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IATV Chapter 7.1

The contest was already in chaos. Finally, the official chief planner stood up from behind the scenes and told someone to form an investigation team immediately, and everyone became quiet.

This farce lasted for more than ten minutes. During these ten minutes, some people were making trouble, but some people cherished every second of answering time.

Not long after the scene became quiet, Song Qing stood up.

On the big screen, another line of words appeared immediately below the first place, Sang Jiuchi.

The host’s voice sounded again: “Contestant No. 8 has cleared the level, and the second place has been created. It took 40 minutes and 21 seconds.”

It was a completely different attitude from when Sang Jiuchi left at 16. Whether it was the audience who sent the barrage or the commentator, they were all blowing rainbow farts(praises).

Female commentator: “Lichuan, as expected of the player you are most optimistic about, he has achieved impressive results. The previous record for the fastest speed was 1 hour and 10 minutes, but Song Qing directly reduced it by 30 minutes. If he keeps this state, I believe he will definitely bring us bigger surprises.”

She had completely ignored Sang Jiuchi’s 16-minute score, as if Song Qing was the first to complete all the stages.

Zhou Lichuan smiled elegantly and coldly, “Song Qing once told me that his dream is to grow China’s information and technology industry so that it can no longer controlled by others. He has been working hard for this, and I believe he will succeed.”

The female commentator stared at the stars and admired: “This is what you said before, ‘virtue is the most important’.”

Zhou Lichuan nodded lightly, “To be a talent, you must first be a human.”

[Brother said it well! Another classic quote! “To be a talent, you must first be a human” is too incisive.]

[Song Qing must have saved the world in his last life to have such a good boyfriend as his brother?]

[The two of them were mutual achievements, one is a clear stream of the entertainment industry, and the other is the future of the technology industry. Sure enough, good people attract good people.]

[Hey, the other one is too inhuman.]

[Since they are no longer human, what are you doing with him? A clown jumping on the beam – Let’s wait for the investigation team’s results to come out, let’s see how he will continue fussing.]


Contestants could leave early after answering the questions, but Sang Jiuchi, who was about to leave, was stopped by the program team.

The World Cyber ​​Security Competition was originally a friendly competition organized by the International Association of Science and Technology, and later spread to many countries.

Finally, after decades of continuation, it had become one of the most strict and rigorous competitions in the world.

Cheating in a competition that adhered to the theme of “network security” was tantamount to hitting the organizer of the competition in the face.

The International Association for Science and Technology was currently the most authoritative science and technology organization in the world, consisting of 43 science and technology groups. Each technology group in it represented the most advanced levels in the world.

Company X, who previously accused Sang Jiuchi of embezzlement in international court, came from this organization.

As for China, so far no company has been able to join this organization. Not because of a lack of ability, but because of xenophobia and discrimination.

Applying to join an international science and technology organization required the approval vote of more than half of the current members. And China enterprises, without exception, all received 0 votes.

China made a fortune by relying on cheap labor. Even if it has come to this point today, in the view of that high-ranking organization, China would still be the lowest raw material processing place in essence.

They should not try to break through the barriers to enter high-tech, but be a mindless and obedient cheap labor force.

This was also why organizations that called themselves high-ranking countries joined forces to suppress China.

Sang Jiuchi raised his eyebrows and looked at the group of people blocking his way, and pursed the corners of his beautiful lips.

Headed by two foreigners with blond hair and blue eyes, next to the foreigners were a few Chinese with black hair and black eyes.

Because it was an event promoted by the International Association for Science and Technology, in order to ensure the fairness of the competition in various countries, the people of the International Association for Science and Technology in each country’s branch venues would send two staff to supervise.

The supervisor frowned. With contempt and superiority in his eyes, he spoke, “Contestant No. 100, we suspect that you have used abnormal methods in this competition, please cooperate with our investigation.”


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