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IATV Chapter 9.2

The supervisor regained control of the momentum. He raised his eyebrows, still looking like a domineering man, “Is there anything you need help, player No. 100?”

Sang Jiuchi zoomed in on the question he had left blank, smiling contemptuously, “I’m really questioning the business ability of your association even more now. Are you really the most authoritative technology organization in the world? You want me to retake the test, but gave me a wrong question?”

The two supervisors looked at each other and rushed forward to look at the question.

The camera also switched to the computer interface in real time. Some viewers knew programming. They carefully read the problem and solved it by hand, and finally came up with a garbled code.

[There is an error in the middle of the string, I did it, and finally found it is useless, no solution.]

[Me too, I solved it for five minutes, but I couldn’t figure it out. This question is really wrong. This question is not difficult at all, but it is a little troublesome, and it is impossible for Sang Jiuchi to solve it.]

[Wait, how long have you solved it? Sang Jiuchi seemed to pause for a second on this question just now. It only took a second for him to know it was wrong. Mental calculation in a second? God, I got it! God Sang, please accept my kneel!]

[He was originally a genius, a “young genius”.]

[He’s so powerful, how can he… Hey, it’s a pity, there are times when geniuses go the wrong way.]

[I now suspect that Company X was framing him. At that time, Sang Jiuchi was interviewed by the media, he hysterically said that the firewall was all his brainchild. I don’t think he’s lying, there must be an inside story.]

[Could it be that X Company stole his core technology? A company as big as company X, how could it be?]

[Sang Jiuchi may be a genius in answering questions, but not necessarily in creating technology. Sang Jiuchi did not appeal during the appeal period following the International Court of Justice’s verdict, which already explained everything.]

At the scene of the competition, the two supervisors had solved the question over and over again, and the final conclusion was that the question was wrong.

He had to connect with the professional knowledge consultant of the association on the spot. The professional knowledge consultant was silent for a few seconds, and finally gave a “wrong question” answer with difficulty.

And this scene was broadcasted live in its entirety.

For a time, there was a global uproar, and the authority of the International Science and Technology Association was questioned for the first time.

The expression of the supervisor who hung up the phone was already looking very ugly. Sang Jiuchi had already answered all the other 99 questions, and it took him 13 minutes and 23 seconds. Even with this last question, it was shorter than 16 minutes.

Sang Jiuchi won beautifully.

It was they who lost, completely and utterly.

Originally, they wanted to smear China in front of the whole world, but they shot themselves in the foot.

The supervisor no longer had the previous contempt at this moment, and he endured embarrassment to announce Sang Jiuchi’s results.

He also did not forget the agreement in the morning. Under the eyes of people from all over the world, the supervisor lowered his arrogant head and respectfully apologized to Sang Jiuchi.

The audience in front of the screen was already dancing excitedly, their fingers pounding heavily on the keyboard, as if to vent all their excitement.

[Good job, Sang Jiuchi.]

[Sang Jiuchi is so handsome, this operation is too showy, I am stupid.]

[I almost cried, 99 questions in 13 minutes, a genius is indeed a genius.]

Occasionally, there would be one or two complaints, but in an instant, they would be drowned in the flood of rainbow farts(praises).

At the moment when the supervisor announced that Sang Jiuchi had won and apologized to him, almost all Chinese people could not help but feel a sense of honor.

The apology was not only to Sang Jiuchi, but also to the entire science and technology industry of China that had faced discrimination.

Just when everyone, including the supervisor, thought the matter was over, Sang Jiuchi suddenly smiled at the screen with a cunning smile.

Seeing this smile, the supervisor suddenly felt a “squeak” in his heart.

Soon, he knew the deep meaning behind this smile.

Sang Jiuchi slowly sat back at the computer desk, started typing, and said, “I’d like to reciprocate. Since the association has given me so many questions, I also have a question that I want to give to the association. There are not many… only one, and there is absolutely no mistake, you wouldn’t reject it, would you”

Hearing Sang Jiuchi say “there is absolutely nothing wrong”, many viewers in front of the screens silently laughed.

The supervisor’s expression was a little ugly. For this competition, he had already applied for many privileges from the organization, including re-examination and global simultaneous live broadcast.

If it was before, he would definitely have responded, but now, he has just been wiped the floor with by Sang Jiuchi. He was scared.

Just as the supervisor hesitated, a phone call suddenly came in.

The moment the supervisor saw the caller ID, he was only stunned for a second, and then promptly answered it respectfully.

No one knew what the other side said, but the supervisor nodded respectfully.

After hanging up the phone, the supervisor returned to his previous calm expression and said calmly to the camera: “Just like not every petal is perfect, the International Association for Science and Technology also accepts this mistake honestly. In order to express my gratitude to Mr. Sang Jiuchi and express my apologies, we are willing to help Mr. Sang Jiuchi solve his problem.”

The supervisor adhered to the routine of “As long as I’m not embarrassed, it’s others who are embarrassed.”

[Ah! Help Sang Jiuchi solve a problem? This is obviously the disgust Sao Jiuchi is showing them.]

[It’s Sang Jiuchi, not Sao Jiuchi.]

[Haha, Sao Jiuchi. Sister, I laughed, but the Jiuchi’s retaliation is indeed quite sao (showy).]

[Typo, sisters, don’t blame me, I didn’t mean to curse.]

Sang Jiuchi tapped on the table, “Not only the association, but everyone in the world can try to solve this problem. I will announce the answer in five days, you should hurry up.”

Supervisor: “…”

It’s not very disgusting, it’s extremely insulting!

The system was a little worried: [Master host, Song Qing is a super hacker. If he steals your answer and informs the people of the association, wouldn’t the effect of this slap in the face be greatly reduced?]

Boo! It was so relaxing to eat melons and watch face slaps just now, it wants to continue watching. It’s much more fun than watching TV shows.

Why did Song Qing turn out to be a top hacker? Damn, it’s affecting its viewing experience.


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