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IATV Chapter 7.2

Two cameras followed, diligently capturing every shot.

Sang Jiuchi raised his eyebrows and asked in fluent Interlingua, “Have you seen my video playback before the investigation?”

Supervisor: “Because you have read it, you are more suspicious. In our opinion, you did not read the question, but answered it directly.”

Sang Jiuchi: “Then have you found me cheating with plug-ins or other programs?”

The supervisor shook his head: “Not yet.”

Sang Jiuchi laughed: “Just because I am a genius, I have done something that you mediocre people can’t understand, I will be accused of ‘cheating’?”

He pointed to the camera, “Is this a live broadcast?”

The supervisor glanced at Sang Jiuchi contemptuously: “Of course, our game is transparent, and there will be no vicious incident of post-editing.”

The authority of the International Association for Science and Technology had always been very large. The TV station even set out a channel to broadcast the game in real time for 24 hours. Everything that happened now would be shown on the live broadcast without much edits.

Sang Jiuchi stood up straight: “I don’t want to delay tomorrow’s game. If you don’t find any evidence and insist on labeling me as a ‘cheater’, I don’t mind going to the International Court of Justice to sue you.”

The supervisor had long expected that Sang Jiuchi would be dishonest, and he replied, “I have used the supervisor’s authority to apply for a re-examination for you right after your competition.”

“The examination is at 8 o’clock tonight, and there are still 100 questions. We will supervise you in person. If you are unable to participate or your score is too different from the current one, we have the right to disqualify you from the competition.”

Looking at the supervisor’s malicious eyes, Sang Jiuchi leaned back and sank himself into the sofa: “An examination as soon as the competition is over? That is to say, it was already prepared in advance before you have tested my problem solving and computer equipment since you suspected that I was cheating.”

The supervisor laughed, “Of course, because it’s too exaggerated.”

Sang Jiuchi pondered for two seconds: “What if I pass the test tonight? Because you suspect me when there is no evidence, you have already defamed my morals.”

The supervisor gave him a “how could you pass” look: “If we made a mistake in judgment, I will apologize to you on behalf of the International Association for Science and Technology on the live broadcast.”

Sang Jiuchi’s lazy eyes finally looked up, “Okay, at eight o’clock in the evening, please prepare some difficult questions, I don’t want the game to end too early, at least before I prove to the world what a ‘genius’ is…”

The supervisor gave the black-haired man next to him a look, and the black-haired man immediately understood and walked over to Sang Jiuchi, “Sang Jiuchi, out of the rigor of the game, please do not leave this place for the time being before the game at night. We have prepared a separate lounge for you with a matching toilet, and we will deliver meals according to your needs.”

Sang Jiuchi crossed his arms. “Am I under house arrest?”

The black-haired man frowned, “Of course not, it’s entirely of your own volition.”

“If you want to continue the game, you must take the retest tonight without any hints of cheating. If you want to take the retest, you must accept what seems to be a house arrest. It’s voluntary.”

Sang Jiuchi raised his eyebrows, “As expected of the International Technology association, you still talk human rights fairly and impartially. Fine, I agree. But I don’t eat anything, just give me a little water.”

Sang Jiuchi was led by the group to the house arrest room in disguise. His communication equipment, including his watch, were all taken away by the organizer.

In the huge lounge, there was only one TV showing the live broadcast of the game.

F001 suddenly popped up in Sang Jiuchi’s mind, “The host is mighty, but aren’t you making this into a big fuss?]

Sang Jiuchi made himself a cup of black tea, sat leisurely in front of the TV and watched the live broadcast, [How can we provoke authority without making a big fuss? It takes two hands to clap. It is the supervisor who wants to make a big deal out of it. However, my purpose is to slap the face of the Association, while his purpose is to suppress China.]

F001 crashes for two seconds, [Did you do this on purpose?]

Sang Jiuchi: [The original owner was sued by X Technology Company, and X Technology Company was under the protection of the International Science and Technology Association. If I want to help the original owner clean up and reopen the case, I need to shake this impregnable city first. Of course, the bigger the fuss, the better, and it’s better to be known around the world.]

F001: [So you were deliberately provocating him just now?]

Sang Jiuchi: [It doesn’t count. I’ve always been an ass, and when others find fault, they come to my door, how can I keep hiding? What are you afraid of? I’ll just duke it out with him. There’s nothing or anyone I can’t beat. Otherwise, I won’t be called Sang Jiuchi.]

F001: […]

Thinking of the deception to Sang Jiuchi at the beginning, he was afraid for a while. Although there was no reason for the host to be angry, fortunately, he doesn’t have to bear the revenge from the host.

At the beginning, it was eager for salvation and secretly bound the villain in his sealed from the forbidden area.

The question was, what kind of demon had it unleash?


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