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IMDR Vol. 1: Chapter 1

A New World Begins.



The new world will begin.

The world of Kowa, where the Emperor resides

Shine brightly, land of Yamato!

Let there be light in the new Tokyo…

The Great Kanto Earthquake that occurred in the late Taisho period caused a great deal of damage to the imperial capital, Tokyo.

Not only did the building collapse due to the shaking, but the violent fire that followed caused even more damage.

The number of dead and missing people exceeded 100,000. Tokyo was devastated.

Meanwhile, a new cabinet was being organized and the Imperial City Reconstruction Institute was established.

The latest urban planning from Europe and the United States were adopted in the reconstruction plan by the Minister of the Interior at that time. The construction of a modern city comparable to that of Europe and the United States progressed, earthquake-resistant and fire-resistant brick buildings increased.

The streets, which retained the vestiges of Edo, were partially destroyed, replaced by western-style banks and department stores. Orderly roads with buses running, and modern urbanization progressed.

Emperor Taisho passed away during the ongoing reconstruction, and the young crown prince took over.

The name of the new era was changed to “Kowa”, more efforts were put into the restoration of the imperial capital.

In the spring of the 5th year of Mitsuwa, six and a half years after the great earthquake.

With most of the restoration work completed, the Imperial Capital Restoration Festival was held grandly over the course of a week.

Civilization enlightenment in the Meiji era, Taisho era, Modernization modernism Tokyo, which has become a modern city both in name and reality, entered a season of blooming flowers.


“Get up Senzaki! ! “

Along with a deep voice that resonated, the blanket that covered him was dragged off.

Disturbed his morning slumber, Rihito Senzaki resisted by burying his face in the kimono he was wearing under the blanket, but within a few seconds it was also removed by force.

The morning light hits his closed eyelids, and he couldn’t help but open them because of the light.

“……good morning, Ichiya”

While saying his greetings with a thin voice that was the exact opposite of the wild thick voice that had woke him up, he scratched his disheveled chestnut hair and got up.

The cold morning air came in through the chest of his worn-out yukata, he shrugged my shoulders in the cold and pulled up the neck of the cloth he had on.

Looking up from under his long bangs, he could see his friend Takamasa Ichiya, he was standing with a kimono that had been stripped offf.

Looking down from his height of nearly six feet, he had a powerful presence befitting his profession as a police officer. He had short-cropped black hair, bold eyebrows, and although his eyes were a little unsightly, he was a very strong young man while also acted “manly.”

However, despite his stern and strong face, he was also the owner of a delicate heart that was secretly hurt when a child cried out that he was scared.

During high school, Rihito who had been acquainted with him since that time, was used to his stares, and yawned in a carefree way.

“Really… If you’re so violent, women won’t like you. You need to be gentler.” Rihito complained.

“Hmm, I guess that means I don’t have to be nice to you, a man.” Ichiya said, used to Rihito whines already.

“What you do on a daily basis will come out when the time comes, especially in front of a woman. Come on, think of me as a woman.”

“How can I consider a man bigger than me as a woman? Stop talking nonsense and get ready.”

“I don’t know about getting ready.”

Rihito scratched his cheeks and let out a wry smile.

Unlike Ichiya, who was neatly dressed in a light gray suit, he had no plans to go out today even though he had dressed himself.

No, not only today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Rihito doesn’t have any plans.

Because he didn’t have a regular job, he also didn’t have wake up early in the morning to go to work.

Last night, he was asked by the waitresses at a cafe in Ningyocho to work as a waiter for the day, but the owner of the cafe quickly kicked him out because the waitresses were making eyes at Masato, who was a waiter, while neglecting the customers. The owner also said, “Please don’t come here anymore.”

Well, after that, the familiar female waitresses gave him some pocket money, so he had enough money for three days’ worth of meals. He wouldn’t have to work for a while.

Ichiya let out a deep breath as he sat there scratching his head and making his calculations.

“…How long do you intend to keep doing that?”

“Well, I’ll show my face somewhere the day after tomorrow.”

“You know that’s not what I mean, right?”

There was something bitter in Ichiya voice.

Certainly, Rihito understood what he wanted to say, but he had no intention of saying it. So he could only leave a vague smile on his lips.

Ichiya must have guessed it as well, since he knew Rihito so well.

For a while he wrinkled his eyebrows and closed his mouth sullenly, but before long he spoke in a low voice.

“The official residence I was supposed to enter, but…”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure there was a fire before you entered?”

After that, the official residence was successfully rebuilt, the new Western-style housing. Ichiya who couldn’t get in, had been living in a boarding house for two years.

“The other day, I was informed that the room was finally available.” He said.

“Oh, that’s good.” Rihito replied.

“…I will be leaving this boarding house next month.”

“Really?” Rihito nodded, not particularly surprised by it.

Hongo District town, a boarding house built in the early Meiji era, is located near the university and high school, and Ichiya had lived there since he was a student.

Many students were still lodging in the old Japanese-style building, which withstood the violent shaking of the earthquake six years ago and survived the fire.

For Rihito, who was penniless and without a job after graduating from university and moved into a boarding house in Ichiya, he was very grateful just to be allowed to stay there.

It was a bit cramped for two big men of about six feet to sleep and wake up together in a four-and-a-half tatami room, but Ichiya didn’t kick him out, even though he complained.

Rihito thought that the fact that he had to live in an apartment for two years because there were no vacant rooms in the government office building was also an excuse for Ichiya. He stayed in the small, old apartment for the sake of his friend who had nowhere else to go.

But he seemed to have outgrown it.

To Rihito, who easily accepted it as a matter of course, Ichiya furrowed his brows and looked away awkwardly.

Rihito could see his apologetic tone, and inwardly smiled, thinking that he was just as good-natured as ever. Well, the one who took advantage of that person’s goodwill was none other than myself.

Rihito reached out and took the pocket watch from his bedside, opened the lid, and showed the dial.

“More importantly, Ichiya, if you don’t leave early, you’ll be late.”

At the time indicated by the hands of the clock, Ichiya opened his eyes. “No way,” he hurriedly grabbed the book and bag from his writing desk.

Ichiya was about to leave the room with the old tatami mats clattering, but he turned around in front of the sliding door and yelled.

“Get ready and find a job. Listen, it’s until this month ends!”

“Yes, yes, I understand.” Rihito replied.









































































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