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IATV Chapter 9.1

At eight o’clock in the evening, Sang Jiuchi arrived as scheduled.

Dai Luolin didn’t come back, but he still helped Sang Jiuchi.

Whenever he was suppressed, Dai Luolin found a way out for him.

When Sang Jiuchi got off the bus, the person arranged by Dai Luolin had just rolled out the red carpet for him. Sang Jiuchi wore a small silver-gray vest over his shirt, and a simple white suit over his vest.

A blue rose embellished his jacket pocket, and its delicate stamens bloomed with mysterious brilliance.

Sang Jiuchi walked carelessly to the competition hall under the watchful eyes of the camera, and the red carpet made him appear even more handsome and remarkable. He didn’t look like he had come for a competition, but was more like a noble gentleman who was casually attending a boring dinner party.

The first match was over at 12:00 noon.

The top 30 players appeared one after another, but the 31st player was anxiously waiting for the result of Sang Jiuchi’s retry.

Before entering the special arena, Sang Jiuchi went through two more security checks to ensure that there were no hidden communication devices before letting Sang Jiuchi enter the arena.

Sang Jiuchi walked to the computer prepared for him by the competition team and tapped on the keyboard a few times to get used to its feel.

The two blonde haired and blue-eyed supervisors were already standing behind him, staring at Sang Jiuchi as sharp as falcons, not letting go of the other’s slightest movements.

In the live broadcast room, nearly 300 million people had gathered to watch.

No one thought that on only the first day, this competition would so interesting.

Players had 3 minutes of debugging and adaptation time before each competition, mainly to check whether the computer connection, keyboard, etc. were all working.

After 3 minutes, the supervisor said, “If you are ready, click Start.”

These 100 questions were sent to him half an hour ago after being strictly encrypted by the association, and there was absolutely no possibility of them being stolen.

In the past two years, China’s scientific and technological forces have exploded, and the association had told them both in advance that this time, they must use this competition to suppress China. He was still planning how to suppress China’s growing arrogance when the incident with Sang Jiuchi happened.

Even the most powerful god in their association took 34 minutes to complete 100 questions. How could Sang Jiuchi complete it in 16 minutes? There was definitely something tricky here.

Don’t look at his pretentious posture now, they’ll see how he can hold on in a while.

This matter will not have any impact on their association at all. These problems were installed on the computer a day ago, and the anti-theft aspect was done by Hua Guo himself.

There was no such things in other countries, only China. The problem must be China.

With such a good opportunity to attack China, of course they would want to make things worse.

He even applied for broadcast privileges with the association to broadcast tonight’s game to other countries in real time. Tonight, he’ll let the whole world see the ugly faces of Chinese people stealing and cheating.

As Sang Jiuchi clicked to start, the time in the upper right corner also began to roll.

Behind Sang Jiuchi, the two supervisors who felt they were bound to win suddenly widened their eyes and looked at each other in disbelief.

They couldn’t see Sang Jiuchi’s hand with the naked eye. His hand speed this time was faster than this morning’s match.

The two of them frowned and looked hard, but they only saw the afterimages of the two hands spread over the keyboard to form a huge dense net.

The characters on the computer desktop appeared like lightning, so fast that it seemed that they were not tapped one character at a time, but large pieces were directly pasted on it.

An ominous premonition appeared in the hearts of the two at the same time. They glanced at each other, and both saw fear in each other’s eyes.

If Sang Jiuchi had such a problem-solving speed now, does that mean that it was not because Sang Jiuchi was cheating in the morning, but that there was no problem at all?

The result in the morning was purely based on Sang Jiuchi’s strength!

One of the supervisors secretly glanced at Sang Jiuchi, but was surprised to find that the other party was smiling. It was a contemptuous smile, the corners of his lips twitched, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, and his eyess were stained with disdain.

Suddenly, Sang Jiuchi paused for a while, and squeezed out a “ha” from his throat.

The supervisor looked at the screen, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Sang Jiuchi gave up one question and went straight to the next question.

So what if he was fast? This competition was based on the speed of answering all the questions correctly. If one question cannot be answered, he will not be able to submit it.

In the live broadcast room, while everyone was surprised by Sang Jiuchi’s actions, some people also discovered this problem.

[It’s over, Sang Jiuchi has an empty question, and he doesn’t seem to be able to do it.]

[I think he did it too fast, did he miss it?]

[No, he obviously paused just now. Often, some players will be stumped because of a question, and they may not be able to solve it for a long time.]

[What shall we do then? ! I also want to see Sang Jiuchi’s face-slapping competition!]

[I hope he just momentarily forgot, maybe he can remember it when he comes back later.]

The moment they saw Sang Jiuchi, they had long forgotten their original intention of coming to the live broadcast room.

Some of them loved to see a good show, some came to mock Sang Jiuchi, and some just came to watch the fun.

But when they saw Sang Jiuchi’s fluid movements, slightly raised delicate and disdainful expressions, they were suddenly enraptured by Sang Jiuchi.

At this moment, the audience all looked at the screen nervously and excitedly, stared at the countdown in the upper right corner, and kept reciting “Come on, Sang Jiuchi” and “Time, please go slower”.

[Sang Jiuchi answered the question, but why am I more excited than when I answered the question myself.]

[I don’t know why, but my blood is boiling. The last time I had this feeling was during the military parade.]

[Sang Jiuchi was not cheating in the morning, he is relying on his strength. Sang Jiuchi, fighting!]

[Come on! Sang Jiuchi!]

[Ccome on! Sang Jiuchi!]

[Come on! Sang Jiuchi!]

No one knew who started it, but the audience on the barrage started to spam this sentence very tacitly.

“Come on! Sang Jiuchi!” The entire screen was filled in an instant, and no one could squeeze out another word.

The game continued.

Time slipped away like quicksand in the palm of your hand.

At 13 minutes and 23 seconds, Sang Jiuchi pressed the pause button for help.

In order to deal with emergencies, players can have the right to suspend help when their computer fails.

But now Sang Jiuchi’s computer was fine, the only thing that worried them was the empty question.


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