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IATV Chapter 8.2

The system hid in the corner and trembled: Disappear.jpg.

Is this plane boring?

It doesn’t seem to be the case.

Dai Luolin gave him too many surprises from the beginning.

From the words he said in the hacker chat room under the ID of “super hacker” [he is disdainful to do those things that broke out on the Internet], and later showing the unconditional trust in himself.

There were also those food recommendations afterwards. And now, he had bet his worth to fight for himself.

This man was simply too interesting, he always attracted his attention in unexpected places.

For a successful entrepreneur in a high position, business was their life.

No, sometimes business is more important than life.

Now he is sacrificing his career just to make a name for himself.

Sang Jiuchi stretched out his bright red tongue and gently licked his soft and sexy upper lip. Greed stained the corners of his eyes, and a nameless desire emerged.

This interesting man actually made him greedy.

To want a person is to bind the other party, flesh and blood, to your side and see what kind of surprises he can bring to you.

On the camera, people could only see Sang Jiuchi covering his face with his hands, and his thin shoulders looked even weaker because of his shaking.

The current Sang Jiuchi was like a young seedling in the wind, easily broken in the next second.

Dai Luolin stared at the live broadcast screen. The terrifying aura lingering around him scared the people around him.

In the past few days, he had to leave China due to travel reasons, and could not personally send Sang Jiuchi to participate in the competition.

He didn’t expect that the competition that he had always had high hopes for would treat Sang Jiuchi like this.

In particular, the various behaviors of the organizer under the supervision made him realize what a puppet was.

It was obvious that they were the organizers, but they acted like emperors, dictating the country while talking and laughing.

It doesn’t matter whether there was evidence or not, what matters was the organizer’s decision.

They stood on the commanding heights, and whatever they said could be convincing even if they were made up.

But the victim had to work hard to prove his innocence, and even be stained with lies all their lives.


Utterly ridiculous.

How could such an organization still exist?

Dai Luolin looked at Sang Jiuchi’s slender shoulders shaking in the small video and his anger rose from his heart.

How could such a genius endure such humiliation?

Sang Jiuchi had already been slandered once, was he going to endure it a second time now?

A frost couldn’t break dry twigs, but what if there was a second hailstorm?

How much pressure could Sang Jiuchi withstand?

Dai Luolin picked up his mobile phone and called his secretary, his voice was as cold as a glacier that never melted on a thousand-year-old snow mountain, “Cancel all my trips, I’m going back to China now.”

His secretary didn’t dare to hesitate, and quickly responded: “Okay, I’ll do it right now.”

Dai Luolin: “How’s the investigation going?”

Secretary: “I’m still investigating, but there are already clues, and some evidence should be found soon.”

Dai Luolin: “Okay, continue to investigate. Also, send five cars to the competition site.”


Sang Jiuchi covered his face and smiled for a while, and then put his hand down again. He wiped his face, still with that calm expression, as if nothing had happened just now.

He patted his cheek with a sour smile, and slowly stood up from the sofa.

On the screen:

[Yes… What’s the matter with being a little cute, are you cheering yourself up when you patted your face just now?]

[Suddenly I feel that Sang Jiuchi is so miserable, why do I suddenly not hate him?]

[I hope Sang Jiuchi can achieve a good result tonight! Fighting!]

Just as the conversation on the barrage started to boil over, there was a knock on the door.

Because it was a picture-in-picture camera, there was no audio. But the supervisor’s nasty face could still be seen.

The man with black hair and black eyes was respectful. After he said a few words to Sang Jiuchi, he returned Sang Jiuchi’s things to him, and then made a gesture, which seemed to indicate that Sang Jiuchi could leave.

Sang Jiuchi’s expression was indifferent from beginning to end, and he did not show any joy because of his release.

Before leaving, Sang Jiuchi looked up at the camera, stretched out his slender fingers and made an “eight” gesture.

See you at eight o’clock in the evening.

As soon as Sang Jiuchi walked out of the competition site, he saw five top-level luxury black cars arranged neatly, one behind the other, parked at the door.

The five drivers stood upright in front of the co-pilot’s door, their eyes focused, looking straight at the door.

The moment Sang Jiuchi came out, they uniformly saluted, as if they were solemnly welcoming their king.

Sang Jiuchi was only stunned for a second, and then quickly stepped into the back seat of the third car.

After entering the back seat, he took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Dai Luolin: Great support, thank you.

Dai Luolin quickly replied: I am happy to serve you, my king.

Sang Jiuchi put the phone aside and closed his eyes, but the corners of his slightly raised lips revealed his good mood.

The system rubbed the floor secretly, enduring the urge to spit.


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