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IATV Chapter 8.1

Their conversation just now had been live broadcasted, and their words caused quite a stir.

The current live screen on the TV had been switched back to the competition, and in the upper right corner of the live screen, a small window had been added.

On the window screen, Sang Jiuchi appeared with a thin waist and sat on the sofa with his slender and straight legs folded.

He picked up the black tea and took a sip, elegantly resembling an ancient European royal nobleman who only existed in the 18th century. The warm sunlight recklessly unleashed the enthusiasm of the early summer; his body was wrapped in holy brilliance.

There was a line of small characters below the small window: The network shielding signal had been installed in the room, and all communication tools were temporarily confiscated by the organizer.

In the video, after Sang Jiuchi put down the cup of black tea, he crossed his hands on his legs.

Then began a long time of sitting still. If it wasn’t for the breeze from outside the window, swaying the white curtains, everyone would have thought that the picture was still.

[Am I the only one who thinks Sang Jiuchi is a little pitiful? Sang Jiuchi was right, this is simply imprisonment in disguise.]

[But Sang Jiuchi is really beautiful.]

[Sisters, please understand, the program team is also helpless. Hackers are always elusive. If you don’t look at him, who knows where he will go to steal the answers.]

[Person in the front, how can a cybersecurity competition that had been held for nearly 50 years still be afraid of hackers stealing answers? If the organizer can’t even prevent hackers, how can it be used as a benchmark for assessment?]

[Yes, the foreigner just said that there was no trace of Sang Jiuchi’s cheating. Even if a hacker really stole the answers, what the official should do is to strengthen their own defenses, rather than place participants under house arrest without evidence.]

[Eight years ago, this situation also occurred in country M, and finally it was returned with a stone hammer. But how did it come about? The organizer did not let him retake the test, nor did he put that person under house arrest like this. After investigating the participant privately, he only revoked his qualifications from the competition, dealt with it in a low-key manner, and did not even issue an announcement. Now that’s how it is with Sang Jiuchi, I think they just think we are easy to bully. They are using us as an example of ‘killing the chickens to warn the monkeys’, and deliberately suppress us.]

[I actually hope that Sang Jiuchi’s results in the competition are true, F*cK, I really want to see him beat that group of people.]

[Brother, wake up, although I am not reconciled, but 16 minutes is absolutely impossible.]

Sang Jiuchi looked at the video barrage casually, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

He is in this world and out of this world.

He was born in chaos, grew up in nothingness, had no heart and no love, was sealed on the day of his adulthood, and had since fallen into eternal sleep.

Promising the system to do plane quests was just the lowest concoction in the long years.


That was a summary of his whole of life.

Role-playing was an experience he had never had before. Wrapped in the skins and identities of others, there was indeed a little strange and inexplicable fun in it.

But it’s not enough, far from enough to make his boring life embellished with gorgeous colors.

In the barrage, there was a sudden commotion.

[Look at Weibo, Dai Luolin has spoken.]

[What kind of dr*g did Sang Jiuchi give Dai Luolin? It was obviously impossible, but he used his entire net worth as a guarantee.]

[This is interesting, I don’t know what the organizer will do next.]

Sang Jiuchi raised his eyebrows and asked the system that has been fishing: [What’s going on?]

The system was not long-winded, and even a bit of flattery could be heard in the cold electric voice: [Master host, you also have a backer. Dai Luolin supported you on Weibo just now.]

Since he was questioned by Sang Jiuchi last time, the current system can be described as his ‘lackey”.

While the system was talking, it also casted the Weibo interface in Sang Jiuchi’s brain.

There was no need to click on the hot search list. The first entry on the interface happened to be Dai Luolin’s Weibo.

Dai Luolin only posted a paragraph on Weibo: [With Dai’s reputation, I guarantee that Mr. Sang Jiuchi will never cheat. I now have ample reasons to question the business ability of the competition organizer. Your current behavior has seriously insulted Mr. Sang Jiuchi’s right to privacy and personal freedom. Please immediately shut down his personal monitoring and return his freedom! ]

Each player had signed a non-disclosure agreement before participating in the competition, and nothing else.

They were participants, not entertainers that focus on the stealing spotlight. So as soon as the game was over, anyone had the right to leave.

In just a few minutes, Dai Luolin’s Weibo had accumulated tens of thousands of comments.

Sang Jiuchi didn’t click in, he squinted his eyes slightly, and looked at Dai Luolin’s words in his mind.

A small laugh came out of his mouth.

Slowly, the laughter gradually increased.

As the laughter grew louder, Sang Jiuchi’s indifferent expression also relaxed, revealing a happy expression.

Sang Jiuchi’s fingers that had been intertwined covered his face, blocking all the expressions on his face.

His chest trembled, and the laughter emerged from his lungs, as if to squeeze out his internal organs. His whole body trembled uncontrollably because of this smile.


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