. A week ago, a lady who lives in Kasumi-cho near Ryudo-cho consulted me.


“You mean Mrs. Otoki‘s deputy? But, why you?”




At Rihito’s question, Kahoru’s smile became a little troubled.




“Before, I was able to solve any problem that Fumiko-san consulted me about. Since then, I have been receiving occasional consultations from Fumiko-san and her acquaintances, but, there is a bit of a rumour about a tail fin that seems to have flowed”




He said that if she had consulted with Mrs. Otoki, the matter will be resolved.


Mrs. Otoki then had to hire a talented ‘detective’.




“In other words, you are that ‘detective’. Sherlock Holmes… No, the boy detective, Fujiwara.”


“It’s not that big of a deal.”




Rihito frowned slightly when he used the analogy of the great detective in the famous British detective novels, and the protagonist of detective novels that have recently become popular in boys’ magazines. Apparently, he doesn’t like being called a detective.




“It‘s something like an errand.”


“Is there any problem?”


“Even though I’ve been entrusted with deputies, I seem to be seen as a bit unreliable.”




Kahoru pointed at himself and smiled wryly.


Certainly, no matter how much of a substitute, if a child of about 12 or 3 years old visits, the other party will be suspicious. No matter how clever and grown-up Kahoru was, there was no way he would talk to a child with peace of mind.




“Until now, I had asked Miyake to accompany me; but the coffee shop would be a hindrance. Therefore…”


“I see. I’m Miyake’s deputy… No, I’m your deputy.”




“Then I’ll play the role of ‘detective’.”




‘Work,’ other than serving. It didn’t seem to be the suspicious things that Rihito had imagined – selling his body or doing something that looked like a crime.


“I guess I can rest easy for the time being… But well, you’re a detective.”


As usual, he throws unexpected balls. How many hidden balls does this boy have?


Rihito asked Kahoru with more excitement than in the morning.




“By the way, I’ve never been a ‘detective’ before, but do I really have to solve cases?”


“Don’t worry. I will do my best to reach a solution as your ‘assistant’.”


“That’s reliable.”




Rihito softly loosened his lips.




“Nice to meet you, Kahoru-kun, my new assistant.”


“Yes, Chizaki-san… or should I call you Chizaki-sensei?”




Like a certain boy detective, Rihito laughed unintentionally when Kahoru called him, who was meant to study under Kahoru, a teacher.








Authors Note:

*The model for a certain juvenile detective, Mr. Fujiwara, is the famous Mr. Hayashi.


Actually, it has been serialized in a magazine since 1936, and since the timeline is slightly different from this story, another fictitious boy detective was published. By the way, Azabu Ward has a deep connection with the Detective Boys.




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