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IMDR Vol. 1: Chapter 5

Rumpels tilt skin.


This mansion salon, were more than half of the people who came and went were artists, the boy’s guesses weren’t exceptionally good except for the suit.


Nonetheless, Rihito was half distracted and had let his guard down, thinking that he was killing time, but a sharp hidden ball was thrown at him.


“Is it correct that you are a former scion who, for some reason, turned into a poet after graduating from Teito University with excellent grades?”




Rihito held his breath for a moment, pulling his lips slightly to hide his agitation, and then slowly, he opened them.


“How did you know I graduated from Teito University?”


“The silver chain sticking out of the inner pocket of your coat is attached to your pocket watch, isn’t it? When you bent over, I saw the chain and part of the watch lid. You did well in your graduation exam. It seems that it is given to students who merit it. The clock thing I only knew because there was someone who had it”


“… So you do know someone who graduated from Imperial University”


Not many people knew about the silver pocket watches.


It is an object that values ​​honor rather than monetary value and is never shown off to the public. It is known secretly among the relatives of those who have it or among the elites who have taken up government jobs.


The imperial university that is the pinnacle of learning in the Empire of Japan and is open only to elite students.


A silver pocket watch was given to those who achieved excellent results.


Even though he has his elite certificate, wears a fine but old suit, and casually visits a salon where poor artists gathered to play games.


“A former scion with a reason…I see, it fits nicely.”


Strangely, he didn’t get angry at the boy’s polite yet unreserved way of speaking. On the contrary, he thought he had a good sense of humor.


The grown-up look and expression that the young face showed was somewhat unrealistic, like a fairy.


He couldn’t believe this was the result of his playing games to kill time.


It was a pleasant feeling as he was welling up with wonder. Rihito was frankly impressed by the boy who had a keen eye for observation.


“Well done, it’s just as you guessed. I have a reason….By the way, why were you able to assert that I ‘turned into a poet’?”


When Rihito asked him what he was interested in, the boy showed a bitter smile like a magician who saw through his seeds.


“Excuse me… Actually, I heard about you from Mrs. Otoki. ‘Poet Chizaki-san’ was like a prince in a foreign fairy tale. So, as soon as I saw you, I knew you were Mr. Chizaki. I am very sorry for my long speech.”


“…I see”


“Come here and tell me the truth.”


Well, it was true that Rihito’s best feature, his foreigner-like appearance, was something that the boy didn’t dare to say but he was a little confused about.


Rihito gave a wry smile while looking at the boy who bowed his head apologetically.


“It’s like ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. You knew my name from the beginning.”


“Yes. Please don’t cut your body out of anger.”


The boy smiled wryly and replied in a joking tone.


Rumpelstiltskin was the name of a dwarf in the brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.


A dwarf appeared before a miller’s daughter who was embarrassed by the king’s unreasonable demands, and granted her wishes in exchange for her necklaces and rings.


Her wish came true, and she eventually married the king and became the queen. Then, when the dwarf came to take her child, the daughter wept and begged him not to take her.


Then the dwarf made a condition, “If you guess my name within three days, you can keep the child.”


The daughter gave out a name that she knew and a name that she asked the messenger to look up, but the dwarf just said; “It’s not that kind of name.” And on the third and final day, the messenger returned and said, “I heard a little man jumping around in his little house, and he said…”


In this way the daughter, who was able to learn the name of the dwarf by the messenger, pretended not to know it at first but she was able to guess the name and the angry dwarf, blaming witches and demons, cut himself into two.


Rihito’s heart secretly fluttered at the boy’s reply, even though he knew about the ending of the story.


Even if the boy knew Rihito’s name from the beginning and the process was quite enjoyable. Far from being angry, Rihito was intrigued by this intelligent and mysterious boy.


Rihito leaned forward a little and asked the boy.


“Do you like the Brothers Grimm fairy tales?”




The boy lowered his eyes slightly and smiled quietly.


“You seem to like it, too.”


“Well, I read a lot of it. Well, it’s a little different from what he said, but I wonder if you’ll accept this. It’s a reward for guessing my name.”


The boy’s eyes widened when he took out a silver pocket watch from his inner pocket. Rihito shrugged his shoulders as the boy shook his head, saying; “I can’t accept it.”


“Unfortunately, I don’t have a necklace or a ring, let alone have children. That’s about all I can think of.”


When Rihito said that it would be worth something if he sold it, the boy let out a sigh of exasperation, and then said, “That’s not what its worth.”


“Anyway, I can’t take this. It won’t grant your wish.”


“Oh, about that, I have a few wishes.”




“Actually, I’m currently living in a friend’s boarding house, but it looks like I’ll be kicked out soon. I think I need to find a job and a house. Do you know any good employers?”


The boy said that he had heard about Rihito from Mrs. Otoki earlier. Judging from the boy’s demeanor and appearance, there is no doubt that he is a child from a good family.


The fact that he visits Mrs. Otoki, alone at her salon instead of at her home as a personal acquaintance of hers, was telling. Was he the wife’s relative, or was he the child of an acquaintance’s wealthy family?


He didn’t know who the boy was, but it’s better to get along with him.


Rihito originally visited the salon with the idea of ​​getting Mrs. Otoki to introduce him to a job. He’d been asked to serve at the café before, so he could count on her. The boy… To be more exact, if he made a connection with the boy’s relatives, he should be able to overcome his plight for the time being.


He tried to ask with such timely calculation, but the boy put his finger on his chin, looked down and fell silent.


Rihito was worried that he might have asked too much, but the boy raised his gaze without changing his expression.


“… If it’s a job, it’s available. I was just looking for someone.”


“Oh, that’s good to hear. What kind of work?”


“Basically, a waiter at one of the cafes. There’s an empty room in the same building as the cafe, so if you don’t mind, you could live there.”


“I see. To be able to live in very good conditions.”


A cafe waiter, as expected.


“By the way, who is my employer?”


“It’s me”




This child is my employer.


It was truly unexpected.

E/N: If you’re wondering about the name Rihito, I made changes to the previous chapters for obvious reasons.. The name is also correct if you look at it.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.




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